So why did he not hate/pity fuck her?

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Is Moeka the most rapable girl in anime?

>She doesn't have a route where they end up together

She was the one needing it the most

For a university student, that sure can be attractive when he wants to. He is way to beta. She was almost begging for it

Murderers can't be let off the hook that easy. You can forgive but not forget.

Because she's objectively garbage.

They cover that possibility in one of the drama cds.

Is Moeka one of the most unrealistic anime characters of all time?

How so?
Depressed 20 year old virgin girl.
Living alone, with no place to fell at home
With a 11/10 body. Seems fairly realistic to me

Okabe is not a slut. He's saving himself for Kurisu

Her actions are what's mostly unrealistic, alongside the fact that she constantly goes outside and has never found a boyfriend.

Point is, no way would she have killed Mayuri and destroyed her friendship with the lab crew if she didn't have any place to feel at home. The FB obssession was bullshit.

Mental illness is one hell of a drug.

Because Okabe has a waifu. An incredibly loyal and faithful waifu worthy of his loyalty in return.

Read up on cults sometime. People can go really far when you make them emotionally dependent.

And was she really good friends with Mayuri in that world line? We know she was in the lab, but we didn't see them interacting much. Most of their interactions we see are from the world line where they still had the IBN 5100.

user. You must really not go outside much. Trust there exists a lot of girls like her, that acts as she did.
I will however say that the portrayal of FB was rather BS

Would you punish her for something she did in another world line?

Moeka is only for hugs and looking after.

Then how would you get her out of her addiction to FB?

I would protect this creature and make sure she feels happy and loved ad aeternitas.

>They cover that possibility in one of the drama cds.
It's not a route, it's a whole timeline, and Oakbe is with the vilains this time.

Moeka is for facefucking.


Is there any good doujins of Steins;Gate?
I really could use something, to fill my hollow heart of Steins;Gate&oq=doujins of Steins;Gate&aqs=chrome..69i57&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Because muh Mayuri

Yeah, there's a lot of cute OkabexKurisu stuff and some with other characters.

Because he was too busy trying to convince himself he didmy want to fuck Trapako.

>Then how would you get her out of her addiction to FB?

>>Use time machine
>>kill piccolo
>>take phone
>>text and say "hey im a dude come fuck me
>>do it

>Mr. Braun gets drunk and sends her a picture of his dick one night

Will she make a good mother for Nae?

Can Nae read text messages?

She probably can read the kana.

By forcefully befriending her and patiently waiting until she gets used to my constant presence around her. You need to push these sort of people while also being careful. You'd need to be a saint to put up with her shit for that long though.

>not playing the uncensored version

Fuck that, you have a time machine. There is no "being patient."

i want to slap those anxiety ridden tiddies

Her route was removed because it made her even more best girl than she already was.

Moeka is a blessing to this earth.

Find out what year she graduated highschool.

Send her a bunch of encouraging text messages to her phone using the time machine so she wouldn't spiral into depression and try to kill herself, never getting recruited by FB.

Tell her to meet up at the lab years later in the present.

Maybe 0 will have her route?

She just wants to be loved

It would be nice. I just want her to have at least one little happy ending.

Then maybe she shouldn't murder the tuturuu.

No, she's nice in one timeline then a cunt in another, because allegiances and all that.

She was a tool. Mayuri was dead on that timeline whether Moeka did it or not. Hating people for they did on one timeline is a joke and misses the point, anyway. Okabe could have literally, and probably did, lock her in a small room, and her heart would have stopped on the dot.

You might as well hate Okabe for the shit he did in other timelines. He was just one step away from becoming a Rounder, too. Most of the cast probably was. Moeka just didn't have Tuturu there to save her from trying to jump off a building.

Being a tool doesn't excuse her, just because Mayuri had to die doesn't mean Moeka didn't win MVP.
Okabe loathes her and can't even trust her for the most part, which is why she'll never have a real route, because no one can possibly love a person who you've seen killing a girl you love over and over.

Okabe doesn't loath or distrust her. He gave her a pin and access to his lab in the true ending. And something happening on another timeline blatantly does excuse one's actions. Moeka never killed Mayuri in the end nor did she ever act in a way that was hostile to Okabe or the rest of the lab. The developr reasoning for not including her planned route was because it undermined her status as an antagonist by making her too sympathetic.

Why should a tiny thing like murder of your childhood friend factor into such things as sexual partners?

Like that cult in Jonestone where 900 people commit mass suicide.

Sorry for bad englando plz no copy-pasterino

>Maybe 0 will have her route?
You ask that as if the game hasn't been out for almost a year.
It doesn't. Why would it anyway?

Go back in time and kill Mark Zuckerberg