Danganronpa 3

Remember lads, worse come to worst and we can say Nagito did it all for HOPE

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Just how complex are his motives?

Mahiru is for sexual acts.

There was nobody watching. Junko said "Bye bye, class rep", Class 77 filed out, the monitors showed nothing... then, and only then, did somebody reactivate the camera and focus on her.

Who was it?
Why do it?

Including turning Monaca into a worthless adult?

Next episode will have Nagito put Nanami photo in his desk along with two others, one with his parents and one with his dog.

All according to Keikaku

Threadly reminder that roasting grandpa did aboslutely nothing wrong

Nothing wrong with that.

Dio was the antagonist along!

Why would Kirigiri show up in Zetsobou? She's not even dead yet. Chiaki showing up alive in Zetsobou doesn't make sense either, she needs to be dead for the ROD to be created.

>No one waifu'd the two obvious waifubait characters.

Ok, user. Chiakizuru is one of the stupidest things I've seen and considering almost all of the people posting it are also discussing how cute it would be for her and Izuru to play video games together it's clear the theory is only concocted because it means Chiaki is alive, it doesn't have to actually make sense. Kirigiri had a chance to come back, but it was last episode. There's no time to reintroduce her in Mirai 12. She is gone.

>you will never save Nanami Chiaki when she's on the brink of death
>you will never tend to her
>you will never see the light resurge in her eyes as her wounds heal and she regains her former physical condition
>you will never force her to sleep for extended periods of time "For the sake of her recovery" while you secretly operate on her body, pumping her full of all sorts of talents that she was never intended to have
>you will never see the smile on her face slowly die as she realizes what you're doing to her, too helpless to fight back, assuming the absolute worst intentions of you
>you will never continue adding in more and more talents to her, doing it ever so carefully so that her personality doesn't end up suppressed, ensuring that she can continue to enjoy talents
>you will never see her regain her smile as she realizes she was wrong to doubt you but asks you if she can be let go anyway
>you will never promise her that you will let her go soon and see her smile and give you a hug, letting you feel up those soft, squishy Nanamis right against your chest
>you will never discreetly hook her up to a personality rewriting machine when she's sleeping one night and force her awake just as it turns on
>you will never explain to her that you're going to overwrite her personality with your own, so that you can enjoy her body, and see the light in her eyes flare up one last time as she struggles to resist
>you will never listen with delight in the cries and moans she makes as she helplessly attempts to resist your assault, her mind in utter shambles as you force her personality to the back of her own mind and allow a superior personality, one of your own choosing, to take its place
>you will never let 'Chiaki', the full, complete, Kamukura Izuru 2.0, out of the brainwashing machine and see her give you a big smile for helping her out so much all this time

What is there to HOPE for anymore?


As expected, you've stopped thinking. You're only chasing after the most obvious leads, following the cliffhangers like a bread crumb trail.

Not that I'm surprised - a person like you, one who doesn't understand love, would never be able to unravel this mystery.

Rape was so good she doesn't want to kill people anymore.

>There's no time to reintroduce her in Mirai 12. She is gone.
I'm not gloating by any means because it's retarded to do that without any kind of confirmation, but you can't straight up decry it as impossible. What if it's the most ridiculous bullshit theory of them all and still comes true anyway? How could you take back your argument?

Hinanami happy ending!

> There's no time to reintroduce her in Mirai 12. She is gone.

If anything, her chances to live just skyrocketed considering her actual face wasn't as bad as the one we see in Naegi's dream and Juzo survived that stab but still died later on

Kirigiri can't come back. There is no time anymore. She needed to be reintroduced in the last episode because they couldn't and shouldn't spend the last episode having a 5-10 minute reunion between Naegi and Kirigiri. That needs to be spent actually finishing the show with as little loose ends as possible(something it's going to have trouble doing in 20 minutes, let alone if they have to cut that down to as low as like 10 because Kirigiri came back)

Hello, friends. I'm here to bring you some JUZOFACTS today, so you can better get to know our boy Juzo.

Did you know, after Juzo pulls the final lever, his last words are "Kyosuke"? It's true! He dies saying the name of his beloved.

Juzo Sakakura, my friends. The true SHSL Heroine. You will be missed.



>implying they need a 5-10 minute reunion
holy fuck

It's true.

How does that feel?
The world truly isn't fair.

I thought despair would provide me with far more class hijinks.
I'm severely disappointed.

>There's no time
That's literally your only argument. Have you stopped to think that the ending might, you know, be rushed? Or adapted quickly enough that they actually do have time for it? You're dead set on exactly one way that the events of the final episodes should progress, and it's blinding you so much that you think there's literally no time left for anything besides what you've got in mind.

There is still Despair arc 12th episode , which is part of the story and is considered a special

IMO I think it's the true last episode crossing over both arcs

If Kirigiri doesn't live I'll riot. Kill. I'll kill them. I'll kill them all

Do the right thing, Izuru.

The joke character better be bro-tier or else I'm gonna flip. It's about time we get a goofy looking character that's saved by having a good personality.

>The best argument to be had is a time one
Because DR3 has been fucking brilliant at managing time so far, right?

Remember how we saw that Izuru was able to conceal his presence for the entirety of the first killing game until the very last minute, using the SHSL Spy talent? Nobody there saw him until he decided to show himself. The same thing happened later, with Nanami and Komaeda.

Wouldn't it be hilarious if somebody else like him - say, a Izuru 2.0 - was doing the exact same thing in the Final Killing Game? Just watching everybody act like a moron, slaughtering one another with impunity, with anybody unwilling to do that either killed via NG codes or by suicide via brainwashing, and doing nothing to stop it themselves even when they have all the power in the world?

Or even better... this time around, whoever was watching was given the sacred duty of picking somebody to put down every session - a noble Valkyrie choosing which warriors deserved to go to Valhalla.

He will save her.

>tfw someone disgusts you but gives it to you so good you can't help yourself

If you're going to bring a character as important as her back you can't just reintegrate her in 30 seconds and then pretend like nothing happened. How shit like this usually goes

>Kirigiri shows up before commercial break
>Naegi and Aoi are excited to see her break
>She spends time explaining how she survived and why her plan involved faking her death and laying low
>Then the actual plot continues

It would be retarded if the show actually spent time doing that. She's fucking dead. Her time to come back was saving Naegi from killing himself, but they had Juzo do that instead. There's no good time for her to return anymore and there's no time for a scene like that to happen anyways.

>kill them all
w-who are you going to kill, user?

>5-10 minute reunion
You're beyond help.

He seems to be a tennis player based on his hat and the cover art

Hope he's cool rather than a first-case murderer like his fellow sportsman Leon

I bet he dies first.
No one could husbando an ugly joke like him, might as well toss them out.

I don't even know why they like having ugly joke characters around.

Does Cred Forums like ... boats?

What if Soda, Byakuya, and Hajizuru worked together to make another Chiaki...

They're not boring.

The barricade Gozu set up (A very heavy cabinet) disappeared when Naegi woke up.

We know for sure that while he's pretty lucky, he isn't nearly that strong. Asahina and Gekkobot could possibly move it, but they were either asleep or busy playing a prank to bother doing that.

