World Trigger 159 spoilers

It's best boy time.



Indeed it is

Miura jobbing

Hisato not completely jobbing.

they're back!

Cosplay squad's Tsuji failed too.

Probably my favorite panel from the recent chapters.
Ikoma is based.

For context these are handicap matches where B-Rank agents can only use one trigger.

Pastebin is up and running. Hyuse hyping session.

He's using only Kogetsu for now and already killing all middle B-Rank.

Hyuse also can't use shield though.

Shield dosen't matter in a Kogetsu match. It would shatter near instantly.

Which one was Miura again?

They don't use it either. It's pretty fair as far as Triggers are concerned.

Katori's attacker. One of Osamu's 4 kills

WT is on break next week. The week following will be Hyuse vs Ikoma

Err No. It's the style of Kuma, and it shatters only against Murakami.

Well considering how long we went without a break I'm not complaining.

Is it just one week break?

Looks like it

It's confirmed that Yoneya isn't the 5th since he only should have around 10k. So it's pretty much


Is Hyuse going to steal the 40m Senku?

Probably not.

Looking forward the actual chapter, nothing like absolute beatdown we don't see since Yuuma's early days.

Where is that retard who shit up a few threads about Hyuse 100% being a dedicated shooter?

I'm pretty sure he left after Hyuse was confirmed to be a vanguard

What will he be running anyway?

Maybe Kogetsu and Viper

No idea, probably attacker focused with some sort of shooter trigger as backup? I'd love if he had Viper.

>100% shooter

Never saw somone insisting on that.
Most i saw was some kind of All-Rounder that kept being insisted on.

Why isn't the thread bumping?

We getting autosaged? What? Why?

Boy on the op? Maybe?

Was a while back when it was confirmed he'd join T2. Some idiot kept going on about him being a shooter, asspulling reasons all over the place, like Osamu not really counting as a shooter anymore etc.

Rude janis/mods.

I guess someone should make a new thread

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