Why does Kumiko talk to her cactus? Is it autism?

Why does Kumiko talk to her cactus? Is it autism?

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>not having cute girls talk to your plants


Insulting your plants can be great fun. They're even less aware of it than dogs.

>he doesn't love his cactus
Fuck off autist

>not talking to your cacti
it's like you don't love them

Cacti need love too, OP.

no. I don't have autism and I talk to my sword spirit loli all the time. Not out loud of course.

Is the cactus the second most shown plant in anime behind sakura trees?

>I don't have autism


You aren't helping your case.

It is pretty well known fact that talking makes you think about things differently than just having them in head. That is where "rubber duck debugging" comes from.
So she is just thinking through things loudly.

i wish my dick is the cactus

Is there a good 1080p batch for this?
GS is literally no seeds, and FFF is 2 episodes short.

But then you could never have sex or masturbate again because of the spines.

Never say never.

I was going to throw it into my Mega for you but I just realized that I have the DVD version.

>he can't talk to cacti
What a fucking loser. You should just kill yourself by jumping on one repeatedly.

you could probably just watch the raws, at this point I've rewatched Hibike so many times I can recite the entire show in verbatim

The cactus symbolizes Kumiko's hedgehog dilemma. She can't let others get close to her or they might get hurt and as a result of this she will also end up getting hurt herself. We see it in her flashback with her senpai who Kumiko probably considered a friend but who ended up giving Kumiko an earful because of her own incompetence and jealousy.
Shit like this made Kumiko cold and distant since she still very much fears hurting others and suffering from the consequences as we can see when she was afraid of talking to Natsuki after she failed the audition.

Plus it's easy to take care of and also very cute when she does it.

Neon Genesis Euphonumgelion

I just want to brush her hair until the comb gets stuck

Who gives a fuck!
I wanna impregnate Asuka!

Post your cacti

>he doesn't talk to his cactus on a regular basis
Try it out OP, it's pretty relaxing.

Wait a second... that's not an Echeveria. Fuck, why did I get fooled by the label?

to help it grow and make it feel good baka

woah cute cactus

What type of cactus does cummiko have? I want to get one like hers

Why doesn't Kumiko show off her feet more? Is it autism?

Brushing her hair must feel so amazing. Really makes you want to be her husband and take good care of her within a happy and fun marriage.

That's really cute. Kind of makes we want to buy a cool cactus.

Maybe an Echinopsis subdenudata.
If you can't find one, maybe try some sort of melocactus or other echinopsis.

>he doesn't talk to his cactus
Mine is my best friend. He's also my only friend.

>Kind of makes we want to buy a cool cactus.
Do it. They're so cute. I like giving out cacti as mementos to my friends sometimes. It's an odd gift but it's still pretty cool to receive one.

Alright, you convinced me. I'll probably buy one within the next couple of days along a couple of other plants I just read about after getting curious. Go green!

I recommend a Mammillaria boolii.

trip fro trips!

what is this magic?

would still bang

Thanks man. I'll upload a pic in the next Kumiko thread once I bought it, though it might take till monday. I'll name it Gigantuar in case you aren't around and decide to look for it in the archive.

would you become a cactus if it meant you could live with Kumiko?

Nice. I'll look for it.

How do you know its not a girl?

would you become Kumiko if it meant you could live with a cactus?

>not a girl

anyone have a cumyko mega folder to share?

man Kumiko with mirrored fluff looks so weird

>a girl

>mfw can't even post all my rare Kumiko's because I'd hit the image limit
it truly is the patrician hobby

Some nice and rare Kumikos can be found here

Why are there no real women like Kumiko? Why are real women so shit?

Admittedly, there aren't even many 2D women like Kumiko. She's pretty fun.

Because no one likes you, /r9k/.

Fuck off roastie

>tfw you will never take Kumiko out for a night in the town

She's such a great dancer

Why do you pretend to date cartoons? Is it autism?

Well it's not like kumiko would like you even if she was real.

Confident Kumiko

on the cover page!

gtfo normalfag

sleep tight kumi

cummy in kumis cunny

Never say that ever again

yurifags BTFO

what is stronger, gravitational pull or love?

Now here's a man with fine tastes

Gravitate, obviously.
They'll need it for the last arc where the show suddenly becomes a henshin action thriller, and Kumiko and Reina need to combine into the Trumponium to defeat a power-crazed Taki-sensei.

I would do literally anything if it meant I could live with Kumiko.

Fuck off Cred Forums

Make me nerd

you wanna fight?! bring it on, I'll fight you irl bro!!

cummy in kumis cunny


anyone just really happy that s2 is actually happening in two weeks and we're not just desperate and sad season 2 never fans with weekly threads?



Soon you'll be with keionfags and their season three never threads