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Prisma Illya thread.

last episode in 2 hours.

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Seems a new season unfortunately is unlikely, Hiroyama posted this on his twitter today.

プリズマコーズもそろそろ閉幕。皆さんお楽しみいただけたでしょうか。 アニメの方も今夜で最終話。お見逃しなくー。 ……漫画も地道に連載してるからね! 読んでね

Basically saying that the Fate GO event just ended and that the anime is about to have it's final episode, but that the manga will continue.

>Seems a new season unfortunately is unlikely, Hiroyama posted this on his twitter today.

We will never see this scene animated

He could be pulling our legs all over again. His tweets during the final episode of Herz were about how the anime was probably was over as well. Then when the teaser at the happened he was like "LOL JK THERE'S MORE TO COME".

But yeah, I doubt we'll get another season at least until 2018.

SL would ruin it anyway.

I just want more cute and lewd scenes, as that's clearly what Silver link does best.

>wanting more Prisma after the shitfest that was this season

Episode 11 was the only one that wasn't good
Stop acting like the whole season's bad.

Literally nothing else happened for the whole season.

Fucked up one of the most important episodes.

>le nothing happened meme
Kill yourself
Still doesn't mean the rest of the season isn't good. Also, I can understand if they didn't think that part was that important or worth special attention considering it's one hell of anticlimax fest in hindsight
>Badass Shirou shows up
>woops, he can't do it.
>Kicks Angelica's ass with Kuro's help
>jobs to yandere Sakurancelot who ends up serving no important purpose in the battle
>Miyu installed Angelica's Gil card and is getting possesed by him
>before anything can happen, the card is extracted by Ko-Gil
>nope. Gil fucks off
There were too many hype moments than ended up leading to nothing
Also, the shadow servants were nothing more than really tough mooks

How badly will they mess it up?

Only the second season is good

Only Herz is bad

Season one and two are good, three is bad, and four is average.

Fuck you fags. Herz is great.

Agreed with dubs.

I am sure Silver Link would love to keep up the yearly Prisma Illya seasons going, but there's not enough material to adapt.


So who will stream it today, neet or elite? Neither are up atm.

neet up

Season 5 wouldn't even have Illya even though it's her show. They might as well outright call it FSN or something.

Well, unless he continues with only shirou stuff it would, as there's no way the flashback is enough content for a season.

Who's ready for anime original end?

Good, fuck this piece of shit series. Let's go Carnival Phantasm for next project!

>implying we'll ever get SEASON FOUR

Wouldn't be surprised. It could happen.
Honestly wouldn't mind it as well.

Why was Tanaka there?

New season is basically confirmed, just on hold until there's actually enough material to adapt.
Why bully people into thinking it was actually ending?

No season 5 not that I expected anything.

Fuck that was perfect, amazing episode and with that ending card having Mata ne written on it I guess we will see another season most likely.


Did they play starlog?

Did it air already? Anime original ending?

no orignal, shirou is about to start his flashback and then it just ends


Exactly like the manga. They skipped out on one excalibur to make it fit but it honestly worked out fine. Ended with shirou about to tell the story and Mata ne on the ending card. Also so many cute as hell scenes at Shirou's house, they did a really good job with them, I couldn't be more happy with how they episode was done.

Probably no direct announcement as they most likely will have to wait more than 1 year, but at least it seems like we will get more eventually.

>episode 11 was hyped, contains tons of action
>QUALITY everywhere

>episode 12 is just the conclusion
>Everything decently animated

Can they at least fix the whole Sakura part in the BDs? That's the worst part of the entire episode.

Also, no original anime end. Someone will grab this again, if SL or other studio is the question.

>change Herz's ending
>keep this cliffhanger
For what purpose? Specially when they confirmed 3rei after Herz, but didn't confirm any more seasons after 3rei

It's like high amounts of action are harder and require more time to animate or something

Because this ending in 3rei has a sense of conclusion. They saved Miyu, everything was resolved (for now), and they're all chilling in Shirou's house.


This is not really a cliffhanger ending at the same level, it may not have everything resolved but it's the end of a long battle and they achieved the initial goal of saving Miyu.

While I still would have prefered they had cliffhangered herz, it would be like ending this season at episode 10 where Shirou showed up.

>illya bed two girls
really, how Shirou can even compete?

That was pretty good.
New season when?

Years from now. Flashback in OVA.

probably a year before the announcement but that depends on how many half chapters hiroyama does in the mean time.

