So Cred Forums, because of no other reading materials...

So Cred Forums, because of no other reading materials, I've decided to read Arifureta and see for myself whether it's really bad as people said or not. Turns out they were right. It actually kinda okay at first but it took a nosedive around the time they cleared the first labyrinth. Dropped it like plague when the rabbit girl appeared.

But it's still bugging my mind, who's the student that blackmailed the attempted murder kid? I don't want to torture myself to read anymore of this shit just for this.

Also WN/LN thread I guess? New Kumoko and lazy dungeon master have just been released.

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>rabbit girl appeared
Dropped it around the same time. MC suddenly got a different personality. Also the hero. God I hate that faggot.

>But it's still bugging my mind, who's the student that blackmailed the attempted murder kid?

a random girl that went into contact with the demons, i believe it was the necromancer girl i dont remember her name but its a friend of the one of the healer girls named suzu

continuing from i remembered the name of the girl that betray then, it was nakamura eri, and she escapes the comfrontation, the other dude gets killed by hajime more or less

as for>Also the hero. God I hate that faggot.
it's a hateable character more or less, by the middpoint of where the TLs are now he s basically a standing joke since nagumo steamrolls everything, he was more or less a hindrance in the great labyrinth only capable one of the hero's party is shizuku that managed to get the Age of the God's Magic

I liked it, still reading it

>who's the student that blackmailed the attempted murder kid
It wasnt her, it was Hiyama because of his obsession with Kaori. Hajime already figured it out and basically confronted him about it

Shizuku didnt get any Age of Gods magic

>it wasn't her it was hiyama

Chapte 106 Betrayal -
Towards Suzu who voiced out a question with a shocked expression, Eri voiced out the worst possible conclusion.

[Ne~e, Suzu? Thank you? Japan and even here, you were very convenient to use to stay nearby Kouki-kun?]
[I give up? The atmosphere between Kouki-kun as he was around Shizuku and Kaori was too much. If you approached carelessly, other women would drill holes into you…..because we had no powers on that side, it was a matter of time before you’d self-destruct for getting close. In that respect, I was thankful for Suzu’s existence. You seemed to be bright no matter how foolishly used and exposed you were? Even if I approached Kouki and them no one would complain about it. Thats why, the position of “Suzu Tanimura’s best friend” was truly convenient. Thanks to you, I was able to stay close to Kouki-kun over on the other side and even when in a different world we got to be in the same party….. un, Suzu was really~ convenient! That’s why, thank you!]
[......Ah, uu, ah…..]

From the shock of Eri’s confession, the sounds of something breaking within Suzu ranged out. Suzu learned that her best friend which she had been together with and believed in all the time, was nothing more than a fantasy. Even the light of the escapism within her eye disappeared.

[Eri~! You’re-!]

Towards the overboarding words, Shizuku yelled out in anger. Nia who was turned into a puppet pulled up Shizuku’s head by her hair and pounded it onto the ground. However, as if she was stating, what about it, Shizuku’s eyes flared up in anger.

it was eri dude, and she blackmailed hiyama into the plan since she knew it was him who threw a fireball to nagumo also she did it solely on the fact that she wanted kouki for herself, and coerced hiyama saying she could get kaori for himself aswell


>no other reading materials
Try harder, Not all fantasy LN are written in japan.

>shizuku didnt get any age of god magic

Still, they seemed unconfident. It should be said that they couldn’t get sublimation magic. But also that it could be expected. It was that the tests were flawed and exploitable that they made it to the end in the first place.

But as such, Kouki and the others hanged their heads. Still, one person tried to follow awkwardly with the circumstances.

“Yaegashi… you seem to be able to use the new magic?” Hajime asked.

“!… Oh, I think that, I can use it, yes.”

“Ho! Is that true?”

“That was really it? You’ve learned it?”

“Indeed, Shizu, Shizu! Suzu’s Bride!”

This also could be expected. Shizuku had been through the pleasure hell, a dream of the ideal world, and having her feelings reversed all without help. Even if her battle ability wasn’t enough, the god-level magic was worth getting just from the mental power she had to fight through.

It was heartwarming, but it seemed like Suzu was the only one who appreciated that fact purely. Ryuutaro wore a mortified expression while Kouki wore ominous shadows in his expressions while he praised with a smiling face.

Shizuku watched Kouki with an anxious look at that.

seriously man atleast read the whole thing before saying it didnt hapened

>who's the student that blackmailed the attempted murder kid?
Some evil kid that's blah blah blah

It's really not very interesting, trust me.

The only certain thing about Arifureta is that Yue is best girl.

Have my reading list, good taste not included.

How can you consume so much garbage? Do you enjoy the flavor of shit?

Anyone read up on God of the Battlefield?

I'm having fun, broski.

I remember reading that, had some good potential with the vampire? girl in the dungeon but the author ruined it with that stupid ass bunny girl

Shizuku got two Age of Gods magics. From the last two dungeons. Kouki didn't get a single one. Ryuutarou and Suzu got one each. Kousuke got one too in the epilogue, gravity magic, since it was a challenge given to him by the rabbit girl he fell for. She also asked him to wound Hajime in a fight, another impossible challenge that he managed to pull off surprisingly.

Personally, while I started with Japanese stuff I've branched out into Chinese and Korean novels, and more recently English stuff. Honestly, I'm having a really hard time stomaching the shitty Japanese writing and cliches these days. Everything just seems like a re-hash of something some other Jap's already done, because their culture's collective cowardice doesn't let them try new things.

Pretty much all Chinese stories are identical too though. All cultures pretty much have a certain style of writing. You then have the rare examples that don't fall into that category.

>Bathroom goddess
Nice. Try the vending machine reincarnation too. The premise was stupid as hell but the story was actually fun.

I love when chinese swear, especially when they mention dogs and chikens. I laugh every time.

Might as well since I'm running out of stuff to read while waiting for updates.

>Pretty much all Chinese stories are identical too though.
Maybe if you only read the Wuxia or Xianxia, but there's stuff like Apartments For Rent, The King's Avatar, Child of Light and a few others that are escaping me at the moment that are far from that mold.

