Monster Musume

Mero has everyone here figured out

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Mero has weird fetishes but she isn't a retard.

The invincible.

>amazing tits
>cute and fuzzy
>strong as fuck
Large breeds are god tier.

>Reminder Ms. Smith is Best Girl.

>incredible ass
>amazing tits
>cute and fuzzy
>strong as fuck
Large breeds are god tier.

What kind of birb is Papi? I think she's probably a parakeet because parakeets are cute and tiny.

Dammit I posted twice. Sorry, just a dumb mistake.

Everyone's busy jacking off to Large Breeds, so I might as well throw in my vote too

>tfw no broken pelvis from full moon

Fuck I forgot the picture again

First the KanColle thing in place of the smut and now this.
I need to go to sleep. I've had a long day




Sad mushroom.

Alright Cred Forums, I'm going to bed

Dream sweet dreams of blacksmithing with a cyclops

I know I probably won't :(


That's a cute little spood you got there. I prefer my spiders a little more aggressive though.

Large breeds are just the ogre equivalent of ogres. I'm sure you'd like them.

Nayaa please. My dick can't handle this.

I need a sketch of Polt being proposed to, to go with the Draco one

>Cute little spooder

Then they grow up and make you pancakes!

Hey, it's good to see you keeping these threads alive with OC

Also I second 's request

The Crawling Chaos in a nutshell:

>Phantasmagoric Hair
>Black Sclera
>Yellow Iris Eyes
>Dark Tanned Skin
>Prankster Personality
>"Faceless God"

Doppel is truly the Superior Girl.

Too meta user. Don't harsh my mellow. :^)

I had a dream last night.

>First dream about monstergirls in a long time
>I was in a German village
>I saw a group of monstergirls including Mia
>They waved at me, looking genuinly happy to see me
>When I got close to them some shadow figure pushed me back
>As I kept falling further away the monstergirls just waved at me
>Eventually I couldn't see them anymore
>Sad, I turned around to walk home
>I wake up

Very depressed right now.

She looks yummy

I dun get file name. Just collar bones to forehead?

>everyone tripping balls
>Lala notices
>puts on all of her armor
>gets to act out her fantasies and go full chuuni free of judgement
Why is she such an adorable goofball?

At least that's better than my first (and only) monster girl dream

It was quite literally me going to Polt's gym, and asking her for help. She looks me up and down, settles on my torso, and pretty much says "You're too far gone for me to help you"

Even in my dreams I still get rejected

What about loving abuse and big fuzzy cuddles? Can't get that with a smol.

She's tripping too. You see her eyes in some panels in 46 her tripping out is just not that different than normal. Also the armor is part of the illusion.

I had to crop it in order to not being banned

>have a monstergirl dream
>Mero is my homestay
>she's not my waifu but I won't complain
>I don't even have a fraction of the resolve that Darling does so we hit it off and start secretly dating and making very illegal contact
>MON catches wind of this
>in Meros pool
>MON kicks in my door to arrest me and deport Mero
>oh how tragic
>Mero drags me to the bottom of her pool
>helps me fertalize her eggs
>try to surface
>she won't let me
>start to panic
>she just holds me close
>start to black out
>wake up soaked in sweat with very conflicted feelings

This fucking fish, man.

Miia, you can't be a princess and a queen at the same time

>tripping balls
>still acts the same

I stand by my point that she's an adorable goofball.

Damn, at least you remember details like that from your dreams

I'm SURE more happened in my Polt dream, but I just can't remember it aside from her ridiculing me

Had an MM dream once.
>Was sitting in class, heard a voice.
>Looked one row over and behind me, it was Rachnera.
>She was talking to someone else.
>Thought to myself her biology is cool and she is pretty.
>Turn back to face the front.

Whoop de fucken do. My imagination is such a buzzkill.

That looks like Tara's mom

You suppose to break spider's hearts.

>Annoying, loud mouthed woman who's basically good for nothing
I want this gif remade for Ms. Smith.

Actually wait, there is one other monster girl type dream I remember having, but this was a couple years ago before I even know MM existed

>Wake up in a weird medieval castle
>Can't move my arms and legs, must've been held down by spider silk
>Suddenly a woman with skinny spider legs descends from the ceiling (not gonna try and explain the anatomy, since it was a sexy dream and my mind tends to gloss over blanks)
>I try to cry out but my mouth is gagged
>She doesn't say anything, just looks over her shoulder and makes a playful "no" gesture
>She begins to lower herself down even further
>Realize that not only are my pants missing, but I'm completely erect
>She drops down, fully engulfing my manhood in one movement
>My head rolls back from the pleasure
>I can't resist at all, which just turns me on more
>After minute or so I'm nearing the edge
>Bust a giant nut
>Wake up

That one has stayed with me ever since then

user I didn't need these feels today

>all this dream posting

I'm still waiting on a drawing of Papi in BDUs snapping an adorable wing salute

You got to learn to hate spiders. Forget about the fear boner crap.

