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>More fujoshit
>Muh "Greatest Anime Of All Time"

Kill yourself.

whats the point of ending the last one? couldnt they just adapt the remaining comedy arcs and do the serious one after that?
changing the studio was a mistake , Sunrise taking the helm when?

You wouldn't recognize best girl even if she sat on your pathetic face.

Gintama has been absolute shit since S2, let it go.

oh, are you saly your favourite anime didn't even get a second season while Gintama will have more than 400 episodes, at least 2 movies and 1 live action

I'm so sorry

Who's directing?

Fujoshi anime tend to be more fun though.


Atleast say it's unfunny or something but fujoshit?

Are you even trying?

Isn't this shit ending soon?


>literally Family Guy: The Anime

>MC had an arc that he'll fuck any kind of women regardless of age
>groped a girl three times
>savior of a fucking brothel land

Here's a pity (you)

Fujos do love the fuck out of Gintama. But that means nothing except that they have good taste and it's full of best boys.

Gintama lives forever!

Haters can go and read the LN or the manga to see how their favorite series continue.


Not really. That title is for Re:Zero.


Last season was really disappointing animation wise.

Not really,looking at the fight scenes

Gintama always had inconsistent animation.

how's the manga? I thought it's on its last breath, or is Sorachi planning to go full Bleach and squeeze every milk of this cow? I honestly dropped it at the beginning of the last arc because the jokes have gotten really stale.

There were some comedy chapters before the current arc, so it might take longer to end than people thought last year.

Cool, more of this garbage. Sugita must be happy knowing that he won't be unemployed next year.


If Gintama wasn't like 80% filler it would be good.

If it was 100% 'filler' it would be even better. The comedy is top tier while the plot driven arcs are terribly written. If they made up the entire series it would be a total joke of a battle shounen, it couldn't get away with all the cheesy, cliche bullshit if it wasn't mostly comedy.

>MALfags defending their shitty taste

>caring about MAL at all
Are you mad that Gintama topped that shit site ranking instead of your favourite anime ?

There is no filler in Gintama.

Are you a insecure teenager?

Grow up

>gintamafag telling other people to grow up



Have they announced a date/season for it ? Also, would it be realistic to say that the manga might end next year ?

You need to be 18 and above to post here.

Fujoshit getting another season.
So surprised!

I can't believe I got to live in a time where not even Gintama is free from this quality of shitposting. Remember to ignore and report.

Stay mad fujofags.

>h-how dare they say something bad about my shitty favorite animu
Go back to mal.

The last arc made up for everything animation wise.

They said they'll announce the date at a later time.

It was overall disappointing. QUALITY scenes, few filler, which had helped raise the quality of the series. It was just dull overall. Didn't help that they skipped some of the best comedy arcs and left one for an OVA.

Has the love potion OVA been subbed?

>continuing to rape the Sengoku era with more of this shit

i tried to watch it but it wasnt making me laugh

*Meiji era


Go back to 8ch

Same shitsubs that have been available for a while.

Looks like there's an outburst of newfags trying to fit in here.

Kids trying to fit without understanding Cred Forums

It's just embarrassing.

I hope the earlier director returns, the comedy parts weren't handed really well in the latest season.

Also it's really sad that the only thread we have in weeks is full of shitposting.

Regardless of how much people like Gintama, this will be with no contest the worst season done to date, the arc in the manga is fucking horrendous and the only good thing to come out of it is the Kamui/Kagura/Umibozou flashback, there is none of the "signature comedy", it'll just be 25 or 50 serious episodes.

So it will follow directly after the last one ended ? Does that mean that the remaining random comedy arcs/chapters will be skipped ?

Nah according to MAL its not.

Maybe they can fit the skipped comedy chapters?

As a flashback


This. It's embarrassing seeing how many people defend this garbage.

Glad it's back, new sudio sucks though

OP is an idiot, learn not to attract shitposters

>he fell for pic related

The comedy is Gintamas worst part. After watching like 20 episodes you can predict pretty much every joke because they are so incredible repetitive. It also doesn't help that most jokes are one of the characters screaming "LOOK THIS SITUATION IS SO STRANGE THUS IT'S FUNNY!". It manages to be even more obnoxious than laugh tracks in western comedy series.