>one final bath scene for the road




While I enjoyed this season and all, the one thing SL should take from this one is that they should go back to the old staff. Don't fuck with shit that has worked for three seasons already.

Schedule issues, which means the BDs will fix some of the episode 11's worst parts, like the entire Sakura vs Miyu part. Hopefully.

I think it's more of a schedule/budget issue especially this time with 12 episodes. The BDs have terrible sales as well, I though lolis doing badass things would still sell on japan but I guess only if you have some idol shit mixed in.


>no more Prisma next year
Just bend me over and fuck me in the ass. ;_;


So much for changing staff for this season and whatnot, but maybe they did that because it was on its last leg, though the first few episode looked pretty good, just started falling apart in the second half. Gotta rewatch the first season to compare now.

They will censor it anyway


It's like you fags hyped up silver link to be an infallible entity that could pull God tier sakuga out of their ass regardless of anything

Episode 11 was great in the fact it finally put an end to the

>silver link is a GOAT studio

>no 3rei herz

I actually forgot there was an episode today after the shitfest that was last week.

Why do I like creamy white so much?

What the fuck am I supposed to do next summer now? Fucking hell.

I guess I'll just marathon all 42 episodes and then bingeread all three manga to stave off the pain.

44 episodes + BD specials


That's a whole lot of Ilya
Why would anyone complain?

Miyu is cute!

It's a shame we never got the high jump chapter, that was from 2wei, right?


>[HorribleSubs] Fate Kaleid Liner PRISMA ILLYA 3rei!! - 12 [720p].mkv

This episode's second half was just cuteness overload, forgot just how great it is to just see these girls acting cute together.

>anime is over
>F/GO event is over never fucking rolled Illya even at the very end
>no manga chapter
>first BD still a week from now

Is this what emptiness feels like?

New chapter should be coming out this weekend.

I'm feeling more of a relief, new season is pretty much confirmed at this point, new chapter of manga is coming out soon and we will now get BD specials every month for the next 6 as well as probably an OVA with volume 8.

I care far too much about Illya so I was mostly just worrying about this being the end. Now that another season is coming I can just look forward to that.

If Prisma Illya fills such an important part of your life, you must be some pretty sad fucker.

In what specific location do you surmise our presence occupies?

Reminder that the Prisma Illya manga was first published nine fucking years ago.
Reminder that the Prisma Illya anime was first published four fucking years ago.

Jesus goddamn Christ.

Needs more Miyu panty shots.

Glad this QUALITY show got cancelled. Last week's episode was horrendous.

>first they ruined the loli service
>then they ruined the action scenes
Good job SL

>shitting on the entire show because of a single episode which didn't even look that bad compared to true QUALITY shit like Qualidea Code and DRRR X2
Kill yourselves, shitposters

Probably should check the new episode before shitposting, looked pretty solid and almost confirmed new season.

This isn't a thread for Qualida shit or DRRR, faggot.

>this diarrhea didn't looks as bad as that maggot infested diarrhea

Fuck off apologist

I want to fuck Illya the whole episode through. How can one girl be so sexual?

>almost confirmed new season
Nice meme. Fate is kill, user.

This, I can't see them not fucking up the flashback arc, desu

>Fate is kill
>What are Extra and Heaven's Feel

>Episode 11 was great in the fact it finally put an end to the silver link is a GOAT studio

This. Though people will still defend SL, saying that the manga content was garbage anyway

The entire last half reminded me of how much I just loved watching the three cups just be happy. Fuck me I miss pre-3rei Prisma.

i want to cuddle the girls

>ufotable killed fate
>thinks SHAFT won't do the same
Stay delusional, fatefag

Yeah for sure. Although part of why it feels so great is probably also because it's been so long since we had that.

She's mine.


And? The episode still was far from absolute shit
And it still was only one
>Last Encore
>HF trilogy
>Very likely GO anime (that shit's too profitable to not animate)

>S1 was nearly half a decade ago

Holy hell where does the time go?

>franchise continues getting new installements and material
Nice shitpost

Please tell me you're lying.

Code Geass is nearly a decade old now.

mobage thrash doesn't count

Please tell me you're lying. ;_;

Because you say so, right? Even when it's really profitable and actually has an story
Fuck off with your prejudices.
Also, Grand Order isn't the only new thing
>Last Encore
>HF Trilogy

>the anime has now caught up to the manga
I am legitimately surprised that Prisma's anime side even lasted this long.

