Prisma illya 3rei

Movie about Emiya & Miyu flashback confirmed.


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Why are they doing a movie about the most boring part of 3rei?

So they can cash in on 4 Fate movies instead of 3.

Because they have to adapt it into some form and the content isn't enough to fill a whole season

Because it's actually the best part.

Fuck you the flashback is great

It could have easily done in 2-3 OVAs but

Shiroufags mean money.

>Better animation because they have more time and budget
>no censoreship

There is nothing to censor. We wont get any yuri loli kisses.

This is what I call good news. Maybe it will make up for his awful introduction in the Prisma anime.

I hate shirou but I can still appreciate it because I have fucking taste.

There's some gore and a some nude Miyus.

>There is nothing to censor.

>Prisma Illya movie
>Illya is almost completely left out of the movie

>inb4 they have a lewd mana transfer scene during the post-credits

So what, they're going to show the entire holy grail war?
Meanwhile Ilya's Shirou is barely allowed to cook and clean for the house

>this animated
fukin YES.
Same staff as the current season?

Are there really that many Shirou faqs?

Thought Fate was mostly popular because of its Heroines, the story is good too but surely the reason it became so popular is not Shirou.

Did you even read the manga?

Archer is the most popular character after Seiba.


Sakura is very cute in 3rei but she's getting rekt fast. There is some Illya interuption in the middle so i'm curious abour how are they going to direct that.

I dunno about everyone else, but if Shirou wasn't the main character of F/SN, I wouldn't care about Fate as a whole as much as I do now.

>are they
they are*

Probably, and then some.
With a movie budget you can bet they'll outsource some animators for the big fights.

All is forgiven about that fuck up on episode 11 (assuming that's fixed in the BDs).

There aren’t. It’s just a very vocal minority. That’s why the sales have gone way down, no one in the target demographic of a magical girl show wants to see an entire arc about Shirou.


They'll probably have an extended intro with Sakura and Shirou shipping just to twist the knife in deeper when she is kill

Fate wouldn't have been as successful if people didn't like Shirou considering it started as a VN narrated by him

Yes, Fatefags like Shirou. Magical girl fags don’t. Guess who buys this series. Well, bought.

This is nice. Be the director for the Movie.


>fate spin off
>not bought by fatefags
>still pushing the sales drop meme
Kill yourself, retard

>full budget where it matters
Based Silverlink


I am certain the majority of people who follow Prisma have seen other fate works and are not new to the series.

Don’t delude yourself. The average fatefag is far too edgy to watch a series with prepubescent little girls on the cover.

There’s a difference between being new to the series and sucking Shirou’s dick.

Took me a couple of seconds to realize it was not Miyu, FLAT.

The point is that the amount of people who watch/read Prisma but hate Shirou isn't as high as you'd like to think

Looks like that user who kept saying there will be a movie for the flashback arc was right. Also I'm so glad there making it a movie and not a small OVA series they will definitely need the budget.

Next year
>Fate Extra anime by shaft
>Fate HF by Ufo
>Fate prisma movie by Silverlink
What is next?
Fate ride never end.

Is this from the new episode?

I was wondering how they were going to do this and it's in the form of a movie. Works for me. Hopefully it means higher budget.

You can practically feel the satisfaction from the staff over the fact that they've finally stopped killing themselves trying to animate all those fights and are just back to animation naked lolis again.

wait there's going to be a Fate Extra adaptation?
It better star femc

I said nothing about hating Shirou. Just that most people, no matter if familiar with the franchise or not, are probably here for the magical girls, not Shirou’s extended flashback. The sales prove me right.



No, they don't, you retard. Because they didn't drop.


Kuro can wear anything and make it sexual.

>no more navel tattoo

Probably boy for selfinsert.

They’re dropping all the time, honey. And the manga barely makes the cut for Oricon rankings.

Whatever you say, deluded shitposter

Because it's good and people like it.

>*28,357 *28,357 Fate/kaleid liner Prisma?Illya 3rei!! Vol.5
>*19,428 *,*19,428 Fate/kaleid liner PrismaIllya 3rei!! Vol.6

It all comes tumbling down tumbling down

>servant saber
please no
any other servant than the saber clone

Nice source, retard

Who needs Illya when you've go this little miracle?

Yeah all those action scenes reeked of QUALITY

Source is Oricon, retard. You should be able to figure this out.

