Opens door

>opens door
>see this
What do

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Accept that it is a non-canon illusion, then close the window.

Help her way down.

Grag her by ankles and throw her outta window.

Turn back and close door


Ask permission to come inside.

Eat these eggs


Violently rip off pantsu and consentually rape her

Get Donovan from Berserk to check it out

Considering I'm Shinka, I claim what is mine.

Is that the desu girl?

Assisted suicide

No tits no ass
Turn 360 degrees and walk out

Make a thread on Cred Forums asking what to do.


If my yotstubato doujins have tought me anything...

Help her get through

Im getting sick and tired of Kyoanis magical modesty skirts.

grab panties while pushing her out of the window, no one will ever know.

Who was in the wrong here?

Their gravity defying items of clothing make certain rare moments extra special

Why does she cry Fuck


Hairless and smaller than the others!

the MC told her that her favorite anime is shit

MC told her she was worst girl.

>nothing to whoop whoop about

Me to, if they don't want to show panties or any kind of fanservice then they should just avoid that kind of shots.

What am I supposed to do with this butt?

Push out window, desu

There was a similar scene in phantom world, same director, and of course keion have that rice bowl shot

So like this?


That's an actual panty shot?

In the original TV release it was just skin-tone. In the BD they changed it to that. You be the judge if it is panties or not.

Kill myself because I'm in a KyoAnus anime.

up skirt, drop pantsu, insert

You call yourself an anime connoisseur even though you can't immediatelly see every single-frame pantyshot? You need to train your eyes, padawan.

Say "hello" in japanese.

Yell "SATAN GUIDE MY COCK" at the top of my lungs.


Even dog knows wat to do.

>magical pantsu covering skirt
>toe is a dick
For what reason?


Something's wrong if you keep seeing dicks everywhere user

Give her back to Shinka.

Kyoani shows are average in general, but holy hell they can make perfect thighs.

Throw out the shit.


try finger but hole

Remember when Kyoani was good?

Sink teeth into her thighs.

Treat her to some dairy products.

Seems the TV version is lewder.

What is dekomoron doing

Underrated post

Say "No, don't jump" right after pushing her the rest of the way.

It was never good

Grope her.

Thingken of Mabinogion

Grab her ankles, push her over and hope she dies falling head first... and then go have sweaty sex with the best girl.


Too shiny

>go to your room
>see this
What do?

>deko will never ride your dick like that



All the Chunni's are so fuckable.

Apart from Nibutani of course.


That's actually really painful. Shinka's ass must be hurting, she's getting choked, and she must have strong core strength to be even able to stand without falling backwards.

But then again she can lift half a ton of water over her head.

surprise, buttsecks...

surprise buttsecks....



>Directed and written by Haruhi Suzumiya

The ass was phat

I hate dekomori now.

Underrated post

>lift up skirt
>shout 'Big Boss did nothing wrong' into Deko's abyss

Kiss butt

Lift skirt.

Lift skirt and sniff butt


I'm getting mixed messages here

You can kiss a butt through clothes.

i'd rather defloration if you know what i mean

Kissing a butt through cloth just means you're kissing the cloth. We must kiss the dekobutt.

Dubs confirms that we must kiss her butt

>this thread

I'd kiss her frontbutt


>Grab her hips and lift her up
>As she struggles to break free of my grasp, whisper "If you move or call for help, I'll drop you from this floor."
>As she calms down, slip my dick in while she helplessly dangles out the window powerless to do anything
>Publicly shame and humiliate her as people walk past and gaze up at the moaning girl dangling out of the window

You're going to jail after that!

spank her for leaving the window open

Assuming I'm a highschool student in this situation and if I blackmail her well enough, I can keep her from ever reporting a case of rape. A nice little "No one will ever believe you, slut" after I'm finished always helps.


sit down and do my homework

check to see if trap

the weak must fear the strong



Is this a pantyshot?

I want to spit in Dess's butthole~

user, those are buruma.