The worldbuilding is great, the characters are good, the serious arcs are amazing, the comedy gets old and annoying quickly.

whats wrong with MAL


I'm surprise there is no "Gintama is untrollable" dumb meme. Did you Gintamafags get slightely better?

man, japs really love eating shit


Except Gintama IS fujoshit

It's science fiction not even historical fiction so get over it, faggot

The world building is shit and the aliens were basically forgotten, but the real issue is that Sorachi just cannot write battle shounen arcs. They are full of cliche ridden tragic back stories, melodramatic speeches full of obnoxious extended metaphors, badly choreographed fights, forced climaxes (like last season Gintoki vs Takasugi, dragging that shit out in a desperate attempt to give it impact), forgettable new characters we have no attachment to because the arcs are so short, etc. It's all very amateurishly written and doesn't hold up next to Jump's other battle shounen mangaka. If it was all serious those weaknesses would become very obvious, as is people appreciate those arcs because they're juxtaposed with comedy and seem more emotionally affecting as a result.

I don't really care to argue about comedy, it's too subjective. If you don't find it funny that's all there is to it, but battle manga can be judged more objectively.

Do people look for threads about anime they hate to shitpost in?
Don't they have better things to do?

but gintama is basically shitposting itself

Probably referring to the community there. I only use it to keep track of anime/manga.

Gintama threads used to be "untrollable". The fact that so many people bring up MAL makes me realize just how many newfags are here. The shitty OP doesn't help

Seeing how easily butthurt you Gintamafags get, I can't imagine how they "used to be untrollable".

>believing in Sorachi
>fucking 2016
Of course Gintama would come back someday.

fuck yeah!

the last season was fucking sick. loved every moment of it.

I meant newfags who happen to like Gintama




I really like Gintama's fast pacing for the serious stuff though. I agree that he overuses tragic backstories way too much for the antagonists, but I don't consider the quick pacing a problem at all, but rather a quality. If you go back and read Dragonball manga, you'd see that it's battles were much faster paced than most modern shounen stuff too. It's almost like modern authors are more inspired by the anime than the manga

There are a couple of stories where Gintama's fast pacing was a problem, like Shinpachi and Kagura one shotting their opponents in the 4th king of Kabukicho arc, but I don't think that's generally true.

However, I guess the fast pacing was a problem for the last season of the anime, since they aren't adding almost any filler anymore. In the manga, wordless action pages take quite a bit of space, but in the anime, if the action isn't extended it ends up lasting much less than the speeches and conversations given during battle, which really did hurt the last season.

still best op

Where do you think you are?

Also, if you think this is bad, try swinging by Madoka threads where one guy polices the threads to ensure that nobody discusses about things outside what he wants.

who cares


I don't hate shitposting per se,but in this case is just not fun.


How Gintama is Fujoshit again?

Lurk more you fucking newfag.

Time to show the plebs why Zura is great.

Oh boy

Bishounen eccentric men all of them happened to be single



couldnt said it better myself. its strange though, its not like sorachi is alone in writing mediocre or below average battle-shounen material, i guess its his comedic writing that really highlights these flaws and creates such a difference in quality.

>huuur duuur Gintama have good looking males therefore Fujoshit.

Yeah. Got problem?

The reason you plebs get more seasons of Gintama is because of Fujoshits eating that merch and BDs. Learn to research before you start defending your shitty taste.

Don't you know? Being angry and hating on things is much more addictive than actually being happy and just enjoying things you like.

Fuck off inscure betas and go back watching your self-insert haremshits.



Nothing wrong with hating on shit


I remember when I was a teenager and I thought this show was funny

Times have changed, wouldn't watch it if you paid me to now.

And yet you're still here.

When bleach anime?

It has male character besides the mc and they don't like each other and/or are total jerks to each other.

Sorachi's even aware of the fact and uses it for some jokes. But apparently the fanbase is an argument against the work here.

kagura looks like she's growing and maturing. No longer look like a little girl, she's now a young lady.

Cred Forumsutists don't understand the concept of multiple demographic appeals. Or rather, they can only see things in polar extremes, just roll with it.

Spoiler that shit

Nah, it's just the artstyle changing. You can tell since mature Kagura is always shown with big breasts and that part doesn't seem to be changing.

It's a fact that a lot of Gintama fans are fujoshi, there's nothing you can do about it

I've been considering getting into Gintama. Is the anime good, or should I just read the manga?

Gintanal suck

Gintama is garbage so no

It's also a fact that lot of fans aren't fujoshi too, and you can't do anything about it.

Anime is great, the first three seasons are pretty good, the last one not so much.

Sure thing Cred Forums.

seeAny further augment is futile.

It's like I don't even know you anymore, Cred Forums. So many newfags eager to show how cutting edge their hate a beloved comedy staple is.

