We have new evolution line names now


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shoutmon looks bretty gud


tri. part 3 this weekend

appmon next weekend

I'm ready

The ultimates look cool I guess.

They showed Gatchmon's ultimate on TGS it was taller than a human. People worrying that they were going to remain chibi can relax now.

That's definitely reassuring. I was in the middle of writing a complaint about that when your post showed up.

I actually was legitimately worried about this

>tri. part 3 this weekend
Seriously? Finally for real?

24th September.

I thought the evolutions were:

Rookie -> Champion -> Ultimate -> Mega

Is God beyond Mega?

This is for the new Appmon series. It has different names

The Rookie->Mega is still there for the Digimon regular. (though you missed Egg->Baby->In-Training before Rookie)

And the actual line is supposed to be Digitama->Baby I->Baby II->Child->Adult->Perfect->Ultimate you plebian!

Globemon is the best new Digimon (as of right now)

That shit just looks like what would happen if Dukemon CM and a KMF had a baby.

I dig it.


>TFW the Ap-Digimon are going to be pushed aside after the season and demoted to extras and canon fodder like the other Digimon based around evolution gimmicks (Armor, Spirit, Xros.).

It's that the oficial name?

That happens every season though. Cards didn't come back after Tamers, fusing with Digimon didn't come back after Frontier, Burst didn't come back after Savers. That's why it's called a gimmick

Still at the very least the main one is always "Six and a half (Jogress, mode change, Burst Mode.) stages" while the others are used only temporarily before being thrown in the trash with the leftover Digimon from them being extras and canon fodder later on.

Get this shit out of here

Yeah. First thing you see is Dogachmon and Timemon fusing together into him when you start Cyber Arena

Have no fear, giant monsters are still here

Actually the Armor and Spirit (and even some of the Xros) mons have Levels now. In fact, the Armors have been considered Adult level for years

>It's another girl with a lion Digimon again

You know what this means

I hope this girl stops lion around.

What are these screenshots from?

Fusing did come back in Xros Wars. Yes, it was a lot less different since in Xros it's implied there's one dominant mon personality rather then DNA's split personality but the principle remained the same- two or more Digimon combining into one more powerful mon. Universe will also have fusion.

Burst has always been around as form changes (frontier) or exceeding the mega level.

Oh let me guess the what dub evolution titles will be.


Is anyone even planning on subbing appmons anime? Kinda looking forward to watching it after seeing these ultimates

Looks like a 3DS game


Eri is far more confident than Juri though.

Wait.... MC in digimon always has dragon digimon right?

Delete this!

There will be someone subbing it but I expect them to fall behind like what happened with Xros.

Better start learning Japanese or Chinese.

Well, considering they have some sort of levels, it won't be hard to make them fit as the Xros Wars digimon.

the 3DS demo that bandai released in japan.


>Watch Tri 2
>Start watching Frontier
>Run into this thread
Wow, what a coincidence


Regular digimons have 6 levels, appmons seem to have only 4.

I think the chibi style is only for the game and the anime will have a completely different art style.

Probably because there is no V-Pet like thing so there is no need for the Tamagotchi equivalent of the Egg/Baby stuff

It's a 3DS game.

Add another one to the list

>we still haven't seen Regulumon outside the manga
Why they hate the V-Tamer manga so much?

>It's another "new season with an unnecessary new gimmick everyone is waiting to piss off" episode

Worst part about Applimonsters is that in the event it does horribly and it will as bamco always fails to understand that it is refinement which Digimon needs not slatewipes. Plus the director is a literal nobody who has only been in direct charge of kiddy shit is that with the video game tie-in there is little to no wiggle room for a proper Digimon game to save the series some face.

This is gonna be a bigger trainwreck than Xros and Frontier combined.

Everyone in Toei has only been in charge of kiddie shit, what does that even mean?

So god is officially a class now.

Why is Digimon ripping off DBS?

As opposed to rehashing the same concept every season?

I hope the GOD form is not as lame as Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode.

Eri angst arc confirmed.

>Plus the director is a literal nobody who has only been in direct charge of kiddy shit
You know this is a kiddy franchise right?

Protagonist ultimate Appmon.

Revivemon > Oujamon > Globemon >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Entemon

Entemon's face looks out of place with his body.

Wait that red digimon looks like zero from the manga where zd garurumon and victory greymon appear.

Is someone hype for this friday??? Personally i thought the first two were kind of Meh.
>Forced Drama
>Too much SOL
>Cringe moments
>01 kids barely acknowledging the 02 kid
>We still don't know hwat the fuck is happening
This one better have plot in it.

Not him but I like Mega better than Ultimate.

Megas is easier to say than Ultimates and rhymes with Niggas


A blend of Dukemon with Shoutmon's helmet



Looks like Tiger Vespamon with Musimon's head

The third movie raises more questions than answers.

Like Gennai being the Kaiser.

Did some Nips watched it already? Know anything about the 02 kids or if they are mentioned?

The advanced screening was last month. All 02 relevant events are

- Hikari and Takeru go to Ken's apartment and find it empty
- Himekawa has Ken's D-3 and D-Terminal

That's it.

Dammit. The last three movies better have more of 02. Otherwise it would be bad writting. I just want a decent Digimon storywise

I don't see Oujamon dying permanently, it's a main character's Appmon. It will probably die and come back.