So, you're full of shit
Thanks for admitting it

I actually forgot about Tanaka's hand sword during the final battle. Shit's been so long. Pleasantly surprised when it showed up.
Almost made me want to play some Dark Souls again after watching it.

Nero IS the best servant in that game. When they adapt CCC it's Gilgamesh or bust, though.

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Drei!! Vol.7 30,537


Me too. I guess even old hags can be sexy sometimes.

>43. *18,205 *48,742 Fate/kaleid liner PrismaIllya 3rei!! Vol.7

>Shiroufags mean money.

Nope. Prisma lives on merchandise sales. Shirou won't sell any.

They are making a movie because they don't want to waste an entire season on the arc that's not going to make any money.

We don't even know how long the movie is going to be. It could very well be 40 or 60 minutes.

b-but the Shirou flashback killed the manga, why would Cred Forums lied.

2 hours. This movie will appeal to the large audience.

>Shirou's moment of glory all Shiroufags waited to see for years
>shit QUALITY everywhere, worst animated episode in the entire series

>loli action next episode
>10/10 animation

Are people really thinking that movie about Shirou will be well animated? Really?

They just want to get it over with and don't want to waste a whole season.

>Probably boy for selfinsert.

Only if they are completely retarded. This shit no longer sells.

>Shirou's moment of glory
>jobbing, jobbing, and even more jobbing

Please. He's discarded goods at that point not worthy of getting hyped over. The flashback is where it's at and thankfully they're dedicating a movie to it.

Just by looking at the poster, it makes me feel good.

Flashback is nothing but talking except the very end.

Nice shitpost retard
The lolis didn't look any better in 11. It wasn't any anti-Shirou conspirancy. It was just them not being able to keep up with all the action in a weekly schedule. These bath scenes are far easier to animate than all the action in 11

Do you have a fetish for banding?

Sounds like the standard Fate episode then. This movie will fit right in.

Saber clone sells

This. Shiroufags might as well quit these threads and stick to reddit and fapping to gay Shirou doujins.


That's cool, means we'll get finally some great animation.

Doesn't change that the final battle of 3Rei was badly done.

Yes. But generic boys do not. If they have a brain it's going to have FeMC. Just like inevitable FGO anime.

I find it hilarious that the flashback arc that literally lasted for one god damn year will be animated in less than two hours. Now that's some perspective right there.


Talking heads are interesting. Talking heads are the Fate experience. The only way to improve upon talking heads is to let them spew insufferable magic autism no one cares about.

Was it autsim

Should we expect ugly CGI for the sword tsunami at the end?

It was full of breaks and chapters half the usual length. And had 0 action until few last chapters.

>shitty sales

>sakuraxshirou stuff
>suddenly sales double

Illya should just be replaced by Sakura.

Here, allow me to improve that garbage, it really tickles my autism.

More like the animators they have are much better at lewds. And they couldn't gather the good people for one full episode of fight.

Previous volumes also sold 40k

They'll just copy the same shit that happened to Bazett during their first fight with Gil in Herz.

Except this time with even more post-effects up the wazoo and probably a snow filter.

You're reading a manga written by a man who loves the Fate stuff you hate so much, including your hated Shirou. You can fuck off now if you hate Shirou that much

>maid Miyu
>neko Miyu
>imouto Miyu
Is there a Miyu that WON'T turn on Illya? Fucking hell lass.

Do you think the movie will end here or are they going to add more content with the new chapters?

Previous volumes sold way more, user.

I don’t hate Shirou, really, I just find him and all the other fate related bullshit rather boring. It’s nice of them to put it all into one easily ignorable package.

I guess this compensates for Shirou's appearance being so underwhelming. Good job Silver Link.


Then, this manga isn't for you
You can't ignore the movie because it answers questions like the origins of Miyu, the class cards and Shirou's power
What you find boring, Hiroyama finds entertaining. Fuck off, retard

It's about the flashback, so if anything I'm expecting it to be "standalone", they won't show that it's Shirou narrating their story to Illya and the others, which would just look weird.

They sold the same. It went up a bit up when the unexpected events later in the series.

This. At most, it'll just show them in the room after the story is over.

It's called "Fate prisma ILLYA." They will show her.

Her appearing 10 seconds or none wouldn't change much. She's not part of the plot of the movie.

Reminder that it's incredibly weak to bully someone for their bear pajamas!

First two minutes as a recap of 3rei. Last two minutes as the flashback ends. I hope you'll enjoy not even ten minutes of Illya in the movie.