It's been a while since i drew the BC monmusu

I must say your style has really improved over time. Especially your shading techniques. Great stuff man.

Well done. Looks like she's blushing over something BC did.

I love Mero.

I think her tragedy fetish is kinda cute.

Well it isn't quite the same thing but I hope this helps

Speaking of monster girls
Guys, an idea
could a gorgon love a blind man?
Would you like it to have a good or bad ending?

>tragedy fetish
>fish wants you to die
user, I know you can pick a better waifu.

Sounds cute, and good ending obviously. We aren't Tragedyfish.

Has to end with the classic.

I'm already rock hard pun

Give a bad ending of the Medusa having her heart broken due to the blind man unable to see her as she tried to get his attention to confess her love for him.

Spiders are adorable, there's no need to hate or fear them



user, what's your stance on thick-ass milf onis?

Doujin of Smith getting BLACKED by a Cyclops when? ;^)

>ogre equivalent of ogres
You go sleep too.

Come on, they just want hugs

>thick-ass milf onis
Delete it.
user, they ruin the lives of people with their bondage fetish and covering webs inside houses.
They don't deserve love.

My waifu's a horse of course.

Yet you post and adorable spider pic
Exactly! Your pain just shows her passion

>horns and pointy ears
"Monster" girls

Sorry to disappoint you about fluffy Yeti?

says you

>They don't deserve love.
Exactly, they know this as well. Which is why their love, like their respect is earned. One day you'll earn the love of a cuddly spider

>ywn have all eight of her legs wrap around you

They're predators, all they care about is capturing men and hurting them.
Besides, what kind of man wants to be with a monstrous, violent large-breed, nazi spider, loli spider that wants to grab people, and a spider that has to use bondage to satisfy it's hunting instincts?
>fluffy Yeti
/Jp/ user.

And she's drunk in that moment, she won't remember what led up to that. But imagine when she wakes up. Especially if Darling fell asleep in her arms. Her waking up to the sight of a sleeping Darling being held in her arms and legs? She'd have a hard time holding back the dere.

>fish wants you to die

That's not even remotely true though.

Any man that likes a good time
She'd be fine and enjoy it until he woke up, that's when she'd have to dere it up to "save face"

How so? This is the same fish that forced a man to the water to breed while he dies by drowning.

Because they were convinced Lala was an angel of death and that there was no stopping her. She wouldn't have done it otherwise.


I can understand if she jumps to conclusion thinking he was going to die or be separated from him. But she does kind of show that she could be the type to harm him just as much as Miia, whether it's on purpose or accidental.

Hey buddy, we got a problem?

As far as I'm aware that's the only time she's come close to seriously harming/killing him. She almost sacrificed herself for him too so it's been shown how devoted she can actually be.

Except all girls are best tier

except for Cerea.

but that's just like my opinion man.

Expected all the girls be in worst tier.

She might win him for saving his life. Better than Miia.

Tio and Suu deserve to be in best tier, Lilith should be in low tier.

She's also a cutie so she's got that going for her too.

I just like her politeness more than her beauty.

That's part of what makes her so cute.

Are we discussing MonMusu dreams in this thread?


Loving her expressions man


Lala is having hallucinations too. In that same page and some pages in ch 46 shows her with star pupils, meaning she's tripping. She's even more chuuni than before tho.

>update on vanilla newt


I cum in snake

Papi wa cute birb

Sweet monoeye dreams to you too :)

Hey nayaa

Can I get a link to your tumblr?

Only if you disagree.

Hors isn't my waifu, but I find it cute that Cerea spent her whole life looking for a master/aruji to serve, and as she grew older, fantasized about falling in love with said aruji. Her dedication and loyalty are top tier waifu traits.

I'm not him, but bookmark this shit.

It's classic bodyguard crush syndrome. I love it.

wait, does she poop on her back?!

The cutest.

That ass on top of her rump really does look quite stupid.

I know you're trying to start shit because there's no way Tio would be low tier

Remember what father said: Horse pussy is heresy.

Whenever I see Mero's hands it reminds me that she can't wear a wedding ring on her finger.
Truly a tragedy.

Well she's pretty boring in looks and personality.