>Buy the BDs!

You're going to jail


What are they going to come up with for this season's OVA?

>implying we'll even get an OVA

The last 2 episodes were pretty bad and rushed. What the fuck went wrong? What happened to that Tanaka Joke? Animation is lacking.

Oh shit.

waiting on bds now

Why the final episode had the feeling of a fucking filler 4th episode?
Does the studio doesn't give any shit or is the 4th season more than confirmed and relaxed?


Kiss goodbye to 5th season ;_;

They have the high-jump extra chapter to do.




I like kuros hair

What could possibly be really different? Can't get anymore revealing than this

Well that's surprising.





I fucking knew it!

Guess the whole flashback will be covered in the movie.


Movies take more time to animate, I doubt we will get it next summer too...
Or we can?

she should have stayed in that outfit

Well, the anime caught up with the manga. We'll have to wait for more chapters for more season

>Prisma Illya movie
>Illya won't even show up in it


This is the 4th season m8.


Ko-Gil qt.
Scans when

I want to protect that pout.

Perfect fit for the flashback.

shirou flashback movie confirmed

At this point we got so much adapted it would be weird if they don't do another season after the movie. Will probably first be in like 2019 though.

I'm not too bothered about that though, just the fact that we got prisma for long to come is great.

Based SL redeeming themselves after that awful episode 11(let's be honest though the only really bad part was sakura and most likely to get fixed in the BD's) with a very good final episode and a movie coming.


Think about it you fags.

Intense loli yuri kissing scenes.

But best girl will in fact show up in the movie

2013: 1st
2014: Zwei
2015: Drei
2016: Drei Herz
201?: Movie

Holy shit this spin-off man, 4 full TV seasons every year and a movie now? It's about to get onto the level of Nanoha

This is just so special for people like me who've liked Illya since the release of the VN and prayed for her own truly happy route ;_;

Don't know, but it'd be better if it takes longer so that the movie budget is properly invested into action scenes.
>Yfw we could very well be getting a full hour of effectively Archer vs all the other 6 servants and beating every single one of them.

Has 2wei even been released in English for a home video release? so we're gonna have to wait for a sub gorup to pick it up once it's gets on blurays.




Based Illya saving Fate and anime.



S3 sucked shit.

Fucking sexual twin swords. Why are swords so best?

I've been waiting for this

>Prisma actually got a movie

Holy shit.
This fucking spin-off has now gone places we never imagined it could reach when it first started.

How does it feel Cred Forums?

>SL makes a Carnival Phantasm Prisma special season while the manga gets out of the flashback zone

Archer and Caster Illya keychain are cute.

What's the deal with Tanaka? Is she a counter guardian ?


Summer next year we're going to get a Prisma Illya short anime. This train ain't going to end.

>both Shirou and Miyu are Kerry's biological children

So how does this even work? Who the hell did Kerry get married with? Enlighten me mangafags

>Intense loli yuri kissing scenes.
Say farewell to them. It's seigi no mikata time.

At this point, it would be a twist if she wasn't.

She's an ether liner.

And after it's out there'll be plenty to adapt the year after, assuming it doesn't end.

Not really, the directing was a bit flat but other than a couple minutes from episode 11 it was decent. Maybe too copy-pasty from the manga but still far better than many adaptations out there.




Miyu is adopted too.

>lolis in the shero arc

Look at this fag and laugh

He picked them both up.

>both Shirou and Miyu are Kerry's biological children
Not true.
The short explanation is that Miyu is a miracle of the universe.

Angelica gonna become yuri thanks to Illya

What the acutal fuck is going on?

How is this possible?

shirou is adopted as is miyu but she wished herself to be shirou's real imouto.,

>kuros belly

>Shirou getting budget

Even in Prisma Shirou still reminds everyone he is the best.

>BD sales aside from first season always shit
>Still gets new anime seasons and merchandise
>Now gets a movie

Not even nip's shit taste can stop the Illya train.


But this time, he's really the best.

>shirou flashback movie
I can get behind that actually

Gentlemen. How do we stop Prisma Illya?

>The Disappearance of Suzmiya Haruhi
>Sora no Otoshimono
>Date Alive

When Kadokawa approves move a good chance is that it's almost certainly the end of its animation project. So, I mean, er, fuck Kadokawa and just give us more TV series

Why should anyone stop the best fate series?