>All cultures pretty much have a certain style of writing. You then have the rare examples that don't fall into that category.
That's true, but it seems that I'm reading stories more for their characters these days and Japanese protagonists are pretty shit for the most part, since they're written to allow high school kids or young men in dead-end brainless jobs to self-insert.

>Necromancer ia actually the evil one
Who would've thought? She should be suspicious from the time they mentioned she's a necromancer.

What's the difference between wuxia and xianxia?

Yeah. Pretty good. Murlocs make an appearance at some point, which kinda surprised me. I guess WoW might eventually go the way of Tolkein with everyone borrowing the species.

I like some of the weird reincarnation stories. I especially like the Sword Reincarnation story since MC ends up being the mentor / side character to the catgirl heroine who ends up being more of a MC.

Were Murlocs WoW exclusive?

>Maybe if you only read the Wuxia or Xianxia, but there's stuff like Apartments For Rent, The King's Avatar, Child of Light and a few others that are escaping me at the moment that are far from that mold
So basically if you ignore 99% of Chinese stories, you'll find some good ones. Sounds like what I just fucking said.

I thought so. I Googled "Murloc" and only got WoW stuff. I could be wrong though.

Autistic catgirl is adorable, yeah.

Yeah. Vending machine and sword was a fun read.

She wears very mature underwear.

Wuxia means martial hero, Xianxia means immortal hero. Thus, wuxia usually takes place in China, where the characters are more or less human, but have simply trained martial arts to absurd levels. Xianxia is basically very Chinese fantasy, and is much more popular these days.

This actually seems more interesting, since it leaves the cheater in a position of power, but not one that he can control. Not only that, but it probably gives them a solid goal of finding their own body.

where are the shells even being ejected from that.

It's an edgefest.

Is that official? Fran a cute.

>bunny ruined things

good taste detected.

He can actually wield himself and be fully autonomous, he just has no reason to because his goal in life is to be the best sword there ever was or at least keep the kitty happy and alive.

or mothers and uncles?

He actually gets access to a spell that allows him to make a doppleganger body pretty early on. He pretty much discards it as an ability though since it's useless. The story moves more to the point of him being the supporter for the catgirl and helping her reach her goals which is to find the method of beastkin evolution for her race which is considered horribly weak. They do learn it later and they also learn why the ability of her race to do the evolution was lost. Apparently her race is super weak before evolution but super strong afterwards. Also her race commited some kind of heresy / crime and were punished by the gods with a way to seek atonement. The problem was that the other races took advantage of this to basically wipe out and enslave the race removing the knowledge of the crime and the way to atone from the history books.

Also the ways story is going MC will likely end up as a sword that is passed down through Fran's children/lineage. He's tied to her now to the point that even if someone tried to steal him or kill her for the sword they wouldn't be able to use him.

Yeah it's LN art.

That's kind of a bummer. Plus that story sounds kind of lame in all honesty. Sounds like a cheap plot device.

Holy shit that art. Was the artist just phoning it in? It looks stupid as fuck and it ain't even pretty. MC looks like a chuuni loser.

So are we allowed to post about the master ruse cruise or is the same hotpocket banning anybody who posts about it still?

I'm really enjoying the novel though. I've read quite a few mmo-mechanic based novels but this one is probably my favorite.

Is Chinese novel allowed on Cred Forums?

>MC looks like a chuuni loser.
That's because he is one, his parents laugh their asses off when they see him again.

Yeah, it's pretty good. A lot of Korean novels started being translated recently, and they're all at about the same quality as KotB, so if you like it you should have a look around for some others.

The LN art is horrifically bad. It's just a well known fact. Look at the manga art instead if you want actual good art.

>MC looks like a chuuni loser.
Because he's supposed to look like that. It's a running gag whenever he looks in the mirror and gets depressed over it.

Such as?


I mean I've seen a lot of them around but the reviews seemed mixed. I've already read reincarnator.

I was a sword when I reincarnated. The first 10 or so translated chapters are really bad but it gets better around there.

The manga artist is wasted on this series.

tensei shitara kendeshita next time do it youself

>no Konosuba


Thanks user.
I remember seeing some fanart for the series back before it was still just a WN and it's better than that.

>pills, meditation, EYES BUT MT.TAI

The artist is terrible. He's a hentai artist whose only ability is drawing girls but pretty much even the girls look bad. Like Shia the bunny girl was described as getting an adventurer like outfit after she joined the party but all her art shows her in the exact same outfit as when she was a member of her tribe.

In order of personal preference, Dungeon Defence, Dungeon Hunter, Seoul Station Necromancer, Everyone Else is a Returnee, and Arena. There are some other decent ones that got dropped by translators early on, so I won't mention them.

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor is the other Korean one that everyone thinks you should read. I'd say read it till you feel like dropping it, which for me wasn't till about eighteen volumes in. But for the more recent ones popping up, give Dungeon Defence a try at the least.

I was a sword when I reincarnated, skip chapters 2 to 9~10, it's just sword-kun grinding, start reading from the chapter the kitty and sword-kun met the first time.

>not including:
>muh flyan swords
>muh immortal caves
>muh secret cultivation technique
>muh sword qi
>muh immortal mansion

>Legendary Moonlight Sculptor is the other Korean one that everyone thinks you should read.
I've read that ages ago up to around volume 20 or so. To be honest it feels like it gets sidetracked far too often. I prefer KotB.

I've seen a lot of people wanking over dungeon defence so naturally that's on my to do list. Never heard of Arena/returnee though

>which for me wasn't till about eighteen volumes in.
Was it when everyone underestimated Weed for the like the 7th time? Or how everything he does is somehow the epitome of manliness? God, that shit got annoying

>Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
I seriously can't understand why that story is so highly recommended. The story was terrible but I kept pushing on because everyone was saying how good it was. I finally dropped it around volume 15 because I just couldn't stand it anymore. None of the characters are likable at all.

You dare? Say that to me IRL and not over the internet and I'll have my father exterminate 9 of your generations.

Anyway, there are some good ones, but I suppose this might not be the place.

