In what order should I watch The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya?

In what order should I watch The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya?

Chronological order. Ignore people who say broadcast order, they're trolls.

Broadcast order. Ignore people who say chronological order, they're trolls.

Start with killing yourself.
Then watch broadcast

Trollogical order. Ignore people who say broadcast order, they're chronic.

Ignore order. Broadcast trolls who say chronological order, they're people.

Maybe I should kill myself, thanks man


It doesn't matter. Just do what ever you want and stop asking a bunch of twats on/a/ what to do.

Watch the first season and then Disappearance

This question on Cred Forums.
Honestly, you'd be better off asking Cred Forums.

Don't, it's an overrated boring bland piece of shit like all of Kyoanus's garbage

Don't listen to this guy, he's a twat on Cred Forums.

>skipping endless eight

>skipping bamboo leaf rhapsody aka the best episode of s2

People who still ask this should get a warning

I like the broadcast order. Starting off with the film episode was a fantastic introduction to the characters.

Broadcast is nice

In the order they aired.

2009 broadcast order.

Watch Endless Eight until you get it and then you're done.

I think the show was mediocre for large parts but with some flashes of brilliance. Endless eight was perhaps the most absolute madman tier shit I've seen in anime. Probably overall my favourite Kyoani anime

Same yourself the trouble and don't bother at all. This show isn't anywhere near as deep or interesting as the Internet seems to think. All but one of the characters are boring and unlikeable, the main character is stupid, the story never really goes anywhere, Haruhi herself is awful, the status quo in place at the beginning is still in effect at the end, and the little bits that are interesting are only hinted at and never followed up on.

The movie is a little bit better, but only because Haruhi is not in it for most of the time and its connection to the shows only decent character. Knowing what I know now though, I wish I'd skipped this series. You're really not missing out on anything.

Start with Episode 00, then roll 2d6 and watch the result-th episode after that one.
Repeat until you've seen it all, then watch Disappearance backwards.

Your gonna have to watch both unless you drop it at the endless 8

Look at these a bunch of faggots. Don't listen to them. Watch the chronological order.

Jesus Christ how can you miss the point so bad. It's really not that hard.

Do you chop up Pulp Fiction and watch it chronologically too?
You must be a joy at parties, oh wait, you wouldn't be invited to any in the first place.

>You must be a joy at parties, oh wait, you wouldn't be invited to any in the first place.
Yes, now get normalfag.

2009 Broadcast order, duh.

flip a coin, it doesn't matter

Endless Eight>Disappearance>everything else in chronological order

>thinking this show is somehow difficult for anyone to understand

Getting the point doesn't make it any less boring. Sorry your waifu is such shit, user.

Randomise endless eight.
Watch 64 episodes

>thinking this show is somehow difficult for anyone to understand
I literally said the opposite. It's not hard to understand yet user-kun is being retarded.

>calling something boring is okay criticism somehow

Broadcast, like every other fucking series, followed up by these dubs.


Chronological. Watch only the first and final episodes of Endless Eight. Then finish with Disappearance.

>shows only decent character

I hope you're not talking about Yuki.

I watched Broadcast for my first time. After seeing it both ways I appreciate broadcast more because of the way it breaks up the Melancholy Arc so you get the climate at the end of S1.

You're better off just flipping a coin, watching it one way, and then after enough time has past watch it the other way. Then you can join the rest of us and shitpost about which way we prefer.

Watch broadvast of first season
Then watch in cronological order if both seasons
Then watch disappearance


Broadcast order gives you a proper climax at the end.

Cronological ends with someday in the rain, which upon rewatching is a good episode because it shows that the characters really have developed in subtle ways.

I meant 'climax'. Fuck.

dvd order

In no order. Don't watch it.

The only posts that matter are eights

Why did you do that?

> Double eight

I watched broadcast order first for two reasons.

First, it's because i already intended to rewatch it anyways, so with that in mind there is no reason why i wouldn't experiment both orders.

Second is that i wanted to experience it just like people did back in 2006. Broadcast order was everyone's first impression of the show and it became popular that way, so i wanted to have the same feel if it.

I watched chronological first, then later I watched broadcast
I preferred broadcast

This is the easiest way to watch it for beginners

Take the original broadcast order but then interleave the new episodes from the 2009 broadcast.