Let it catch up to the manga.

>resigned myself to the Prisma anime finally ending
>Cred Forums blows up
>2chan blows up
>the fuck is going on?
>Prisma movie

I don't even know what to say honestly.

We can't. And I'll make it impossible to stop.

This isn't even a spin off anymore. We got more than any fate route. Based miracle of the universe.

Haruhi is a special case.
Don't know about Sora no Otoshimono's deal.
DAL's second season was horrible quality wise and probably killed people's interest before the movie.

Does SL have any good in-house animators? Or will they freelance some like they did in the first season with Illya vs Saber?

Illya is so pretty.

Oh you bet your ass they're going to get some swanky ass freelance animators to spice up the movie.

Buy all their merchandise so fans are not able to buy them and stop watching it

Already way ahead of you

>Does SL have any good in-house animators?
No, but you can expect them to get some good freelance animators for the movie.

This movie will be the last Prisma we'll see for a while, you can bet SL is going to make it the best thing they've done.

Or shirou's flashback just isn't that great and we should get more loli yuri instead

My wild speculation at end of movie we will get season 5 anouncement.

>clifthanger end
Yeah, not way they let it end like this, they are just waiting for the manga to have more material.

If the flashback movie gets anywhere near the quality that Disappearance had, I'll be happy

Where are you user that predicted the EMIYA movie? I'm sorry user. I'm sorry for laughing at your pitiful ass and replying to you with smug anime girls.

You're a god damn prophet.

>go from being sad it's ending here to fucking hype for movie
Stop playing with me. ;_;

But will it be good?


It will be the best ride of your life.

>movie literally called prisma illya 3rei

>no illya

What the fuck?

Kotomine is in it.

I miss this style.

The movie will contain the final fight vs Julian I think

we should get a season of specials instead

Will have her at the very end

So in the near future we have a Fate/Extra anime, Heaven's Feel movie, and now this Prisma Illya movie. Now that's three reasons to not kill yourselves in the near future at least.

Nope, the movie will be shirou's flashback.

That bad?

>Prisma Illya movie
>no Illya in sight
>entire Shirou backstory
>suddenly one really raunchy mana transfer scene for the road with MOVIE BUDGET
>post yfw

Feels good being a Fatefag, suck my dick Cred Forums

Will Illya do the sacrifice end to save the world or will she magic a way out?

Prisma Illya Movie? Cool. Now, where is Hollow Ataraxia or Carnival Phantasm S2??

How can Ufotable even compete?

>for the road

When I played the game many years ago I was almost heartbroken by Illya's story and hoped to see her own story, which apparently was the original plan for Heavens Feel

And now in 2016 my dream has come true. Her own spin-off setting a whole new record. Well, yes, even though she's got a bit tanned

Only missing apocrypha, strange fake, CCC, foxtail, grand order, prototype and fragments for all the fate franchise to be animated


Is there any difference with that worm in Prisma?

>Movie confirmed
>Movie budget action and fanservice
Fuck year.

She actually died in prisma.

She's not under Zouken's control.

She's not a shit

Choose your best Illya

I wouldn't count on it.

F-Fuck. Julian was onto him and asked Sakura to spy on him, right?

I choose all of them.

Every Illya is great in their own way





That page is weeks after Julian took Miyu.

Fuck off.

Let clear the girls want Shirou's cock and they are not lesbians..

I know. He could be using her to spy on him and to see what he's doing right now. I just never really noticed before because it wasn't revealed back then.

B-but user

>Implying there's any contest
Which are left and right supposed to be?

>worst part of the franchise even got a movie now
Aren't they going too far?

Got a link to the 2chan thread? I want to see how they're taking the news.

Let clear that Shirou only had a small chick

Grand Order was a mistake.

What studio is doing Apocrypha?


Fuck off LRD.

What the fuck is that thing?

Nice, thanks.

>What studio is doing Apocrypha

Be right back pre-ordering.

Saved shirou, then died. Shirou lost his family, sister, friend, and waifu all at once. So he goes crazy.

Stitch when?


Movie CM:

Nah, Julian didn't suspect shirou until he brought miyu out himself. She didn't spy on him, that's the first time she was let in his house or around him outside school. In a few ways that wouldn't fit as spying. Miyu was already gone, there was nothing for her to confirm. She went there that day to give him a get well card.

I only hopped back on after 4 months because there was a illya event. Np5 and max lvl. My wallet knows no bounds for this miracle.

