Wasn't anno depressed when he mad evangelion ? why was the show full of fanservice?

wasn't anno depressed when he mad evangelion ? why was the show full of fanservice?

How is that scene fanservice if there's nothing about it that pleases fans?

Why would the two exclude each other?

i actually fapped to that scene

He was inspired by To Love Ru

>inspired by to love ru
>To Love Ru started in 2006
>Eva started in 1997

I know it's a joke but it kinda ruins any funny part of it if it doesn't make sense

>accidental tit-grabbing
It's full-on fanservice nigger. That's kinda Gainax specialty, and btw Anno didn't make the show all by himself.

It was a joke you stupid fuck

It's a deconstruction of fanservice.

No it doesn't, you're just autistic.

I wonder if they didn't fuck because she thought it would be TOO deep for her

It was supposed to be creepy

I literally just said that it's a bad joke if it doesn't make sense. I said in the literal first sentence of my reply, "I know this is a joke"

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Watching it as a horny teenager doesn't apply, you fap to anything with a hint of skin.

You have a point.

It was trying to attract both your head and your dick.

No user you don't get it that's not fanservice that's a way to get deeper insight into both characters' personalities

This scene has a function beyond fanservice, you're just retarded. Most of the "fanservice" was otaku bait anyway, which Anno flipped the tables on following episode 15 to criticize them for latching onto certain things.

jokes are supposed to be funny

And that she probably did know what sex was.

Most of the fanservice scenes are supposed to play off both Shinji's burgeoning adolescent sexuality (as he's the audience's lens for the series) and also subvert the common fanservice anime tropes in an intentionally uncomfortable way. OP pic being the deadpan interpretation of the typical accidental groping trope. Rei's response here is supposed to paint in the audience's mind that Rei is not a typical girl and not one to react passionately about someone violating her as she has no self worth outside of her relationship with Gendo, which is why she slaps Shinji later when he badmouths him and not during the scene where he gropes her. This is actually a moment of characterization for Rei, as cheap as it may seem at first.

In the case of Misato's numerous suggestive poses in her apartment, it's supposed to be a nod to the overtly sexual facets of Misato's character, which should be obvious.

Asuka is also blatantly trying to appear sexy whenever she can (i.e. bathing suit thermal expansion scene) in order to make herself seem more mature as a front to assert her independence and deny her childlike attachment issues, as seen in the scene on the carrier with Kaji.

that cheered him up

>shinji falls on rei, grabs her tit
>she doesn't slap him like a retard
>shinji shit-talks gendo
>she does slap him for being a little shit
It's a deconstruction in the truest sense of the word

>e7 did it better
never forget it

Don't you masturbate when you're depressed?

Because Rei is the company onahole, she's used to it. Shinji is the only male that hasn't done that to her up to that point, but was the only one to talk shit about Gendo to her face.

Why does Asuka's face turn to Kaworu's

You don't know what fanservice is.

he was depressed when he made Nadia and Gunbuster. He just wasn't better by Eva

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You are still horny when you are depressed. In fact because you just lie in your bed all the time you tend to touch yourself a lot because there is nothing else to do.

t. clinically depressed for 2 years.

>Naked girl

Anno is a greasy otaku. Such things come naturally to him.

rei reads books about geneticts ...written in german ... in OLD, very, VERY old german.

At the same time as reading a 400 year old essay about preserving the purity of the German language with diagrams of plasmids in it, she didn't know what dreams were and was shocked to realize she might care about Shinji. Can't really assume anything about her knowledge base.


that's funny because most of the pictures on the left have better compositions and staging than the ones in the right

>I have no idea what depression is

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This wasnt exactly the famous Code Geass island episode or anything. Didn't it happen really early on anyways? It's played out extremely awkward, and not in the comedic anime sense either. Take it as fanservice I guess but it established a slight sexual undertone that Anno lovers will have you believe "built up" to him jacking off in EoE

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