These are the best sports anime

These are the best sports anime

Debate me if you wish but I'm pretty sure I'm right and your opinions are perfectly valid ones

>no chihayafuru

Good but not a best

I should really watch One Outs. People talk about it like it's Akagi tier

>no hajime no ippo

It's okay but it's kind of overly long and frustrating more than anything

I honestly hate Kuroko no Basket, I don't really care for One Outs, and I really didn't like the anime of Eyeshield.
Also >no initial D

the first season isnt

>shounen babbies

Haikyuu was boring af.


Opinion discarded

>fucking Kuroko is somehow better than Ping Pong
Shit fucking taste.

What's wrong with Haikyuu?

you can prefer joe but why do you hate ippo user?

I just got kind of tired of it, but I don't hate it

>best sports anime
>Eyeshield 21
If you'd meant the manga that might'd been defensible, but the anime was a fucking travesty.

>no ping pong
shit list

Eyeshield is not even good, least of all best.

anime is worthless, but I'll fight anyone who tries to shit on the manga.

There's no super powers

>liking overrated shit

Slow-paced and I just don't find volleyball exciting.

Thanks OP, this reminded me to finish hikaru no go

it might be slightly overrated, but it's far from shit. However, it's also not really much about the sport itself, so I can understand passing it up on a list.