Shes looking at you user, quick say something!

Shes looking at you user, quick say something!

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Can't believe it's been 15 years since them slags smashed into the twin towers, still freaks my nut out to this day


The Jew is immunised against all criticism!

I want to date you, Dia!

You t-too!

"She" who? There are dozens of people from all genders looking at me.

Please go out with me!

Hitler did nothing wrong

How is it a confession if everyone knows that it's going to happen, are watching, and presumably know the result?

this webm man

just like my animes

This is not like my Japanese animes

I have the more accurate WebM for you user

where is the cockblocking?

no everything goes according to plan you know

He doesn't look too bad and seems to be pretty popular/confident.
From the little you can see of her face it's pretty bad

I'm not at all surprised this ended well

You just gotta have the right dance moves to do stuff like that

poor guy
hoping he won't end up in /r9k/ when he grows up

>second video
Fucking savage.

comedy gold

Well, there's a significant different between a confession and a proposal. Way more pressure on the latter.

That girl is cute

wtf i love fedora now

Please tell me she reject him
It would be pure idiotic to accept that kind of lame proposal

>that second and third one
Fuck man

"How much a session?"

>mfw I don't even watch/play idolmaster trash
>rin is still my waifu

He went for a kiss and just got a hug, if I remember right.

She's everybody's waifu.

Everyone who can pay her.

>Quickly look away
>Pretend i'm on phone doing something, being busy
>Quickly turn up and see if she's still looking at me
Just making sure



Wat u lookin at, bicth?

Wise girl, that's a pretty cool move

Wait a minute. Why is suddenly this thread turn into rejection thread
Come on guys be more positive

Hitting him with a guitar is way over the top.

>you will never stop feeling inadequate before Rin

Well that proposal is beyond cheesy though. Why not proposed normally

>tfw haven't watched the third video before
>tfw understand chink language
My fucking sides, this is good shit.

Pls translate senpai

It's just loads of cliche stuff from the guy like
>are you fucking kidding me
>i don't want your gifts
and so on

Yaa gomen gomen

but why did he reject? weren't they fucking before or did a random girl propose?

Do you have a minute to talk about Gentoo?

Wow what a bitch. At least wait until he's out of the room.

Pussy in my penis.
I want to put my penis in my penis.
Sorry, wait!
So I want your pussy so it can be inserted into my penis.

What if a fat ugly bitch kisses you like that? You'd probably react the same way.

Is that weed?

D-did you know that pigs have really long dicks?

it's a japanese maple leaf

Fuck Rin for taking all the CG doujins.

Holy fuck that second video. She just smacked the shit out of him.

Savage as fuck.

Free qt Neko Rin!


Pic reminds me of フリフレ
How do you people get things so wrong?

Not even his dancing skills made Garrett seduce Alexa. Poor chap.

That's the original resolution though

oh you poor child

Actually expand it, save it, then tell me the same thing.


Wow that's really a game changer



If you don't notice the quality drop then you're blind and probably stream you're anime in 144p.
It's clear you don't know how to use pixiv, so why not just admit that with some grace instead of being a baby about it?

That looks like a dance class or something. She knew the routine. She knew it was coming. She could have at least tried to hold it in.

>quality drop
>from 1230 to 1200
Are you actually high?

in that case maybe
it just says that don't know how to save pictures correctly from pixiv though

>>quality drop
>>from 1230 to 1200
That's literally, definitively a quality drop. It's also from 834 to 814 and from png to jpeg so you really don't have room for argument against those facts. I don't care if you keep shitposting like this but at least don't pollute the place with lower quality images just because you're lazy or incompetent about it.

>That's literally, definitively a quality drop. It's also from 834 to 814 and from png to jpeg so you really don't have room for argument against those facts.
At the same time you can't argue against the fact that those two images look almost exactly the same and the quality difference is minimal. The only time when one can cry is if the resolution difference is at 50% or some shit or the images are watermarked trash, so you are the only one shitposting and being a baby about two images that are perfectly fine.

Posting the better Rin.

fucking everytime

Where is Anya?

>the quality difference is minimal.
At least you finally admit there is one, which was the point the entire time. Why you couldn't accept that before is a real wonder.
And hey you know what else is minimal? Taking the time to enlarge the image to full size before you save it. Try it out.

Not autistically crying for half of the thread about such a trivial thing would make the shitposting minimal as well to be honest.