You don’t have to care about any of that. In fact I seriously question the taste of people who do, it’s already magic, no need to explain shit. Unless of course you need it for your power level discussions, and as we all know Fate, aka babby’s second Naruto, has a ton of fans like that.

She's also in the middle. I also want them to show Rin's reaction.

>babby's second Naruto
What are you doing watching material created by a guy who enjoys that and thinks it's good?
Kill yourself, shitposter

Mai dick is ready.

Why do you care so much about the author? Can’t you just let the poor guy alone? Everyone has some faults, and some people just happen to like Naruto, even though their taste is pretty okay otherwise. No reason to murder them over it.

>Kuro acting unsexy
>Illya acting sexy
>Miyu acting cute
>all three cups back together again happy

Holy hell about fucking time.
Miyu was so god damn adorable this episode that I've forgiven this long ass sideline into shounen-tier Fateshit.

Is that a taste of yet another Emiya remix?
I can't get enough of them.

>Kuro acting unsexy
Are we watching the same show?

I think that's Kuro's EMIYA. Isn't it?

From after the flashback to the current chapter, is there even enough for another season?

>after the flashback to the current chapter


Because you're watching an spin off of "babby's 2nd Naruto" written by a guy who thinks "babby's second Naruto" is good
You don't get to complain when stuff from said "babby's 2nd Naruto" shows up, considering the author has no reason to not use it because, in his eyes, it's good and he has no better chance to do it than in his own spin off to "babby's 2nd Naruto"
Seriously, retards like you don't belong here

The unsexiest.

You must be new here.


No, one page is not enough for a season.

In the eyes of the author it's a sideline into great-tier Fateglory
You disagree? Too bad, You can fuck off now

Are these mud servants supposed to be references? Maybe to G/O? They seem awfully specific in design, especially the one with twintails.

I wonder how happy all those anons are who were wishing for a Flashback movie.

So no new season of Prisma for several years after this movie comes out.

How does that feel, Cred Forums?

>vol.6 BD is literally half a year away
Just kill me now. God damn steam-kun trying to feed his family.

You must have missed the part where I don’t complain and simply chose to ignore the entry level shounen stuff.

And for the record, a Naruto magical girl spinoff could be from Kishimoto himself, if it’s decent enough, I’ll watch it.

Someone post Illya and Kuro in those cute pajamas.

Is it? It's similar, but I don't think it is.
And the CM again

You saved that stitch but not the one with them in pajamas?


Hopefully Protoype (PRAY DAMMIT)
F/GO (more likely, and by either A-1 or Ufo)
Apocrypha (see above)

Actually forgot the stitch

>Best boy getting a movie
Why is Shirou so perfect bros? Literally every iteration of him is great.

They will definitely show that it's Shirou narrating a story.

I want _______ Kuro

Didn't see it.

Oh shit. Thanks.


There is no chance of there being an image of this shot without the logo&text is there?

>It feels just like Fate™

They all look anime-original.

I love swords so much

Twintails seems to have a hoop thing around her.

>loli twintails
I'm super interested in her origin.

>cute cups doing cute things
I'm sorry for ever trashing you Herz because you were entirely SoL. I'll never take that shit for granted again. Silly little girl comedy is a thing of beauty and I never knew what I had until I lost it.

You're right, but your also wrong.

The flashback arc of 3rei is meant to appeal more towards both hardcore TM fans and the newer fans of the Zero and UBW anime. If not "meant to," then at least that's what it ended up as. The shift to it being a movie rather than a series is just as much for the sake of drawing in those fans that might not be watching Prisma as it is to deal with the fact that the whole flashback isn't really paced well for any sort of serialized release (that's why so many people got upset with how long it lasted in the manga). And it might also be to buy them a couple years for the manga to continue to give them more to adapt.

Can the movie work as a stand-alone?

It definitely can. In fact, that's probably why it became a movie in the first place.

Depends on what you mean by "work." The DEEN UBW movie "worked" in that it made a shitton of money and sold plenty of merch, even though it was an incomprehensible mess to anyone who wasn't already familiar with the VN, and even though parts of it looked god-awful.

I'm not convinced that the Prisma movie will be fully enjoyable to someone not familiar with Fate at all, but to someone with exposure to the VN or even to Zero and UBW it should be fine. After all, it takes place before anything else in Prisma proper save for a couple of Ilya's flashbacks.

Remember when Prisma Illya was about Illya?

Yes, for 3 cours long. Nothing wrong with Miyu having the main focus.

So when's the new chapter? There should be one soon, right?