Will they do another Salem Burning if Witch Girl is the culprit?

If it's about the Despair Arc why would Kirigiri come back? Even if is about Future it doesn't really make much sense for Kirigiri to come back after the climax, she would come back and be a part of it if she was going to come back at all.

Would you not be mad if the last episode of this particular Danganronpa arc, which is supposed to tie it up and leave these characters behind at the end of it spent ANY time AT ALL bringing back Kirigiri? I know I would. I would have been fine with her coming back in 11, but she didn't do that. If she comes back in 12 then the writers are more retarded than I thought, making the series overall worse so they could cater to fucking waifufags with some asspull.

I'd fuck a boat..


bloody hell the witch chick is tiny

Check Gozu's suicide scene. It left a tremor that even cracked the damn roof.

Now, you could dismiss it as "Gozu moved it himself", yet we know that he stood on a box when he hung himself. Therefore, not even Gozu could have done it.

Yet the fact it was removed cannot be contested.

So who did it?

Don't post here, Beatrice.

Third time's a charm. eh?

the maid and the black hat guy are twins

I guess I'm just hoping the ending of this series might actually be, you know, decent. And not bad and rushed because they wasted time asspulling some waifu character who has already finished her purpose back to life.

They had time for one sappy return from death and they gave it Juzo and Munakata.

It didn't just fall down, it was moved away completely.

Maybe it was the death robot in the room.

so what do you think will happen in the end?theories relating to a waifu automatically makes you delusional,so ryota is the mastermind?tengan?

I like how you didn't even try reading the post I responded to.

what do they mean by this

Check his suicide scene. If he can make roofs break down by just waving his arms around then he probably wrecked the room by himself.

Chiakizuru pls

But he moved directly up to the box. Maybe he -could- do that, but we were not shown it by any means.

>clothes too small for her body
I think that the chick with the green hair ribbon things might be a poorfag, like Akane?

I don't know exactly what this series is going for anymore. I just know that whatever the last episode entails it shouldn't waste any time asspulling Chiaki or Kirigiri back to life.

Moshi moshi, Tengan desu

What did he see?

>dat Gyaru
>dat BDSM Pink slut
>dat Izuru and Mikans child

>You're playing as a girl

RoboMiaya would easily move it after prank. Setting prank would only take few seconds. And since she would want to leave the room, after witnessing Gozu die, she would move it before anyone wakes up, so noone knows how powerful her ride is, yet.

>liking/hating a character solely on it's design
That's just rude.

The ending.

I thought she was just a martial artist, hence the sandals

Because it says aikido on the cover and she's in a defensive stance there

He has Leon and Weedman genes, so Kanon's lover is Weedman confirmed

There's not enough episodes.

Both Mirai and Zetsobou would have actually been improved had the other one not existed and it somehow got the 12 episodes the other had in its place, becoming a 2 cour series. Zetsobou is much worse off having only 12 episodes than Mirai is though, I think.

We never saw that happening, though. You're taking "could" as a definitive, yet you have no proof whatsoever.

Please, work on your English!

The Despair arc.

I dunno.
ED lyrics mentions something like "Miracles raise a white flag".
Sounds like no such thing as miracles exist.

I wouldn't mind a "Ultimate Despair" Chiaki as counter to "Ultimate Hope" Izuru.


so they beat tengan/ryota, then it ends? just like that? yay for dr3

So who's this midget going to kill?

Judging from his dialogue with Makoto, did he thought that Munakata got rid of him beacuse he couldn't accomplish his task of killing Naegi and others and thus wasn't useful? Poor Juzo, his feeling of self-worth towards his love dropped after he lost to Junko

The best wrestler in the world being pinned down for a three count by a lustful loli.

16 hour-kun being fired.

Like they're not all gonna be lesbians for you.

>implying there's only one protagonist

I hope him and his Dreamworks Face survive until the end

>Chisa picks up the phone instead of running down immediately
What happens next?

plus valkyries

absolutely no one because he's gonna survive until the end.

The dub

Wasn't until you said that I realized one of them is barefoot.

Third times the charm. It has to work... it has to...

And? Why are we even talking about this when he killed himself and apparently the boxes were gone when they woke up. It's a pointless discussion as what's safe to assume is that he did it himself.

Be honest
Is anyone honestly surprised DR3 ended up being ZTD: Dangan edition?

I was saying it was going to happen before we even knew about the sleeping bangurus

Trivia time!

Did you know that Chiaki and Junko are the only two heroines to have canonically suffered multiple executions over the course of the series?

Furthermore, that they are both the heroines with the greatest physical endurance shown? Interestingly, there's also a bit of an odd parallel between their virtual and their real world selves.

AI Chiaki and Real Junko died in relative peace, satisfied that they were able to achieve their goals even if they weren't quite able to overcome their trials.

Meanwhile, Real Chiaki and AI Junko died in misery, cursing their fortune and dying in regret after being just about as completely destroyed as they could be.

Could it mean anything for the grand finale?
Maybe not, but it is food for thought.

Be quiet!

Considering that we don't have a clear cut idea on who the mastermind is yet and something does need to happen to Ryota I don't see why YOU think they're going to waste any time bringing Kirigiri back. They have to reveal who the mastermind is, fight them, beat them and then have a nice ending scene. In 20 minutes. Where is Kirigiri coming back in that?

At this point I think the most logical way of bringing her back would be to make her the masterrmind since it's doing two things at the same time that way. But I'm guessing that's not how people want her to return

His past as Chris Benoit.

Since I have no proof, I used "would" 4 times. I'm basicly saying "If we assume she did that, she would do that this way".

I bet he's going to be chill as fuck. I have get these vibes.

Why do you find it so safe to assume when he never moved the CABINET, which is not the same thing as a BOX?


Your waifu is dead, loser
Accept it

Can you believe these idiots were in charge of trying to save the world?

Anyway, if this isn't an VR/anime, the Future Foundation is fucking decimated. Good job, everybody.

I'm not ready for this.

He saw that our boy Juzo never got to profess his love for his bro,Narukami

Its not fair, I wanted to see a Juzo and Munakata tag team match


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>Such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>Saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


Seeing that hurt me, brother.

Or she could come back and explain how she's worked out who it is. You know, being a detective and all.

Except you should have used 'could' multiple times instead of 'would'.

My point is, on-screen we never, ever saw it happening and by the time Naegi woke up it was already gone.

I'm going to be disappointed if they make him into another hifumi/teruteru clone. All I want is a based joke character that makes all the same face characters look bad.

Is the girl with the blue school uniform and weird ribbon the Ultimate Martial Artist?


Who is the 16th person?

Will tomorrow's episode be delayed as well? I honestly wouldn't be pissed off now that I've grown used to it.

Seiko's case is even more ridiculous.

You don't seem very convinced yourself.


It was the Old Man's plan all along

>hire retards as branch heads
>put them in a killing game and watch them go ape shit

Valkyries were all female, right?

>Unmatched Valkyrie, Keep your eyes on the founder! Keep him fooled, that impressionable young boy - break it!

Unmatched sounds like an "Ultimate" at something.

Founder, we know Hajime was named "Izuru Kamukura" cause that was the name of HPA's founder.