This picture is puzzling.

No, Satan. It's amazing.

They're getting into position to poop in each other's butts. You've never pooped into someone else's butt, Satan?

turn 360 degrees and walk away

Why is it that out of all the characters, the thought of Dekomori getting raped is the most arousing?

She deserves it. And would give the biggest reaction.

the only correct answer is

unzip dick

Get on the floor.
Everybody walk the dinosaur.


>360 degrees
then you'd be facing the same way


She's the smallest therefore it feeds your dominating fetish

Dick the Deko.

Try to hug her back, and feel her flat chest in the process.

That's hot. 10/10 would watch.

It's 69!

That's how they summon you, Satan.

c-can you make it reality Satan? I-I can give you my soul.

This shit is why I am not getting any pets. I swear they are just patiently waiting for the perfect moment to kill you so they can become the boss of their house.



Nibutani's tongue is made for Dekomori's mouth!

wew, would like to grab

I want to cum in Kumin

shinka is THICC

lol u a nigger? me too bruh

I need to hug her tiny little body!


I want to bully that clit.

Always thought this is official art before.

I want a tiny fairy like this.

I know exactly what you mean, because your post has no double entendre.

What is a blond haired, blue eyed girl doing in Japan?

She's a half slav from a rich family
No need to know anything more

>halfbreed jap slav
This is hot.

Give her a firm pat on the butt and tell her she still looks cute

impure slut


Quick 270 degree scan of the room, take a step in, close and lock the door quietly, walk up to the glorious sight while unzipping and pulling penis out, if she's still there by the time I get there pull her pantsu down and pound her so hard the window frame breaks.


Get closer so I can catch her - she is a dumbass and she'd probably make a wrong move and fall.

But it legitimately looks like a glans head, while I would usually agree with you, you can't deny it looks like a penis head.

Jesus fooken Christ

Kick her in the ass so she falls out the window

look at her underwear

still underrated post

Fucker her while singing this. Hips following the rythm obviously.

Jump into her ass while shouting "D4C!".

It is a art

Why is there a wire stapled to the wall?


Because its an old building that doesn't have wiring inside its walls.

I don't get this meme.

It's the chuuniclub's lightning effect led wire, dumbass. Watch the show.


Rika gang raped by dolphin doujin when?

Walk up and insert

did he dieded?

It's an LED light. They turn it on whenever they do chuunishit so it looks cool.


Definitely. I don't remember her lineage being mentioned in the show, but since she's the only blond blue eyed character in a show with colorful heads, it can be assumed that this original character is slavic because her VA wants her to be so. Sumipe probably masturbates to the fact that she also voices another notRussian girl the same season.

>you can walk away only by facing the opposite direction

>when you so thick people stand on your hips




>walk out



How is this thread still going?


Got clawed a bit but the elephant he was riding kicked the tiger away. Guy got off with 53 stitches.

Put it in.

Geez, like there's another valid option...


Any day you can walk away from a tiger attack is a good day.

Best girl gets the best threads.

I've read the interviews and such about that attack when the camera goes off. The man's arm was clawed badly and it required 53 stitches. the Elephant he was riding backed up and kicked the tiger with one of it's front legs. The tiger retreated back into the fields.

>you know what to do Descartes.jpg

>Apart from Nibutani

Because she's so cuckable

Season 3 never


Where would the story even go from here?

kyoani never does third season, ever

Full Metal Panic, though.

Remember when KyoAni was good?

Why are these autists so sexy?

Dekomori Love Story

Crazy is fun to fuck.

But girls can't love girls!



Hope the wind blows.


>implying anything would happen

Can't ask anything more after this

>newfagging this hard

Must be something wrong with her if yuuta restrains 'imself


Getting me hard

You don't want to be teased? Thats is best arousal, or do you want them to be sluts? Thats disgusting user

Why tell lies tho?

Realize where I am and go find kumin so I can play with her butt while she naps