Illya alter is a full blown dyke?

>Those pajamas
Miyu is so cute.

Dark ilya

Why does Kuro dress up like a slut so much?



>DAL's second season was horrible quality wise and probably killed people's interest before the movie.
Don't remind me.


>tfw Emiya will play as he trash the other servants
Fucking hype.

Okay. Which one of you god damn idiots sold their soul to Satan? Again?

Wow, they shit out one fanservice scene for the BDs, so it's totally worth purchasing it amirite?
Fuck SL



>that Emiya tease


Hollow Ataraxia anime by the same studio as CP please.

Steam-san is back. Our mortal nemesis.

It's just the Illya version but it works.


Silver Link is going to make a Heaven's Feel adaptation before the actual HF by ufotable.


I just want more Angelica.

It's the new EMIYA remix

Isn't this a Mind of Steel with the mindset of HF?

>"The flashback is all Shirou and no fanservice"

I don't even fucking know why I ever doubted this show. Of course it was going to get a movie.

How could anyone think otherwise?

Well, that is why is gonna be a movie instead of a new season.

So, how do they return to illya's world, and wouldn't her onii-chan, mainds and mom realize they've been gone?

This is considered as fanservice?

What's that cube?

It's Heaven's Feel 2: Imouto Boogaloo

>Mind of Steel
That's Julian. There's nothing MoS about the flashback

Iri already knows.

>soon after the movie yet another announcement of a new season for 3rei
What are the chances Cred Forums?

What is child lesbian porn doing on this particular website? Who is the idiot uploading, yet alone downloading it from here.


Assuming the movie is next year I doubt they'd have nearly enough materials.

It's JUST heavens feel shirou, Mos is a meme people try to inject in it when it's not.


I'd say pretty high, at this point it seems unlikely they won't just try and animate all of 3rei.

Kotomine is a miracle of the universe.

They already animated all of 3rei.

So is Prisma mainstream?

Are we finally entering the next step?
Will the spin-off get its own spin-off?
Will the spin-off get its own VN?

Translate weebs

>Gentlemen. How do we stop Prisma Illya?


Too many fujos infected the franchise with Fate/Zero so Prisma Illya is here to purge the fuckers out

>Prisma Illya is here to purge the fuckers out
user, i..

Julian isn't even MoS
He's a holier-than-thou hypocrite who acts like he has the moral high ground when he's really just doing everything to save Erika, like Shirou is to save Miyu.
Humanity is an afterthought.

>Rush the fuck out of episode 11, the most important episode in literally the entirety of Prisma Illya, making it low budget and with extremely fast pacing
>Make episode 12 twice as long as it had to be, ending at Shirou starting the flashback rather than ending at "Welcome back, Miyu"
What the fuck Silver Link

So any news as to when we'll actually get the ufotable movies? The last thing I heard about it was when FGO had the event that announced the EXTRA anime and that HF will be in parts.

I don't remember anything about any dates being mentioned though.

Contrary to popular belief, Prisma Illya is actually about its titular protagonist Illya as well as her ambiguously gay relationship with her fellow cups.

>Sora no Otoshimono
Pretty sure the manga was already over when that movie came out.

>has Gil and Kirei working together
I have bad news for you, user.

>episode 11, the most important episode in literally the entirety of Prisma Illya
What the fuck are you on about

SL doesn't like Shirou so they wanted to spend a little time as possible on him.
That's yurifags for you.

Prisma might be Kadokawa but it's TM as well.

That's why they're going to do a whole movie about him.

Episode 11 had the fight scene that EVERY SINGLE EPISODE OF THIS FUCKING SHOW was leading up to. It's the climax of the entire series.

Did she get old or it's the dress and hair?

>SL doesn't like Shirou so they wanted to spend a little time as possible on him
Well, that explains why they're making a movie about him


Where the user that can "uncensored" the image applying filter?

not like there'll be much more to see in them.

Then why are they giving him a fucking movie?
Maybe there's no conspirancy and SL just couldn't handle all the action on a weekly schedule? Maybe they fucked up and it wasn't because of Shirou? I mean, it's not like the girls looked much better in episode 11

>It's the climax of the entire series
Again, that's 2wei's finale.

Literally everything that happened in this series before 3rei was just a setup. 3rei is where the series actually begins.


>that pipe dream movie idea people kept asking for actually came true
I don't even know anymore. They better nail pick related though.