But he's hardly impressionable unless it's a sarcastic line.

What if this "broadcast" really was sent to Jabberwock and it's all a big fake?
"Keep him fooled" was aimed towards Izuru.

AI Junko

I believe they went ahead and said the rest of the episodes will all have delays

How dare you call Seiko an idiot!

The future foundation will be fine even with it being real though. Candybitch,Chisa and Tengan were causing serious problems.

Tengan created a situation where they wouldn't be able to stop the despairs, but also the despairs couldn't just destroy everything. This was the situation lasted longer.

Junko was Junko all along!

>She is the FOUNDER of Despair
>A Valkyrie is defined as "chooser of the slain", who fits this better than Junko?

I rest my case.

>all this talk about kids of past characters
>none seem to matchup visually with Fuyuhiko/Peko, despite being one of the only actually non-meme pairings within the main cast

But seriously why is there a bear here?

It's the second Izuru.

How? We watched her tear down a bulkhead door, doesn't seem that strange she could smash a wall like that.

That's still wasting too much time.

The pill bottle found on Kirigiri's death scene was probably used, except it was something to keep her awake so she could study the monitors and write down her final thoughts in her journal and not some way to keep her alive.

There's no real point in Kirigiri "dying", having her just sit there docile for a few episodes only to come back in the finale and wast time.

so what other theories we have left?

why not

Cause who the fuck else would've done it. We didnt even get a clear shot on what he moved. For all we know it's the cabinet and even then this shit doesn't matter as he literally killed himself.

Flustered Juzo

It counts characters in the OP, not in the game, not the bracelet
The number makes us think there is a hidden person. But there is none.

Strawberry Shortcake!

This message is still relevant, right?

you think Monokuma plays videogames?
Would he play them with me?

Togami was probably doing a better job at FF than all of them reunited

>who the fuck else would've done it.
Somebody who didn't want to be in the room anymore?
Somebody who was not only able to hide from everybody, including the viewers, but also had ridiculous strength?

I d-don't know

>not expecting any asspull

They're not kids of any past DR characters, they just purposefully look like old characters so get kicked in the feels and get all nostalgic for old games.

SEE: Twogami, Komaeda, probably other fuckers I don't care about, I remember when everyone was theorycrafting BS for SDR2

It's poor engrish referring to the sleeping drug in the bangurus

its all leading to izuru 2.0

The theories involving Chiaki and Kirigiri coming back don't really contribute to the plot too much, they are just people trying to think of ways that the characters they like could still be alive. That's why I keep saying there's no time to bring Kirigiri back, because the final episode should only be focusing on plot, especially considering it's the final episode for these characters.

So you asking me for ending theories makes no sense, Kirigiri coming back isn't a theory for the ending, it's a theory because "I want my waifu to not be dead"

I just hope it has something to do with hating young people so he can become a meme villain.

Did somebody say FLUSTERED JUZO?

This appeals to me.

Thanks for believing in hope until the very end, Naegi-kun... upupupu.

Has anyone else given up on theorycrafting and is just waiting to see how things will pan out? It's just not worth the effort anymore, especially after Juzo survived his previous wounds long enough to be relevant again. DR3 has so far, more than anything else, relied on weak suspense with too little buildup.

If not-Nagito really is the first one to die like him being missing in the trial from gameplay footage implies, I'm going to flip. I hope he's just fucked off for some cheeky reason.

or maybe a lazy artist who just decided to change the layout of the room just for that one shot

So did Tengan control Monokuma? What would a old persons upupupu sound like?

Chiaki was revived by Izuru, but fell into Despair, became head of 13th branch and is pulling strings as mastermind. Izuru with his SHSL Everything and memories from before SDR2 knows about it and is either coming to stop her for good ending, kill her for neutral or help her for bad ending. And I'm fine with either.

>Marrying a normie

Why would you do that.

Thank you! That's what I'm trying to help lead people towards, there are multiple hints that Izuru 2.0 is in the area.

Nah, they were good about keeping the geography of the area consistent.

Despair arc turned into shit when it became le Junko show.
I didn't want to know how a fucking high school girl brought the world to chaos. Fuck sake. So fucking retarded

He's Junkos father.

You really overestimate how much plot there really is left. The mastermind will be revealed in Zetsubou-hen and will lose in a matter of minutes in Mirai-hen.

who raped chiaki's corpse?

>there are at least 3 characters in DR3 that can have delta glasses accurately applied to them

kodaka really outdid himself
Do you think uchikoshi contributed to writers meetings?

>We didnt even get a clear shot on what he moved.
Are you blind? He never moved anything. There was a box right there waiting for him. We saw it.


He hates talented people and wanted to be a normalfag



talent isn't everything in life

You're an actual idiot if you believe that. The cabinet was another red herring like many. Gozu probably moved it himself after all. We've seen that none of the others woke up so it was either him or Gekkobot and both are dead.

How can he be so cute?

y'know, when I first started the series, I always thought Junko was just part of a group of people who wanted to throw the world into chaos, and Junko just happens to be a pretty prominent figure in the group

sure he'd make for a great vidya companion

I hate how they changed Monokuma's original voice. The new upupu doesn't feel right

A second part.

Monokuma has different voice, because it's not Junko this time.

>mfw Juzo took the only spot in the story where Kirigiri could have returned
>Instead of using that scene to focus on Naegiri they pandered to fujoshi/fudanshi


Avoid the namecalling, please.

Neither one did it, yet it was moved.

Please, answer me. Out of everyone in the room, who could have moved it?

Nah I'm pretty sure he thought Munakata got rid of him because he let Junko go scott free all those years ago.

He also made the entire room tremble to the point where the roof came crashing down. Cabinet could've easily fell or move just by the trmors he caused.


Kyoko does stuff in DR0 so she can appear in Zetsobou

Just those two. Don't go with the jap theory of asahina as that's bullshit. If it were Asahina she would've killed Mitarai and never told anyone about the monitors.

They borrow ideas from each other all the time.

Bracelets that put you to sleep was already a nod to ZTD, and the poison in them to VLR.
Not to mention the escape room in DR2.

Zero III is also a nod to Monokuma.
The new VA for Monokuma is even the same as Zero III in Jap.

>asks what other theories left
>"asking me makes no sense"
all you do is shoot down theories then you don't make your own

are really afraid of being wrong?

doesn't make any sense to change his voice just because Junko died

"Nobuyo Oyama voices Monokuma in the Danganronpa series, but stepped down from the roles after suffering from dementia, putting any future work on hold. She was replaced by Tarako in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy."

To think Chisa was most likely going

>This shit is fucking boring, where are the children that i can murder?

Juzo the best.

Do you know what tremors are? If they can make the roof come down I'm pretty sure the shaking could've moved a cabinet.

There's quite a lot they have to do to actually give this series a decent ending, they shouldn't waste any time asspulling a waifu back in it.

Yeah but that doesn't mean she's alive in Mirai

>I hate how they changed Monokuma's original voice.
I agree, but it can't be helped.

Thanks brother, this is cute and hilarious at the same time.

What if mastermind is AI Junko who uploaded her consciousness into the global digital world?