Pretty sure they are going to drag the Scooby-Doo mystery until the last movie in order to leave Tri centered on the Adventure characters (and Meiko).

"God" level is Zeed, right?

>it's nothing
I don't know what I was expecting.

Anyone managed to watch the dubbed version yet? Please tell me they went for a full ska soundtrack

The dub movie uses the same soundtrack as the original, complete with Brave Heart.

The only thing that was changed was the opening song.

Best girl gets best Appmon!!! I totally love lion Digimon/Appmon!!!!

Funny thing is Leomon from adventure came back just to die again.

Another funny thing is that no one had a reaction to him dying except for Hikari, who never met a Leomon before.

Tittymons are back.

Mastemon's cousin?


Beautimon? Not very creative there.


Look at the dick on red.

Only really like the edge dogdragon there.

Any idea if CR is picking it up since they have most of the old digimon and tri?

No news on a simulcast as of yet.


So, watching Frontier, if the beast spirits are so much stronger, what was the point of the human spirits? I mean they were made irrelevant 10 episodes in since the human spirits appear to be completely useless in a fight now.

Yeah that was weird.

There was a brief time where beast spirits were harder to control.

Also Human spirits have hands to scan code.

it remains to be seen if it matches plain ultimate (or mega, in the dub)

Holy crap, look at those digital anamolies

As user said, human spirits were easier to control for a while. Also, they do the Fusion evolution thing later

Waiting warmly for Friday.

What will happen once her smug is crushed though.

Hikari is literally Jesus, of course she was going to be empathetic to all digimons.

Remind me, did tri. 1 and 2 did particularly well on their opening week/ends?

So Himekawa is related to the the Dark Ocean? Associated with Ken's stuff and has a name referring to water.

Attack is "Rosa Fenix"(Rose Phoenix in Latin)

On their opening weekends, Reunion earned a reported ¥59 million and Determination got ¥46 million. The second movie surpassed the first's day-one ticket sales.

Dunno how well that is in comparison with other anime movies.

The DS game is fun as fuck
Its basically digimon battle network


Well that's what the show essentially kind of looks like anyway

I know the first movie got an extended run because it was supposed to only be two weeks and ended up being a month as well as sold out it's first weekend

But this plays like it too, minus the grid movement. Inti creates developed it too.

Thats some fucking bullshit

How many movies is this shit again?

The second movie got an extension as well.

Tri is six movies in total.

Oh god just halfway in. The wait between them kills me and now the new one has no answers yet? Fuck.

It took 2 years to reach this far; all your answers will arrive no sooner than 2018.

So sit back and enjoy Appmon.

I likely will enjoy it more than tri.

It is a bit weird how they're going about with the plot pacing.
Literally ever series beforehand (except I think Savers and Hunters but Hunters had no plot outside of like 3 episodes) just straight out told you "HERE'S THE VILLAINS AND THEIR MOTIVATIONS ARE BEING EVIL" from the very beginning of the series/arc, white tri is halfway done and still being secretive about everything

later we get blue right?

Movies need to bait people into seeing the next one

Also the movies skew towards a slightly older audience compared to the TV shows

Is not that, Im not asking for the villian to reveal himself plainly, I want some direction because so far the plot is all over the place and nowhere at the same time.
What is even happening? What are the characters motivations?
This should have been a 52 ep anime

As it is, tri is definitely paced like a 2-cour series.
And also looks like one, because Toei.

Cant wait to see how bad HeraclesKabuterimon looks and moves

Actually I heard Heracles was awesome in the movie

I never believe movie goers they warp reality because of the theater experience.
But that said thats kinda good to hear


what did Japan mean by this?

Angelo Anacondramon confirmed for Tri.


wtf I hate the us flag now

Not in the US we fucking don't.
They'll change that shit to avoid pissing off all the Christfags.

Inti Creates developed the Appmon? Neat, I was actually expected kusoge but it sounds interesting.

Everyone expected shit, its at the very least a solid 7.5
It also has the "visor" function from starforce too where you can see the world digitized and look for dungeons enemies etc

Does this game stand a chance for NA release considering how well Cyber Sleuth went? I love me some battle network and starforce

Bamco is localizing Next Order, so maybe.

Would they bring just the game overseas and leave the show it's based on behind?

>Would they bring just the game overseas and leave the show it's based on behind?
Yes, Bamco(and a few other gaming companies) don't give a shit about the dub because Sentai do their own thing(name changes, story changes, dialog changes, extra dialog, censorship, ect.). The localized Digimon games barly even use the dub names.


>God=Super Ultimate

Wait, is this what US theaters got as well?

Appmons levels are quite different, but yeah, basically Super Ultimates.

How many episodes until he kicks the bucket?







Logamon and Logimon

The mango

Probably around mid series since it usually takes them a good 1/3rd of the series to reach stage 3 evolutions on average.



Agumon and Gabumon in the building




>Are you a protagonist?

I think that's all


How do I know if this is real?

At least it doesn't ask us if we have any friends, like in digimon world.

That looks good

>mega level shitmon that isn't Babamon or Jijimon

Could be worse

Stream link please

This girl super cute yo

I really wish I could play this

I think Entemon should have had a face like Gatchmon's evolutions