Who's the best Dangan Ronpa girl?

Who's the best Dangan Ronpa girl?

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You're waifu

The dead one

Asahina easily. Top tier waifu material.

We can all agree this is anime of the year right?



Do you like devoted girls, user?

Chisa x Junko

Hinata's true waifu.

No that goes to thunderbolt fantasy

Will [Hope] be on the job again for tomorrow's episode?

*Your. Dimwit.



Remember when punished junko was a thing? And then it just ends up being Chisa wants up!

I want to be her camera

I'll take top left corner.


Why is she so perfect?


Because she's dead?

another popular theory was AoiChisa

I want to marry Sonia!


Best Grills Sisters

If that were true I'd actually fly out to Japan to beat Kodaka with a fire extinguisher.

No fucking way Kirigiri examined the bodies and determined the cause of death, but failed to notice that the body was disguised and was actually her friend that she's known for years.

>Long haired Mahiru
God, either help me resist the temptation or let Satan guide my cock

Keep dreaming talentless blue!

Hahaha! Reserve course students are so full of themselves!


Just like she wouldn't dismiss a secret room without investigating right?

Mikanfriends report in!

Why do you love our angel?

Mikan of course

This game is going to be the worst one yet.

For shallow reasons or not, I got into DR for the cuties. Danganronpa 2 comes along, and the cuties continue, actually there's more cuties than ever. Even Another Episode had cuties, with the main character being the cutest dangan in the history of the series.

Danganronpa V3 however? I like the twin tailed cutie and that's all.
The meido looks like a poorly disguised trap (and I guarantee she will be a killer, in fact her clothes have a web design on it, so I imagine she's the definition of a black widow, aka she killed her husband or whatever).
The fake tan bitch does nothing for me.
Neither does Not Junko
MC is okay.
Witch bitch is meh
Glasses-kun is shit purely because I fucking hate glasses on my 2d girls, it's the ultimate turn off.
And finally Wind Turbine bitch is also extremely meh.

This cast of girls is fucking shit, where are my cuties? I mean yes I really do like the design of twin tails girl a lot but she's going to die purely because I like her, which is how it always goes, so I'll be left with fuck all else to fall back on when she's gone.

However saying that, I think the guys this time around are quite solid. I like 5 of their designs.

Too bad I don't want to fuck any of them though which sends my interest in the game plummeting.


Because she is hot and vulnerable.

Did the tragedy happen because of a fire extinguisher in the road?

This theory was just the worst.
I don't understand why people bought simply because they both threw a fire extinguisher. And the thing is other characters have done the same.
It's just as bad as the KiriJunko theory.

T-This is too much for my heart to take!!

You people must be crazy. How can this gentle old man be the mastermind?

Miss me yet?

Selfinsertfag please go, we don't need you

You think Mikan will lop off all her hair when she wakes up like Satsuki did at the end of KLK?

>Be a Boxer
>become the best one
>get recruited by some drunk man to enter Hope's Peak
>dont really give a shit, but might as well get some education
>meet some grey haired guy and his waifu
>befriend them because nobody wanted to be friends with me
>graduate, finally set for life
>grey haired friend and his waifu want to stay at school to make it better
>don't really want to, but might as well if I want to keep my friends
>chilling on Hope's Peak gate as a security guard now
>some girl kills another one from the Reserve Course and then gets killed
>meh, it is what it is
>random guy from the other course keeps wanting to get into the Main Building next day
>tell him to fuck off
>doesn't listen
>throw him off and talk some shit to him so maybe he'll leave
>tries to punch me, the SHSL Boxer (lmao)
>push his shit in and spit on him
>my friends waifu stops me before I knock him out
>somehow im the bad guy for doing my job.
>Fastfoward some years
>mass murder killers on the loose
>one of them is the guy I punched years ago
>a manlet finds them and we capture them all
>The same manlet sends them off to a vacation before we execute them
>what the fuck manlet?
>get the manlet on trial
>punch the shit out of him for helping mass murder killers
>some fucking guy with a bull mask defends him
>fucking retard, we are going to win the trial anyway
>some stupid bear shows up and makes us sleep
>wake up and 1 of my 2 friends is dead
>my other friend wants the manlet to kill himself
>great, fucking manlet must be behind of this, might as well knee him so he cant move
>some brown bimbo steps up to defend him
>get off me bitch, why is everyone defending mass murder helpers today?
>that stupid animator steps up too
>fuck this, he got here late, he might as well be the traitor
>knee him
>farmer starts mumbling some shit
>dies because he never revealed his NG code
>what a retard
>somehow i am the bad guy

But she's a detective. Which, if you actually remember from DR1, means she's neutral and not proactive.

Opening that door might very well have killed Ruruka, and Kirigiri wouldn't have done that no matter how much she deserved it. Not because it was the right or wrong thing to do, but because that's just not what Kirigiri's DO.

And in any event, she had already determined that the whole facility was under water so opening a door was pointless and possibly suicidal.


Everyone but Peko looks better here.

Short-haired girls are too cute.

This pasta's way too old.


Reporting! Do you want a list? OK, I can do that...

(The normal Tsumiki)
>Sweet personality
>Cute as fuck
>Pretty eyes and soft-looking long hair
>Tries her hardest even if she thinks the person hates her
>Looks so soft and cuddly
>Very nice body
>A really good girl that just needs some happiness in her life and someone to help her with her abuse and trauma
>More intelligent than she appears to be and a useful talent
>Will love you and accept you no matter others think
>Has a few eccentric things about her and I like all of them. Makes me want to hug her more
>She likes horror movies and building sandcastles
>Cute voice and name
>That lovely smile... I want to see it every day
>Those "ふゆぅ", "ふぇ" sounds, and other things she does is too cute
>Really fun to be with and thoughtful
>Perfect height and weight


Don't click

I want to join Ibukis band!

That said, she wasn't going to stop Juzo from opening the door either, even though it might have killed Ruruka, because doing things like that isn't what Kirigiri's do either.

The only times she ever breaks her personal rules is for Naegi.

>I really do like the design of twin tails girl a lot but she's going to die purely because I like her, which is how it always goes
We're in the same boat, user. And if she doesn't die, she is a bitch.

Everything can be answered with mindhack. Therefore, Junko mindhacked her. CureW will save her body to be used by Junko but not her mind.

I cant believe kirigiri actually died. Holy shit the balls on kodaka

>Muh code w
> muh song lyrics

Fuck you waifufags you gave me false hope.

you know why

Yeah, at least for me it's definitely going to be like that as well. Besides Hopebot (memes aside), these do not look like characters I'd want to get attached to in any way. I suppose that makes sense since they're all intended to be criminals, but given that the characterization was one of the stronger points of the series (and one that especially made up for the often weak mystery aspect), the game is definitely going to take a hit because of it.

