Haremshits getting NTR'd, best NTR!

Haremshits getting NTR'd, best NTR!

Midori no Rupe's Garden is legitimately the greatest love story of the 21st century.

The only acceptable NTR

>the solution to harem is by putting a ntr twist

That girl getting gangraped by the 3 americans and start going back, and eventually living with them was the best part

Ive blown my load lots of times to that arc

Quite a masterpiece

I didn't think it was possible for fans of haremshit to sink lower but goddamn they keep defying expectations.

>babby's first ntr

I've lost count of how many times I fapped to this

Do hentai awards exist? Because Jin needs to receive the hentai pulitzer for this masterpiece

Not really a huge fan of NTR but the fact that a haremshit got cucked is what makes it so good.


>Babs first bait and switch NTR

show us on this doll where the harems touched you

Never quite understood how it ended or even the order of things, with all the extra scenes whatnot. Art was hot though and that's all that matters.

[Tanaka Aji] "Kare ni... Dakaremashita. Ato, Ne..." ~Otome ga Chuuko XXX Desu to Kokuhaku Suru Hi~

>not translated

NTRfags are the new furfags.

Ignore and report.

but it's all just casual sex

NTR is cancer, kill yourselves.

NTR is pure.

What, you don't like raising your wife's son?

Main girl Koharu couldn't even tell if the boy was inside her, meanwhile her pussy got reshaped to fit the faceless man like a glove forever.


I can't get into "serious" stories like ntr if the tits are so comically large. It automatically makes it into comedy territory for me and I even have difficulty getting off on that shitty anatomy.
I don't know what happened between this and his fate series, but he was better in the past.


>taking NTR seriously
Just jerk off to it