In fact, Silver Link should just animate the rest of series with occasional movies.

You're an idiot. Even the fucking manga hasn't reached the climax of the series yet.


>in another universe Illya and Kuro already die

Where are all the webm fags? I need them.

>Stitch bros are nowhere to be seen

Sorry lads. I'd make them but the movie announcement drained all the energy out of me.

>They going to release Heaven feel Movie version Fate and version Prisma

You fapped so hard you passed out? That's bad.

>an fight that just results in a single one of the villain's lackeys losing, Gil recovering his card and fucking off after telling Julian he needs two grails for his plan
How is that any kind of climax?

I can't make stitches, but I can make webm. Request them with specifics (audio or non-audio).

In another universe I died cause illya died, your point?

Second time Miyu hitting Kuro with the pillow, 21:12.
Tanaka's arm hitting Illya 16:37.
No audio is fine.

I know what you mean

We can sometimes have nice things Tsukihime fucking when?

>Rush the fuck out of episode 11, the most important episode in literally the entirety of Prisma Illya, making it low budget and with extremely fast pacing
They did it so they could put more effort into animating the more important things such as this episode's nude scenes.

I won't deny Hiroyama clearly had at least the Miyu's brother twist planned out for years, but 3rei isn't even over yet and its "climax" was pretty fucking shoddy. It's a fun ride but it's a goddamn mess of writing.
2wei's finale was the culmination of Illya and Miyu's relationship development, Illya's ability and confidence in herself as a magical girl, the resolution to the Class Cards plot that had driven the series up to that point, and provided the major revelation of Miyu's origin as well as setting up the major change in setting and tone that 3rei would bring. By any measure it was the most important part of the story so far.

Last episode was absolutely perfect :´)
I'm very happy and sad at the same time, at least it seems we will get to see mode.

>Tsukihime fucking when?

HF trilogy
Prisma Illya movie
Extra series
Prisma Illya 3rei 2nd season

When the VN will be out.


After the remake of the VN so never

Damn balloons.


This scene pls.

>last line of the show
>it's going to be a long discussion
>first we'll start with [the grail war]
>grail flashback JUST finishes
Emiya house chats confirmed for no end in sight?

Something is wrong with the animation.


boob soup

He didn't loop it properly.

Working on them right now

With subs seems best for this scene, unless you don't want them.


Full fanservice scene with audio.


Can you make it to be just Illya flailing around really fast? Thanks.

Since I wasn't around last week, I'll start with 3 stitches from episode 11.


Like this?

>movie budget devoted to Shiro's ass kicking adventures
Oh yes niggers. I forgive you for the last episode.
People bitching about Shiro fags can eat their hearts out.


Close enough.

And now stitches from the new episode

Shitty typeset, retard.



>only close
My autism won't allow it.

>Episode 11 was great in the fact it finally put an end to the
>>silver link is a GOAT studio

That was already clear by the atrocity that was Antimagic Academy.

>we actually got a movie
I told you fags




Doing God's work.

Who could that kid with the twintails be.

Thank you!

>swordnami animated


How can other sabers even compete?

Postable version.


There's a lot of actual animation in these pans so stitching them is pretty tricky.
This one was easy.

What was that, a tiny Shul shagana?



>holding hands
When are they just going to kiss holy shit

Any stitches with Angelica?


They already did back in season 1.

I was disappointed that Kuro shrieked at Tanaka's hand instead of just getting flustered and telling Illya that it's not the right time.

>climax of the series
HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? IT WAS THE CLIMAX OF THE SERIES. Literally the most hype and tense section of the entire series to date. This isn't a small thing. This isn't a little criticism. This whole episode was THE bench mark. All they had to do was NOT fuck it up. The manga did all the work for them. Fucking DAVID productions could have done a better job just by doing a panel for panel power point.
I am so fucking mad. So fucking mad indeed. Why even release the episode? Just delay it for a week. The ONLY possible way for them to be redeemed is for them to FIX this all and more in the BDs. Unless the BDs are top quality I'll have nothing more to do with the animated adaption. What a fucking waste of time.

I hate SL but I hate those of you here who would forgive them when they release the new fan service OVAs. There is no making up for this. There is ONLY fixing this or being discarded.

[spoilerJumped the gun though. A movie sounds awesome[/spoiler]

Only accidental though, need a proper kiss.

None from this episode

We all know that doesn't count





Casual DFC sporty look with a touch of modern city is so damn sexy.