The designs also generally just don't look as good, even beyond the welcoming aspect. It feels like both Kodaka and the character designer are running out of ideas.

Why would she do that?



Fight me

>one of them is the guy I punched years ago
this and the big pasta are what made me a juzoboy

>the false flag king

So why are the boats so slow

qtest girl

short haired Peko is soo adorable

I love Mikan because of her sweet demeanor and her adorable clumsiness!

Your whole post is a contradiction, if she thought opening the door was suicidal she would have warned them since she wouldn't want unnecessary deaths.

Most underrated pairing.
Why did Kodaka not make it canon in the end?

patrician taste. her short hair version is much cuter.


I like pictures of Sayaka holding things

I won't. I don't agree with you, but she was pretty great in AE.

Where can I get a sundae like that?

I don't think Souda would be the type of guy who Mahiru could depend on

She could've so easily been up there.

Did Bandai grow weed for Weedman?

mahiru died and souda was too busy being obsessed with sonia

Good taste, Satan.

>Implying you would ever have a chance over "Byakuya-sama".

Just for you then

You have TEN (10) seconds to tell me how Kirigiri somehow shifted in the OPPOSITE ORIENTATION as to where she fell asleep as well as having the notebook somehow perfectly concealed under her.

Pepsi likes blondes. Mahiru wouldn't register on his radar even if she wasn't comatosed.

Fukawa and Komaru for me

Molested by traitor Mitarai.

Huge heart
Nice, round eyes
Thick hair
Puffy cheeks
Huggable body
Hair great for caressing while making love roughly.

So the message from "Tengen" is actually going to be a voice mesage from Junko or something, isn't it? That, or it was automatically sent from Tengen once the monitors were shut off, revealing that he was working with Enoshima all along and this is all according to their plan. Meh. Hopefully Jabberwock actually has some importance.

I liked her ant the genocider

Ah, a man of taste!

What is that bulge?

How come she's suddenly gotten popular again in the threads? Not that I mind since she's still by far my favorite new character even with zero screentime, but it's odd. Nothing's actually happened in recent times to warrant this sort of resurgence.



Actually I think he'll be okay with comatose female.

I'm just saying best girl as in my favorite female character in the series.

my favorite thing for her to hold



You mean exactly the same feeling everyone had when they first saw the DR2 cast?

it's so sweet

noo ;_;



The other bulge

That's the thing, once we were able to give up on the hope of her ever having any screentime we were free to think whatever the hell we wanted about her based on her design and description.

Do you honestly think she cared if either of those two died? One was a murderer and the other was trying really hard to become one. By killing HER. Fedorabro just died saving her from those two idiots.

Plus trying to stop them would just give Juzo more opportunities to try to kill her after the door was revealed to be a ruse.

I don't think you really get it. She's neutral. NEUTRAL. The only side she's on is the truth. Those are the Kirigiri family rules and their pride as detectives. They don't investigate murders out of a desire for fame, or to see the killer punished, or even see justice done. They merely reveal the truth, and let matters run their own course. Which is precisely what she did there.


Stop! Don't turn me on user!

I can't handle trap Sayaka.

Reminder that Teruteru fapped to this.


Why do we assume that Tengan or whoever had access to his phone had to have sent the message at that exact moment? We know there was some level of jamming going on in the building, and with the power down, it's very easily possible for the message to have finally gone through to Mitarai despite being scheduled to be sent much sooner.


I saved the full version.

>Fight me
no reason to. After AE. Her and Komaru are pretty much my favorite girls.

Animation errors

You kidding me? The cast looked really good to me even at first glance, if anything, especially compared to V3's. Now you're making me glad I didn't find out about the series until after SDR2 had come out.

>dat pose
Who could ever think this man is straight?

Which girl actually likes Hinata in canon (DR2)? Didn't some Japanese source say he found one of them really cute? Who was it?

they all looks great

I love her beautiful voice and the adorable noises she makes!

Nah, it's the other way around. Mitarai will tell Neagi about text, Naegi'll go to Tengen body and text Ryoto to check, if it's correct phone. That'll be the message that Mitarai already got.

You'd have a harder time naming something Teruteru has not fapped to.

NO!!! I was self inserting. Why must you ruin it?!

In Japan, when you want to start a new life, women tend to cut their long hair to symbolize a new beginning. Like what Satsuki did at the end of the series.

His own naked photo?

>Those are the Kirigiri family rules and their pride as detectives.
Thinking on it, I'm surprised more people don't criticize her on this. It makes her look like someone who can't think for herself and clings too tightly to her family's legacy. DR0 only drives this home further. She has too few exceptions (Naegi, Asahina) to make up for that, and it makes her look terrible, especially when she makes mistakes like the one that cost her her life.


Distrust Sayaka is best Sayaka

Chiaki's Death

Oh alright. So that's why Garnet cut her hair in FF9 all those years ago.

she's a good lass who's on the mend

An alternative

cant waste for twintails Mikazuru child

Nah, I'm sure he's wanked to that one.

You are a goddamn, motherfucking son of a bitch and I love you

What's this from?

All of them are best girl. But I like Mikan, Peko, Sonia and Chiaki more

I'm sure he's done that dozens of times

Despair Teru probably has, then jizzed in soup and fed it to children.

You mean this, right?

context clues are hard

didn't fuck enoshima corpse?

Chiaki for obvious reasons.
Mahiru's a tsudere and was toughest on him and Pepsi
I'm not sure if Mikan's actions in 2-3 were all the despair illness or if she actually liked him.
Those are the only ones I'd imagine liking him.

Sonia might take him with Chiaki as some sort of package deal.

Alpha first game basically

Is the steadily moving Valkyrie Kirigiri?

Will we find out who the mastermind is tomorrow?

Will Izuru start his master plan because Chiakers is dead?

The best Danganronpa girl is obviously Juzo

I feel I'm the only one alive whose favorite is Akane.

did you miss all those anons saying they got a boner during it
teruteru had to have been a gurofag

These are fake! She loves only ME!

>music lyrics

A tragedy these two ended up hating each other on the island.

>Which girl actually likes Hinata in canon (DR2)?
If you're counting Zetsubou-hen as well, then the real Chiaki, for sure. It's not really known if anyone else liked him to that extent. AI Chiaki liked him too, but she was more programmed to act like a personal therapist, and he was the one guy in 2's cast who needed that the most.

>Didn't some Japanese source say he found one of them really cute? Who was it?
He praised a few in some ways, like Mikan (who is the one you're probably thinking of), but it's nothing compared to the strong impressions both the real and the AI versions of Chiaki left on him.

>Juzo drawn to appear significantly more handsome than has been the rest of the series.

I see you.

pretty sure the valkyrie is junko

I love how sultry Sayaka looks there. Why did you kill her off so early you fucks?!