Monaca was never hacked, she was in on the plan.
The hacking never came from inside or outside but AI Junko took over the entire network.
Monokuma was never physically present because Junko is within the monitors and computers.

That helicopter shooting at Weedman was never piloted by anyone, she took over controls.

Kirijunko or a bust

Please stop talking about things I already brought up.

never said it did

time to fail again

We never, not once, saw the cabinet fall down or see it in a state like that. It was removed completely.

Whatever happened to the Kirigiri collage?

My theories are irrelevant because my point is that the theories involving Kirigiri or Chiaki coming back don't add to the plot at all. Kirigiri has absolutely nothing to add to the plot anymore, there's no reason why she NEEDS to come back. Her coming back would just make people happy, but she's not explicitly needed.

Isn't Monaca crippled waistdown? How would she feel anything?

Not even close.

AE epilogue showed her standing.


As I said. Why the fuck are you even discussing this? It's either
A) a red herring
B) Lerche studios
This isn't some Izuru bullshit as all participants who could've moved it and that were in the room died, there was no attacker and Gozu created tremors that shook the roof and made it come down. The robot was fucking around with pranks and is also a possibility and it was not Asahina as the knife would've been moved and it most certainly wasn't Naegi.

This is just another Cred Forums theory that has no grounds but bullshit that's already been proven wrong plenty of times.

The post I was replying too was a discussion about Kirigiri coming back to life, and that user saying she could be reintroduced in Despair instead. But she's not even dead yet in Despair so she can't be "reintroduced" that way, she could be in the last episode though.

She was faking it originally and I guess all of that rubble that fell on her didn't cripple her either.

Did Junko's virus achieve complete global saturation

Is Makoto going to hook up with donuts now that bacon is gone?

Hopeman never fails, only impostors

I want to taste dis pair

>16 participant was never shown cause they're hiding in plain sight.
>Only way to end Junko is to end the entire global network.
>DR3 will literally end with someone pulling the plug out to end Junko.
>As soon as they do, the screen we look at goes black too and it says THE END.



For something that's "proven", you haven't really been able to dispute this at all.

i'd doughnut her if u kno what i mean

She's just a NEET. She can feel something but her legs are just messed up due to lack of exercise.


Komaeda has best voice.


Can you stop your autism over a fucking cabinet and think logically instead? This entire dumb fucking cabinet doesn't matter yet you two go to the utter autism to make a theory out of it. It's pointless as nobody that's alive in that room could've done it and nobody that remains in the killing game could've done it either as they were all asleep. The only person left, aka the mastermind is hiding comfy in either some far away location or in that ship we saw moving. Last episode hinted towards that so it's obvious that it'll turn out that way.

Aoi will have to stick around Naegi. He won't be over Kirigiri's death for a while.

Well Junko does need a body and kyoko available

Explain further Teruteru, and use a donut and a banana for visual representation please

so juzo getting stabbed but getting back up is ok because hes not a waifu?

and it would take time bringing a waifu back

I'd say there's about a 40% chance that Kirigiri is still alive.

About a 30% chance that Naegi hooks up with Asahina

20% chance that he dies in the finale.

And about a 10% chance that he dies a lonely hobo. Kind of like Simon. All the worst characters go on to do great things, with the worst of the worst becoming president of the fucking universe, while Simon died a homeless virgin.

I just did in that post, you sperglord.


Her pussy still would work

Probably, considering the autism harboring Cred Forums.

How can Juzo have such awkward poses?

I love him

No, all you've done is throw a massive fit and call names because you can't think of anything other than it being an animation error when it's much easier to say that somebody moved it. You've literally stopped thinking.

If he does it won't be any time soon.


Naegi's luck won't let him die, unless he wishes for it.

>Incoming call from Tengan-san
>Ryota's NG ends up as "answering the phone"

I'm afraid to search this on google but I really want to know.

Juzo actually had unfinished business. The previous Zetsobou episode actually gave him a reason for him to come back in Mirai and do something heroic. No such thing as happened for Kirigiri.

The 16th participant is the SHSL Blackened
Prove me wrong

>a theory out of it
You simple, naive man. It's not just the cabinet, it is but one singular piece in the puzzle, including times where we weren't allowed to see what was going on because of camera angles obscuring our vision.

KiriJunko will happen

What does it matter?
The bracelets have been removed

We don't even know what the plot is.

Kirigiri is the "Valkyrie" mentioned in the ED?

the NG codes are irrelevant now, the bangles fell off because of JUZOBOY

They don't have bracelets though


Can anyone even remotely control this hope?

Have some pretty cool fanart for most worthless boy.

I wonder if you'll redeem yourself?
But, hey, the most useless people always survive.

Are you actually autistic? I've said that robot or Gozu could've moved it. Aoi couldn't and neither could Naegi. All the others were confirmed asleep and the mastermind is not even in the building. What kind of sublimal autism must you have to not realize that it was either of them two moving it, a red herring ot an animation error?

how about juzo? bringing him back after gettibg stabbed wouldn't add plot at all

Don't worry, his bracelet is gone.



Unless he commits suicide, his LUCC will save him

This montage is so inept. Probably on purpose too, which makes it worse.

No? After all, I'm not the one who lacks imagination and chalks it up as an animation error. No, it is not a 'red herring', as it was never brought to our attention.

>How Junko stole Christmas.

Did you really think Juzo was dead by the stabbing?
His "death" was too unspectacular. He just "died" like that.

What if the poison is already inside them and the sleeping drug just suppresses the poison.

No you autistic, farfetching sperg, that shit doesn't matter at all. The ceiling views were red herrings to put us on the thought of an attacker hiding in there. How is this so hard to understand when even the nips are onto this.

>Unless he commits suicide
Isn't that precisely what he does in the OP?

Then again:
>Tries to shoot himself
>Gun is jammed

Heres a you because it was really funny

The Final Deletion match

>Aoi couldn't

Sure she could. She moved that other cabinet (or whatever it was) with ease in episode 9. She's much stronger than she looks.

That doesn't mean she DID. I trust her. But she could have. The only person in that room who couldn't have moved it is Naegi.

>Good luck

Naegi's luck is never good at all. That's been a thing since DR1. He just inflicts WORSE luck on the people trying to kill him.


Nope. It's a double bluff, like the secret exit. Yes, it wasn't about the attacker hiding in there - it was about hiding somebody else, one who may not be the attacker at all, in the room.

Calm down and try again.

Also impossible. Juzo cut off his bracelet one time limit earlier and died from bleeding out instead of poison, since his eye is fine.

>lacking imagination
>1 episode remaining
>mastermind confirmed to be out of the building
Yeah it's probably not you grasping for straws on another offscreen unimportant item.

And that's why he survives everytime he lives to suffer, dying would only release his pain

No, knock it off


Swear to god, mastermind better not be Izuru.
I'll actually get autistic if the FF murders occured because he's got such talent that causality bended to his will to create this scenario.

Junko in Kyoko's body is

so that means ryota gets the spotlight next episode


Oh, how sweet. You not only believe that because it's automated, the mastermind "can't possibly" be there, you also think the sixteenth person absolutely has to be the mastermind and that their presence couldn't be about something else.