>expecting her as a cold blooded queen or femdom type before watching the anime
>got a literal angel
how can a girl be this perfect?


She just said that it was love at first sight for her.
The guy went on and said he don't have money, car and whatnot and she said that she will give them all to him while passing him the car keys. He said .

What a huge fag.

I want to pay Rin for sex.

The idea of enjo kousai really turns me on.

This could very well be their second meeting and the girl stalked him or something.

Didn't she shake her head like twice?

Why's she blushing and sweating? Necktie's loose, shirt collar open, hair disheveled. What has she been doing? Banging some upperclassman behind the corner? What a fucking slut. Disgusting. I'm disgusted. Why's she looking at me with eyes like that? Does nothing satiate her? Appalling. I'm fucking outta here.

It could just be a hot day. People sweat and loosen their collar when it's hot.

Then why is she wearing the full winter uniform? Why won't she throw the sweater off? Nice try, you slut.

>no one ask for for dookie's number

>rich stalker wants to lavish you in money and things
>say no because ???

or you can look at it this way:
>rich stalker wants to lavish you in money and things
>say yes, then get divorce a month later
>keep like half of her shit + whatever she gave you
fucker had no presence of mind

I cringe everytime.

Or even better
>just marry her and have a comfy life with everything you want while fucking a hot bitch
>You can even support your own family if you feel like it
Literally jackpot

Course not, should have been at the back of the gym.

Only in my dreams now a days.

>A Beijing rich girl propose to a guy in the public
>But the guy rejected him directly and walk away.
>rejected him

Y-you too.

She's cuter

She was totally gay

Did you saw Honda anywhere?

>You will never have a casual date with shibuya

Hello, Rin, have you seen Mika around? I'm looking for her.

I want to make Mika all embarrassed.

That means pregnant in some languages, right.

I want to smell a sweaty Mika.

I don't remember you need to kiss your partner after you pull her up, though.

I'll do both.

We hate idol sweat, for some reason.


>I'm going to post the full size next, because I'm the only one who cares.
Well, if you want.

What is rin's power level?

You are on a date with these three, how is it going?

I will end up with dookie in my bed.

Am I the only one who thinks of ShindoL's Emergence whenever I see Rin?

Awkwardly, because I only want to spend time with Uzuki.

Speak for yourself, bud.

I want to go to school with these three

That is depressing, I don't think Rin would do that to herself. Now Mio on the other hand

ayy bby u wan sum fuk

"Where's the better idols?"

>I don't think Rin would do that to herself.
Rin's the sluttiest CG, of course she would


>Uzuki will never give you a love letter

Cute idols are the best



That is a weird way to spell Nao

I want to give this cat a whole litter of kittens

Idols are only good as cumdumpsters.

>"Welcome To The Jungle" begins playing

You're right, because I wasn't trying to spell Nao
Nao's a cute, bushy nerd but she's not a slut
It's a well known fact Rin's the sluttiest CG

Why even live?

Why do Idols secretly love soccer?

Here you go

You lost me. Explain further.

They love soccer, so much so that they get scolded for playing it in the office

Why are they sweating so much?

delet this

M@ster! M@ster!
Where's the dreams that I've been after?

I want to make this cat a teen mom

not chasing that whore

Excessive posterior.

Nao is pure.

*excessively used

Posting your daily dose of Minami

It's just their visual similarities (mostly the hairstyle and somewhat the face) that really makes me attribute them to each other.

As for Mio, I hated her whole arc (and character) in the CG anime so I don't see her as human at all. So I'll welcome that thought.

poor guy never had a chance

Pure sex, well 98% sex and 2% nerd

I want Minami to step on my dick.

Your cat won't stop rubbing against my coffee table
I think she's broken

She needs to get neutered. And fast. You'll thank me.

I want to have sweaty sex with Minami on a hot summers day.

>her seductive eyes
So, the old question: does she do it on purpose?

Your cat is in heat

I want a pet Arisu


What's she looking at?

this idol gave me a constant boner


D-Did she notice me staring at her?


Of course not.

>that doujin

Why are the cats the best?

>As for Mio, I hated her whole arc (and character) in the CG anime so I don't see her as human at all
funnily enough she is the most human character in the anime

Don't you fucking look at me!


All right then.

Gaijin desu

Anything that Anya wears becomes the best.

Vampire bitches


>polo buttoned up
what a fag. At least he has good taste in girls

I still remembered all the disappointed guys that were complaining that Minami didn't appear on stage because she was sick.