If she were that much of a tool she wouldn't have become a detective.

She knows full well that it's not an admirable lifestyle, especially the way the Kirigiri family interprets the role of a detective, but she stayed in that lifestyle willingly, even after her father walked away from it.

Not because she felt like someone had to inherit the family business, either. She told Naegi that she simply enjoyed being a detective and wouldn't change anything.

He was speechless when he saw Chiaki in her swimsuit.

That's because you are. Akane is one of the least liked DR girls

>this is the face he makes when Munakata penetrates him

I think it was confirmed that Mikan did love Hinata. Anyone got the source for that?

Posting this template again

i think you just haven't been paying attention

Yeah I remember him shitting himself a little.

I want the message to be a voice message
>upupupupu, did you like my trick with your brainwashing Mitarai?
>but I have to say while they were good I managed to improve them a lot
>well in any case it seems like you won the game so congratulations
>so now we gotta party right, a big party for the survivors, come meet me and bring the rest, don't keep an old friend waiting, bye bye

That just means you get her all to youself. You should be happy.

they killed her and leon off first because they were the leads of Distrust and SC got sick of looking at them


>Eyes turning blue don't mean anything! It was just animation error!

Who's she?

It's endgame, anyway. Chiaki's dead and Nagito can't live much longer.

>brown girl of DR 2
>way less popular than Donut
her personality is too strong for nips and betas.

Not even a Mikanfag, but delete this.

Kirigiri's childhood friend.

Post more HajiMikan in preparation for their twin tailed child!

I think she's the mc of short story about young miss detective
she was scouted to be ultimate jumper or something but she refused

Reminder: Mikan died loving Junko.

She never reached the resolution the last five fags did. She is still despair.

Her personality is that she has no personality, being hungry and wrong at everything at all times makes her a pretty shitty character.


Oh shit you're right. So he didn't even despair when Junko blackmailed him. He only did when Muhkatana stabbed him.

She's also just not very interesting. Her FTEs are good, but even those aren't enough, and without a good first impression there's little reason to go through those FTEs in the first place.

They drew him really handsome in ep11, when he was bleeding out and dying all over the place.

He's honestly pretty handsome though.

It's love

Is camera angles fag here? Can he or someone else explain why they think 16th participant is hiding out of sight the entire time? It's a bit too ZTD for me, in a show that is already uncomfortably ZTDesque.

>short story
the kirigiri LNs are their own series, sir user

The first time she snuck into Hinata's room she wasn't under the influence yet.

That said, my personal read in terms of compatibility would match him with Ibuki. They balance each other out, and Hinata is pretty much the only person who was capable of understanding and getting along with her.

The same could be said for Mikan too, though, and she probably needed that a lot more.

This is Japan though, and you might have noticed at some point that in any kind of situation like this, it's never the girl who chooses the guy- it's the guy who chooses the girl. Whether a girl confesses to him first or last has no pertinence. She might not confess to him at all, but wait for him to.

He picks the one he wants.

So Chiaki probably wins in any event.

The mastermind is... JUNKO!


They're both Junko!

Literally reported to the FBI.

Did this give you hope every Monday?

Well someone likes this ship.

Personally I can't see hopefag Komaeda with anyone but Chiaki or Hajimemezuru or maybe Junko.

>the kirigiri LNs are their own series, sir user
ah, in that case I'm sorry for my nonsense

distrust Sayaka really wanted Distrust Leon dead



Everyone is Junko!

I think it's Mikan who liked him. A different person posted this before:

"According to a official magazine released a few years back after the release of DR2, Mikan is the one who likes Hinata in canon (not just Island Mode). Guess it explains why she slept on him twice (only one needed for the alibi), why she acts different to him, and why Despair Mikan directed most of her frustration and pleads at him, because she still had memories despite being a different person...

What Hinata thinks of Mikan:
"She's a bit hard to talk to, but really kind, smart and cute... And I mean really cute... I don't know what she's felt living her life up until this point...
Though I'm sure you can say it wasn't happiness much at all...
So, I want to protect her"

What Mikan thinks of Hinata:
こんな私にも優しくて、 ぶったり、罵ったりじゃなくて話しかけてくれて、私のことを見てくれて受け入れてくれて……あと、意外と逞しい。
"Hinata-san is the person who forgave even a thing like me...
He's kind to even me, doesn't beat me or treat me horribly, talks to me normally, looks at me for who I am, and accepts me. Also, he's surprisingly muscular.
I-I... like him. I don't want to be apart from him. It's selfish of me I know, but I always want to be by Hinata-san's side. I really like him!"

I don't know, but he probably grows wheat for Donut's donuts.

Her FTE could be good but was half assed to explain her poor living condition. in general her personality is bland. she could have some character development when nidai died but no. heck at least gangster kid gets more development.


Not him, but I can think of at least two possibilities: NG code, and them being intended to be a hidden observer. There are quite a few reasonable ways you could spin it, though I still wouldn't like it.

that fucking monohuman always gets me
but the rest looks ok

>that Hajimeme


Oh man, my heart melted

founder is kind of a shitty translation. kyouso is more like a head priest. Ultimate Despair is the religion, Junko is the founder.

And since the valkyrie is "unrivaled", it's also probably Junko.

>ultimate jumper
She can jump really high?

we need more hajimeme air guitar edits.

So is there any hope left that kirigiri is alive. I genuinly feel like i was played like a fool by that bottle. I just want my fav ship to at least be in a situation where its possible.

This artist is based.
Hopeman should have gone for free healthcare.


Is that a trick question? If I say my favorite will she remain dead?

I don't think what Hajime thinks of her really means much here. He has something similar to say for everyone that he goes through a full FTE session with. Just think of how he praises Nidai.

Fucking hilarious because these two are the only ones that changed from the Distrust version to the DR1 version of this picture.

Chiaki hands down. She taught me a valuable life lesson.

There definitely is, but without anything to go on since the previous episode besides Juzo's reappearance there's little reason to think about it until the final episode.

>Non-purple Kirigiri
>Asahina not brown
>Sakura a literal nigger
>Celes looking cute instead of looking like a fetish escort
>Mondo without the corncob

Whhhhyyyyyy did they change the designs?

yeah, if I remember it correct that was her talent

After reading this I need more HajiMikan in my life

>Loli Celes

Who is supposed to be the character in the bottom left?


Love makes you beautiful, user.

aw cmon he's cute

I think I'll miss this meme most of all when the ride ends

I wish Distrust had doujins.

Hajime/Mikan and Chiaki/Nagito are my preferred pairings but I like Hajime/Chiaki and Mikan/Nagito
and Komahina and Nanamiki

I think it's Asahina.


Slim, borderline non exsistent, but still there chance shes alive. But i wouldnt get your hopes up.

swimmer tomboy


Stop with the feelings!! I already suffer 2 weeks to see if Kirigiri is actually dead, I can't have Juzo too ;_;


Can you imagine?