It's a red herring though. It was there to make us believe someone was in the ceiling. Protip: there isn't one. It's all a red herring as the mastermind aka nr. 16 isn't in the building.
She couldn't you dumb retard. She was asleep and had her body toyed with. Had she moved it, the knife would've fallen out of place.

1 episode away until she survived once again!
Sakura would be proud!

If the FF murders occured because someone's got such talent that causality bended to his will to create this scenario, then mastermind is Komaeda Nagito.

Big tits, brown, stupid?

Guaranteed life.

Can't wait for the Chisa reveal in the last episode.

He could have part of the episode dedicated to him, yeah.

He's a character that something needs to happen with, since he's been nothing but a little bitch in both Mirai and Zetsobou, so he needs to either redeem himself or he needs to be punished for what he's been doing.

TFW the 13th Branch Head sent her because they knew Asahina was immortal


You mean you didn't realize Junko was talking about Hajime?


Nope, it was a clue. You just didn't look at it in the right way and assume that just because it's not good for one specific theory (attacker in the ceiling), it can't be a clue for something else.

God I can't wait for tomorrow's episode to confirm if KiriJunko is happening or not

>Little brother dead
>Most precious friend dead
>Close colleague dead
Go Hina, you deserve to win!

i thought it was a double reference to her as Ryoko and Hinata as Izuru

Leon Junko is fuckable

Is that one way heroics?

I heard it was shit.

>It's a double bluff, like the secret exit.

But the secret exit IS the only way out. The main reason Asahina is still alive is that she's Naegi's escape pod- when they break the glass Aoi finally gets to use her talent and swim with Naegi to the surface.

Nobody knows they're down there. Nobody is going to come down and save them. And I doubt the mastermind left them a convenient exit they could have stumbled across and unlocked.

Asahina has, from the start, been the only person who could escape.

Well the attacker is known, it's suicide. Are you just retarded? You think they're going to introduce a 16th person into the killing game, that has been hiding in the ceiling all this time for no reason but to just be in the ceiling? The mastermind is outside and there's nobody in the ceiling. Why would they BOTH reveal a random that did nothing for 11 episodes out of the ceiling and the real mastermind in 20 minutes?

Are you just reaching for the final straw in your """"confirmed"""" theory or are you genuinely delusional?

Bought it for the DR class, and i don't regret it.

She's alive but she's had to watch a lot of people close to her pass(or hear about it)

>her brother

Why did Kodaka give Aoi and Weedman such strong plot armor?


>unironically implying that rossiu did anything wrong

Weedman because he is a joke character.
Aoi because everyone close to her dies, she may be alive but all she has left is Naegi now.

Mastermind to be confirmed one of the participants

they are by far the best characters in dr. no contest. none. you can't just kill them off.

>Bandai swinging his rake like a scared baby

TFW Asahina had one of the worst NG codes and she still fought people one on one the absolute madwoman

>set herself up in crux position
>stab her own heart
>set her arm back again before dying
Why despaired people try so hard to make suicide looking like murder?

>just didn't look at it in the right way and assume that just because it's not good for one specific theory (attacker in the ceiling), it can't be a clue for something else.
Mastermind is outside of the building and that's the only mystery left. If it's a clue and it it's """"proof"""" then where is the obvious lead of the clue? There's none, why? It's a red herring to confuse us about the real identity of the killer.

We'll see.

Why do you assume that they have to be in the ceiling?
Because it looked like a first person perspective?

Aoi is Naegi's destined waifu.

Weedman is the actual mastermind of this. That's why he's not helping dig out Togami- he's getting ready for the final showdown.

I hope that mastermind is female and Naegi ditches Aoi for her. Bonus points is mastermind is Chiaki.

did you fail to see monokuma impaled at the end of said rake?

Maybe after they reform the FF or hell, throw the whole damn thing into the trash and make a new organization she becomes his secretary or something of that nature and we get the implication they moved on and might get together, but Kodaka would be too much of a suicidal maniac, given the reaction to both waifu deaths, to do it explicitly on-screen

It's because they've simply been hiding this entire time, just offscreen. The very fact it's obscuring our vision makes it a clue.

So the only choices of who the master mind is are Ryota and Tengan

Weedman is comic relief

Asahina has suffered enough to be killed off.

Turned out to be a elaborate prank by Tengan.

It's Mystery Chronicle, a shitty remake of One Way Heroics which is actually good

I'd like to know if people think she redeemed herself for 1-4.

No because you idiots assume it despite it being nothing but a red herring to put us on a bad lead. The mastermind is outside the building and for some reason one of you assumed it's a greater clue, when there's nothing left but the mastermind.

>ntring Hajime and Kyouko
Not cool.

They probably weren't purposely making their cases look like murders. Chances are they were getting off on the despair of self harm.

Show me your HOPE anons, you're not a filthy despair, right?

She could've stabbed herself then slammed herself into the wall one last time before she died.

It could be Junko

why do people think that this despair will give them anything for Future besides a small tiny hint ?

Theres two much to cover of the events leading to the Tragedy.

Theres small Dr0 stuff
The Reserve course Sucide
Junko saving the warriors of hope from sucide and setting them up with Nagito as there servant
Komaru and the rest of the love ones of the DR1 cast need to be kidnapped
DR1 cast needs to be locked in HP

Hagakure is the 16th person, get over it.

What if they're gonna give us the worst, most despairingly despair ending ever so the can build up DR V3?

What if Kirigiri is still alive? what if Chisa is still alive?

Will Mitarai finally die?


Everyone forgave her right after the case because of her sweet big chocolate tits

Why are you so convinced that the mastermind has to be outside the building?

The mastermind is outside the building, you inbred sonofabitch. If the episode tells you this and it tells you the mastermind is the last one in the game, yet outside. Why would you ever believe there's someone hiding in the ceiling despite the numbers already proving that there's just one left?

If there isn't a mastermind how does the bracelet know if they are doing a prohibited action?

Whole world ends. V3 is set in Neptune

Yes user She's the strawberry

>Gag spin-off about Asahina and the 13th branch head
>13th head is actually a RoD and is trying to use Aoi to Despair Naegi and the rest of class 78
>Keeps sending her to suicidal missions that have pretty much 0% chance of survival
>She always comes back, AT MOST with a few bruises and her clothes in tatters
>Also ruins all other despair-related plans due to her stupidity without realizing

I just hope for the most Despair-inducing scenario. Is it that wrong?

Those last three don't absolutely need to be shown happening.

I love hope!


I just want V3 so I can start using lie bullets and split the class in 2 for scrum debates. And right now the mystery over who the protagonist will be throughout V3 is the most interesting mystery Danganronpa has going on at the moment.

I think that the bugcather is a son of Akane and Nidai or someone else if he didnt woke up

Why do you keep attacking me when I already said they're not in the ceiling?

They could be standing right there.

Rewatch the episode, speedwatcher.

V3 is set in Neptune - Mastermind is Monaca.

A bad end would make me so hard. The school in ndrv3 is apparently encased in some glass dome or something, so maybe part of the world really did become a complete wasteland.

But she is dead,how will she come back?

Would Naegi be a bad enough dude to do this?


Pfft tsumaranai.