Using Mero as a contrast, she has potential to be a manipulative schemer. And there's also some ojou-sama potential. And those are fun traits.

Tio's deal is she... uh... I guess she's like a giant plush toy?

Here's a better tier list.

She's my least favorite girl but I really like her this chapter.

I never said I hated her or that she is shit by the way. Just that she's my least favorite.

Tio > Miia > Polt > everyone else >>> Cerea

Her breast still kill men and her lap is dangerous.

I was with you until you decided to throw someone under the bus for no reason.

All girls are best girl to the anons who love them user.

Cerea is just everyone's punching bag because horse pussy

Pretty much since her appearance.

user, you're not thinking clearly. You'd really rather live out the rest of your useless life in pain than feel ultimate bliss in the lap of Tio, then suffocate knowing nothing in life could top this?

Is she naked? Are those frills part of her?

I love this spider.

I'm going to marry this spider.

Rather be dead by having a spider hang me than die by the lap of an Ogre.

Imagine going to sleep with her, laying on top of her while she hugs you, her huge tiddies acting like pillows for your head.

The quality of these threads has plummeted

Will they announce season 2 during the ova?

If things are going great for them finance wise? Yes.

If they're still looking to see if interest for the series exists they'll wait for the OVA sales figures.

Good man.

I think I like Tio a little more now.

Maybe death by a Monoeye sniper would be more easier instead.

Laser > Sniper

Girls from a species with males and females > girls from a species with only females

Prove me wrong.

Which ones have higher libido?

We only know of two species that o ly have females for sure. The rest are up in the air until crab says otherwise.

>self-aware harem character

Lamia and what else? I don't recall it being stated for any other species.

Does eating out my feesh waifu give me my Omega 3's for the day?

Zombina is the Superior Girl

Hand Holding Tier List

>High tier
Polt (big hands, soft paw pads)

>Middle tier
Everyone else (normal hands)

>Low tier
Papi (only thumbs?)
Rachnera (chitinous hands/sharp nails)
Mero (webbed fingers, no interlocking fingers)

She poops hanging from the ceiling.


On a side note Papis dad has taste.

Seems about right.

Suu tier. We don't know for sure how solid her grip will be, and also how much residue she leaves behind.

I want to be inside Suu.

I bet it's comfy.

What's that from?

>likes big meaty furry paws
Oh it's a hand-holding tier list... why are those furry paws rated highly?

Also Zombina should be top tier for that. You can literally just take her hand with you to hold!

>part 1
>of multiple parts

Is she holding a doll or is she a cybreast as well?

Meroune Lorelei is for ________.

I was thinking that too, but it's still a normal hand. One that you can take with you.

friend zoning


Real quick.

How would someone sleep (not sexually I genuinely mean sleep) with Mero? Very shallow pool? Is she okay out of water over night, and if so what about the slime?

>another Comiket comes and goes
>STILL no doujin where she offers Darling her body to vent his sexual frustration on
>where he imagines all the different ways he'd fuck the girls while doing so

Sensory Depravation Chamber?

"We can't even sleep in the same bed together!"

>Waterbed floating on pool
>Moisture in the air is plenty to keep her hydrated during her sleep


Get a dry suit too.

Cute bee?

Cute bee you say?




Respectable taste.


>no Oct
opinion discarded


But what if we remove the horse part

>Tio low
>Miia and Polt worst
What kind of shit taste is this
>Cerea in best
It all makes sense now

>genetic fallacy

Only because of the people in the threads that care about that shit

>Rule of quality posts and images
>Nobody follows it

Then she's merely mediocre.

>grid paper

At least give her sartyr horse legs

>Suu and Polt at worst tier
>Tio at low tier
>Demon girl who's name isn't even worth remembering at god tier
And the award for worst taste of anything goes to...

>roll over in your sleep


>dry suit

For what purpose?

If you're in a dry suit you can float on the water with her and not get wet. so cuddling of a kind would be possible.

Would body heat from cuddling go through a dry suit? I've never been diving. Wait, is Mero warm-blooded?

You'd want a heated pool even with a dry suit and you'd get really sweaty. I have no idea what mero's temperature is actually.

Thanks for the info. Have a Mero.

Which girl has the biggest appetite ?

I want a maid fish


Zora Mask

Sounds about right

It's either Suu for as much as the other girls feed her or Tio because of the calories needed to maintain her large size. Cathyl as a runner up because not only is she large but she loses a lot of calories needing to be milked all the time.

>all this Mero posting

Uwot. Is this Bizzaro Cred Forums? You faggots never talk about fish unless it's tragedy meme posting.