Looks a lot different.

It's a great one.

as cute as prostate cancer
spooky as fuck

>The only side she's on is the truth
She failed truth as well. Just accept Kirinigger went full retard already.

We spent so much time arguing over whod live or die. Little did we know both would die.


But Hajime/Mikan is the closest thing you will get to yourself/Mikan.

>realize that even if they all woke up this would be forgotten
>the two of them don't even really know each other
>Mikan will never be healed

At this point start the acceptance stage before its too late. Shes probably far gone by now.

Just dump all four into a room and call it a pairing.

Throw Sonia and Junko in there too while you are at it.


To be fair, it's easy to pin that on DR3 making a mockery of most characters. It being canon feels more and more like an insult.

Cred Forums, do you accept the canon pairings?


Tomorrow's the last episode of Zetsubou-hen guys are you ready?

I believe in hope, user

Distrust celes

But I'd rather see myself by posting single picture of her so I can imagine I'm taking the picture.

Also, Naegi was a better protag than Hajime.

My heart can't take this.

How about both HOPE and healthcare?

>not Munakata and Juzo

Yes please. Kill them all.

Mikan-chan must remain a pure object of desire forever!

>Who is supposed to be the character in the bottom left?
like others said. Distrust Asahina

of course i accept them as canon. i just prefer my what if ships.

She needs proper, extensive therapy to be in any way healed, and while Hajime's a good wannabe counselor, on his own he's not good enough for that.

Hell, it makes Miaya's irrelevance even worse. So many of the characters' issues would've at least been minimized to some extent if they had just gone and spoken to her.

I preferred Hinata when I played DR2 but DR3 has really made me like Naegi a lot too. Either way, I like both single Mikans and Hajimikans!

No shes fucking dead, she will be as dead as she was 2 weeks ago. I dont know why people kept shilling this idea she faked her death. It really devalued whats been honestly some of the more touching moments in the series

Too bad Munakata isn't a homo, user.

>izayoi and chisa

What is their problem?


Yeah, there's little reason to doubt them in any way at this point. They're all good pairings.

>Fucking hilarious because these two are the only ones that changed from the Distrust version to the DR1 version of this picture.

Indeed. It's amusing to compare the two
Still. Distrust Sayaka is better

doesn't she look like class 77-B's P.E. teacher?

Believe in hope my brother, kodaka wouldnt dare kill her

Someone post the cure Wew edit on dead Chiaki

>Putting Mikan in another man's hood.

I'm not sure why, but I think Naegi was always better. Maybe it's because Naegi seemed more real than Hajime who I always assumed was something special, but wasn't really until the last seconds.

>I'd rather see myself by posting single picture of her so I can imagine I'm taking the picture.
Yep same here.

what lesson?

Munakata isn't gay and he realized Juzo's conundrum way too late.

my boy deserves better

>Naegi was a better protag
How? Dr1 Naegi was as cookie cutter as a protagonist can get. Hajime got a lot more development as his own character in sdr2. [spoiler He also has a much better body][/spoiler]

It's a fairly generic tomboy design.

so fucking glad yamada doesn't look like a child molester anymore


A lot of designs were used so far
picrelated is almost exactly the same as twintails in V3

Kodaka said that both arcs have 12 episodes. Unless he was lying, there's still another episode left.

You don't always get what you feel you deserve in life, user.

>Putting Mikan in another man's hood.
Holy shit I didn't notice that was Komaeda's.

My bad lol. Here's another.

>implying he wasn't


It's sad how no one cares about Hinata.

He did finally get a figure, but it's only lottery. Too bad, Hinata!

There's almost no fanart of the four together. Just A combination of the three at the most.

>Unless he was lying
He may have. It's much harder to change a TV channel's schedule than it is to convince people about something along those lines that pertains to your own work. Just look at how Ogata lied to avoid spoiling things on her radio show.

Why Junko would want an army of these, I'll never know.

I liked Naegi because he seemed real. He was the every man. When you worked through stuff, you worked through it. It felt like he was getting better and better as the story went on. Hajime was always on a higher level and I didn't like most of the cast in DR2.

Thanks for the Mikan!

Is there a waifufag/husbandofag for every single DR character?

>doesn't she look like class 77-B's P.E. teacher?
not really

Not for Yamada.

>Too bad I don't want to fuck any of them though which sends my interest in the game plummeting.

You sound like a highly intellectual person user. Women must certainly make lines to date you

I've never seen a Hifumifag, so maybe not.

you mean his tweet after Zetsu-6 that had "zen 12ha" in parentheses, which is literally the only source I've seen people reference? because that just means it was the twelfth overall episode of dr3. give me proof otherwise.

There's only 2 canon painrings and they're Kuzupeko and Kyochisa

Friendly reminder that Komaeda falls under Teruteru's spectrum.

There's like two Shikibafags, and I'm one of them.

Danganronpa doesn't have all that much fanart to be honest.

It's nowhere near as popular as say Fate/Stay Night.

That's why I'm disappointed they are closing DR1/DR2 arc so early. I wanted to see more stuff like the RoD's waking up and seeing their bodies, Kirigiri vs. Komaeda and Hajizuru.

We got none of that. Kinda sad.

God Mikan is so perfect and the fact that I will never have her kills me inside. I look forward to sleeping everyday in hopes that I can at least be with her in my dreams.

desu, senpai. None of them are hot. How can I play a game with no cute girls?

at least i didn't feel actively afraid while talking to him

I think you mean Juzosuke

ahoges are stupid

Why the fuck was he even around? What does an "school advisor" do?

>Thanks for the Mikan!
Happy to share! And thank you too.

I really liked that teacher, died trying to save her students

He was a previous headmaster of HPA. Jin might have gone to him for advice on dealing with the steering committee.

I think if she is there she'll end up taking them to Hope's Peak for a final showdown, it does look like the exit door to Hope's Peak in the OP. Would also give the title some meaning.

cute and uncaring
Beta leon's execution didn't stop her smile

He could be bi. But I still believe it's quite impossible, plus Juzo deserves better

How different would fandom reaction to him be if Teruteru had his beta design?

You can't. So don't. Go play a dating sim.

Thats a nice smile

>check thread
>see dozens and dozens of Mikanfriends
This brings a tear to my eye

Brolove is one of the purists love. No need for romance

Don't compare something older and widly more popular to something that's nothing like that.

Madoka Magica has more fanart that Fate/Stay Night and the Fate series only has like 200 more piece of fanart on Sankaku Complex than Madoka.

Madoka, a series of 12 episodes and movies beat out a powerhouse that's been around for years.

got more development than most of 77 with less than a minute of screentime!