Kyoko's body

The phone message's timing is too good.
Just when Naegi understood Mitarai's involvement with the brainwashing video, he received a message.

Nope. I watched it twice, and all I saw were characters jumping to conclusions.

>Aoi because everyone close to her dies
Such is the curse of being immortal, you have to watch as the mortals you have learned to live together with fall down one by one

>What if they're gonna give us the worst, most despairingly despair ending ever so the can build up DR V3?

Antimatter bombs are launched worldwide to eliminate Despair for good and everyone is forced to live on the moon.

Is everything Komaeda does a meme?

I will kek so hard when the finale kills Asahina and brings back Kirigiri.

Cut it out with this autism.

Are you genuinely retarded? The mastermind isn't in the building and it's the only mystery left. Do you unironically believe they'll introduce 2 characters in the last episode that has 20 minutes left to resolve all loose ends up till now? One being literally nothing as it's not the mastermind nor anyone of importance as even if your theory is true he/she has done nothing. You can't honestly believe this.

DR3 will be Junko winning.
V3 is set in an era where the world no longer exists due to Junko's victory.

It seems like junko could only comeback through chiaki or kirigiri or both

Kyoko's body
Naegi's body
or for that one faggot bent on saying that the mastermind is outside just because Naegi said so- Togami

Hope is a meme

Just about, yes.

That's not hope, that's a rotten individual, one of those that go by the name of ultimate despair, they should all die honestly.

Kyoko is merely pretending to be dead. She's gonna shock everybody she's alive or something like that.

V3 guys are only criminals because they dared to oppose Junko's New World Order.

I think one of the first episodes (after Monokuma's video) characters conclude, that it must've been inside job. Especially with bodies being moved and guards killed.

Everyone forgave her because they realized they had been a bunch of absolute shitheads and she was the only one trying to punish them for literally driving Sakura to suicide.

I forgave her because she didn't do it for selfish reasons, she'd die too. And considering how Byakuya, Toko, and Weedman acted at the time, I really don't blame her. Too bad she would've taken Kyoko and Makoto down with her.


I can and I will. Maybe the mastermind really was Tengan, and he died, but it didn't matter because his other project was the real aim and they were learning a lot from observing this Final Killing Game. There are plenty of ways to look at this, in ways that unify both Despair and Future. All I see you doing is assuming the episode won't try to trick you at all.

How pure is Juzo?

Bravo, you've just figuredit out, Holmes. There's one ship sailing away and the mastermind is outside of the building. Go figure.

she didn't need to be redeemed, they were gonna kill themselves in the end anyways. Sakura's plight and Aoi's ruse brought them together, she was sorry and they moved on with hope

Such a hope-filled picture, however i don't think hope-less trash like me should be afilliated with such a talented lucky guy like Naegi-kun

>driving Sakura to suicide
Refresh my memory. Why did Sakura kill herself again?

I only remember her smiling while sitting on a chair.

Where was it proven that the mastermind is out of the building?

It's kind of dumb if you think about it. How could the bracelet sense that Tengan was lying? If anything that lends credence to the idea he's the mastermind

The KaEDE sPOT give Me


Learn your place toaster

I can already tell who the SHSL Murderer is

She was considered traitor by rest. Rest started bullying Aoi. Sakura realised, that she must die in order for others to unite.

> Bombed the school
> Was ready to kill some niggers
> Fell into despair with his class
> Still has God like Luck and still loves Hope
> Went and tried to kill his friends in DR2
> Kill himself to kill his friends to help Chiaki live.
> Was also part of ultimate despair.
> Did it all just for a meme and went all according to Keikaku
Nagito is a better fucking Aizen!

Mate, both you and the other user are looking too far into this. There's nobody left in that building. We have 20 minutes left, they won't just introduce a character out of nowhere that's miraculously has been standing in that building. There's Jabberwock, the sailing ship, Togami and weedman's fate, the mastermind and defeating the mastermind. To believe they'll introduce a mastermind and a random character that's been there all this time is delusional.


You lack the required hope to be a protagonist, Rohohoge

Could have just punched them in the face honestly. No need to commit sudoku over it.

The Junko that died in DR1 was actually Chisa.


The dome is probably just how Monokuma keep the class from escaping.

I find it funny their dorms are love hotels. I really hope nothing gets censored for the western release.

>we have 20 minutes left
So you really are silly enough to think that Despair doesn't matter at all, huh?

Can you explain

Komaeda is honestly the most well written and interesting character in this whole universe. An absolute miracle.


No, Donuts is just a buddy, a perfect one at that.

Because after Monokuma revealed that he'd been blackmailing her, everyone but Asahina ostracized her. Others turned cold to Asahina for being friends with her. Kirigiri turned cold to Naegi because he knew and had hidden it.

She tried to call everyone out one by one to explain her position, but when she did the first two people who came literally tried to kill her. And frame each other for the crime.

At that point she realized that the only way she could mend the rift that had opened up between everyone was to die.


It's literally stated that:
Munakata himself constructed the building and that he controls is. Episode 1.
It exists on no maps. Episode 1.
Gekkobot was hacked from inside. Episode 2.
That very few people are capable of doing this. Episode 5. Which is why Munakata suspected Tengan. Note that Tengan only confirmed he's not an RoD in response. "Unfortunately, I am not an Remnant", is all he said.
Just like he never denied to be an attacker.

It looks like PAST to me.

You're not even alive.

There are 2 future eps left

>Kill himself to kill his friends to help Chiaki live.
He did this because he wanted to be immortalized as Ultimate Hope for slaying Ultimate Despair.

He even wanted a fucking bronze statue. He was a selfish twat until the end.


Probably DR's purest character.


How is despair, that's literally happening in the past going to cut off all the loose ends and introduce another character all while future is also there and the pieces have to fit? This is just farfetched but alright. We have 40 minutes left to see what Izuru does, how Chisa returns to Munakata, how Juzo returns to Munakata, what happened to Mitarai, what happens with Junko (if they go for dr0), to see what Tengan's relation was in all this, to see what Class 77 went out to do and the previous listed stuff from Mirai-hen.

Do you really believe that they'll introduce a new character in that small period of time?

This is how you bully Chiaki.


Danganronpa is the dumbest shit ever.
>Hurr despair turns you horny.
Yes, because depression aka despair is well known to turn you horny and make you constantly smile.
Except it's not, it's the complete opposite.

Dumbest. Shit. Ever
You're all retards


Why i always notice her tits first

Yeah, Mirai would probably end with Tengan admitting that he is an ally of despair and whatnot.

All I know is, Mitarai is in cahoots with despair willingly and with premeditation.

No there's 1 Future episode left and 1 Despair. There's one special next week thursday that is presumably (if according to twitter Kodaka is saying the truth) a VA commentary.


DR1 had walls around the school too, so the world outside is probably still fucked. The question is how much of their memories have the V3 kids lost.

It probably won't be as touchy as DRAE, so I doubt anything will be censored.

Here (you) go

>I don't know what the hell I'm taking about nor did i even watch the show

user we are having fun. Did you ever have fun?