These threads aren't very fuzzy when I'm gone are they?

Gonna be posting some bike cop art

(because I'm looking for some of the artists who did these)

All girls need their spot in the sunshine. Mero isn't my favorite but she's a good girl if not a bit tragic.


Please. Reddit is down the block. Take your newfaggotry somewhere else. These threads fluctuate between how often they talk about any girl, sometimes you dont see one for months and then she shows up again and everyone gets sick of her.

>Mako that roughed up

This is a serious crime and I'll kill any and all responsible.

Couldn't you sleep with Mero if you just filled up a tub with water then threw a blanket in there?

>m-muh reddit

I must just never be in these threads when you guys talk about her.

Tubs are for sleeping inside slimes. Why would you want a soggy blanket floating above you in the water anyways?

Makos got spirit, but she does not have any advantage on land.

Better would be some kind of farmer for her that circulates water over her gills like a breathing skirt or corset. You hook it up to an oxygenated water supply and make sure it's sealed around her and she can sleep in your bed with only minimal sliminess.



You will never sleep in Mero's pool without a dry suit. Due to her sliminess she will never sleep in your bed without a dry suit.

She made the decision to fight Tara. Don't blame my waifu because she's strong.

>you will never sleep next to mero and enjoy skin on skin contact

I think there's a word for this. Unfortunate? Disastrous? Calamitous? Catastrophic?

I like ruinous. It's a ruinous situation.

I want to marry this snake.


Are there other cute names that I don't know about?

Been gone for awhile. What day was the latest chapter translation dumped?

Why is Doppel clothed so much more lewd than otherwise?

There are, but most of them are very forced to try and fit in.

If I make children with Polt, will they be Kobs or some half-human half-kobolds?


There is spooder but then again I have a juvenile enjoyment of changing vowel sounds into oo like sloot instead of slut.

Gloots for the sloots

I liked that more than I should.

I'm going to marry Draco!

>You'll never sleep in her web hammock

Half-breeds most likely.
>make children with Polt

Would you be down fot having large breed arachne children Purgefag?

Dog-princess doesn't want you to fuck dogs. She wants you to fuck her, and only her

I'd assume something like an Ausar from TiTS

Is this the katawa shoujo general of Cred Forums?

See Don't focus on her tail.

What's wrong with bondage?

He scanned it and is inking it in photoshop. I highly doubt he's going to keep that layer

Finally, someone who has decent taste

>scared of spiders


>Chipmunk voice

Pick one.

We actually had part one of the mushroom chapter dumped a day or two ago.


I showed this photo to a random stoner auto jock, saying nothing with no context. After about 20 seconds of silence he decided that he would hit that.

The world is ready.

Check the archive.

Fuck off

Check the archives for the 19th.

Fucking duh. Just wanted to know the date.


and thank you too.

more like this.

I like um, BIG AND THICC

At least they won't be mangy pups unless you're TTF or WelderKraut. :^)

I wish I had more to give, but I only have Doppel, Shoggoths, and Mindflayers.


I guess the thick part explains the presence of birb in your top.

thanks for the shortcut.

> Cott and Ton aren't equal ratings


Garbage list and taste in girls. As expected from a horsefag.

Well ya got Tio and Cathyl so not bad I guess

Will you be drawing Tara?

Thicc vulva

>Don't focus on her tail.
You can't ignore the heavy scent in the air as she's barking at you too.

Suu just deserves the best food. It isn't her fault they throw junk at her.
>anything but worst
The face is cute, but the lower body is just pure disgusting.
Women need butts.

Something about Rach in a nightgown makes my dick diamonds.

I want to cook Suu a seven course meal using only the finest ingredients.

Here I fixed for you


Suu needs to be dropped to mid tier at best too. Rest of the list makes sense though.

Why is she such a bitch?

some are cute, but it's not cute when they jump at you to kill you.

She wants to hatefuck the spider.

She is insecure in her ability to be a good wife, so she undermines the competition however she can.

Because Rachne is a much worse bitch.
I'm not a horsefag, she's not in my top 5

pretty sure she would be okay if she sleeps in your bed and there's some device pouring tiny amounts of water in her gills or some shit like that.

>implying Rach doesn't deserve it

Someone needs to teach that cunt some manners.

oe you sleep in her pool along with her, just using oxygen tanks.

Wasps and Hornets are always angry. It's in their blood.

...Oh wait.


So, exactly like her fanbase?

They always were the bane of these threads' existence.