>You will never force her to strip for you
>You will never put your face between her giant oranges
>You will never taste her fluids dripping from her soaked panties
>You will never force her to give you a titjob at your command
>You will never give it to her from behind while smacking her plump cheeks
>You will never hear her high-pitched squeals when she screams your name
>You will never give her after-care after a rough session of bondage

The whole ending song seems to me to be Junko talking to Naegi. It outright says that he's clinging on to a false ideal, and if anything this series has made it clear that Naegi's "hope" is flawed.

Purest, not purists.

Only Kyochisa is conformed canon though. The rest is debatable.
Hinata didn't show romantic interest for Nanami.
Also Naegi has had so many waifus that Kirigiri goes straight to his harem list, so that makes it less valid.

Was it ever confirmed that she didn't have sex best boy? I've just taken "that" as being "yeah, we fucked" but is that official or are they pulling the "whatever you want it to be" card?

Too bad Munakata isn't homo.

>reading this

Everything is under his spectrum. He popper a boner to Impostor at one point.

>makes Miaya's irrelevance even worse. So many of the characters' issues would've at least been minimized to some extent if they had just gone and spoken to her.

many characters could of used help in that regard. a long list probably.
A shame she was thrown away


Don't give up hope user. Maybe someday you'll meet someone just like her and be happy together.

I ship beta!Teru with growth spurt!Hiyoko.

But it's supposed to be overseas
>it took you waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long to get here
>in the mean time I killed 54 people, tortured 13, made 174 people commit suicide, demolished 8 buildings, created 2 new personalities and killed one of them
>it's all your fault you know, you're gonna carry that burden forever

He died pretty early so not that different, he would just have a shit ton of porn

and we need even more of her. a few laps around a track with Aoi would be sweet
oops, thanks

He would be sexy and not disgusting pervert

I will get why Madoka has so much fanart.

Did it strike a chord with the artist crowd or something?

Funny, I see Hajime as the normal man in a different way. He was the one that failed to amount to anything no matter how hard he tried. He's the one who actually showed how much it hurts when reality kicks you down. His pessimistic nature seemed more natural to me. Plus, he also treated everyone differently. At times he was nice, but at other times he was kind of a dick, which I loved.

It turns out this was all an anime/VR, created by Miaya and Mitarai as therapy for the rising tensions/hidden despairs in the Future Foundation.

>Just think of how he praises Nidai.
Yes? And?
Honestly one of the nicer characters in DR2.
And frankly, brainwashing anime pretty much is only what could work with how he was charazterized.

Iam a Hinatafag because I think he is the most human charcter with the most human related problems in the whole DR cast.
Also because he is fucking voiced by Conan's VA in a fucking detective game.

No, but I wish there was more art of the two.
You will never see Akane's akanes give Neko's giant maru the best titjob in the world.

Maybe play something that doesn't involve your dick but your brain?


I think "that" is supposed to be a massage


I don't like Madoka, but all the witch worlds are pretty artistic and inspiring. Most of the designs are pretty nice, too.

I fully agree, but not many people have gone through his FTEs and Hajime really praises him quite a lot, hence why I picked him as my example.

I wish kirigiri survived. It just feels so shitty they put in red herrings to hint at her survival only to give us the middle finger in the end.

Fucking survivor count

I think "that" was her getting some kind of magicmassage. All of the stress and tension in her muscles were relieved after getting it.


Don't torture me like this user.

It was confirmed to be a massage

he would be almost as loved as Gundham.

No one can honestly not like Mikan. Even Saionji pretends because she is just insecure.

Only the best.

I'm not a Kirigirifan but honestly, I think she's alive.

It disgusts me.

We still have one episode. It's not impossible she is still alive.
I mean Juzo was. She is smart, she could have figured something out

That talent isn't everything in life.

I was one of those faggots that would parrot that people without talent shouldn't bother trying to beat people born with innate talent, since no matter how hard they worked or how much they practiced they would never beat them ie. athletes, chess masters, e-sports, etc.

It's confirmed multiple times that it's a really good massage. He gives one to Hajime in his FTEs too.

Oh yeah that's true. I forgot about the unique witch and witchworld design.

Kuzupeko is the only pairing i'll ever give a shit about.

The problem is juzo survived. The survivor count went down by 3. Ruruka, miayabot, and kirigiri died

I just think DR2 was too depressing. I get it that they were all the remnants of despair and it makes sense the game would feel like that, but it just didn't groove with me correctly. Besides, you don't even know Hajime was useless until the second to last case, I think. Then it turns out he was God all along.

So a game with competent writing?

To be fair, it still helps to have it and you're still going to have a much harder time beating someone with proper talent outside of things that can be easily mastered. Not that it devalues Chiaki's lesson in any way though, and it's a very good one to learn.

I just want Hinata-kun, Nanami and Komaeda to be happy
Is this too much to ask? Should I hold hope for that at the last episode of Future side?
Man when I think that DR3 will probably be the last time we will see DR1 and 2 charcters I get really sad, so at least I want to send them off with a smile.

Naegi, Asahina, Munakata, Mitarai, Juzo and? Weedman didn't count in the game after all. So that made 2 extra people

You're kind of lame and gross, that's probably why you don't have any friends irl.

Good to hear, do your thing and be satisfied you tried. If you ain't there's another day to get your act together

>juzo survived
Without his hand. We currently have absolutely no idea if cutting it off removes you from the counter. You would assume that it does, since, being stuck down there, doing it is basically a death sentence anyway, as it was for him.


I want them all to be happy.


Nanami will stay dead. Hinata will probably have some of his personality shine through in Izuru by the end. Who knows what the fuck Komaeda will do.

I got more:
>You will never hear Mikan squealing softly while she masturbates her puffy folds because you haven't given her none recently
>You will never wake up in the morning and feel up on her tits, ass, and sticky pussy to wake her up
>You will never cover her body with hickies
>You will never do and undo her bandages every morning while she smiles for you
>You will never lather her long, thick, luscious hair with her favorite brand of shampoo as you two shower for your next day of married life together
>You will never make her breakfast when she normally does all the cooking for you
>You will never have a wife so perfect that you daydream about her at your job
>You will never get reported by your boss because you messed up on your computer work bc you kept thinking about her too much
>You will never be fired for your mistakes
>You will never come home and give Mikan the bad news, saying you two and your two little ones will be without money for a good while
>You will never hear Mikan screaming in panic over what will happen to the family
>You will never argue over with her about getting another job and that everything will be okay
>You will never then catch Mikan sleeping with one of her ex-classmates bc they promised her a better life than you will ever
>You will never be stabbed in the middle of the night by Mikan and then have the blame shifted to that one lady in the courthouse you were staring at during the divorce hearings.

Gekkobot doesn't had a bracelet.
she wasn't counted?

I'm against relationships that involves more than two, but I'd make an exception here.
Well, that is if Juzo couldn't find someone to love as much as Munakata

Becoming a stepping stone to greater hope?