Anime turned to shit when sunrise dropped it

>Anime is great, the first three seasons are pretty good, the last one not so much.

Season 4 was weaker than the previous 3, but it still had a fuck ton of quality moments. Man, I still go back and watch the Gender Swap arc because that shit is FUNNY

Fuck. Time to watch them go all out.

Can't say I'm surprised since this shit happened around 10 times already, but I'm really excited nevertheless

>tfw it's just gonna adapt the shitty serious arc

Were people seriously not expecting a new series? The last one ended with them questioning what they were going to do until the Shinsengumi came back and we just got introduced to the new big bad.

>Benizakura Arc
>Yoshihiko Buddha as Feminist

Why is she the best girl?

Because shes the perfect daughterfu.

Sure people expect it, since it's the last run that animates everything (or at least it should).
I just didn't think it would get announced this soon, more like next year.

>fucks a 10/10 hobo
>not fujo

Best female character ever

>only has this as an argument
Back to Gaia you go, underage.

Zura ja nai, katsura da!

Noice. But it only confirms that manga is ending in this year, most likely.
Have you ever read/watch it? Gintama anime/manga even makes fun of fujoshits' retarded fanfics, neo-Cred Forums.


I really hope that once Gintama ends that he makes a series out of the yankee shota one shot

Huh, Tsuyoshi Domoto as Takasugi is not something I'd expected

Anyone here who only watch Ginatama anime parodies?

I hope Sorachi never closes Gintama definitely.

I want the hope for new chapters to never die.

lurk more


Kondo best boy

>pic unrelated



Its true, only the Shogun Assasination Arc had some good animation, because the rest was basically DBS tier.

If only Bones or Madhouse were to animated Gintamas last season, it couldve been completely awesome(Look at Mob Psycho).




thread theme :

does Gaia still exist?

Gintama got me back into anime. I had pretty much given up on anime after seeing Bleach shit itself during Heuco Mundo. But, I got a CR account and tried it out, 200 laugh inducing episodes later made me realize that anime doesn't have to be about shitty self insert protags beating the next villain of the month.


You called?

Nah, they're all good. The only generic girl is Tsukky


I do not car if its shit or fujoshit or toilet humor, I'm happy there will be a new Gintama animee and you faggots cant stop me from enjoying the shit out of it, Takasugi a shit, Sho-chan will always be my waifu.

I really wish the comedy would go back to what it used to be.

Also Tsukky a shit and Sachan a best.


Madao is for faceless homeless FAT old men

Gintoki isn't that fat, now.

"sigh" another boring seasoin

>changing the studio was a mistake
What happened? I'm only halfway season 3 and Sunrise is doing a great job. Why did they give the series to another studio?

Not yet animated chapters

419 - 422 Kagura's Boyfriend Arc
424 - 429 Excalibur Arc
430 The Difference Between Godly Games and Shitty Games is Paper Thin
431 - 433 Homeless Arc
435 All Answers are in the Field
444 Sunglasses of Life and Death
445 - 449 HDZ48 Arc
487 An ID Photo is Proof of the Harshness of Reality
499 - 501 Guardian Spirits Arc
552 - 595 Rakuyou Arc

>gintama will never parody initial d

>Gintama will never parody my life.



How about this

01: Anime-only intro, Kagura's Boyfriend
02: Kagura's Boyfriend
03: Excalibur
04: Excalibur
05: Excalibur, Homeless
06: Homeless
07: Ch. 435, Ch. 444
08: HDZ48
09: HDZ48
10: HDZ48, Guardian Spirits
11: Guardian Spirits
12: Some anime-only shit
13-25: Rakuyou
26-39?: Final Arc

It's pretty much the exact same staff under a different studio name. They even made a meta joke about it last season.

Old director worked on Osomatsu, which was funnier than Gintama°


Kill yourself.

Nowadays even the Gintama threads are infested with newfags and redditors, I can't remember when exactly but Cred Forums died long ago sadly.

Don't worry

The weekly threads will be good.

I'm ready for screenshots dump

>IPs are shown
>can't reply to myself anymore


This makes me very happy. I've been dragging my feet through the Farewell Shinsengumi arc because I was dreading the end of the anime. Not that I won't just catch up in the manga, but still.

Shinpachi's glasses die


Why did Gintama° look so shit?

this is the best ost of all time

That doesn't mean much, fujos enjoy a nod in their direction, parody is done for the sake of the people it parodies. Osomatsu does the same thing. People need to accept fujos have good taste in comedy and stop being defensive.

what a shit taste you have

It is what it is I guess

I don't even understand how anime still has what you could call a functioning fan community at this work. Like why do people even bother anymore, what's the point of just following something to shitpost all day. It's literally every forum and website now too.