I am currently painting a miia image, i usually see her hair with pastel tones, but i want to use a very vivid, contrasting color. Any suggestions?

I want to marry this corpse.

Air tanks. breathing pure oxygen all night will kill you.

Why not a darker red? It would contrast with her lighter skin more than the pastel pink/red you see in her anime design.

Crab also goes between a pink and proper red when he colors her hair.

Wouldn't the water hypothermia also kill you? Fish is ful of the good omega3 fatty acids, but human could die.

Not if the water is the right temperature

Well yeah, assuming Mero couldn't put up with warm water while she slept with you.

Wearing a breathing mask on your face for 9 hours really begins to hurt though. Especially after days of it.

I want to snuggle with Lala's head while her body snuggles me from behind.

You cant marry zombina.
> 'till death.

I want to fuck Lala's body and lock her head in the closet.

Also wouldn't ph levels and salinity start to go nuts in the human body after a while?

I will become dead in order to marry Zombina, if Zombina doesn't want to marry. Then i'll do what Cici does.

>Suu in a bra
Why bother? There's nothing to support or keep from swing around.

Depends on her mood. Although she will never be droopy unless you're into that kind of thing.

To force you to use your imagination to conjure up what her variable geometry nipples are doing.

>What's wrong with bondage?
They treat people like toys for their bondage practice. Plus, it's ruining man like Kimihito from being the Alpha Male.

I dont know, but Ive been spending about 8 hours in the ocean every day for the last five months, and I'm fine.

Now now calm your tits user.

Darling cant be cheating!

I want to fuck her body and then make her head lick herself clean.

>Tfw there's no Husband-carrying race that Centaur-girls compete in, where the winner wins her husband's weight in beer.

>We only know of two species that o ly have females for sure. The rest are up in the air until crab says otherwise.
Arachnera is almost certainly female-only. Both because of the mythology and because her pedipalps, said to be used for mating, would only mechanically work with a human male.

I (wan)t to s(lay) the dragon.

Why doesn't Miia ever wear pants? Always being a slut in a skirt

Smaller male Arachne might work. Small enough frame to kinda fit in between females open pedipalps. Long enough dick to reach. Female can use lock her knee joints around males thighs maybe.

No That's the path of the bronie
This is a niche fetish that we keep to ourselves and nothing more .

But horse is templar so maybe exception?

Cerea literally has the biggest butt of them all.

You mean flanks.

>Cerea will never desu your vult
I hate everything.

By that logic, a lot of monsters would be male only

The only one getting that exception is this horse.

No, user means butt.

She does make the biggest ass of herself


what color should draco's slingshot be?

Something that compliments by a few shades her scales.


Shade of blue?

Also 1 vote to re color the wan. She looks like Mac& Cheese.

V7 Omake.

Do you have a tumblr/pixiv/da?

Make it dark blue.

Coral blue number 5 semi gloss lipstick.



meant to say make Smiths eyes like this.

She wants the R


Cerea is just a shit. That's all there is to it.

[X] Purest centaur
[X] Best drills
[X] Best mass

You shouldn't say rude things.
That's a big Centaur.

Pretty much.



She is thick and I hope she gets a new image set.

She also said something rude to Suu. Cerea a shit.

>That's a big Centaur
700kg of muscle and drills, user.

Get in line. My horse should get new art first.

Flattaur is weird.

Stackedtaur is where it's at.

Oh, what if they do the moms?

>By that logic, a lot of monsters would be male only
Indeed. There is not suppose to be female Minotaurs, but I don't think any of us care about that.

The fact is this is a show about monsterGIRLS, so it is understandable that monsterboys are neglected here.

While shit-talking other girls, you really shouldn't post the reason we'll never see Kiira in a skirt.

Spats are better anyways.

>gyaru harpies

*Activates trap door under horse that leads to glue factory*
"Yup, Elmer's is gonna pay me big time for this one!"

Maybe, if i recall correctly, iwas the one who included both Tara and Vera in a group shot i drew

Not really all that valid. The best you can say is that Cerea fans attract shitposters, but they're not usually ones themselves. Example:
>I love this horse
>Reply 1: >horsepussy >Reply 2: Miia a shit, by the way I love Cerea too :^)
>Reply 3 (more recently): Remember what your father said (disapproving dad image posted)

Blame the shitposters for shitposting, not the people who just want to love their waifu.

So we can all agree that Shaia is the best Centaur.

We haven't had a mocha centaur yet.

Cerea is still best.
Cereas mom is breast

I disagree, but I can't fault your good taste.
Thumbs up.

Will you be drawing her again?