Please, my dick can only take so much.

Yeah, her "you can be anything" speech got me pretty hard.

Toko belongs to Komaru!

Weeedman didn't have bracelet too.
So with Juzo surviving, that makes them 5 in total

She was counted actually, she had it in her body, she died after munakata ripped it out.

Juzo's gonna have to be the third wheel.
Or Munakata can get with Juzo, I mean, Chisa's a nice girl, she can get pretty much any guy she wants.
I can't accept polygamy!

She did have a bracelet but may have been lying about her ng code

>mfw Monokuma excludes Teruteru from trial because he likes him.

>That ending

Again the problem was it went DOWN by 3 people had to die. Juzo was not one of them. Giri was

I want Komeada to drop his obession over Hope and talents, Stop hating himself, accept Hinata as his friend and live a happy life.

that Distrust Fukawa

How many stones do they need?


What the fuck?!

Ideally Munakata would be in love with Juzo too. Well, I did like his relationship with Chisa as well to be honest. So I can't pick, becuase I also know that he only had feelings for Chisa canonically.
So Juzo doesn't deserve to be third wheel, yes.

Do you have a pic with her having a bracelet?

And weedman isn't counted according to Kodaka.

I think her Dirtrust version looks better. Probably has a stronger smell. Would be better if she kept her hair in a braid tho.

I just like her character. If she ends up muching on rug with Komaru, good for her.

Post more Mikan pls

So you want Komaeda...to not be himself?

Gekkobot, Ruruka and either Juzo or Kirigiri. I don't see what the problem is, since, as I said before, we do not know how Juzo's brief handless survival or Gekkobot's existence affected the counter.

Distrust Fukawa ia cute.

>DR2 was too depressing
Really? I thought dr1 had the darker themes to it. Dr2's cast seemed to be much closer as a group than dr1's group ever did. There a lot more distrust (pun not intended) and scheming in dr1.

>you don't even know Hajime was useless until the second to last case
Not knowing what your talent is is essentially the same as not having one at all. If Peko didn't know she was a swordswoman and never picked a sword again, then she would be a normal girl. With the exception of Nagito, everyone's talents are something they were trained in and are tangible.

>turns out he was God all along
But the NWP Hajime is the one who had yet to accept the experiment. He was as normal as they came, which made him more relatable.

Looks like old office lady

Who cares about /u/ pairs though

For his own sake, yes, he desperately needs to change. Even beyond his actual mental illnesses, he's making things worse for himself by not changing himself to whatever little extent that he can.


Then explain who are the extra 2 survivors? Juzo and..? Since Weedman doesn't count

I like this art so much I hate it[/spoier]


I want Komaeda to keep obsessing over Hope and talents, and fill me with all his Hope and talents as I pull that fluffy marshmallow hair while he's got that swirly-eyed stare and smile.

>Would be better if she kept her hair in a braid tho.
kinda reminds of Fukawa's FF design with the one big braid

>Distrust Fukawa ia cute.


It was so good until the end

Chiaki will come back and they'll have lots of sex right?

Maybe it's because DR1 had actual Hope while DR2 only had Hopeman. Hopeman ruined a lot of DR2 for me. He was creepy as fuck and basically a fucking retard. Everything he did was so fucking stupid and pointless. I constantly hoped for his death any when I finally got it, he took out one of the best characters with him. Not to mention the survivors of DR2 weren't the best.

Hajime kept doing these amazing things though. He kepts figuring things out and was generally the guy who kept things going. I thought he was gonna be revealed as a detective or something. Next thing you know he's revealed as a reserve course student and then at the end of the game he goes super saiyan.

I don't know, I guess it's nostalgia glasses or the school setting was just better than an island? I don't know.

I think that contrast between her prudish exterior and her perverted side (especially when Genocider comes out) would have been even stronger with this design for exactly that reason. Her UDG design is still my favorite, though.

Holly fuck. She looks like a nun who is possesed by some type of devil

How is it that every once in a while we get a thread absolutely flooded with Mikan?

not that I mind

I won't deny that it is unhealthy but at the same time that is his character just like despairgasms are part of Junko's character.

Forcibly changing Komaeda's personality would give him no happiness.

I think beta Fukawa with FF braid would be the best Fukawa.

Sometimes a love becomes so strong it can't be contained.

I want to see a charcter development and a real conclusion to his charcter arc. It won't make sense for me to keep him kill others and maybe himself to become a stepping stone after waking up from the neo world program. It would be the best for him to accept himself and aim to be the real Ultimatr Hope like Naegi.

Mikanfags LEAVE

>Juzo in dress
Just because he is gay doesn't mean he is not manly.
He'd better make Munakata his bitch after all of that

Despair strikes again.

Now I understand why Munakata went off the edge.

Yes, that's what Nagito meant by having two hopes collide.


but just think of all the V3 sprites we can add to Hajimeme. Imagine Kaede sprites in Hajimeme arms.

>tfw there's no way we could ever get Stephanie Sheh to say this line for us

>Not liking Hopeman
He was the most entertaining thing in DR2.

It hurts

I like this version better.
So suave...

What is happening in this picture

Fun fact, I was listening to Bjork an hour prior to ep and now whole Juzo arc associates to me with this song
Especially the I love him/she (Chisa) loves him from 3:53; This time
I'm gonna keep me all to myself; he makes me want to hand myself over and "On the surface simplicity/But the darkest pit in me"

All he did was cause problems over and over and over again. Everything about him was just a giant bag of dicks. To think that Naegi and Hopeman shared something was a horrible feeling.


>possesed by some type of devil
and we know who that would be. Demon genocider

Too bad Syo doesn't have Distrust artwork

It's Art, user.

I hated him throughout the entire game, too. I've only come to appreciate him a bit more through hindsight, and memes.

Juzo was 1 survivor. The counter always had a mysterious extra member so it cant be kirigiri.

Not him. I loved Hopeman but he went full retard at the end when he killed himself and pulled Nanami down with him.

>tmw Mikanfags are just two anons exchanging pictures

It was all for the sake of HOPE
It can't be helped.

I'm a dub fan, so why haven't we seen any Bleach/SDR2 crossover with Ichigo and Orihime and Hajime and Mikan?

No one likes the dub.

That's because Monokuma trolled him.

>tfw Syo would destroy your relationship.

A fake hope. He doesn't know hope.

While thats a nice theory, i feel like the survivor count isnt an in universe item just something for the viewer.

Didn't you realize that he was trying to kill the UD and save Nanami?

Still there are other ways around the counter if they really want Kirigiri alive.

It's at least 3 because there's definitely two more than myself.

There are at least 5 Mikanfags here, possibly more.

Unless of course the other four were all the same person messing with me.