It's still about illya and Miyu.

>that's why so many people got upset with how long it lasted in the manga
It lasted long in the manga because Hiroyama was taking breaks all the time and making 10 pages chapters, it's really not that long, you can read the entire flashback in a few minutes.

It's always been about Illya and Miyu.

Even the flashback people dread so much is still about Miyu. It's just from Shirou's POV.

Prisma Illya is the story of Miyu.

It's the best because shirou is the most important character.

Just because you imagine his dick in your mouth doesn't mean he's important.

Post >yfw the movie will not just contain a new Emiya remix, but also a new version of This Illusion

October i think.

They won't do that.


heh I knew it, Shirou's arc has just the right lenght and style to work as a movie, with exposition at the start, the everything looks good part, everything goes to shit, the last 50 mins of fights and end it was Shirou summons UBW as credits roll


You can read all of Prisma in an afternoon. That still translates to somewhere around 37 episodes plus the upcoming movie if you cut out the 2wei Herz episodes that weren't from the manga.

This weekend






I think they can skip some of the introductory exposition if they just frame it with Shirou narrating/commentating through the whole thing like he does in the manga. Just jump straight in with Shirou and Kiritsugu arriving in Fuyuki. Then just wrap it up at the end with one scene in the present, maybe after the credits.

And put the Illya closing scene as after credits. I like how you think user.

Keeping my expectations down though. Based on this season, internal SL seems to care about nothing but lewd lolis. Granted, they'll probably pull freelancers, but still.

It'll probably start with them setting in Shirou's house and the "let's talk about what happened" then the entire flashback and end the movie with Miyu appearing in Ilya's world an after end credits sequence has them talking about how horrible that was and then an explosion or something is heard and we are left with a cliffhanger of what's going to happen in the next season


I just want more Shirou.

indeed the manga itself is curiously presented as a draft for a movie, the author may have even narrated it as such knowing the anime was going to catch up and not having enough material for another season

Name a more relevant and pervasive character in the nasuverse.

>even in cute pajamas Kuro still looks slutty

Truly a best.

What's the best lewd part of this show?

This and kissing.

Is Ataraxia ever going to be animated?

Can someone post for me the panels of the Archer/Assassin fight from the flashback?

That's why Ilya's route got scrapped in favor of Sakura's to begin with, after all.

>snow filter
I'm sold

Hopefully not.

Anyone else fail to roll Illya?

Please bring her back to the gacha one day

If only I didn't get baited so hard by the swimsuit event. ;_;

At least Kuro is our beloved welfare slut.


Me. They really need to add a decent single-target Caster at 4 stars. Medea and Sanzou being the only ones in the gacha sucks.


Leg locking.

>didn't even bother to complete the family

Shameful display desu senpai.

>we'll be getting a fake HF movie before the real one even has a release date
Fuck everything.


Got her off of my 5th ticket.
I like her and all, but I'll probably just stick with Babbage.


>shirou is made of swords
>tanaka is made of swords

A coincidence? I THINK NOT

And we will be getting another cour that adapts the rest of 3rei, won't we?
>tfw HF movie soonish
It will be the year of Ilya

Chapter 40 has everybody, i doubt they will skip it.

Shirou's daughter from the future, sent to punish the Ainsworths in the past

yeah, so whats up with her? is she literally never gonna be explained or something?

1st HF movie is for 2017
The others 2 are for 2018-2019.
If i remember correctly, the 1st movie will be mostly cooking + Saber's death.

The flashback arc was the best part of Prisma Illya.

Next year or what?

Well Hiroyama just finished explaining Miyu, so she should be next I guess.

>I don't know what I posted means

I want to cuddle Tanaka.

You mean the year of Sakura.

I am fucking astonished that this actually got a movie as well.

What the fucks next? It's own spin-off?

A spinoff about Rin and Luvia at the Clocktower, all about their constant struggles with one another, which ends with the wildest lesbian fuckfest in the Clocktower's history.

>It's own spin-off?
How? About Kuro? About Miyu?

We already got Miyu's spinoff. It's called the Flashback.

Is this SL's first movie?

>Not Kiyohime
>Not Shakespeare
I wonder who they are.

Ha Shinji will die three times if done right.

Wakame doesn't deserve this

Cuddling is good. I wanna try it on Illya.

She has no big, soft chest to squeeze against yours though. At least, not yet. Give her four years and that chest'll be the softest and cuddliest one ever.

about gilgamesh

That would be a fate spin off not a prisma spin off.