Threadly reminder that you could have existed in a universe with monster girls, but instead were born into this no-fantasy shithole, just because your parents hated you enough to not abort you and subject you to a lifetime of suffering.

Very much this.

>ywn be around Kino enough to develop an immunity to her spores

Marry Hors, adopt birb!

>in some alternate universe Mero is hugging a Daki of me wishing I was real

and probably getting off to how tragic it is that I'm not real

>Cerea is still best.
>Cereas mom is breast
user, we need a Centaur that is well fit for the crusade.
Don't love Cerea, user. Love Shaia for she's the better Centaur.

No magic, no spiritual powers, no gimmick shit like 'Fighting Spirit' to get stronger, no aliens, no nothing. At best we're a civilization with a pretty okay technology level (sci fi stuff is nearly always future based after all). Maybe our technology advanced a little faster due to none of the other shit, but no telling.

All of that, AND our waifus can't be real. What a shit universe indeed.

Still waiting for a drawfag to draw Kino hugging someone in a gas mask.

> Immunity to a death cap

>Implying you would build up a complete immunity
>Implying you wouldn't just resist it better, and only be on a light buzz like Darling 24/7

This Centorea image pleases me. Maybe she can be redeemed.

Goodnight Cred Forums. Sweet fuzzy dreams.

Don't swallow a spider in your sleep.

What will happen to the household when Centorea's repressed lewdness reaches critical mass?

You cannot escape.

No survivors.

Call the police to arrest her, if she tries to resist, they shoot her.

We already have a pretty good idea on how at least three of the girls would react when their inhibitions are lowered.

Suu will help her keep it under control.

>tfw no full moon part two with Suu, Mero, Rachnera, and Lala

Consent matters for human men.

Either those are some big girls, or that is most definitely not a 16+ year old human boy. I want more of Loen's rare stuff.

Pickles is best girl!

Would Lala drop her chuuni side, or would it get even stronger? I could see Crab doing it either way.

>making a webm from the censored version.

The webm is older than the BD release.

a horny chuuni with some impressive body?
count me in

That's......kinda dark.

She actually becomes a Dullahan and kills people

user, that hellhound just wants to cuddle.
There's nothing dark about it.

I wasn;t a waifufag before watching this show.
Now Miia not existing makes me horribly depressed.
I didn't even like monster girls before this.

Miia is love. Miia is life.

birb is not a pet

He said adopt. The implication is to raise her as some kind of adopted daughter. She does need a certain amount of special handling after all.

Papi is for marriage. Ignore the horsefag. He can't appreciate her.

>Not picking Smith over the rest of the monster girls.
You have shit taste, user.

Humans are the real monsters

STRONK hors is the best hors.


You can do the interlocking thing with Mero, you just have to make both your hands face the same way.
Be a little more creative, user.

Are you implying she's related to that old man?

No, she's a succubus that changed her appearance to that of the woman on the coffee and took the name of the guy who discovered monstergirls

Guess that's makes me an Incubus then

As much as I hope this is true, and as much as I want Darling Clone Succubus Ritual end to be real, Crab doesn't have it in him.

>More head canon than a mecha-musume with poor spelling ability.

5 days left Anons. We can make it.


Seems to be the finished one, from Imperiums Twitter

>That Draco

Thats a cute kobold

Those hips should be a crime

That Smith and her soda.
Thank you, Imperiums.

This is why Smith never bothers to pull trouble makers in officially. She's extorting their participation in shady marketing schemes.

where can I buy Ms. Smith brand coffee

>The fedora

Oi draco! Label facing the camera!

Which girl would you take to a haunted house?
I'd imagine Tio would be really spooked and just run through walls to get out of there.


>telling somebody to stick to their target rather than attacking your protectee is being a bitch

a male Kobold

Aren't lamias naturally afraid of ghosts?

I don't know about Lamias as a whole, but Miia is.

Off course, if you ever seen any of the ghost hunter tv show episodes. Ghosts cause cold spots in houses that would drain all the thermal energy from lamias.

Lala. She'd get really into it I bet.

Miia could go to the haunted house in one of her costumes.

Thanks, doc!

That got me thinking, it's getting close to Halloween. What would each girl dress up as?

>dat Smith

Lala unbirthing.

no user, that would be impossible
if she's not holding her head between her arms, it will fall off at the first thing that scares her

If Kurusu is very very lucky, Miia in this.

Don't forget the traditional clothing.

Downgrade Rachnera and Lilith from good to mid and it'll be perfect.


You're looking at this the wrong way. It pops off the first time, but the head stays really macho/chuuni about it. The body then clings to Kurusu constantly while he carries her head, and she tries (but fails) to act indifferent.