Every time I remember Academy or Island mode it hurts, because I remember that they could have been happy, but Junko was too bored to allow that.

>juzo in a dress
>not manly as fuck

>All he did was cause problems over and over and over again.
That doesn't change that he was the most entertaining antagonist in this franchise Moralfag-kun.

>Not liking hopeman
I think his antics were suppose to show that either extreme in the hope vs despair war is dangerous. It's why I enjoyed the FUTURE ending more. Trying to force one extreme would only cause the other side to become just as drastic. It's like how villians just come back stronger when they're defeated. If both sides keep upping the ante, then you get where the story currently is. Dr2's ending was basically saying that the winning move in the HvD game was not to play.

Pic related

Thank you for the song, user. It was good.

>I think beta Fukawa with FF braid would be the best Fukawa.
Could be. i wonder if we'll even get to see FF Fukawa.

Just how many Mikanfriends are there?

There are probably like 7 or 8. But the more Mikanfriends the merrier!

>get to see FF Fukawa.
in DR3 i mean

>he went full retard
I agree. I mean they all went for how amazing he was for creating an unsolved case but that felt really stupid and cringeworthy. I mean it's suicide and nothing else,you can't blame someone for a murder when you used them without their awareness or will to kill yourself.

We should point the differences:

-Homosexual: Juzo, Sato, Nagito, if the Fujos are to be believed.
-Shitty faggot: Mitarai

I'm avoiding all threads until V3 gets localized. So once this rides over, I'm jumping ship to avoid being spoiled.

A DR game with adult characters would be fun.

That one Mikanfriend does the role call pretty often and usually gets 6 or 7 replies, so I assume around that.

I would let that weedman fuck me in the ass, no homo

No he did it because he wanted to become "Ultimate Hope". He even asked for a bronze statue of himself to be erected. His motives were completely selfish.
Well he shouldn't have fallen for it.

He is the super genius, "I'm too smart for you guys so Imma troll" you dude.

All I needed was Junko.

Well, yeah, maybe. The entire world of DR is full of retards anyway. I don't understand why the general populace didn't kill all of the super high school level students. After the most The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History happened, it would show that the Supers were too dangerous to even be left alive. There's literally no reason the FF should exist and the people should be fighting to take out and imprison all the Supers just in case.

I wish, but probably not.

>No he did it because he wanted to become "Ultimate Hope".
That may be true but it doesn't change that his goal was kill the Ultimate Despairs and save the traitor.

Probably due to that Japanese (?) guy who starts posting things or others repost what he posts. Dude is the biggest Mikanfriend on the planet...
Literally every post he can't help but mention her. It's a good thing though, having a Japbro here that's part of us.

That's why I think Tengan's goal is ultimately going to be neither hope nor despair, but trying to get a balance between them.

>Likes Junko
>Hates Hopeman
Shit taste

>Syo would destroy your relationship.
and probably any friendship... and probably just your life in general

The chance of finding a Komaru that would befriend her was pretty small but Fukawa got lucky for once.

Yeah. You could for example switch someone's suitcase with a bombed suitcase then laugh when their workplace explodes but you would still get tossed in prison.

>yfw Mirai hen gets remade into a game later on

Nagito is hopesexual. He'll fuck anyone regardless of gender as long as he can fill them with HOPE.

9 Mikanfriends

Was it ever confirmed the survivor count was something actually in universe? I always assumed it was pretty objective and only seen by the viewer.

Well it can't deny that. I still think it was a foolish decision on his part.

SHSL isn't magic (though it seems to work like it), it's just talent. All you'd be doing is getting rid of all the talented people in the world, that's fucking stupid.

Agreed on the SHSL, but think about it, from a certain point onward, most normies act like sheep, either awaiting being slaughtered by the despairfags, or saved by the other SHSL who actually do something, so most likely they wouldn't dare face the FF, especially if they got fed or protected by them.

In Despair Girls Komaru and Touko almost got lynched by the normie adults, but that had more to do with those normies being the cowards who ran first and didn't had children in the first place.

So IMO, most SHSL not in the FF surely either got killed by mobs, or got recruited/killed by Ultimate Despair, the rest joined FF because there wasn't any other option.

It's just a part of the opening.

I don't have the picture but there was an article in AE that was writing conspiracies against the FF. I think Towa was planning on fighting against them but had to handle their own problems first. Plus, the remnants were so strong that small armies were needed to go after some of them. So you'd need people as retardedly strong to combat them.

>Reminder that Fukawa/Syo is LITERALLY A SERIAL KILLER

10. But I'm also a HopemanFriend

>the more Mikanfriends the merrier!
It's nice to see other people appreciate Mikan.

I hate Mikan.

Just imagine having to live with her.

I think, more than being SHSL, that user means being alumni at Hope's Peak, the place surely got a lot of heat after the tragedy, and anyone who studied there became suspicious.

Reminder that DR2 case 05 culprit was hopeman and Junko just twisted the rules and cheated to kill Chiaki, just like she did with her Real version and Makoto in case 04.
Worst villian ever.

So kirigiri really is dead, fuck.

A fighting game about it would be fun as fuck.

nah, Chiaki killed Nagito. She's a murderer.

>that neck

Which one prefers anal?

I wonder why Makoto never bothered to point that out to Munakata, Junko wasn't playing by the rules and cheated in two cases (4 and 5) trying to get them killed, the only reason he was allowed to win, is because she was absolutely sure of his defeat and didn't prepare any other cheat to ensure her victory.

And yes, Hajime could've pointed at the rules to mark Hopeman as blackened and Chiaki as unwilling accomplice, but, yeah, plot.

Was there every any written rule in SDR2 about how the blackened is decided that Junko needed to follow? I'm pretty sure in SDR2 she had full control on who was considered the blackened.

I just imagined living with her, man that felt great. How can I get my own Mikan? Iam prepared to take care of her my whole life.

If it wasn't for her killing me, I would date Fukawa in a heartbeat. I was actually tuned off when she started climbing the Byakuya dick.

It's not that stupid. Those kids are basically super humans. We don't need anyone like that around. It may take longer for technological and social progress with out them around, but at least they won't destroy the world when one of them goes rouge.

Yeah, but I find it so hard to think that there were no heroes left in man. Was there really no normal person who stood up and said, "Hey, let's take back our planet?" Would that technically make the person who did that a SHSL because he would be come the Ultimate Leader? DR's world is weird.

True, I don't disagree. However, you've had people gather larger armies for less. This would just be a way for a group of people to say, "It's time to take our world back!"


>Just imagine having to live with her.

It's the greatest feeling ever.

Yes pls. But change the plot. I don't want to play a mystery game when I already know all the twists.

Other than Mikan? Ummm... She's not on here but Junko

Probably Mahiru. Bitchy girls always like it that way.