>implying that everyone who buys a ticket won't be put under surveillance as a pedophile to be locked up before the olympics

when are we seeing adult gilgamesh

i want to see gil being the good guy for once for fucks sake

Sad there won't be more Angelica until the movie and bluerays now.


It's barely gonna have any lolis in it though.

>manga about MiyuShirou and MiyuKerry traveling around an apocalyptic world killing shit and being edgy to everyone
I'll read it.

What? This is still happened, but was out a small flashback in the scene after the battle.


They skipped Tanaka's panels.

It's about manly shirou doing manly things though.


I wonder what TypeMoon will do when Grand Order dies and Prillya ends

They'll find a way.

Embarrassed Miyu is my personal miracle.

Tsukihime at long last.

Shirou is one of my favorite MCs of all time. He may come off a nutjob idiot with a hero complex but his characterization during the three routes was pretty good. Nice to see him get a movie. I'm looking forward to snowy UBW. I hope we can have adult Gil to bring back Tomokazu Seki. It might be because Betsutengai is like Gilgamesh.

do another game, start others spin off
Milk Tsukihime remake
Milk others games
Make new IPs/New VN

Grand Order seems unlikely to die anytime soon, despite what the complainers like to think.

the cutest

Who cares when she has a soft butt and thighs?

No news since 2011 or 2013. Type-moon original anime supposed to be made by Ufotable.

Deepest lore.

>HF trilogy
>Extra anime
>Prisma movie

What a time to be a Fatefag

>Yellow eyes
>Just like Miyu
>Just like Shirou

Tsukihime died with maido's voice actress.

>MiyuShirou thought he was in Heaven's Feel
>It was Miyu's route all along
Top kek.

Best girl Sakura deserves both movies and many more.

Nah, they're likely to just replace her with Hisui's older voice actress from the garbage anime.


Nasu doesn't gives a shit about Tsukihime anyway.


Never been big on messy 1,xxx-st

GO is planed to continue until 2018 at least and they still have Strange Fake that's going to continue for a long time. Nasu might finish writing the Tsukihime remake before writing a new Fate story.

I got her with one ticket while rolling for Helena.

Unfortunately I'm a gameplayfag and she's absolute garbage, so she's gonna get turned into cubes soon if she doesn't start pulling her weight.

>manga about MiyuShirou and MiyuKerry traveling around an apocalyptic world killing shit and being edgy to everyone
I'm drooling

>"Ilya is bad" meme

I'm fairly certain they're doing both MC and FeMC. One has Nero, the other has Caster.

I want to kiss those legs and that is an understatement.

I haven't seen any promo art with Tamamo. Even the subtitle implies Nero above all else.

You might be thinking Extella, but I think there the Masters of Nero and Tamamo will be the same gender.

;_; fuck

I got her to NP5 and her ascension to 5. I'm so happy.

EMIYA is the single coolest existence for any self-respecting chuuni. He's got everything going for him- an amnesty motive, a brooding but snarky nature, an aria that takes cool to the extreme, his own powers can kill him, and UBW is the bleeding strawberry on top of the icing on top of the cake. We ARE a vocal minority but we're loud when it counts. Don't expect Shirou's popularity to die too easily.

Why do you even bother baiting?

You can have a phone wallpaper just by cropping the image.

I want to treat Angelica like a human being and have her slowlly develop feelings for me.

Dolls don't have feelings for anyone.

You don't know that. Anyway, Angelica is best doll. Way better than Beatrice.

>Kansho and Bakuya on cover
>Story of a blacksmith who made swords and his wife
>King makes an impossible demand of the greatest swords
>Blacksmith can't do it, but his wife throws herself on the fire in order to help him craft the strongest swords from her own body. As he continues forging them through the tears.
>Waifu dies to help forge swords
>The image that conveys Shirou's backstory for the movie are his twinswords
>Sakura died throwing herself on the fire, to help forge the swords
>Shirou is the sword
>Shirou became a completed sword, the ultimate weapon to win the grail war because of her giving him her card and dying in front of him.
>Shirou remarks "My swords, that represent husband and wife which should be inseparable, they were separated, ___ took it from me" when Julian unveils Sakurualot in 3rei
>This symbolizes Julian stealing Sakura from him, separating waifu and Shirou. An ultimate disgraceful act for Shirou. Since Sakura was important as fuck to Shirou.