In my head she's saving that for the wedding night warm-up dance.

more like tries to keep her chuuni way
but that thing would be freaking adorable

Fast horse > big horse > normal horse > used-up horse

>this dialogue

I usually don't give a shit about dubs, but if the dub uses these translations and accents I'm gonna need a new set of sides

Where is this from?

Pretty sure that's a kitsune. Notice the black "gloves" and "socks".

Huh you're right, i'm getting my monsters mixed up.

Ears and their tufts too.

Kitsunes are soul-taking rapists. Don't love them.
What about these two?

It's fan art from the website. Someone posted it a few threads ago. TTF did a rough translation in the thread, I threw together the basic typesetting and redrawing since it was cute.

Orc cocksleave and tripenis

I'm just hoping that she talks without any accent in the afterlife

How many hats does Miia have?

Now that I think about it, why is there no collage image of Miia in all her hats?

Bike cop as the best that ever graced this mediocre threads. Why did the artist stop?

Like a fun theatrical haunted house? or an actual place with a history of weird shit

It was many artists my dude

Because the thread turned on BC shortly after revealing our power level to Crab.

Not nearly enough.

I wish the color scheme of the clothing in this picture was better. Maybe one of our resident PS users could do some color swap.

Who is in the right here?

Looks like a demon girl.

Oh fuck. didn't expect to laugh that hard.

Is that from Monmusu or 12beast?

Tentacle, definitely

Self-inserting orcs go home


that chapter with oni and lizardgirl bodyguards

Priestess x Dragon, actually

Fuck off you attention whore

Ah, cool. I wondered why I couldn't find it in the first Orc chapter.

I try and find any scenes with rare, unnamed MG's walking around.

Female Knights x Orcs are the good shit.

>responding to 8 hour old post.

Orc X tentacles

You've clearly never read this then.

>age of a post is an excuse for attentionwhoring

Remember that Yukio and Papi's mom are objectively the best waifus

Are they even waifu's any longer if they actually has husbands/fiancees? At that point they're basically just wives.

She's got one of the better personalities, actually. Take away the horse bit and I'd be totally good with that.


>good personality
Face it, her personality is as bland as her cooking

Just a saber clone and saber a shit. Why not a Rider clone?

I was only using the girls who'd debuted in the anime already, didn't want to muddy it up with black & white images from the manga.

Oct would be rated highly.

Now put some Elf ears on her, and it's perfect!

Decent taste, but Miia's really annoying.

No thanks, she's too squatty.

Darling's virginity would be gone SO fast with an uninhibited Rachnera around.

Darling's anal virginity would be gone SO fast with an uninhibited Suu around.

>Draco's hips
Oh god my dick

>Full moon part deux
So basically you want Suu to rape everyone at the same time?

>Miia's really annoying
Miia is not annoying.

If Zombina turns into an actual brain eating zombie during a full moon, what do the other MON members do?
Does Tio start drinking a ton of alcohol? What would Manako do?

Would it be wrong if one of us cuck Yukio from the nerd?

Lala's weird Irish/Celtic accent is the best thing ever.

Is there a version of this with a gun

Horse and Spider have the most fleshed out personalities.

ms smith is a succubus who feeds on the mc's sexual frustration

>Oct will never show up at Darling's house one day to visit Mero and Rachnera
>She will never stay in Mero's secret room
>She will never stretch her tentacles through the ventilation and mess with the other girls
>She will never decide to stay permanently

No, but there's this one. Anime version isn't angry enough for a gun.

I'll whip one up

>She'll never get a tentacle caught in the sphinctoral guillotine

Waiting with baited breath.

I think there should be a picture of every girl with a gun. Miia and Papi already seem to have one.

I'd be fully willing to bet she'll show up there one day to visit Mero. Expect it some time before chapter 80, somewhere between 2018 and 2020, no worries.

Here you go my man

Wow. that was suspiciously heart warming for tentacle porn.

>user thinks he's funny

> She doesn't even know where her temple is

I thought you just got done with your homework so your mom gave you milk and cookies and two hours of internet time.

Alright I had my laughs

>Dude dahling lmao
>Dude bondage and pranks lmao
>Dude tragedy lmao
>Dude death lmao
>Dude papi lmao
The same is applied for every girl with that logic you retard

Looks about right.


Cerea with a crossbow?

I'm sure she knows where it's at if she has to go there for work every day

>implying she isn't shooting behind herself

What kind of Female Knight allows a tentacle monster to rape her?

