Apparently a story about a dragon that's turned into a maid is getting an anime

Apparently a story about a dragon that's turned into a maid is getting an anime.
Where did the Japs get this kind of creativity?

>tfw you're so autistic you came in here to point out that dragons shapeshifting isn't a new concept but you didn't pick up on the obvious sarcasm.

Super interesting IP btw.

I liked it. The artist's artwork gets noticeably better as you read through the chapters. Tooru is olev.

Ah fuck I love dragons and maids. Girl of the season incoming then.

You must be some extra smart little girl, I still don't see the sarcasm.

Holy shit, all this guy's manga is getting animated or what?

Ojojojojojojo animation when?

Dragons are nice, we need more anime of them.

He still can't draw or design male character for shit though.

Also Iruru is borderline disgusting.

Artist didn't give a date, but apparently two other mangas of his have gotten animes before


Those tits though


Exactly. There are times and places for oppai loli but that one was over the fucking line.

Best chapter yet

Well we still have cute lolis anyway

Tooru said that when a dragon transform into human, depending on the body proportion of her dragon form, some parts of the human from will vary per person, and sinde COOL draw the dragon form like a big fat dragon for everybody, what is the part that justify Iruru and quetzal titanic tits?

Did he manage to avoid being raped?

>Maid Dragon
>not Maidragon

It better not have one of them stupid titles like


Iruru did say in the latest chapter that she isn't that good at transforming

Why is Kanna fine then?



Picked up

To be fair, Kobayashi doesn't really look like female and also had penis at that point.

I'd complain about how you can't you just enjoy a story without having to be so damned autistic.
But then this is Cred Forums

I'd still hit it

I see you couldn't comprehend that someone might find flaws in something but still enjoy it.

Really ironic that you'd call me autistic.

The way you were complaining made it seem as such. My apologies.

now kiss

user Kobayashi had a penis there, and even got aroused by another female body despise not being the first time she saw Tooru naked so all in all, that chapter was a gender bender chapter.

>draw a boy
>call it a girl


I like his doujins

Iruru have problems transforming, so her proportions probably are bad in reality (tfw when she mastered and becomes flat), Kanna could be a genius kid.

>Super interesting IP btw
What did you mean by this?

to many cow tits for comfort

He drew kanna, he can do flat lolis.

And not a particularly cute one either.
Yanagi is cuter but then again he looks pretty much like Kobayashi but with different hairstyle and shorter, or maybe it's the other way around, whichever came first.


Guy on the left.

Check wikipedia

I like dragon maid, but I feel that Ojojojo could use the anime first.



On unrelated note, couldn't believe MC's name actually means Hell's round trip. I thought I was just overthinking the first time I saw the name Jigokumeguri.

well before hooking up, Haru had a hellish social life (in a no edgy way) being all that ackward and not being to talk with someone without having to act like a rich bitch.

Good point. I should re-read it sometimes.

Or maybe just wait for the almost inevitable anime.

Why doesn't Kobayashi just start fucking the dragons? She can get a temporary penis and use that.

>almost inevitable anime.
>Dragon maid flops hard
>No studio wants to pick any COOL related stuff
>Ojojojo never happens.

>Komori-san wa Kotowarenai!
>Danna ga Nani o Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken
Both by the same author.
I think it's pretty safe to say that it'll come out.

because that would mean they have to undress.

What's wrong with that?


Crisis averted because Tooru still doesn't know you can have sex WITH clothes on.

Iruru is great and her tts are amazing.

>in the exitcement Toorus release a small aura of energy that destroy the clothes
>Boner down
>Happens many times.

I could see it happening.

>pat pat

Looking more like fap fap.

We need more oppai loli out there


She is not a loli.

I like Iruru's breasts and apparently, they can become even bigger if she relaxes.

Well, there's one scene where a loli yuri sex is about to happen. No I ain't making this up.

Tooru also said that if she was a little better at transforming then Iruru's Tits should be even bigger.

I wonder how those hands feels, I its feel like a pile of worms.

Because western is busy making retro show with 80s references (strange things) or another Marvel/DC movie.

Only Japan make new IPs

Sadly for each original and creative IP nips produce, there is 10 cliche storm IPs from tired genres like harem or shounen fights.

I want to see that.

Anime for the author of Ojojojo huh? Very nice.

I can tell just from the OP that this thread is insufferable, let's see if I'm right.

The author has alread had several of his works animated, albeit in short episode format.