Anyone who still thinks 3rei's "finale" is the best part of the series is a fucking pleb whose opinions are not worth considering


Could you kindly post episode 10 stitches after you're done? I missed that week.


ye me favorit par is when girl kss m-muh dik rihgt? hahahaha porn

You forgot one, sir.

3rei >>> Every others seasons.

Other than by creation date I have no way to know anymore which episode stitches came from. I think those were 13 stitches and they can all be found here:!FAg31DKB!6w2O1flnHmpxOEVSozX9vw

I really wanted that one to work, but she was moving too much. I'd have to stitch her lower and upper half separately and combining them looks terrible.

Still waiting for Heracles install.

>Not loving all of them for different reasons
No, user, you are the pleb.

Now I've got another reason to go on my life, anime always drives me



It was easily the worst season.

Nice. Thanks. Oh, y-you wouldn't happen to have a collection for S1 and S2 too, do you?

Would they only be waering a tattered skirt?

I started with episode 4 of 2wei while catching up with the BDs, I believe. I don't have any before that.

Gonna have to come back to these once the BDs are out. Which is what? Half a year from now?

This season was by far the most QUALITY. Movie will be even worse.



Easily one of the best season in the manga by FAR.

That would be the dream.


No. Just no. Only delusional Shirou cocksuckers could ever say that.

Nice shitpost. The only episode with actual QUALITY was 11. And movies are allowed more time and effort than weekly seasonal shows, So why would it be worse?

I see. I have a number of stitches from S1, but back then they were made from TV source. I guess no one went back to re-make all the stitches using BD source yet.

not just shirou, EVERYTHING.

I would, but a whole season would just take so long. My backlog is already way too big.

I, for one, appreciate we have actual human villains rather than corrupted servants serving as MOTWs


Not all movies are like Rebellion or Disappearance. Movies for generic LN series are usually full of QUALITY.

Flashback is getting a movie because SL knows very well that most Illya fans want lolis and not Shirou's story.

Don't expect a high quality movie.


If only Julian was a good villain.

Nice fucking baseless shitpost, retard

>nipples are clearly going to be covered up by her hair
>wash out the whole screen in fog anyway
Why do they even bother if they're not going to try


He's still better than mindless MOTWs

Wait and see. I won't be surprised if it's a 60 min pseudo movie.

And flashback barely has any action. 3/4 of it is talking. Only the finale will require any effort.

Are you new to anime? It's always like that for most shows to sell BD's.

Last stitch from me for Prisma Illya until there's a new season. All the 300 stitches I've made so far can be found here:!FAg31DKB!6w2O1flnHmpxOEVSozX9vw

They sure gave it their all when Shirou's grand scene happened in episode 11.

No it actually is objectively the best part of the series if you have fucking taste.

>Prisma movie
Literally how?

There will still be BD specials to do.

You're right. This won't be the last from me then.

> Losing Justice
But Justice isn't even in this series.


>generic LN series
Prisma is a fucking manga spin off to a famous franchise. Not a no name LN
Also, why the fuck would an studio not put all their effort on a project if they can, retard?
1. The girls didn't look any better
2. They did. They just couldn't keep up with all the action on a weekly schedule
Stop shitting on the entire studio and franchise because of a single fucking bad episode out of over 40

And the movie

They've been dragging their feet for so long on HF, the side stories are being animated first.

>watch livestream before leaving home
>nice episode, feel pretty satisfied overall even after ep11 quality
>get home now
>prisma movie
>my dick is getting hard
>flashback arc
>that emiya in the trailer
>I'm already cumming

Julian stopped being in any way threatening or interesting as soon as he took off the magic suit.
His only good scene as himself is him and Shirou taking the piss out of each other in the flashback.

To be fair it was the most important episode of the season.

> Rider Miyu

Who is Tanaka? Well, if you've read the manga and you're not a secondary, you already know. She's the Ether Liner or Knight Liner from Notes. Here's why. Post is too long for Cred Forums, so pastebin and imgur album.
She can be both, actually. "Normal" Liner wouldn't travel back in the time.

>Luvia in Shirou's shirt
>Miyu has her own in purple

Succesful collaboration


It's the fourth most important.

Fuck HF and wormslut

Still better than mindless roaring MOTWs
And? It was still too action heavy and late in the season for SL on a weekly schedule. They probably decided it was better to have a single episode looking bad than to have various episodes look like shit just so a single one can look good

But you're wrong

Was there every any doubt that Miyu really isn't gay? Fucking told you fags. Said it in the manga; saying it here as well.



man, fuck ufo and their shitty zero references. Silver Link bringing the good stuff.