>even canonically, the cast considers her annoying

A bad one


Obviously a GOAT one.

>literal crawling chaos
Oh gee

>doppel have you seen my meme?

user why?


Kekd and also saved

Precisely why I chose that filename

I love this dullahan!

have you seen this show at all?


Heard of the character, never watch it.

what if other dullahan shows up? How would Crabman do a milf dullahan? She already has a milf-esque body
Also, trips confirmed best girl

I have that one too. I was going to start using it to race the Zombina Superior post, but now they dont even wait for the Doppel post anymore.

Our memes have lost substance.

Not him but it's good fun. Nothing too heavy, but good for a chuckle and a few hours of your time.

>Death #1
Excellent taste, user.

>milf dullahan
I want to make Lala a milf several times over.

They're actually just in alphabetical order. By coincidence though, Death Em and Fran are probably the top ones anyway in looks.

Hips so wide they get stuck in the doorway.

Darling has to help try to free her, of course,

>Someone likes Fran


Em a good looking, shame her stats are garbage-tier even amongst the other R girls.

Actually, I'm the original Zombina Superior poster, but after I shared my entire Zombina folder, someone kept posting it before the Doppel poster
If it's posted before the Doppel Superior post, it's not me. Otherwise it is me, or someone pretending to be me, but doing it right at least
Go ahead and do as you please, it's just a shitposter impersonating a shitposter

Still an excellent taste, especially since there's no furries like her in it.

Frans hot, but it looks like she's got a screw loose.

We can be guilty together. I feel for bad for encouraging this.

Lala's mom one day, user
Not chuuni and with a terrorific aura but hot and sexy as fuck

>Implying Tio would willingly bully anyone
Maybe on a full moon though.

For Science!

My little mantis can't be this cute.

That furry nose is only part of the problem there. The real question is, since her fur isn't shit brown... what exactly is the deal with her hands? I mean, if that's not fur on her hands... where has she been sticking them, and why doesn't she was it off?

Ha ha!

I sure am glad
>Tio will never bully you on a full moon

>Tio will never rest her huge tits on top of your head

I like to think she just can't resist hugging Doppel like a little teddy bear. I sure wouldn't be able to.

Reminder she is 4'3" and 55lbs.

I bet Tio maintains her kind composure and gets her hatred out of her system by trolling and harassment on the internet. I bet she anonymously bullies Manako on the company forums.

The Kitsune must have fisted many Centaurs.
Boobs always kill.

yeah cause i'd shoot here with a scatter gun full of soy beans.


Don't bully the ogre with soybeans.

I still have to wonder what prompted the artist to draw Tio giving Doppel a boob hat though.

Oct would make for an entertaining housemate. She doesn't even have to be in the darling-bowl. just some new blood is all.

Im not sure, but ShakeO did it first, and its adorable.

Doppel is a cute

>go to bed
>spoon Doppel
>Tio spoons you
It's perfect, like those nested russian dolls

more Like
>go bed
>tio spoons you
>you spoon zombina
>zombina spoons Manako
>Manako Spoons Doppel
>smith in the corner filming it for workplace relationship video footage.

Oh damn. Didn't know I wanted that.

Handfuls of tight perky boobs. Luscious round mounds pressed into the back of your head. All over body warmth. Sounds really cozy.

>smith in the corner filming it for workplace relationship video footage.
>Implying she's not filming it because she's a lonely old hag who's just upset she can't get a boyfriend of her own

I want to protect this smile.

I want to turn her human.

aw man
I'm willing to give Smith some love, she deserves it

You sick bastard.


I like suits. She would be cute as a monster girl.
>inb4 implying she isn't

I want to kiss that belly.

I'm saddened that we didn't get to see Smith in Kinovision.

I want to feed this succubus.

Tight, fit snek belly.

What's her diet?


Smith's kind of sneaking around. You think she brought the dangerous girls over? It would cause her more paperwork and be antithetical to telling Cerea about them ahead of time but maybe she has a scheme up her sleeve.

>Smith in Kinovision could of been a self replicating version of herself kept on multiplying herself all the while wearing a bikini.


God I want to FUCK and SPANK Draco!

Which one of you faggots made a monster musume board on Cred Forums?


I would tell her that shes not a loli just a short stack and im not into short stacks.

Tall girls>Short girls

this is an indisputable fact

>'A' cups on a short stack

Your taste is shit, fact.

either way, with those hips, not loli.

I'd love to see the rest of the girls to (MON and D girls)
Hopefully we will get something in an omake

That was a snek thread until horsefags implied that Cerea can cook.