I want a game where you can FTE Miaya and Bandai

There wasn't as many rules in SDR2 than in 1, and in case 2, Monokuma already decided who was the blackened no matter what, only allowing the chatter to scare the survivors and cause further despair to Peko.

Think about it, in this universe the SHSL are pretty much supermen with the power to create killer robots, brainwash you, they command armies, and sway the weaker parts of society to become murderers.

Sure, there should be heroes (I hope so, at least), but in the end they play in Junko's hands, because the only way out they know is to murder the despairfags, and in turn, becoming violent goons.

From the looks of it, Makoto was the first to actually think about de-despairing people, rather than simply killing them.

They seem like super humans to us, but in the Danganronpa universe they are just simply child prodigies. The fact that Hope's Peak is able to recruit so many "super humans" for almost 80 years by just looking in Japanese highschools shows that humans in their world are just different from ours.

They are all better than DR1's girls because they can each be paired with a male character.

Reminder that Hajime did the right thing becoming Izuru.

Cost him his waifu.

If anything it'd probably be a standalone school/island mode. The story is already in the anime and it'd be a waste of effort to convert it into a game, the only real thing we missed out on are the FTEs and class trials anyway.

Yeah, but by murdering people you don't exactly become violent goons. That's not how history works at all. If you have someone he keeps the course and doesn't let it get out of hand then you'll win. Wars didn't suddenly end because the good guys just stopped killing, they ended because they were able to inspire the people to fight and kill the enemy.

As far as we can tell Naegi's plan failed for the most part. 5 students survived. That's it. If you killed them and got rid of the FF, you'd have no one big to corrupt. You can focus on a system with checks and balances. The entire world is focused on being saved by the FF which is shown to freakin' despair at the drop of a hat. They're not worthy of being trusted.

Well they're also super humans to the ones in the DR universe. You've seen what they've done and how many people have died.

>it'd probably be a standalone school/island mode
No one would buy that.

>If it wasn't for her killing me, I would date Fukawa in a heartbeat.
who knows. with enough therapy and help. She might overcome her other personality one day..

>I was actually tuned off when she started climbing the Byakuya dick
Meh. Not that that's going anywhere outside her fantasy.

I wouldn't mind but it would need a complete rewrite.

He's gonna save her,those tears don't lie.

Not for full price obviously.

But she would have died even if he didnt turn into Izuru. He wouldnt have been able to stop her from doing her retarded plan of going after Chisa.

And if by some miracle she is a Chiakizuru, that just super vindicates him cause they can have SHSL intercourse.

You also have to keep in mind that countries around the world are in shambles. Any politicians still alive would have more problems to deal with than hunting down some Japanese teenagers. Resources are limited and morale would be at an all time low, they'd be more focused on just surviving rather than trying to fix the world. Look at Towa island. The adults hid away in the sewer and we're just trying to wait out the storm. Very few people would be crazy enough to go out and fight an opponent that reduced the world to ashes. And any who did without the means to fight back probably died.

Mahiru won't accept anything that won't produce a child.

All the waifus are dead, user. Juzo, Kirigiri, and Chiaki. All gone.

I don't Junko would've taken an interest in class 77 if she didn't meet Mitarai and she only met him because Izuru sent her to the hospital.

Nope. Hopeman would have shot Junko dead. No end of the world.

The biggest problem is that she's killed former boys she's liked. So I'm a little worried about that. I could even deal with Syo so long as she didn't try to kill me.

Even if it was fantasy, it still was a turn off.

Realistically, if you lived outside of Japan it would be super freaking easy to create a society that could fight back. You would need to ban any outside media to stop foreign attacks of brainwashing. The next thing you would need to do is wall yourself off from the surrounding areas to create a stable environment. Once you create the environment, you start taking refugees in and re-educating them. Show them the life they once had and show them the way to getting it back would be to kill a couple of high schoolers. Expand your city to a nation. Become Rome.

Problem solved.

It failed because it was sabotaged by Izuru, if not, Island mode happens and everyone awakens recovered from despair.

About the war, what Junko desired was conflict for the sake of conflict, and for the most part she got what she desired, remember Despair Girls, even when Komaru defeated the warriors of hope and was victorious, the crowd was still thirsty of blood, of the blood of children, mind you.
Yes, you can perfectly kill all the original UD, but if the result is the survivors taking the same grim outlook and considering the other human beings as threats to be wary of, Junko already won.

They're just the most talented. People see Akane scale to the top of skyscrapers barehanded and think "that kid could compete in the Olympics one day".

In the case of accomplices, masterminds are treated as the murderer.

I think she got an interest from them from Mikan. Besides, her and Mitarai's meeting was a "fateful encounter". Would have happened anyway.

Besides, you guys are thinking that if there is no Hajime, there is no Izuru. You could have replaced him with any reserve course student and I dont see how it would have played out differently EXCEPT with Hajime's Izuru reacting to Chiaki's dying.

So if Hajime didnt become Izuru, class 77 would have been fucked in the long run and no DR2 for them.

And also, Junko was going to survive anyway due to Hopeman's luck. He wanted her to survive. Cause he's a retard.

So Hajime was completely right in becoming Izuru.

Reminder that this other thread is still up

Hey, it happened with Punchline (anime first as promo, then game).

Yeah, but there's no mystery here nor an ability to do class trials. It would literally be a boring as visual novel.

It will trigger chaos, people will just keep killing and killing. No one would trust anyone, it'd eventually get to a point where some group will have to rise out of the power vacuum and take control. Who knows it might be another talented person, and you can't keep killing talented people since they're born in every generation. Killing kids based on talent isn't gonna help a hopeful cause either. Heck it's the second story in the bible

"But the Lord said to him, “Not so[e]; anyone who kills Cain will suffer vengeance seven times over.” Then the Lord put a mark on Cain so that no one who found him would kill him."

Revenge is no joke, only destruction comes from it

Junko's the one who said meeting Mitarai was fateful, so forgive if I'm not her words at face value. Mitarai wouldn't have been going to the hospital much longer since his health was getting better, so if the timing of WHEN Junko met Izuru, whether it's Hajime or not, would affect her chances of meeting Mitarai. If Hajime turned down the experiment or even delayed it for a little longer, then Izuru would meet Junko at a different point in time and she would go to the hospital at a different time.

You also have to remember that all of this takes place in about a 3 year period. Even if it's a relate lyrics young country like America, for example, it is still a country 250 years in the making. If all of that work was reduced to almost zero in 3 years, than rebuilding is going to take AT LEAST that long. Then you have to keep in mind that most of the world has an even longer history, and would have to start over again. Establishing their economies and food supply would take priority over their war efforts.

It's retarded to blame Hajime for her meeting Mitarai though. She didnt even know he was an animator capable of brainwashing when she embraced him. That's like saying it's more Mitarai's mom's fault for giving birth to him.