Symborism, true pottery and shit

>Assistant-kun for manga drew Shirou with Sakura ghost on his back. Which is meant to mirror Kiritsugu's art in FGO, who is also haunted by Irisviel ghost that loves him.

>Blessings of the Holy Grail: Sap the luck of people around you, in order to increase your own luck and abilities in desperate situations. A man who was loved by the grail.

Shirou confirmed for Azor Ahai

But Beatrice loves Julian

She's dead meat.

She still lives. In my heart

He'll get her back at the end.

>Shitaya Noriko is going to play the main girl on another movie
Did she cry like when HF was announced?

I want to treat her like garbage.

What? Why? Did the Shirou flashback end?

Shirou flashback ended awhile ago

Angelica is fine though, she's still sitting in the same room


>Azor Ahai
She is a literal mannequin user.

Matters not tbqh

People keep saying this shit like it means anything

Its literally the same shit as Touko, yet people keep saying this shit like its any different really. Saying its oh so impossible and shit, yet its literally the same shit as Touko's dolls, or Shirou's body in HF.

As long as the soul is alive, you're fine, you're alive. If the body is replaced it doesn't really matter as long as it functions the same as the old one.

This better make up for how boring 3rei was. Maybe this is where all their budget went to?

I'm gonna watch it even though I don't watch Prillya just because of Sherou

Fuck off, Touka's dolls are the real thing, as if they were human.

Aisnworth are just mannequins no matter how you spin it.
On top of that what they contain is just a tampered memory of what the person should look like but acts on a different basis, isn't the same.

In all likelihood, The last and only purpose for Angelica's existence is gonna be to make Sakura return to Shirou as a thanks to him.
(showing a last spark of humanity in Angelica before she returns to dust)

Probably, me too

Also, Sakura's body poofed away into smoke before it hit the ground. I think that's the author's way of keeping just a bit of leeway with that plot thread to do whatever he wants with it later.

If he wants to pretend that she didn't die later, as its revealed Julian saved her ass right before she died by teleporting her to his house for some reason, the author can do that.

I'm not saying it necessarily will happen. I'm saying that the author left it just open enough to do whatever they want here. I gave an example in the previous paragraph, but honestly there's a dozen ways they could use that plot thread. Maybe Julian just needs to have the dying person present nearby in order to rip out the soul to put in the doll, which is why he transported her to him. Maybe Sakura used imaginary numbers to put herself into a dimension of shadows to heal, since it was apparently confirmed that shadow dimensions is just an innate ability of that magecraft. Although it would still be pretty hard to live without a heart, so chances are Julian is the one who poofed her.

Honestly who knows for now.

I wasn't really intending to use it as a phone wallpaper though.
I wanted to have it in the same dimensions as a playing card.

Why did they forget about Tsukihime?


He didn't, but people like to meme pretty hard because they're bitter about everything since glorious Tsukihime didn't replace shitty awful Fate peasants like they expected, when they remake was supposed to happen.

Tsukihime still has an ongoing manga or two, it does have new materials still. The new designs such as Sacchin, Arihiko, and new teacher were released less than a year ago in TM Ace magazine.

Nasu said he's making money from FGO that he plans to use for Tsukihime remake. The problem is that he thought he could get in a few writers he could trust to write FGO while he went to work on Tsukihime remake as he talks about in a recent interview, but those writers basically sucked at the first few areas of the game. So Nasu ended up taking over and basically writing everything in recent areas of FGO, so that it would stop sucking.

He really likes FGO, this is a project he's been thinking about for four of five years now, he's wanted to do a huge collab since the initial concept of Apocrypha which fell through. He thought he could kick back after starting it up and the other authors could carry the slack as the cow milks itself, turns out the cow needs Nasu in order to be decent, so it can't milk itself. He basically has to write everything now.

More money FGO makes the better things will be down the line at least.

Man, it's almost perfect, can you please fix the banding like this user? Thank you, please.

Interview in question

The only meme is Tsukihime remake that has been on the work for years.

Hiroyama did the Prisma event and that was pretty good, if kind of detached from everything. Urobuchi helming the Zero event wasn't bad either but he needed Nasu to keep him on a leash and not just kill everyone again.

If TM use the FGObucks to make Tsukihime remake as good as Mahoyo visually (while being much longer), I will forgive them

That's neat. Where did you find this? Did you edit it?
That works perfectly though. You have my thanks.

I want to take Angelica home and take care of her.

Photoshop, spot removal tool.

Could you by chance upload a lossless png or something?
To or /w/ or something.