The same way Zetsubou-hen was the one that confirmed that Chisa was a RoD. If you really still think that the arc wasn't intended to be an explanatory companion piece to Mirai-hen, you're out of your mind.

Wow never expected to see a tripfag make sense. You're a good one in my book, glad to see you have common sense, dude.

Wasn't Gekkobot being controlled by Monaca at that point? I don't buy this whole "We were hacked" bullshit. If Monokuma was a recording how did he interact with Usami unless either Monaca or the real Miaya were in on the plan?

This post gave me despair

Ghostbusters 2K16

Makes me think it's someone Ryota and Tengan knows, someone who was an insider like Chisa and who installing the equipment and construction using Tengan's authority, like a secretary or something

Monokuma intended to cause a fight between everyone over Sakura.
Byakuya wanted to lynch out Sakura but Asahina protected her.
Genocider attacked Asahina.
Weedman and Fukawa tried to kill Sakura.
Kirigiri refused to interact to converse with Naegi for keeping it secret.
Sakura wanted everyone to stop fighting over her and left a message how Monokuma blackmailed her to kill someone. She chose to kill herself to stop everyone from fighting and start to unite instead.
Worked. Except for Kirigiri.
Even Byakuya got his shit together.
I think Munakata even referenced her when he told Naegi about how they only won triumphed over Junko cause they made a sacrifice.

You're completely neglecting my post. I'm literally saying it's a complimentary piece in which they won't bother to introduce a new character as there's that entire washlist of loose ends and this thursday being the last Zetsubou-hen episode.

Do you have reading comprehension?


What's this tripfag business?

>unless either Monaca or the real Miaya were in on the plan
It is definitely possible for Miaya to have been in on the plan.

Part of me still lives in Kyosuke's pocket and I assure you the info in Hopetablet will save Makato and pals. The New world program, Usami, OnetrueHopebot are just a few of my contributions to a greater Hope. Know your place Robohoge! All talk, no works

i hope we get to see gay dads tomorrow

What if only the Despair videos were prerecorded and mastermind was still present at that time recently moving bodies.


He smiles here

Namefag* my bad.

Then there are 2 chisas then?

That ship is sinking, friend.
It has too many holes.

>Despair doesn't make me horny

I bet despair did this

>doesn't know true despair
t. sheltered highschooler


I have no idea what you're talking about.


What was Juzoboys reaction to the latest episode?

They were happy and sad at the same time. They were all ecstatic though.

Who else only likes the show because you want to see how bad it can really get?

especially black painter girl's one

Go kill your sister and tell me if that makes you constantly smile like an idiot and want to fuck.
That's not how it works at all you retarded fuccboi's.

I don't know about that. V3 is supposed to be a more mature game. I could just end up being more serious in tone, but more risque elements could end up being included too.

16hr-kun is that you?

Then that only soilidifies that it was Miaya. Monaca didn't kill her before the meeting, she killed her around the time everyone first left the room they woke up in and took control of the Gekkobot.

Thanks guys.

>Byakuya wanted to lynch out Sakura
>Weedman and Fukawa tried to kill Sakura
Why do we like these assholes again?

If they did the same thing to say Kirigiri, the hatred would know no bounds.

It's Gozu, obviously.
He doesn't know it but he was brainwashed into helping them.

Or maybe, there's a asspull. I mean, this IS Danganronpa after all.

Not for long.

Same as always, telling each other to be strong and what not. And additionally remarking how proud they were of their boy.

I just want BDSM Junko to be voiced by Masami Katou (Marie from Starless) or Shizuka Itou.

Forget that, announce their names and give short bios about them. I want to know about people other than Kaede.

It's okay, user. We understand, we were all kids once. Once you hit puberty you'll know how great the feeling is.

I'm ok with future

>supposed to be a more mature game

Source? I only heard it's supposed to be cool.

Can't kill what's already dead, user.


Fuck that I demand to know what the DR3 cast's underwear looks like.

Weedman did nothing wrong, NOTHING wrong.

t. Chiza

Most of them are already so fucked in the head that despair is basically a fetish for them at that point and/or they've been brainwashed and/or they're crazy.
Actually watch/read/play the fucking source material before saying stupid shit.

Megumi Ogata for Hopebot

Do you?
Please think.
Tengan said he wants to "protect" the Kamukura project, and worded it in an ambiguous way that implies there was another one. The 16th participant being Izuru 2.0 answers just about every single oddity that's cropped up without having that much explanation needed at all.

>Weedman did nothing, NOTHING

Hey twat-sandwich why do you care so much what we like?

Crawl back to your toilet and stay there like the turd you are.

Good summary.

Which reminds me, in Japanese she calls men by their last names and calls most girls by their first names.
As we learn later, although she is really interested in love and the like she has zero experience and gets embarrassed by impressively tame stuff, like being seen with her hair down. While not being embarrassed at all of rubbing herself with a towel topless in a balcony, but that was probably her air-headedness speaking
My point is, I want to see Donuts spaghetting while trying to call a boy by his first name. Make it happen, Kodaka.

You aren't wrong, but you expect too much - Danganronpa doesn't exactly try to be very realistic, you know?

>Most of them are already so fucked in the head that despair is basically a fetish for them at that point
LOL I thought you were talking about us fans for a second.

>he doesn't know what fantasy is
>he doesn't know what sci-fi is
>he doesn't know what horror/gore is
>he doesn't know what fucking fiction is

He distracted chopper, so Byakuya could shoot it down.

Fuck you, Weedman is my fav character and now im gonna favor his son Weedman Junior

Then my point still stands. Thanks for that gif, gave me a chuckle.

>by rest
not Makoto or Kyoko either. She got along fine with around half the survivors left at that point
and the other half acted difficult in general and not just towards Sakura

Juzo probably wears jockstraps

>Izuru 2.0 could have been witnessing Asahina changing her clothes without her noticing.

Yeah, but he didn't do anything right either.

In fact, he literally did nothing.

t.some hope shill

No! Juzo wears trunks, user. This is canon!

There is no 16th participant in the building in some miraculous fashion. Even then there's no way to introduce them unless it's an already recurring character, which would lead to any of the currently known ones. We've got 40 minutes left and a washlist of things to close in both arcs. There won't be a sudden 16th person reveal as there's no time to do so. You're just hoping it's like that, but to believe in that you might as well hope Killer Killer's the 16th participant.

I always thought that it worked like how some people enjoy being angry. That mixed with some schadenfreude.

Are you sure he doesn't wear boxers?

I'm gonna say he's gonna be the biggest wacko in DR.
Imagine Nagito + Weedman.

Then it turns out she was an uber-whore and that whole thing was an act for Naegi.

Naegi learns this when someone (Junko) sends him a video of Asahina getting banged by like 10 dudes and smiling.

He then breaks down and masturbates laughing all the while.

only a messenger spreading his message

Nice one Carlos

>the truth she never showed up on camera because she was hiding behind Aoi's massive tits the entire time


Could have, but wasn't.
Otherwise, there is no way he'd still be a despairfag.
Even Junko, a woman, probably had to cut the feed of the cameras on Donut's room just to make sure.
By the way, Asahina didn't know the game wasn't being broadcast when she changed... Probably her air-headedness speaking again

Jokes on you guys, I was only pretending to be retarded

>unless it's an already recurring character, which would lead to any of the currently known ones
What if it was somebody we didn't know about because we were thoroughly assured that they wouldn't be around?