No, it was when the translation quality dropped to sub-machine levels and I realized that I wasn't enjoying the story enough to have to work to understand it.

I thought Ark had better pacing. The fact that it actually ended by 24 volumes helps quite a bit.

Also I started Zhan Long for some reason, and it's honestly one of the shittiest things I have ever read. It's worse than watching Chaos Dragon.

The setting was pretty cool and fairly detailed. And translations ended up spawning a fan fiction website that took a life of its own iirc.

Weed might be a huge Gary Stu, but at least he's entertaining as hell.

True, reading it became less "will he succeed?" and more "what bullshit will be pull off this time?" I remember the undead battle was hype as fuck.

I'm okay with weed, it's just there's too much garbage going on on the side that I don't care about. Why do I need to read the a SoL about Weed's statue? Or about his sister's stalker? Or about those random orcs that Weed befriended like a million chapters ago? Etc. etc. Weed already sidetracks enough (chapters upon chapters of city mayor sim wanking, etc.) Feels very stretched out.

>write a fight scene 3 chapters long.

"It sounds liek a lot happen but it all happen in instant"

Yeah I'm quite familiar with RoyalRoadLegends since I read and write over there.

I sincerely hope that you aren't one of the 99% of people who post their awful content there looking for attention and praise for what is essentially something a middle school student could write.

Nope. I'm just writing because I wanted to try writing and because my friends said they enjoyed the story I shared with them. I don't really care about getting liked or anything. I mean I do hope people enjoy the story but I'm writing the story primarily for myself rather anyone else.

What does isekai means anyway?

Reincarnated? Transported to another world? Both?

Pretty sure isekai is other world and tensei is reincarnation. I'm just going off the titles of LNs though, I don't actually speak moon.

Basically. Mostly the 2nd one, but it's generally when a modern person is somehow put into another world.

Isekai means other world. Meaning some kind of transportation method of some kind happened to make the characters travel to that other world.

>This all took a long time to describe, but it happened in an instant
Is there a quirk of languange in Chinese/Japanese that leads to them reusing the same phrases?
English isn't nearly as monotonous with all our synonyms and metaphors.

Isekai = Transportation to another world.

If your character is reincarnated into another world they are not from, it is Isekai.
If your character goes through a portal, or its instantaneous travel and your character goes to another world they are not from, it is Isekai.

It can go into a bunch of genres, but if a person goes to another world that is definitely not part of their original universe then it is Isekai. The term gets spammed a lot though.

Which rabbit girl?

Think her name was Raea? She appeared a few times. Her and Kousuke met in the big final battle and he fell for her there. Kousuke even received a chuuni nickname since he became a member of the family.

>reading arifureta
you deserve to be laughed at OP.

Why is it that every isekai with an Otaku MC always has some popular guy character that only exists to get humiliated?

At least he wasn't reading Shinka no Mi, or Forsaken Hero, or To Deprive a Deprived Person.

I find Shinka no Mi amusing in a stupid way. First heroine was a gorilla and third heroine was a donkey. I think fourth heroine was a cat. Only second heroine was a human.

thats true.
you know, i actually want a decently written revenge story if people are gonna go the isekai route, something like shield hero but less full retard at the end, is that too much to ask?

>no mention of Dungeon Seeker

Sairin Yuusha is pretty good so far. Only 12 chapters translated though.

maybe, i've seen other stories like it where it seems its gonna go somewhere, then the TL'er went full retard and dropped it after a dozen chapters or 2.
i'm gonna hold out and hope to god this series doesn't go the way of a hoard of other projects and die horribly.

Well the chapters are decently long and he's already gotten one revenge complete and he's making preparations for the next now.

Why must the majority of LN/WN translations be so bad? Don't they have any shame or just self-awareness?

Sophia or Demon Lord?


It's just some losers that can't even learn japanese so they use machine translation, which goes horribly wrong with japanese. What I can't explain is why they do it.

That should be Sophia.

Didn't know vampire girl was so stacked

>Eliza update
Fucking finally, good things do happen to those that wait.

Infinite Dendrogram novelized

Looks nice.

>Infinite Dendrogram
By novelized do you mean published? It's been a web novel for quite a while now.

So what happens with the bunny girls that makes people drop it at that point?

Transitions are awful in this series.

what the shit is this?

Anyone read this?

Updates are slow as fuck but yeah, I'm reading the adventures of Tigerman, witch Shimikaze and a random shota.

I'm reading the manga for wolf bro.

How do you like it? I read a little bit of the manga, still not sure if I want to pick up the LN.

It's aight, don't think there's even a full volume translated yet though, the thing is in a million chunks at this point.

Should be Sophia, pretty sure, Ariel is described as having the appearance of a little girl.

Reminder that our spider violated that. While also biting and eating her.

Does that also mean, s-she's coming back?

Are they? I haven't noticed anything really major.

VRMMO with solid worldbuilding, good writing and none of the standard Narou cheat/harem shit

>Sophia doesn't look like this

To be fair, Shiro-chan was never ever pink. She was black, white and I believe she started brown, but the LN decided she should have pink polka dots, so who fucking knows what they think the other characters should look like.

Yep. More Bakarina is a go.


She started dark brown yeah. Then she went black. Then she became black with a white skull design on her back, then she became white. All the non Shiro characters have been extremely faithful to their descriptions in the WN though.

That reality when you know that might actually get an anime. At least the threads will be super fun.


Arifureta is selling like crazy. Seriously like 25-30k a volume. It's guaranteed to get an anime.

I give it until next year.

It's obvious that they're just getting the less-standard isekaishit out of the way first before they get into the really juicy trashy wish-fulfillment ones.

I would do unspeakable things to Katia

Why do nips eat this shit up?
There's like a thousand series with similar premises that don't go to shit after the first volume.

>started with comedy isekai
>then went into a transition phase with Re:Zero and Grimgar
>entering the full EDGE phase with Drifters and Youjo Senki
>then into full wish-fulfillment pandering mode

Who is the artist.

Oka-sensei a cute, no wonder spider-chang wants to keep her safe.