What's your source? Because it doesn't look like it's the same image as the one from the OP. Considering this one has more to it that's cropped off from the OP image that has the logo.

Did you know each franchise depends on their own budget right?
Fate profits go to Fate while Tsukihime profits goes to Tsukihime, why do you think Mahoyo isn't going on despite overall Type Moon ges tons of bucks?

Holy fuck! I thought we were done with Ilya. I haven't been this stoked since I heard we were getting 3rei.

It wasn't boring. In fact it was really good.

The issue with the flashback is that it took a solid year of real time to get through.


>why do you think Mahoyo isn't going on despite overall Type Moon ges tons of bucks?

Because it isn't popular and tanked, not because the money from the company isn't used to fund other projects within the company.

Neat. Somehow I missed that that one was different from the one in the OP.

>Because it isn't popular and tanked
It wasn't as popular as FSN but it still sold well. Aoko made it into the top 10 of the 10th Anniversary popularity poll because of it.

When will best Type Moon protagonist get a movie?

>Manga about Kuro becoming Kiritsugu's apprentice working to protect her family's smiles
Fund it

>the loli grows up

She had to grow up to become a Dark Magical Girl



Why is this allowed?


So Tanaka is a Counter Guardian?



>Leg totally blocking her crotch
>censor it anyway
You were the chosen ones, Silver Link
You were supposed to save the lolicons, not damn them to this hell


Meanwhile Arc is still top 5 on the poll with a larger number of dedicated fans who voted her as their very most favorite than even Rin despite having no new materials in more than a decade.

Meanwhile Arc is still top 5 on the poll with a larger number of dedicated fans who voted her as their very most favorite than even Rin despite having no new materials in more than a decade.


Actress Again came out in 2008 and Fate/Extra came out in 2010. Extra Arc technically was a separate entry but she still would have kept the character in the fanbase's public consciousness.

And given that Arc had a decade of momentum as a main heroine while Aoko, despite existing since Tsukihime, was nothing more than a side character until about three months before Type-Moon Fes.


Choose your Illya.


Arc aged like fine wine. Showing up in fighting games and cameo apperances cannot even be compared to the popularity brought about by anime adaptations yet she still manages to contend or best main heroines like Rin and Sakura.

The ones not drawn by modern Takeuchi

I'd rather have this doll.


Not including this was a bizarre choice. She just goes from holding the sword to it being nowhere to be found between shots, then she has it again in a flashback to after the fight.

Saber Lilya is pretty great.

Saber Illya is GOAT because of the dress + gauntlet combo

Ilya Dantes is the real mans choice

Too bad it only exists as canon fanart currently, drawn by one of the Prisma artists.

And as someone else mentioned a while ago, that dress fits Illya's lolitits perfectly.

It helps that Saber is just as flat as Illya.

I kind of want to see Illya dressed up like F/Z Saber with the ponytail and suit.

No stitches? Where is stitches user?

I just noticed that nobody mentioned Kuro's glorious armpits. What happened to you, Cred Forums.

Caster every time.

Nah, it should be Kingprotea Ilya as the best choice in the end.

She'll be a hundred feet tall, and wearing this. I don't see how that isn't the best of both worlds.

They're already added to the mega directory


So you're telling me these girls are eleven?

>burning card you don't use
Why? It's not like you don't have the space for it.

They were ten at the start of the series.

>nipples touching
The absolute lewdest.

Post Sakura and Shirou please

Assasin Illya is the cutest!



What the fuck was going on with the pacing this episode? The sudden scene transitions were fucking awful.

Shirou was what made F/SN worth reading. I know you anime-only shitters don't have a proper reference point, but he actually is a very solid protagonist.

What exactly is it about anime adaptations that increases shitposting so dramatically? It never fucking fails.

>scroll through thread
>no stitch of Miyu's red face
I had to get off my ass for this.

I would guess it's because people that like television more than reading are dumber on average, even when the reading material is low-brow. In general, the less mental effort required to engage with a particular medium, the worse the fanbase gets.

More people watch anime.

Watching anime is a much less mentally stimulating activity than reading manga, so people who only watch anime are naturally less intelligent than manga-readers.

Not to say that manga is an especially mentally stimulating activity, but it's still leagues better than just watching anime.

Illya is 18 in most alternate universes, so it's fine.

But what about Miyu?

I remember that theory that Miyu was Shirou's biological sister to start with, but she ended up dying after the fire, but somehow survives in Prismaverse.

I mean, it technically isn't wrong now.