I want to go on a romantic date with Kaede.

I only see this in my dreams

>3dpd slut
maybe you belong with him if you think he's got any taste
this, Ranko and her memetits were an awful substitute

A pure maiden such as her must keep her health.

>As for Mio, I hated her

Sup Kaedefag

Why do the idols love the producer so much?

>confessing to Rin

I'd help Minami stay physically active.

The whole purpose of bringing the crowd of guys in the first place is to get the lady cornered, so we can take her to a nice quiet out of the way spot in the school basement know...she can't refuse. Because of the implication.

>women who open their mouths to move up in their careers
>somehow surprising
Why do people like idoltr@asher again?

This is a blue board, user.


No lewding the pure Minami!

Why do you have shit taste?

Shiwasu no Okina CG stuff is god tier

Fuck that, go get drunk

Yes, I would rather confess to dookie.

because Rin

How pickled do you like your idols?

I can't believe Uzuki was paired with the enjou kosai and cum dumpster and maintained her purity

She will stay pure for her one true partner.

Yuki gets so drunk she holds on to the ground screaming that she might fall off the earth


>paired with the enjou kosai and cum dumpster
And Mio

Crime time?

Your opinion on those who sexualize the purest maiden in the anime?


What would you do with this?

Maybe, I just didn't enjoy watching her character at all. Her whole tantrum about the audience screamed to me that her whole mentality was "everything is about me!!!!." Having dealt with people like that just gave me a negative impression of her. Honestly, I barely remember the conclusion of her whole ordeal so maybe I'm not qualify to comment.

Mio is good girl.

Why do you think did Rin turn out to be the most popular idol? I mean I like her too, but if you think about it, she is just a generic black haired qt.

Go to Rin in the back and confess.

Call the cops.

Mio's genki armor was actually really brittle.

Our heroine, by contrast, managed to persevere through her own hardships and (with the help of the people around her) made it through just fine.

Too cute

typical asian girl
typical western girl

>Rin is looking at her
>P is doing something
>Mio is cheering
I guess sit and watch


Same here, P is a nice guy. I would have pulled a Mishiro and fired her



>not crumpled tissue paper



>mfw I don't even watch/play idolmaster
>am a lovelivefag
>shibuya is my most searched tag on panda
>would always switch back to rin's doujin when about to cum


What do you guys thinks of LiPPS?

Full of sluts.

I love this guy's comics

I'm about 95% sure that Mika Jougasaki is at least one-quarter succubus

Except for Mika

Except for this spaghetti spilling fake slut.

I don't understand. I can watch even the most disgusting shit while eating breakfast, but there's something in cringe videos that makes me stop every time. Same with chinese cartoons when I sense the second-hand embarrassment incoming.
It would make sense if I had some sort of high school trauma, but my teen years were the most boring tale in the history of mankind.

I think her and her sister were meant for something else but the Scamco guys said they need two slutty idols asap

Because you see someone doing something wrong that they didn't need to do and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

This sound like truth.

What's your favorite idol group?

There's this girl I see at the library every week. I always catch her looking at me like this



Would you?

I don't want STD's

Well, I can certainly see why that last guy didn't want to marry her.


Kirari a cute.


delete this

>tfw Passions will actually do that given the first chance

fuck off Dennis

What's up my nigga

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.
Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called “Linux”, and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project. There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use.
Linux is the kernel: the program in the system that allocates the machine’s resources to the other programs that you run. The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Linux is normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system is basically GNU with Linux added, or GNU/Linux. All the so-called “Linux” distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux.

The shitposting thread has Rules in the subject.


Fuck off we're in a middle of discussion here

Let me tell you about the jews.

That lovely braid.

Man Lelouch, I usually agree with you but that was totally gay.


best song
best unit
best leader
suki suki suki~

>>say no because ???
"Its not like I'm the bank of Beijing, I don't own a car or house. You can easily find a guy who's completely better than me."

There was apparently a story behind this. The girl had kept her first hiss for somebody she knew (a teacher, or her crush? No idea.). They forced her to let that guy kiss her so it would look good on camera, even though she had told them she wanted to keep her first kiss.

That was a very reaction, and it probably had some impact on the boy's ego, but she didn't do it because she found it disgusting. Couldn't she have waited until the boy got out of the room?

Well, he is realistic and that itself is a good character trait, though if I was him I would probably date her at the very least. If she's paying either way.


