Is it true Cred Forums?

Is it true Cred Forums?
Are thicc girls in high demand?


Yeah, for one night stands.
Otherwise you are just asking to end up with a landwhale in few years.

thicc = shit taste

Left or right?

They are not only on high demand, they are in vogue.

Low test please


I'd certainly mate with Saaya.

Left, plus she has fat where it counts

>This is a 15 year old



That girl's proportions are fucked up.


There's a difference between thicc and obese

Damn straight


That's starting to push it


Kinda but for some reason, with a face that cute and not fat I dig it.
That aspect makes a lot of difference.





Somewhere in-between 30-40% is best.

I'll take 40%

Why did naruko hanaharu stop drawing hentai


Thicc makes me sicc.

>Why did naruko hanaharu stop drawing



In this picture Right looks like she's got the better ass, so right.

Is Pochaco too thicc?


I want to see what a 70% looks like

If Harlock says so, then it's true.

I'd push her shit in.

I want to sniff a thick girls butt.

Pochaco is dangerously obese.
Sonico is where the limit is.

Nothing like have a nice, soft, chubby girl lie down on your rock hard abs and tough, manly skin as she plays with your chest hair then moves her fingers down to below your navel and gently caresses your manhood and it slowly begins to rise, eager and craving then softness inside of her.

Cute and thick is the best mix. Hugging a cute and thick girl must feel amazing.

Most of the time thick girls have gentle personalities anyways.

>too thicc
That's not "too thicc", that's US trailer trash never get up from the couch "too thicc".

She is like 150cm, she can't be that heavy.

Perfect body. Would tongue bath.

Tongue bath this!


>panties/bikini digging into the hips

Nikuko is as far as I go.
Though I have to admit her being extremely athletic has something to do with it. If it were a simple fatty I'm not so sure.


Is Ranma thick?

To me she seem more bear mode as opposed to just fat fat.

Would you chubby a girl up if you swapped bodies with her?

At least Ranma isn't built like a stick.

Nikuko looks like a Mitsudomoe character that grew up to become a teenager.

Not that it's a problem.

She seems to have a lot of fat in her, maybe the muscles are under all that.



Anime with a thicc cutie as main love interest when?

There's Amagami.

But she loses in that one.


No, everyone wins. Well, for her you need to see Plus too.


What does the sweat of a thick girl taste like?

Which one, anons?

All 3 running a train with their fat ass on my face.

155 > 99 > 1
Is my preferred order.


>flat chest

why? they are not fun.

Wh-what? There's no difference right?

Left is thicc, middle is normal and right is buff.

20% and 30% are ideal. Anything past that is gross.


>translator is so aroused he grammars.

Yes, Ancient Greeks were always right.

Sometimes I wish I was a pair of panties.

The same guy who made these character designs must've been responsible for Interstellar 5555

That's one of my favorite milfs.