I admit. The reason I started reading this was because of this illustration.

Tell me more about this semen demon.

I dropped it because at the time bunny girl appeared, the MC literally became someone else in personality. But I've also heard many bad things about this bunny girl.


How the fuck is it possible to parse any of that word salad without having to sit down and think about it three times? People seriously think this is better than Yen Press?

I finised reading all of mushoku tensei more than a year ago and it was pretty much the only thing I enjoyed reading. Anything out there to fill this void it left me? I've just been digging through crap and can't find anything interesting.

My biggest concern with Arifureta is how utterly lazy the writing becomes. It's fine to decide MC can do literally everything, but the developments are handwaved and asspulled in a couple of lines and aren't really explored or justified, which breaks suspension of disbelief.

For example, one of the very first asspulls, the rail gun.

How did he start off designing it? What real revolver did he use as the model?

How did he decide on the optimum barrel length? Bullet shape and size? Quantity of gunpowder substitute? Rifling? Weight/power balance? Not told.

Were there any accidents or setbacks during the development and testing? We're not told.

Did he draw his design anywhere or was he relying entirely on memory to retain the whole design as it changed over time? We're not told!

The text heavily implies he never actually tested it against a monster, because the very next chapter the rabbit he kills is the first victim of the bullshit gun. How did he test his gun? How did he quantify the results so he could improve on previous revisions? We're not told.

How does he know that it's ten times stronger than an antimatter rifle? Has he ever fired an antimatter rifle?

In the span of one paragraph he just builds a gamebreaking gun with no justification.

Then it gets worse.

>BTW I built this submarine earlier because we might have to go underwater
>I've been working on it for quite a while, but you've never seen me work on it, I've never mentioned it, and the harem never noticed I was working on it
>I've also never been near a large enough body of water to test it in, but I know it works
>I never predicted we'd have to use it in magma, but I happened to make it totally able to stand up to magma temperatures and pressures and to insulate us from the heat
>None of this will ever be addressed
>It will be handwaved in one line that I built this sub and my harem will wet themselves in awe

Arifureta's translation is dogshit, no one will contest that.

This has to be a pasta, I feel like I read this months ago and it convinced me just to see how shitty arifureta really was. it's fucking garbage.

The hell is up with today, first Eliza updates, then Schizophrenia and then this miracle of writfaggotry:

What are you looking for user? We might be able to give you reccomendations.

For starter, how about something with a great, heavy story? Try The girl who ate death god.

Or sonething with a unique way of story telling? Bathroom Goddess.

I lol'd when the first time they got out of the first labyrinth, they tell the readers that they are in a place where they cannot use magic at all. A couple of paragraph later, the MC use his railgun and magic bike like it was nothing.

>A couple of paragraph later, the MC use his railgun
I seem to recall an off-hand justification about how the railgun was "weaker" since he couldn't use magic to accelerate the bullet.

Completely ignoring the fact that the ignition mechanism for the gunpowder was magical in the first place and a physical backup mechanism is never mentioned.

Holy shit I actually do see a pattern now.

But don't forget that food isekai is also getting an anime.

Don't forget the mecha isekai.

Does anyone actually understand the clusterfuck of world building that kumo has? Honestly I have no fucking idea how anything even works anymore and every time kumo reveals there is actually yet another layer to shit it gets more contrived and retarded.

It is pasta

mmm the best kind

>started with comedy
No user, it started with wish fulfillment like SAO and Log Horizon, and later continued with Overlord. Comedy was the break.

It's all pretty simple honestly.

I read most of the highly rated ones like death march, slime tensei, remonster, new gate, slave harem, cellphone in another world, etc. (list goes on). I ended up dropping all of them because of how boring and stupid they got. They were all repetitive nonsense with an overpowered mc(god) who hides his power from everyone. I couldn't enjoy any of them and the world building was shit. Anything that isn't too much like that would be nice. Being strong is okay but flying around the world and stunning all the bad guys and recreating food from modern japan for 100 chapters is boring as fuck. There's no setup and payoff at all, no consequences, no purpose.

I got so tired of all of them that I started reading non isekai novels like Hakomari.

So where's my fucking EDGE Mecha Isekai? It's been ten years since Alternative was released.

Maybe it's just all the broken English turbo had.

Nah, it's more like you have 400+ chapters of material out right now so if you can't remember shit it's because you read it a million years ago.

Hako mari is fucking offensive if you actually look at it.

Why the hell would you blindly read top rated stuff instead of going through tags, ratings don't mean anything in regards to the actual quality of the work.

development is measured in how many girls the mc adds to his harem and it's dumb.

How so? I enjoyed it

>giving a shit about anything that's not robots

Thank god.

Okay so this is my understanding, hopefully someone can correct me if I'm off, but basically D found this fantasy world that had some tech, then destroyed the tech and introduced the System that she made. The System cuts the world off from the cycle of reincarnation, recycling the souls within that world instead of sending them throughout all worlds. It also gives people and monsters abilities and stuff through xp, which is some souls stealing energy from other souls. However, titles, which are also distributed by the system, take energy from the world itself. This is a problem that is slowly draining the world. So, the Goddess plugs herself into the world to supply some energy and regulate some shit to make it flow more efficiently. I think. But the Goddess is running out of energy herself. So Shiraori's gonna kill everyone so their souls are safe from harm while she destroys the System. We have no idea how D will take that. I'm pretty sure that's what we know so far, but I'm reading like 120 series right now, so I might be mixing some stuff up or forgetting stuff.

I'm pretty sure she doesn't care what happens.

Like I said, Bathroom Goddess has a unique story telling for an isekai novel. And it was pretty great too, story wise.

Girl who ate death god isn't isekai, more of a fantasy story with heavy military action. But it was a great read.

Both of them have already ended.

Another I reccomend would be Evil God Average. It has OP female MC, but the novel itself was written with comedy in mind.

Other with good story and non OP MC would be Kamigoroshi no Eiyuu. It's about the story of 13 heroes AFTER they defeated the demon God. The MC is the oldest and supposedly the weakest among the heroes.

