A Loli that acts with discernment is the best, do you agree Cred Forums?

A Loli that acts with discernment is the best, do you agree Cred Forums?

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I'm only seeing a dude and 3 hags.

i'm almost 100% sure hifumi is a boy. as in she has a penis down there

She's a girl with a very large but still feminine penis.

Show me the loli first and I will consider your statement.

Who even uses that word?

Adults do, user.

user obviously.

>a male

WHAT THE FUCK? Those exist in new game?
Otakus and yurishitters are gonna freak out

Fuck off, false flagger

>a male

Oh my god, did you just assume their gender?

Aoba and Ko feel the most like real people to me. Aoba reminds me of my sister.

A man is sitting next to a main character and is breathing in the same air, how angry were yurifaggots when this happened?

Aoba is my sister. I am Aoba.

it's even funnier because the last episode had tons of male background characters and they even mentioned that they were other 3rd party staff or something like that

Kill yourself, retard

>episode had tons of male background characters and they even mentioned that they were other 3rd party staff

What is the estimate yurishitter suicide count?


wait, is this image not a meme? Are hetfags seriously so autistic that they want "realism" in their moe?

This Aoba girl is getting too cheeky, she's only a newbie and is already getting payed more than Yun-sama? How many hugs did getting char design position cost?
She hasn't even modelled one monster yet! And why is she so skinny after eating all day, she doesn't even need to diet!

Learn your place, Mrs. Wears-her-seifuku-for-work.

Don't trash talk my cute and lovely wife Aoba.

>someone was assblasted enough to make this image

Yun, I know your job is pretty stressful, but please don't take it out on your juniors in the office.

You should take it out on that annoying part-timer now that she's fired.

No, she should take it out on Hajime. Sexually.

She already has.

Hajime is not for lewd!!!

Of course not, Hajime is for Yun-sama, who the hell is lewd-san?.

Me on the right

>she can't into office politics
Aoba already latched on to the lead designer+AD. Nene is together with the soon-to-be head programmer. Hifumi is the director's favorite. Yun should git gud and learn to play the game.

Me on the left

What's the next step in her keikaku?

I wonder how the retard who made this feels now that the author himself said "no males" after vol 3.

Also I'm glad they removed this smug little shit who looks like a rape doujinshi MC.

>the author himself said "no males" after vol 3.

Do you guys think the author was pressured by his editor?, I noticed the lack of yuribait in earlier chapters.

I don't understand, but all I know is cute lolis are the best.

I want to marry this.

/u/ doesn't seem to give a shit.

Good luck, VA's in Japan are like the second coming of Christ.

Then I will worship her.

What would sex with Nenecchi be like?

Nothing. She isn't real.

Both Aoba and Nene are old enough to post on Cred Forums. How does that make you feel?

Probably like fucking a onahole, she has no experience.

>moaning with that annoying voice

>hifumi turns them into a shitposting asshole

I bet Nene would be a namefag.

How does this make you feel?
And how did this situation happen? Aoba dressed as Sophia letting a line of otaku use her?

I want to initiate a sexual relationship with Yun
I miss New Game threads already


Yun's eating habits are having a spillover effect on Hajime.


The author's internet profile say homo, and it's later revealed in the manga that the company alsi have a male-only department

Looking at this picture, I'd venture to say Nenecchi would be one of the best newgames in bed.

Hate mail can be directed here: pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=59103362

I dont mind a bit of flab if some of it goes to her chest too



it was irritating that the dude had glasses but the other woman didn't have anything.

This is cute.

Those middleschoolers are sexy

Neither of them had eyes, the glasses were just painted on