How does this prove anything, you disgusting retard?

>the moon is the moon of Shirou's Unlimited Blade Works

das it mane

>adding Shirou to the OP

Well fucking shit. Now that they announced a movie for Shirou's flashback, I wouldn't be surprised if they just do another movie after that for 3rei's finale.

I mean, how many chapters would feasibly be left to resolve everything? Hiroyama just needs to mention what?
Tanaka's obvious origins.
Final confrontation.
Fate of the Miyuverse and the characters in it.
Return to the original world.
That's more than enough content for another movie to finish off the series.

>They won't waste a season in Shirou's white knight adventures
>all the flashback in 70 mins
Feels good man.

>Hiroyama just needs to mention what?
What/why Gil and Kirei are working together for I think

Shiroufags just can't help but have him defile anyone, even his own pure little sister.

This is really good because all the action will be fucking there. That's what I really want right now

Tfw Luvia wears emiyas shirt

God Bless.

>A year spent suffering while the manga slows down to a crawl
>all over in 70 minutes of film

Please take this. My eyes hurt just looking at that gif.

The more important question here is, what's left for the Prisma franchise after 3rei?

Or they could do it in 12 episodes and make it good.

Cute mud.

I hope Shirou dicks those lolis.

I don't consider people like that disgusting retard true shiroufags because they don't actually like Shirou as he actually is, but rather their own headcanon twisted version of him

>all the action will be fucking there
What action? Julian fucking up Miyama with his cube? 2 short fights against Darius/Zachary and Shinji, even shorter fights against other 4 cards, and final clash with Angelica?

>an entire year of short as fuck monthly chapters all condensed into about one hour and a half of viewing


It was pretty obvious Hiroyama wrote himself into a corner with how much of a clusterfuck the Ainsworth fight was.
The flashback was basically a break while he figured out how to get shit back on rails.

Oh fug, I never noticed the hoodie.

Sounds like enough action for a movie

>snowdown UBW




Guess they're trying their luck at the box office since BD sales are shit. If this movie bombs probably no more anime ever again.

Almost everything happen off camera in the flashback, there's not enough to make 10 episodes.

I agree with you. He knew what he wanted to do with the flashback, but it was obvious he had no idea of where to go after that and was stretching the flashback arc to give himself time to figure what to do after the flashback

why is silver link so shit? they ruined the fanservice for 4 seasons in a row?

Going by Beatrice,might also alter their bodies.

I don't remember the manga at all but this season was disappointing. Somewhere the anime forgot this was supposed to be cute and lewd.

If BD sales mattered we wouldn't have even gotten to a third season

It's Hiroyama's midlife crisis given form.

>the sales meme again
>when we've still gotten more anime confirmed at the end of every season
You fuckers were also saying BD sales were bad in Herz and not only did we get another season. But 3rei got 12 episodes instead of the usual 10

The idea that the anime industry relies on BD sales in the year of 2016 is hilarious.

What was wrong with the first two seasons?

3rei had quite a few bathing scenes.

Okay. Now they fucking have to do the high jump scene in one of the BD specials, right?

At least this last episode delivered. As an animeonlyfag I was expecting it to again be only battle drama trash.

>muh lewd
Go watch a fucking ecchi harem for that faggot.

Get a load of this fag

Kill yourself.

Please be b8.

Those are usually not that cute though, and definitely don't have as likable girls as prisma does. And are mostly not loli.

You know what would make the movie literally god-tier? If they reverted Shirou's design back to fluffy.

They could always fill the gaps with original SoL adventures of loli Miyu and her onii-chan.

muscle girl in a tattered skirt with dark-ish skin?

That's what I am trying to do, but the action and plot get in the way.

What would make the movie god-tier if it was a bait and switch and the movie was literally just the three cups engaging in some sultry mana transfers for an hour.

they skipped the dynamite body page that should have been at the beginning of 2wei.

>buy the bd
So far yet so similar.

She's easily the least sexy Miyu.

>any Miyu

I'm a little sad we didn't get a full two minutes of hair brushing.

When will they learn?

Shirou is not based Kyoro.

Least sexy != unsexy

All the others are just better.

Well it's hard to be sexier than Illya and Kuro, I agree about that.