There's many different worlds, each of them have gods, the more powerful gods can travel between dimensions to different worlds. One of these gods D is particularly powerful but decides to live as a highschool girl in glorious Nippon for reasons, demon lord and hero of a world she administrates decide they have enough of her and cast some silly space time magic that tries to get to her, fuck it up, and instead nuke D's classroom, resulting in everyone in that room to be reincarnated in their world. Kumo is a spider that was living in that classroom, but since D wants a break from it all and just be a NEET for a while she pretends to have died and lets Kumo take her place in being reincarnated.
That world has a game like system that D created because she was bored, people get stronger, accumulating soul energy, and then when they die that soul energy gets fed back to the world to power the system and keep everything going. Because of the past Demon Lord and Hero aiming at D's life with that ridiculous magic there is now far too little soul energy in the world and the system is dying. Things happen Kumo becomes a god and understands all that, meets with D, finds out what she actually is, gets forced by D to help the world, and decides the only way to do that is to slaughter everyone so all the soul energy they have gets directly fed back into the system's restoration procedure or some shit.
I don't know, it's been like a year since I read this and there might be more now, but that's what I remember

I actually enjoyed knights magic but it started getting stale for me after the centaur knight was made.

Any moonspeakers able to answer a question of mine?

So as far as English translation goes, it seems as though web novels are largely isekai while published light novels which are not based on web novels are largely not isekai.

Does the same hold true across all Japanese otaku publication or is it a quirk of the choices of the English translation scene?

>D found
More like system voice-chan and kuro begged D to fix their mess because shit was going sour real fast.
And D honestly doesn't give a shit, she washed her hands off of that ages ago.

D created the System to try and save the world. Everything had been going smoothly until the Hero and the Demon King tried to attack D (resulting in the explosion that killed everyone in D's(kumo's) class. The energy they used to do that attack fucked up the world to the point of no return (if left alone).

The only thing I don't understand is what Potimas' master plan is to become a god.

Either he has no idea what the fuck he's doing and is just trying out random shit to see what sticks or he has an incredibly elaborate keikaku that we cannot even begin to imagine.

I think it's the former.

What is it with this "Muv-Luv is isekai" meme?

That's pretty much spot on, you forgot that an elven fuccboi started that shit.

>There's many different worlds, each of them have gods, the more powerful gods can travel between dimensions to different worlds.
This was a thing in shieldbro too.

Considering he was able to splinter pieces of his soul ala voldemort and not die i think it might be the latter.

Renji is pretty shit power-wise compared to other heroes unless you sack a bunch of people, have loved ones die and offer the love of your life to power up a sharp stick so it can kill god.

A single short story collection by Kamachi Kazuma shows more imagination and creativity than the entirety of the isekai genre.

Yeah. That's why I said he's a non OP MC. He's also a great MC, as far as isekai MC goes.

I could be wrong, but wouldn't Potimas have become an Administrator already if it were possible for him to be?I know that Dustin mentioned that he tried for a bit, but he couldn't. I always just assumed that Potimas' goal was to get enough influence and control that he could do what he wanted regardless of what the Administrators thought about him.

When do the really silly isekaishit finally get animated? And I don't mean something like Konosuba, I mean absurd scenarios up the wazoo and just general piss taking.

D was hiding as a student because she was running away from the maid/work.

Think the only thing he didn't try was chowing down on existence energy batteries like Kumo.

For me pretty sure it was killing to get rid of anything that could hamper his apotheosis and survive the world's eventual collapse

there's a shit load of material japan can adapt before they reach that point

Becoming a god/administrator is fucking ridiculously hard. It was even stated that the method Shiro used was damn ridiculous/absurd and shouldn't have even worked.

>shows more imagination and creativity than the entirety of the isekai genre.
You say that like it's some sort of feat we should be impressed by.

No I'm pretty sure it mentioned he tried that and failed.

Wouldn't humans evolve straight into gods once they reach lvl 100? They never got straight on that

No? They'd probably evolve into high humans or something. Becoming a god is way more difficult than just some level thing.

Oh. Elf Hitler really did try everything then.

>high humans
You mean elves?

Wasn't that just something Sariel told people to give them hope?
I think it's really only a legend at this point since it's pretty much impossible for a human to hit lv100 in their short lifespan. We know monsters definitely can go above lv100, Ariel is like lv130 or something

Shiro's evolution into god had nothing to do with the system or her level. The only thing that the system gave her that made becoming a god possible was the taboo knowledge which told her how to use the MA energy.

Why did he manipulate the hero and demon lord into trying to nuke D then?

It totally, completely failed.

what even is sariel? kuro, ariel, and the pope keep on bringing her up and how she was a martyr or something and it sounded almost like she created the system and not D
is she just a random goddess that jumped in as system voice when whatever D had in mind for that failed?

It was mentioned that it was possible for humans to evolve if they reached level 100 but no human ever did so no one knows if it was even possible or not. Ronant is one of the higher levels a human has ever reached and he's only like level 85 and an old man.

Ronant is pretty amazing though. 15 years ago when he met Shiro his physical stats were like 300 and magic was at around 1000. At the war/elf battle chapters his stats were 400 physical and 4000 magic.

Not setting the bar very high there, though the Simple Series is fucking good. I'm surprised more people don't post Boo Boo since it's an isekai with an orc MC, maybe it's because he's native rather than the one isekai'd.

Sariel is Kuro's waifu. She's also the Goddess of two opposing religions. She's kinda a big deal.

Sariel was one of the original gods of the world along with Kuro. There were other gods but they all abandoned the world as it went to shit except for the two of them. Well Sariel really, Kuro wouldn't leave Sariel. Sariel basically self sacrificed herself to sustain the world. Then D came in with her offer of the system and Sariel plugged herself into that I guess. It was mentioned that only Kuro ever met or talked with D so we know Sariel never did yet Sariel is the battery sustaining the system so no idea how that worked out.

As far as I remember, Sariel was the original Administrator of the world.
When the elves did their elfy bullshit and fucked up the world, Sariel appealed to the other gods for help, and D was the one who answered.
D's solution to the state of "literally everything is fucked" was the implementation of the System, with Sariel becoming a sacrifice to keep the System going.