Thread and franchise police are some of the absolute worst of the worst fan types around. Nothing tops Fate and The Defenders of The Canon and their imagined glorious but actually just really annoying holy war against the "secondaries" though.

Honestly the first thing that comes to mind when I think about anime now is the forever shitposting fandom and all of it's fucking baggage. Goddamn are anime fans fucking stupid nowadays.

It's really fucking bad everywhere now, don't just think it's only Cred Forums. Everything just kind of went downhill fast after older fans apparently decided to call it quits and the millennials started taking over with all their nonsense and bullshit from growing up with twitter, youtube and the like.

Overrated shit with vocal circlejerking fanabse general?

>Aya Hirano kuudere

Muh dick

we space bros now?

>changing the studio was a mistake
Changing directors was the mistake, you can see the drop in quality when that happened (and that was at Sunrise). The new studio is not really making any difference.

Not that I'm complaining, even a bad Gintama episode is better than the average episode of whatever airing in a given season.


Do you describe every popular series that you don't like this way or only the very popular ones?

So, when is new season coming out?

Spring 2017

>the greatest anime of all time
Sure is MAL here.

The dip in quality was still noticeable. It was actually the first season with a half-assed montage animation opening.

You faggots just don't get it.


It's weird having you growing out of shounen phase while watching a show. Gintama was amazing to be a few years back but I found the last 2 seasons to be mediocre. Now I'm scared of rewatching older seasons because I'll probably be critical of them too.

>growing out of shounen phase
Just wait that phase to pass. When you reach adulthood, you will enjoy Gintama again, trust me.

is it really going to end?

this guy gets it

>"growing up" to be a manchild
I'm sure your mom is very proud of you

God damn it user, where the fuck do you think you are?

There's hardly been regular threads for a long time. This is probably the first Gintama thread I've seen in months. At least one that didn't die after 2 posts.
If you want a shitty general check the catalog.

Who the fuck cares about fujoshits

Look who's back

That's not Tama

Though, them apearing really means the end is near ;_;

This, last season was complete shit because they spent so much time on bad action with terrible animation and the same "dramatic" moments as always with constant flashbacks.

You realize this is going to be THE last season right? Manga is about to end.

Nah that not Kimi no na wa

What if they adapt Ginpachi sensei?

I'll never understand the weird condom shaped popsicle things

The old director likely would be good enough to carry an entire filler season - just look at Osomatsu-san. But, yeah, if it's still the same team from the last anime, they're likely going to end the series this time.

Well, it 's been a fun ride.

how many times has gintama ended before?



>that typesetting
the last decade was terrible

>the last decade was terrible
Nah it was pretty GOAT desu

This, somebody do something and make this happen.

> GinTsuki and OkiNobu
Most popular pairings (Cred Forums)

> GinHiji and OkiKagu
Most popular pairings (Japan)



> GinTsuki, GinSachan, GinTae, GinOtherFemaleCharacter
Most popular pairings (Cred Forums)

> GinHiji, and OkiKagu
Most popular pairings (Japan)

>mfw I haven't seen the last 50 or so episodes

I really need to catch up holy shit

You missed the best ED of the century.

I haven't missed shit, I just have yet to see it.

I have it downloaded even. The music in Gintama has always been top notch, right from the very first OP

The last time the anime was announced there was a sticky. Times have changed user.

>Dat Kagura

>is that a penis? xD
>no it's Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon xD
>my name isn't Zura, it's Katsura xD
Even fucking Family Guy is funnier than this.

Kys nardofag

Penis jokes are always the best

The fact that the Aizen-kou arc was not even animated for TV audiences is just horrible.

They'll probably animate everything before diving into the no going back arcs

In general skipping chapters to get to drama was a terrible decision.

What's your favorite Gintama gag Cred Forums?

So the stupid shinsengumi are back? And the gorilla has a scar on his face now? That's rich.

Gorilla got his scar from The Elite.

I just want to see the Idol arc animated.
Please new studio amd Sunrise.

Why would that be 'rich'? Characters can't get scars? God, people here really get hysterical for nothing.

June has the best people

My top 5 ED ranking would be.

1. Acchi Muite - Swimy
2. Sayonara no Sora - Qwai
3. Destiny - Negoto
4. Wo Ai Ni - Beat Crusaders
5. Sanagi - Possibility

Light Infection > all

That's an OP