Can you list the names of all these manga?

Can you list the names of all these manga?

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Only that one old title, everything else looks trash

Don't judge a manga by it's raw cover

Especially if he by old he means Akazukin Chacha, because Akazukin Chacha N is like 5 years old.


>that one manga by the guy who drew a birds of prey yaoi oneshot
>gay NEET at nightclub
>ridiculously good draftmenship: radio edition

Sorry can't read nippon shit, I only know character from older series

Didn't even know they started publishing it again after 10 years

just one

>>ridiculously good draftmenship: radio edition
AkA Translations never outside of the first chapter

>Bad spinoff of bugmen vs roachmen
That's all I got

>buying multiple copies of the same thing

Some people want to support the authors they like even more.

Then take them out of the picture. It's embarrassing

But how? You're just showing that you like X so much that bought a second copy. How is buying what you like embarrassing?

if I'd explain it to you, would it convince you?

Depends on the explanation.

That's not true and we both know it.

Why wouldn't it be true? You still didn't explain how it would be embarrassing.

I am well aware of that, can you stop changing the subject already?

is that the welcome to the nhk artist in the lower left?

You're the one changing the subject though.

the first chapter sucks, first impressions are important

I'm still pissed that I didn't buy it.

I liked the first chapter though. Angry chick gets to vend on air about her shit boyfriend. I can dig that. Wish someone would hand me a mike and let me grip about life's problems.

I just facepalmed irl

Reverse (You)


I can recognize Hiroyuki Nishimori's work anywhere. That's probably his newest manga Hiiragi-sama wa Jibun o Sagashite Iru.


pls do

It's also trash.

His new manga, him or his art? Why?

Disliked the art and ending

But it's an on-going manga with 1 volume. Are you talking about Cheeky Angel? Well I think its solid, not his best but not bad either.

>Are you talking about Cheeky Angel?