I don't see how you can have an anime waifu in the current year, 2016

I don't see how you can have an anime waifu in the current year, 2016.

Western cartoons have recently upgraded their standards.

Behold, mai waifu.

>poorly drawn tits
>ugly ass face
>generic cartoon design

I could go on.

>deviantart image
>cancer thread
>cancer opinion
>cancer character

The autistic one is better.

>>poorly drawn tits
>>ugly ass face
>>generic cartoon design
Don't these things also apply to anime girls as well? Well, except the blonde part.

>Anime girls
>Not generic looking



I hate that waifu now means fictional female

Lenny > Lori


fuck off underage

It's funny because it's true


I understand your distress, but it's a term reserved only for fictional women you love.

There's a huge distinction.

Actually people are even using it for 3DPDshit now


They're only using it ironically.

There's no way they can be serious; don't they know about all of the problems 3DPD has?

>western cartoons
They have their place in the world but producing characters that wake sexual desires isn't exactly their strong suit.
I really don't understand how people produce such staggering amounts of, for instance, simpsons r34.
Evidently there is a demand for it but I don't get it.


chek'd n kek'd

This isn't Cred Forums,

no one is going to check your sick dubs.

I've seen my share of anime and I can tell you that yes most anime have same design, but there are some that are unique (see Ping Pong). The ugly ass face part was subjective in my part, however lets be real here, are faces in anime uglier than cartoon faces? No they're not. Generic, sure. But they are less goofier and look more 'human' to me.

It's because you're a normie.

I bet you have a girlfriend and everything.

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It's not the "wanking to drawings" part I don't get as I do that regularly myself.


Based taste. A happy Leni is a cute Leni after all.

But the west has had the ultimate waifu for a long time now.





Fuck you.

You're cool.



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>Sexual desires alone deciding your waifu

I feel emotionally fulfilled with Lori. Tomoko never gave me that feeling. I fall asleep to cuddling Lori every night, and I've never been happier since I've broken it off with Tomoko.

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