It's mentioned the gods of the old we're all dragons who fled the world when it came close to ruin and Kuro is the only one remaining. So Sariel might've been an aberrant God. Maybe a saint/martyr who evolved into an Administrator. And then she offered up her life to repair the world when D gave her offer of the devil.

Sariel is the goddess of that world, Kuro's waifu, System voice-chan.

I don't even read Kumo but this all sounds dumb as fuck.
Why can't there be more stuff with good world building like Mushoku Tensei.

>everything is called "___ God"
>good world building

It's, like, two volumes.

>Tfw no one's translating this orc LN
I liked the concept but the MC not being bald and fat is kinda a deal breaker to me. What's the point of being an orc if you are none of these?

Those names were more confusing than anything, but the actual world is pretty nice and well developed.

Should I call it the Simple Duo then? Simple Series flows well when said so I just call it that since Survey and Monitoring are so different in tone.
On a somewhat related note, I'm a bit sad there won't be any Blond Sign updates for a while since js06 is only doing Heavy Object on weekends. I love HO, so I was hoping he'd burn through it due to that, but we're also starting to get to the real plot of Blood Sign too.

The problem with Goblins and Orc MCs is they will inevitably just evolve to Oni and look like Japanese bishoujo.

>Sword God (style)
>Water God (style)
>North God (style)
>Sword God (strongest Sword God style user)
>Water God (strongest Water God style user)
>North God (strongest North God style user)
>Fire God (magic class)
>Water God (magic class)
>Earth God (magic class)
>Wind God (magic class)
>Healing God (magic class)
>Detoxification God (magic class)
>Barrier God (magic class)
>Summoning God (magic class)
>Human God (god of the human world)
>Dragon God (god of the dragon world)
>Demon God (god of the demon world)
>Beast God (god of the beast world)
>Sea God (god of the sea world)
>Heaven God (god of the heaven world)
>Void God (god of the void world)
>Technique God (1st of the 7 world powers)
>Dragon God (2nd of the 7 world powers, may or may not be the same as the other Dragon God)
>Fighting God (3rd of the 7 world powers)
>Demon God (4th of the 7 world powers, may or may not be the same as the other Demon God)
>Death God (5th of the 7 world powers)
>Sword God (6th of the 7 world powers, may or may not be the same as the other Sword God)
>North God (7th of the 7 world powers, may or may not be the same as the other North God)
>Human God (language)
>Magic God (language)
>Fighting God (language)
>Beast God (language)
>Heaven God (language)
>Beast God (langauge)

Doesn't happen in this story.

Hasn't happened yet in this story.*

Looks like I have something new to read

I want to sniff Kumo's hand woven spider silk underwear!

It's just a rankig system right? As I recall, God > Emperor > King > Saint. the confusing thing is that there are 2 kind of Water God. The magic Water God level and the title of Water God sword style.

As far as world building goes, MT isn't that good. The best world building in MT, which also the best arc happened in Dead end's journey to the west arc and the teleportation labyrinth arc.

Is Sheeprabbit still alive or did he (she?) get eaten by an Australian spider?

That story doesn't have those kind of evolution mechanics. It's a story about an orc deciding to become a gentleman and seduce the females of other races.

>You have the original actual Gods
>but also the people who earn the title X God because they reached the rank of God in X
>possibly in a school of swordsmanship that is also named X God
>and they speak languages also called X God but which have no given reason to be named God in the first place
>Plus all the shit called X King from Dragon King to King Dragon King
>and then mixing and matching with God >resulting in the Sword God King who learned a style of fighting called Sword God
>from a guy who earned the title Sword God
>to fight the Dragon God
>who needs to fight Demon God
>who used to be Dragon God
>but then shenanigans happened so half of him became Technique God
>who invented Sword God and North God and Water God
>the Water God doesn't fight with water
>and has no relation to water magic whose practitioners may also be ranked so high as to be named Water God
>but Sword God fights with sword
>by the way this is the style called Sword God, not the person called Sword God
>any way the Sword King who is called that because she is King ranked Sword God
>wants to keep up with her osananananajimi
>who never became a god
>but he does speak languages known as X God
>including Beast God
>and Demon God
>a language which has no relation to and actually predates the guy called Demon God which was spawned from the Dragon God
>and Fighting God
>the language, not the person
>the person Fighting God is actually just a powered armor
>so it probably doesn't speak Fighting God
>it's all God to me

Anything you would recommend with good world building then? I really liked the labyrinth arc, that's probably the high point of the series for me. Once they start building the magic armor things just got really fucking dumb

Yep the entire point is that despite his looks he seduces women. He fucks an elf, a human girl, a demon girl and fairy twins.

So it's wish fulfillment for ugly fat otaku who think that the ladies don't care about appearances or grooming as long as you tip your fedora and become a Nice Guy™?

He's just probably suffering from burnout.

Which is still not what you said in your previous post. He doesn't become some hot guy ever.

Core blimey, that sounds extraordinarily euphoric!

Nah, that would be wish fulfillment for ugly fat otaku who wish it were possible to magically become a J-pop star without cutting down on food, getting some exercise, and investing in skincare products.

Does this take itself seriously or is it all tongue in cheek?
If it's the later it might be kinda interesting

Try Sevens. It has a nice story and world building. It also has a great labyrinth moment too.


>see for myself whether it's really bad as people said or not. Turns out they were right.
Story of my life.

It's a hentai novel.

I kept hearing that Sevens was good, and I just can't get past the beginning. The character motivations that set up the whole story are just complete bullshit. Would you live in a house where the foundation was made of cotton candy? Of course not. Then why the fuck would you read a story where the foundation is bullshit that's full of holes?

Doesn't Sevens only have a couple out of 400+ chapters translated? I don't really want to start something that only has the intro out

No, 12 volumes have been translated
Also, I read this but it got kind of boring after 60~chapters.

How does a sword grind?