Sounds like she was pure and wanted to stay that way. Now she is a defiled whore just to appease some dork

She's pure, right?

Why aren't idols classified as Pure (Cute), Top Class (Cool), Slut (Passion)?

That's a secret

What did she mean by this?

Drunk fug


Drunk hug

No sweat.


Any word yet on the future of CG and iM@S in general?

Shibuya was confirmed best girl and will get her own SoL anime.

I'm well informed on this matter. She said yes cause the camera's were rolling and she was under pressure, but "broke up" with him not even an hour later. She had heart surgery when she was a bit younger and was really conscious of the huge scar on her chest.

She dates chad thundercock and alpha males now.

Million Live anime in 2018
Idolmaster Versus (765 vs 346) for PS5 in 2019
Side M anime in 2020

Trust me, my dad works for Scamco.


>leader of the sluts group
>not pure
what are you, Mika Jougasaki?


>the gyaru is one the purest, if not the purest, idol
How did that happen?

stop reminding me that I can't get her anymore

Curve ball

because her sister absorbs all her slut power

>clumsy off-stage
Gappu! Gappu!

>best anything

Shiki bum.

Shiki everything

Susume otome

How can it be that the cutest CG is a Passion?

I feel like that song should be a lolim@ster song

Momoka's slowly turning me into a loliP

Made her genki

Because bubbly blondes are the best

Good, embrace it


Cute girl who's sweet as candy

I wish she had more screen time

Me too

Hidden Boss for a Tales game or something. I still think they need to make an idol fighter crossover series with all their idol slut franchises.

You will never guilt trip Anya

A Idolmaster Vs. Love Life Tekken Spin-off would be cool.

She fulfills the two fetishes of loli and Ojou at the same time. Double threat. The pedo icon poster child of Scamco right now is probably Arisu Shimada from GuP though.

I can see it

We have been asking for an idol battle game for a long time


I guess there's the idol death game by their subsidiary D3 Publisher that has a rather familiar artstyle. Also your pic related really is a hidden boss now.

>shit opinion
like clockwork
wasting seed on Rin

Why is everyone around Karen sick?

Fat candy tats

You can hate on Rin as much as you want, it doesn't make her any less of a best girl.


Congratulations user-chan!

At least he isn't that rich cuck who gave his girlfriend 99 iPhones and she rejected him in public

He used his two years salary, man.

That's even worse, maybe he can become a licensed iPhone seller now.

> Implying you need a home, car, steady job and salary to simply spend some time with someone.
Why are nips such colossal fags?



That is a worldwide thing, men have to provide resources for a mate


Not really, if a rich qt would confess to me, I'd say yes and everyone in my country would support me.

Actually, that woman was admirable. Usually those in her position refuse to date down and continue to search for a man richer/better than her. She'd probably get shamed by her friends if she did marry a poor and not really handsome guy, but in time she'd be the one on the winning side.

My love life in a webm

Well in that case you better have a healthy sex drive

Either that or she will die childless for her ideology

It's sort of a cultural thing. In China, it's expected that the male has a car and house to provide for the family. It's pretty much ingrained into everybody that if you (the male) lack these things, you're not considered worthy/will not get a wife. Another problem that comes out of this is "leftover women" (i.e. successful women who can't find male partners because they expect them to be as successful as them). There's even a "fanmade" song about it (response to the male version).

Why is Rin so alluring?

Maybe this is what causes the 1st world collapse. This meme of not backing down is destructive, even the best armies have to retreat once in a while to win the war

Strong pheromones

"Omanko kudasai"

>this will never happen to me



Not so fast there Junior Producer, it probably worked because of the group peer pressure and the fear of being looked down upon. You might be able to the same if you get close to a girl and have your friends there on the day of confession

> Getting ready for marriage
But it's just a GF. No need to get so high strung over it. If it doesn't work out it doesn't work out. Unless you actually intend to marry in which case it's time to find a job

two cute girls and a doormat

Delet this thread
Shiburin is pure

Pure sex at a reasonable price

3rd video was supposed to be a prank on a random ugly doofus. He saw through it and came out with at least a small bit of dignity.

It's kind is surreal that Rin's meme crush got a skit in the OVA

Shame the series didn't get more episodes like those


I just realized we've made it through most loft his thread now without any sort of pointless shitflinging. Must be some kind of record for 2016



Hand over the Fred.

Cute and lewd

Fred's a goof



Can Karen tag along?

