Miss me yet, Cred Forums?

Miss me yet, Cred Forums?

I miss Yozora butt.

yeah, new forced meme

damn it. yes

I am heavily lacking in protein

I sure do
Sucks that such a soft, gorgeous beauty was paired with a lean and mean cunt who had to be rescued from her own mother.

Season 3 when?


She win the Fagbowl.

She wasn't though.

Never. The series ends shortly after the anime because of some major differences in opinion over what direction it should take. The editors wanted it to be a generic harem, the artist wanted to steer clear of that, so he gave them the middle finger by writing the harem equivalent of 'rocks fall, everyone dies.'

>the artist didn't want it to be a generic harem
But it was a generic harem

I really don't buy this shit. The author just doesn't seem like a good writer in general. Let's be honest, Haganai was another one of those series that was carried by the character designs. Would this have been nearly as popular if people didn't want to fuck Sena/Yozora? Probably not.

And to give an example of low quality writing: He had them play video games for a plot 3 different times (Monster hunter, Dating sim, Homoge club). I think the first two were good but the third was clearly him running out of ideas. It was a complete fucking rehash of the dating sim chapter. The author basically just went through all the standard tropes. There was a beach arc, a pool arc, a hotspring arc, a festival arc, etc. The writing wasn't very original.

Did you even try Shirasaka Yomi's previous works?
He axed them himself because he is damn lazy.
In fact it's an achievement he wrote something above 3 books for a series with the same fucking theme.

Don't expect it to happen again.
Exactly, he is compared on 2ch to Izuru Yumizuru. That should be telling enough.

Wait, scratch that. I just remembered they played video games 5 different times. I totally forgot about the VR chapters. That was actually the worst example in the series. The second VR chapter was almost entirely a copy of the first. They even reused the joke with Kodaka being the virgin class.

Good taste

It is funny that every other girl figured out Kodaka was a shit and stopped loving him except Sena. She is still after him.


She accepted his flaws. Not even Cred Forums accepted him.

Why doesn't he just make a spinoff starring Sena for the waifufag bux?

The mc was a total faggot and am glad rika pointed it out and beat the shit out of him with metalic balls. The author must have been too autistic write such mc. Kodaka was just a pathetic moral wussy faggot like most harems mcs but is completely garbage tier.

What's with the nun getup? And why is she sitting splayed?

Because it would be even shittier.

Would you allow Sena near your imouto?

>Shit anime with terrible story and ending
>Posts worst girl

>implying I can forget my waifu

Kate is just a lazy, bad and unholy nun unlike her little sister. Its ashame she hardly ever got screen time.

>rich spoiled girl who wants a real friend and gets mixed up in suggestive /u/
I prefer a different girl for that.

I missed this anime since the day S2 ended.

I want my Yozora Sena catfights back ;_;

mc should have plowed them all

How did the manga end?

Sorry, did you say something?

No but I miss Yosora

Season 2 soon right?

When was your show?



I miss Tittyko.

Kate is best girl

Just fuck already.

I married this girl.