Is there any translated Isekai other than like Slime, MT, Kumo, and Shieldbro that is fairly long you guys can recommend?
I'm looking for something I can dump some serious hours into, I spend 2 hours on the train every day. This Monday I started reading Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu but that aged like shit and isn't really Isekai.

By also being a wizard.

>reading web novels
There's your problem. LNs already aren't that great and you're going for the even worse version of the things.
Granted, there's some decent ones, Uchi Musume, Kamigoroshi, In a World Without Life, I Kinda Came to Another World but Where’s the Way Home? was actually one of the best I read at the start but translations stopped/they got really shitty and I just stopped reading it, Takarakuji de 40-oku, Jashin Average. There was Spirit Migration too but the manga is just better for that.
But I get why people read WNs though, they are just easier to start and follow for the reasons usually complain about, there's not much of anything to look forward to, they aren't that gripping, you can come and go without a problem, and they don't ask for that much thinking, obviously there's shitty LNs too, but if you pick up one worth reading it'll ask you for a lot than the best WNs.

I know some good translated ones, but not isekai.

Read Grimgar.

Sevens is currently at 226 chapters out of 345 completed.

Because otakus = /r9k/ posters

Dungeon Meshi >>>> All this isekai shit

Well, you can pretty much count the LNs I've read on one hand. The last one I read was Maria, which was pretty good overall although it's pretty obvious the author didn't know what to do with it anymore halfway through.
I used to just read books on the train but I started to actually enjoy shittily translated novels quite a bit, it's like fast food.

Kamachi and Kawakami novels are good reads depending on your mood, and they're translated by js06 so quality is good. Kamachi writes a lot of different series, but his first volumes tend to be weak for new series (except for shorter ones like A Simple Survey/Monitoring or Waltraute). Index in particular is really not good until volume 14 then it really jumps up in quality.

What's that?

Bit outdated and missing a handful of series but you can use it:!V8sGkBIR!sAE0zyVv0R8Pm2mvXJYqiw

Suigoi shitpost-kun.

That sounds a bit unfair. What's his magic?

I've read Index and am up to date on NT. Might check out Heavy Object at some point, I've seen that talked about a lot.

Are we ready anons for history lessons, long-ass info dumping, Nazi loli, and Cred Forums?

Katahane no Riku.
It's interesting enough, but translations have stalled.

>translations have stalled
It's caught up to the Japanese version.

I challenge you to name a well-written LN. Hard mode: WN.

Every monster in that world has magic core. Sword mc has the ability to absorb the core and turns it into exp. He also can absorb a skill that the monster has by absorbing the core.

Twelve Kingdoms.


Kairin wo Idaita Shoujo. Also it has a WN. Theme is the pursuit of happiness.

Rokka, Grimgar, HakoMari, SukaSuka, Iris.

The Lazy King, fuck are you even trying user?

I'll just read pic related if I want my fix of war lolis.


>Lazy King

> Hakomari
> Well-written
> Chainsaw massacre
> People go crazy
> Using the box that caused alot of shit all for a girl that wasn't in any real danger.
> Inconsistent characters
> Well written.

Oh, well then.

>Shitposting already
Thank god it will never have an anime.

Actually thinking about it, that can't possibly be Sophia if this is only Volume 4 of the LN. Why would they show her as an adult on the cover when she doesn't even have a part in the story. I think it probably is Ariel, you can see Mother in the background trampling ruins which is in the future part when Ariel teleported her in the battle field where Kumo's 10th army fights against the humans and she kills the Hero.

I think Gekkou deserves to be called that.


Well, Kamachi does a good job of keeping variety in his novels.
Heavy Object for bros blowing shit up
Zashiki Warashi for a more supernatural mystery type of series and true best girl Enbi (often considered Kamachi's best series)
Waltraute for /ss/ and comedy
Simple Survey and Monitoring I'm not spoiling
Boo Boo for his take on isekai
Blood Sign for, well, here's part of the first volumes afterword.
>An experimental theme for this novel was to have the series’ final boss do a lot from the very beginning and to always be by the protagonist’s side. Rather than a plotting rival who is equal to the protagonist, this is a final boss whose power is hopelessly greater than the protagonist’s. I wanted to take a protagonist who has a composed look during any battle and show off his adorable human side by having him tremble in fear whenever the ultimate (…or worst?) ex-girlfriend shows up.
It starts off rather weak due to heavy exposition but gets good when the White Queen show up. The MC is sort of gary stuish, but it's due to experience rather than some innate power. It's also somewhat interesting since he's confined to the rules of the setting, his main enemy is not.

Sophia already appeared in LN volume 3 user. She fought with Shun "against her Goshujin-sama's orders." Or maybe I should say she scared the fuck out of Shun and company. She was there helping Yuugo take over the kingdom. That whole part got expanded on a bunch in the LN.

The purpose of a hero is to defeat the demons, but are you not a monster when it comes to strength? Do you desire to not be alone? But the purpose, you are only a hero. Just a hero.

From what I heard, Sophia had already appeared in the third volume and wrecked shit.

Deep my ass. This is bullshit.

Oh wow, I guess I should actually read that and not just skim the new parts

>An experimental theme for this novel was to have the series’ final boss do a lot from the very beginning and to always be by the protagonist’s side. Rather than a plotting rival who is equal to the protagonist, this is a final boss whose power is hopelessly greater than the protagonist’s. I wanted to take a protagonist who has a composed look during any battle and show off his adorable human side by having him tremble in fear whenever the ultimate (…or worst?) ex-girlfriend shows up.

Sounds really dumb. The author probably thinks it's a real funny gimmick.

What an adorable incomprehensible existence.

>The purpose of a hero is to defeat the demons, but are you not a monster when it comes to strength? Do you desire to not be alone? But the purpose, you are only a hero. Just /ai/ - idle activities

To add, Ronant fought with Shun too and he teleported around dodging his attacks. Ronant truly a masterful disciple of Shiro.

What characters are inconsistent? The rest is all just seem like complaints you personally have with the story, in particular what actually happened with Otonashi is very important to the message Eiji tries to convey, you complaining about that just means you didn't actually think through what it means or didn't give a shit.