>Juzo wears boxers
jesus that sounds so wrong

If you don't enjoy your despair, you're doing it wrong.

>Weedman did nothing wrong, NOTHING wrong.
Yeah you know except for being an attempted murderer.
I'll laugh at you when you this new character you currently know nothing about.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that Naegi is gonna wind up filling up Aoi's donut hole, if only because of the foreshadowing to that effect in every damn episode. The animators have been bending over backwards to fit the two of them in the same frame over and over again.

Fuck off candyslut

hopeman please bait us more i haven't ejaculated yet hurry

I see you still are because of Ruruka.

>this is the fantasy of a professional writer

*when you hate

Dammit don't laugh at me.



Fukawa is slightly comprehensible, she was surprised by a Sakura she thought was dead and fainted into genocider immediately.
Of course, Aoi had no way of knowing that, so being pissed at Touko was somewhat jutified too.

Remember when Naegi didn't look like Hajime?


9/10 pairing. Kodaka please

Well she is the last waifu standing and the animators knew that too

You are forgiven and I'm sorry for all the mean things I said.

>Suffers from immense emotional distress over a waifu he totally would've died for
>Three episodes later fucking another girl
The writers aren't that bad, user.

Those were good times.

Because if you think about it, the motive isn't even "despair". Because if the motive was despair, then it should have been broadcast around the world. But it wasn't.

That leads me to believe the motive for all this is internal, probably something that concerns the organization. I mean, It IS called Mirai. Maybe to expose that despair remnants have infiltrated Mirai?

Fucking kek

Seems like the only logical choice for Naegi if he ever wants to procreate.

Hajimed Naegi looks so much better than the original hope kid, glad they went with it

I've already considered that, but the only way that'd make sense is if she's on that boat, the mastermind, picked up Izuru and the rest of the DR2 crew and then we'll get a Hajizuru vs. chiakizuru showdown on a boat. Which in all due respect, makes up for both the end and the beginning of the DR2 cast ending on a boat. Sadly enough, I don't think Kodaka is capable of writing it that way and I honestly don't believe Chiaki's alive either.

It isn't too far fetched, but there's nobody left i. The FF building.

He loved her platonically



Translation pretty please?

Why did she shit on a plate?

he's still a cute manlet

Nice save.

I say even if it happens, it's not gonna be anything explicit.
At most she is becoming his secretary, it's implied he moved on and she is waiting for an invitation to eat donuts or she comments about how Komaru "just doesn't warm up to her at all" or something to that effect.

>page 3

Maybe. I'm convinced that they're in the building because the mastermind - the actual one, probably Tengan - was trying to prove a point of some kind to them, mirroring the way Junko brought Izuru to the First Killing Game so he could observe the unpredictability of despair.

The ending will be Mitarai, in Despair-hen, lamenting that he ran out of time and budget to finish his hope anime, saying he didn't pace properly and couldn't fit a satisfying conclusion in the one episode he had left.

The entire series was a group collaboration between him (anime), Chiaki and Chihiro (games), and Hifumi (manga) as part of the artist collab Hifumi always wanted to take part in.

Damn all this made me realise I remember very little of DR1.

I remember Sayaka and Kirigiri betraying me like the hoes they are but beyond that it's all hazy.

It was so long ago.

Emi Nitta for Magician Girl

Damn are you retarded. That's the whole point of Despair arc.

It would have been great, yeah. Chisa's death was stupid.

>big burly man
>he is a bug catcher

The japanese believe Yamadera Kouichi is part of the cast of some reason.

I don't think they're in the building. It'd make no sense with that ship sailing away and all the other loose ends. I might be a bit pessimistic though and I might've been ragy earlier due to public transport. That being said, I don't think they're hiding in the building as the game ended, there'd be no reason for them to suddenly appear again as it's just too inane, especially with all the other stuff happening.

He has a kabuto-beetle plastic cage
He is either a bug catcher or a colossal dork.
Watch as he got buff to replicate some character from some TV show

he's almost definitely a virgin

Fukawa needs to get laid.

That boy just to want to make world better
why you can be nice with him?
he already suffer to much.

Forgot this.

I get that you have a point of your own and I'm glad we were able to reach an understanding. I should probably add that another reason that I suspect they're in the building is, meta-wise, because it would be a ZTD reference, and Kodaka and Uchi are friends and they borrow stuff from each others stories. Only in this case the twist has a fairly decent amount of foreshadowing (different things and not just one issue, which means they're either all red herrings or all clues) and doesn't have the same "twist for the sake of a twist" feeling that Delta did.

Fukawa, for the love of god sleep with something.

I just hope for the love of all that's holy that he won't go full Uchi on us. I just want a closure that makes some sense. I don't want to see some random guy pop up out of nowhere from the ceiling or just "nobody saw him, not even you as watcher" kind of thing. I don't have hope in a happy ending, but I just want something to seal closure on this anime and this trilogy as it's been a good ride, even if parts were shaky.

It makes some amount of sense considering that Izuru was out of focus in the First Killing Game and they always had him looking like a background character. It's definitely a little bit cruel, but assuming that the things I brought up were not red herrings, they did a fairly good job of foreshadowing it without giving the game away. I wouldn't say it set out to punch you in the gut without warning like Delta's camera angle-induced mindhacks did.

Of course, this is merely my assumption that it -does- happen. He could always suddenly blindside us with a brand new twist and literally have Delta in the last episode, but I don't see any sign of that yet.

>Protagonist ahoge
>Immortal mom
>Immortal protagonist ahoges
And this is how HOPE wins

Poor Aoi.

We'll see Monday I suppose with the last episode being there. I just know that if it's "ENOSHIMA JUNKO TIME" or Delta and his complex motives that I'll turn off the stream immediately.

I could deal with Chiakizuru vs. Hajizuru in some last battle of Hope vs Despair and shit, but to see another cameo of Junko or an asspull nobody could possibly predict is something I won't be able to vouch for. It's just 5 days remaining so I'm sure the wait won't be too hard to handle.

Nah, you won't need to wait nearly that long. I'm convinced that we'll find out at least most of the truth in Despair 11.

>an asspull nobody could possibly predict
You predicted it though

Touché my man.
That would honestly be nice as it'd give more hype to Monday's episode.

>Despair being useful
I thought I had lost all hope after it really was the brainwashing, but THE BOY restored the HOPE whithin me!
I will believe once more!

Despair WAS useful, it established the mindhacking plot which then became one of the major twists in mirai

Imagine how mad you'd be if you found out the screens caused mindhack suicide when it hadn't been established at all that such a thing was possible

As retarded as the concept is, the one thing kodaka did well was establish the basis for it in zetsubou

Point taken, although I remember people throwing the monitor suicide theory before we found out about the mindhacking

Might as well not bother watching the stream then user. Because its either going to be Junko again or Tengen's Muh complex motives.

No, the guy that create the monitor theory did it around ep 7-8.

Please, don't give me the thoughts. I have hope my dude. I have hope for once.

goddamnit kek