Favorite art styles?

Pic related.

Anything that hyper-stylized and overexaggerated and oversexualized, like: Jagausa, Fukuyama Naoto, Knuckle Curve, Akitsuki Itsuki, Abe Inori, SeN, Kobayashi Yutaka, Yukito Fukunaga, Donguri, Suzuhane Suzu.


I can't find anything about that art style that isn't totally nondescript.

Dowman Seiman
Kiyohiko Azuma
Shake O
Ashinano Hitoshi
Masanori Morita
Mori Kaoru
Hikawa Shou
Mizu Asato

Clover, his faces and eyes are perfect.


He has some great stuff.


best loli butt

bubbly faces



Hamada Yoshikazu
Abe Youichi
Zui Nieki
Haruko Ichikawa
Tadataka Kawasaki
Tooru Naomura
Ken Wakai
Masao Ohtake
Satoru Noda
Roku Tachibana


sauce? image searches aren't giving anything

nevermind. it's dance in the vampire bund.

Tetsuo hara and araki hirohiko are the best artists

Are you kidding me? That janky style is terrible. DitVB wouldn't have gotten axed with a better artist.

Some of the art I've seen from Ban show really horrible proportions.


Toshino best girl.



We will never see the like again.

Every fight in part 7 is amazing.

second only to the greenday fight in part 5

That is just asking to get a ban.


Everything was so deliciously curvy or spiky both at once.

or spiky or both*
maybe someday ill start proofreading shit im posting here jesus

If I was going to choose just one.

Just because you call it manly doesn't mean you aren't a raging homosexual, user.

Murai's stuff has simplicity that I dig.

Mercy Rabbit
Misty Isle
Rotary Engine
Also pic related

666 for good taste

This is quite spooky. Just an hour ago I was trying to find an specific arc of SBR and I went through this exact scene for the first time in ages, then I come and find it posted on Cred Forums on the same day.

This and Kantoku.


>no Dowman Sayman

what's wrong with you Cred Forums?

Amano Kozue is really great

I really miss Voynich. It's been too long.

will never get old.




He should do something other than porn sometime.