It works out well for the series, but that's also because the White Queen is just so much fun. It also helps that she's so powerful she literally has no need to care about anything but her love, however horrific that may be to her target.

Translations never.

Shit suffers from the talking head syndrome.

Ha! Maria was the most inconsistent. Plus, the whole chainsaw massacre, the murder spree, the crazy-ass that decided to murder everybody a hell lot of times and not accept consequences for thousands upon thousands of loops? This is bullshit!


There's this defense again.

Lucky you, I was detecting bullshit from first labyrinth, it is shitty to give massive stat boost but he was given massive stat boost and already made weapons more powerful than many weapons on Earth.

I continued on for a few arcs to see if it gets better which it doesn't.

If you don't enjoy a series what else is there to read for?

All the guy's novels do. The Girl Who Ate Death was the same, just talking talking talking and 0 personality to anything. Alas, maybe the translation for that was just extra shitty (it was kinda bad), but the MC had 0 personality and I stopped caring about what happened.

So you simply don't like the final volume, got it.
I thought it was about as good of an ending as the story could have possibly gotten.

try kuro no maou aka suffering and yanderes
its pretty neat since the harem maintains their personalities after jointing the bowl

Schera's purpose is to eat. Personality is revolved around the desire to eat. It is neither good nor is it evil. To eat with others is enjoyable. I don't why you call her having 0 personality. Her motivation is there, desire, goal. But to share it with others is what gives a connection for Schera to feel empathy or a sense of not being alone.

> Don't like the final volume
Ha! I spotted a whole entire bullshit that I explained right there in my posts. Good ending or not, the foundation it built and the way things were set in stone was a bunch of bullshit.

Yes, she's someone who wants to eat and is strong and that's all, some personality.
I meant more the way the thing is written has 0 characterization, granted, she has no character because all she thinks about is food so there's not much to characterize in the first place.

I was a bit disappointed that it was never in any way elaborated on what actually happened with the death god she ate or what the consequences of it would be in the long term. What kind of existence she is, are her humanity and emotions slowly going to die out until she takes the place of actual death, that sort of thing.

Not even that guy and I haven't read what you are talking about, but you do nothing but just keep on saying things are bullshit. Doesn't exactly help your point.

See here

everyone in a girl who ate death had zero personality outside of a job title. it had the story depth of call of duty. Shera Ramirez was a one man apocalypse. all her allies did nothing or died in the background. then the map changed to the next location.

They never touch upon the hero that tells Schera she isn't supposed to eat people or what else is going on in the world outside of the war either, there is a lot of potential that was just completely ignored in favor of two armies slaughtering each other until Schera comes in and turns the page while their commanders scream at and try to outmaneuver each other using tactics you would learn in military grade school.

I could point out characterization of her. From what you see, you cannot connect her to what you see as characterization and personality because there is no sense of empathy. But to see a perspective, you must understand that perspective. I could characterize quite a few things but in the end, she does have it regardless of what you would consider that.

Isn't this in the prequel? I remember there are some revisions in the LN versions of the series by Nanasawa.

That's because you can read about the hero in another novel. Also you can see more of the world from his other novel. They took place in the same world, just different region.

I had no idea, that probably isn't translated though right?

The translator said that he wants to do revenge against orc rape more and plus that is easier. Like one chapter tled probably.

Am i the only one reading this?

I know it's korean but i find it's a nice read if you like politics and INSANITY
Author also takes quite a few references even from stuff from, like, Macchiavelli.

>I don't remember what I read: The post
or maybe you were one of those faggots that skipped all the human/elf village stories from the future because of "muh continuity"

The girl who bore the flame ring is currently being translated, but slow. I don't know about the hero.

Did you read the thread? No, you're not the only one. It's really good, even if you don't catch all the references.

Of course not, isn't it pretty hot right now? Sure, the threads get deleted, but it does get mentioned.

Ah, unknown origins are supposedly in the prequel. I also know there are differences when the LN gets published like characters prominent and so on.

>All characters are insane.
>Everything were just as keikaku.
I feel the plot is too tight, need a breather.

I do the threads get deleted anyway? This one is up, everything Kamachi gets threads all the time too.

It's Korean.

Yeah, cause it's korean.

The fabulous tales of Psycho-Araragi.

its the same reason why we never got the breaker threads, or kingdom threads, or korean berserk threads user, its cause the mods are anti-eastern weebs and have everything that isn't grorious nippon, seriously, its retarded theres literally no place to talk about it.
>in b4 /jp/ even though /jp/ only exists for idolshit and touhou crap and their mods will literally ban anything else on sight.



Cred Forums exists

user why the fuck would you do that to someone?
who the hell actually willingly wants to go on Cred Forums?

Cred Forums doesn't allow anything but American cartoons. I tried making a post about German caricatures and newspaper comics before and it was promptly deleted.

>Kamachi does a good job of keeping variety in his novels.
Aside from every single novel having way too many characters that read like thiiiiiiiiiiiiis!!!!!!

Well, you could say that that's just Kamachi-sensei's style

But what if Kamachi wasn't a person in the first place?


For example, if Kamachi were 𝒂𝒄𝒕𝒖𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒚 𝒌𝒂𝒎𝒂𝒄𝒉𝒊.𝒆𝒙𝒆 𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒘𝒉𝒐𝒍𝒆 𝒕𝒊𝒎𝒆.

It's super like a computer program following a tree diagram or a flowchart. By following a super carefully determined set of parameters, almost any type of story can be written super fast by plugging a scenario into the tree diagram or flowchart that super executes the scenario into a story following common kamachi.exe cliches, including super convoluted and repetitive similes, random emphasized text, infinite tsukkomi, le meme speech tics, and attempts at self-awareness.

Wouldn't that be interesting?

And thus, I lay down my pen for now.

That's not right, we've had plenty of uninterrupted the breaker threads.

>Dropped it like plague when the rabbit girl appeared
Fuck, i did the exact same thing

>anything but American cartoons
I'm pretty sure they allow Belgian comics.

What happened to the MCs classmate? The girl who liked him?