Too much empathy user, you're just too good a human bean

Original video?


So whose route will you pick?

Uzuki-Main girl who always does her best. Has moments of extreme cynicism and tends to pick at weaknesses and failures.

Miho-Childhood friend. Extremely obsessive and clingy.

Kyoko-School friend. Seemingly perfect at everything, but psychotic yandere underneath.

Make all 3 of them yandere and I'll go for all 3 routes

How much?

100,000 for one night

50,000 more for raw dog

TakeP is not for Lewd, he is a pure man who loves smiles more than anything.

why is she so flawless

I love that the company that makes the Gundams also somehow seems to be leading the charge on the fapbait franchises as well. iDOLM@STER, Love Live and GuP fanart is just endless.

Would Rin date me?

I have no idea how they got so much under their belt. I think in terms of anime they are pretty diverse and have spread their risks across several genre. Game wise they could be better, they made the mistake of trying to be DLC whores and fee-to-play sluts.

>I will never EVER experience this


Happy endings on Cred Forums

Wew laddie

I love how the guy's face is all red.

Are you 6ft?
Are you older than her?
Do you intimidate others with presence alone?
Do you have an arrest record?
Are you an entertainment producer?
Do you have a horde of other girls around her age competing for your attention?

Nao is for _______

Rude groping



Not the quoted but I fit all criteria except for the last two
In fact I'm 6'4

I think Rin intimidates people by presence alone

Unfortunately I only fit the first 3, I used to be an MP so I might score with the real bad girls like Takumi or the good girls

Her garbage smell does the trick

Yen or Dollar?

I think this thread has led to many happy endings already.


Yen unless you have big money to take her on a trip to the US

That's cause they're all focusing on the Love Live thread right now.

I think I'll just smile and wish her a good day.
It's amusing how many people get caught off guard by this answer.

Damn, I wish I was 2D.

And iM@S has been silent in terms of anime.


Shes looking at you user, quick say something!

>n-nice homework

what's good homeboy

Hey Rin, is Karen around?


She just walked in

Little girls are the best!

Fuck 1, Marry 1, Obliterate the rest

Fuck Rika, Marry Uzuki

Yo, sup

Marry Rin, Fuck Rin.


Fuck Rika
Marry Miku
Kill Rig

Date me please. I'll pay.

Yes, where do I claim my Rin?


Can I still have her pls?


So you've actually touched a girl?



>rin will never be your gf
seriously what's the point of living

She may never be your girlfriend, but she will never be anybody else's girlfriend, unless she is officially paired with P then we are all fucked

Marry Anya, fuck Minami together

>She dates chad thundercock and alpha males now.

As any wise woman should. Why'd anyone want beta males?

Now I am depressed as fuck

if this was anime she would punch him and call him an idiot

wtf I hate depression now

That's fucking adorable.
Too bad is closer to reality.

Does he love her?

Some user said she breaks up with him in under an hour.

It looks like she only said yes because of the ass load of peer pressure so I'm not surprised

Which one, japanese guy or nerd guy?

He's kind of an asshole doing it like that anyways, so I guess he deserves it.

Don't you mean the other way around?

She's surrounded by Yes men, and only TakeP gives her the thrill of a challenge

And they are equally autistic in their long winded metaphorical speeches

Karen looks tired.

Would pay money to have sex with.

I am in an existential despair because of Rin.

>filename not "nothing personal kid"
You had one job

That user meant this webm

Karen is a tit monster

Probably, I bet she gets wet when they argue and she loses

Pls? pls?

She was like 9/10 Braid tier and he was like 2/10 Fedora tier. What did he expect?

Greatest tits of TP.

She was

>Implying have to do all this ritual just to start dating a chick is fun

Fucking weebs, acting like japan cuckhold culture is the solution

>Giving this much power to having a vagina

hell no faggot

>when you discover that artist has doujin

What the fuck is his problem?


Not enough egao in his life.

Not enough smiles

post incest tokachis


>once chance at life
>not born with heterochromia
Why live?

How many other idols have it?

Is it wrong to want to cuddle with Kaede?

Only if she isn't drunk

Still is.

Posting lewder sisters

I doubt that. I'll have to see a competition take place to judge.

It's never wrong.


Who are those sluts?

Filename you fucking retard.

How do you not know of the gyaru sisters?

Which is better, Futami or Gyaru threesoeme?

Gyaru, because of the variety in body type


More like the Whore Sisters

I'm okay with that