What kind of adult does an anime watcher/ manga reader become when they get old?

What kind of adult does an anime watcher/ manga reader become when they get old?

Boku no Pico

a poorly adjusted one

a failure

A corpse

A defender of justice and bringer of good or a worthless NEET.

hey I'm not that old, only been watching anime since late 1960s. You know, Prince Planet, Speed Racer, Marine Boy

I was 35 when I first watched Eva in 1998.

9/10 times a reject


A wizard.


I'm 36 now. I just hide my powerlevel and live a normal working life.

I'm in my late 30's now. I find that every year I become a little more sad and a little more depressed. I also find that I enjoy slice of life and moe-shit a lot more than I used to. Seeing other people be happy almost makes me happy to.

This is from Kaiji, right?

I really need to finish this show.

Grumpy Jii-san.

I'm 26 years old
I've been watching anime since I was 13
I live a normal working life, I'd say the only reason I enjoy it is because I try, be optimistic without being unrealistic

Hopefully not a sperg. The old comic guys are OK depending but if you have no mental problems you should be fine as ling as you do it in moderation. Also you will find yourself knowing everything about anime and newfags will be the bane of your existence.

They live perfectly normal lives on the outside but suffer from crippling depression on the inside.

S2 is a lot of nothing.

I would say anime and manga made me more mature. Unironically. Only adults can truly appreciate QGDQT and SoL.

Depends if you're good looking or not.

22 and a business student, because I have no further ambition to study anything else. I just hope that my wage slave life will be suffice for me to afford anime stuff while maintaining financial stability.

Either a well-adjusted if not slightly eccentric everyday person who is eternally hiding the autistic power level or a basement dweller.

whens this shit getting more chapters translated