Purely criminal.

>dat ugly gif
Jesus Christ. We need a proper webm of this now.

She's from a completely different family. They showed pretty much everything from her birth to now already.

>That trembling
How did Illya get the Tohno gland?

I meant the part that she's now Shirou's biological sister. She just wished herself to be instead of being born in the family

>someone tried framing Illya and Miyu
>ended up chopping everyone's head off (including Illya's)
How the fuck do you even

It's a 3 year old gif I saved in a season 1 thread. I'm not defending shit.

Does anyone even care after episode 11? Snow UBW vs GoB is going to look terrible unless something drastic changes.

>unless something drastic changes.
A movie budget is a pretty drastic change. More money for a shorter runtime.

But they already started the whole "lets tell you the story" after the credits.

>what is movie budget
>what is outsourcing animators
The only thing that absolutely needs to change is Miyu's brother looking like a fucking twig when he's ripped in the manga

I don't know, this episode got super interesting after the fight.

For a point of comparison, has Silverlink even done any movies yet?

>Prisma Heaven's Feel will be animated before actual Heaven's Feel

Prisma author managed to pull off some high level trolling here.

Is Fate saved?


What route is this based off of?

Nope. Not if Wikipedia is to be trusted anyway.

They've only been around since 2008 though so I don't really find it surprising.

Financially, it's been doing well for quite a while now. Quality-wise, Illya is the only good part currently running. The mobile game is just cancer, and Apocryphora and Strange Fake are just fanfic level nonsense.


Flashback during Prisma 3rei that just finished.

Better to lump it all together as a movie, rather than spending another season on it


We don't actually have a specific release date for either movie, do we?

HF is three movies, its already confirmed

You can bet Prisma will finish up first.

Apocrypha is pretty bad but it's also been over for quite a while now.

As for the rest of it, I'm sorry you don't like fun things.

>actually comparing Strange Fake to Apocrypha


I won't say anything about Strange Fake, but I refuse to believe someone can find a microtransaction mobile game a "fun thing."

I want more Angelica next chapter.

I want more Loligamesh but that's not happening either

Nothing is stopping Julian from creating more class cards. So he could create another Gil card or another Caster card.

will luvia ever be relevant again?

Not necessarily. He might not be able to summon the same Servant twice.

Only when Rin needs Mana.

Rin looks a lot better with her hair down.

>the old hags
>ever relevant

>he thinks Rin is worth a shit

Miyu won't forget her onee-chan

Luvia thinks she's worth something.


More importantly, was this buttprint hers or Rin's?

Depends. Who has the meatier ass?


Technically Sakura has a better ass than Rin as well, despite how RIn is known as the butt heroine.

Its weird, but either way Rin's measurements basically only beat out Saber.

>literally two Kaleidosticks right in front of her
Is Rin a retard?

Rin is not know for her butt, is know for her legs and the high stockings she uses.

I would say this is true, and that it is accurate, but most people here say she's known for butt.

She's always been more about legs to me though.

And for her defenceless anus, pleasuring of old men for financial gain and sexual attraction towards the same gender.

Kaleido magecraft is pretty gimped for the most part in Prisma. It allows for LOLMIRACLES, but is just generally inconsistent.

This kaleidosticks also can't charge excalibur more than one time. I think they are chinese bootlegs.

>I think they are chinese bootlegs.
Sapphire definitely is.

I would love it if they start the movie off with a mountain top view of Fuyuki and the car with Kiritsugu and Shirou stopping right next to it.
No exposition dump, no nothing.

Angelica a best.

How the hell does Shirou's house still have running hot water and electricity when it's a post-apocalyptic world and he's been gone for god knows how long?


The same way the rest of the city does

Why is she in a bin

She's still relevant to my dick.

The rest of the city pays their utility bills.

Shirou's been in a dungeon.

What do you think the chances of seeing counter guardians, Primate Murder, or some other planetary intervention are?

>or some other planetary intervention

Kerry is actually a competent adult that makes sure everything is in order and set to be paid, despite his own mortality.

Did she actually, or did they just draw her face too old?

She seems to still be shorter than Julian.

Pretty sure she's still supposed to be a loli.

It's been like three months, and people still live in town. Or at least Kotomine does.

>Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Movie
Focus is on the Gary Stu boring brother.
Illya only gets a couple cameos.
No yuri-loli shenanigans.
WTF, I hate Silver Link now.

She got some real city miles after Miyu unfriended her.

Just compare her height.

How did Miyu, a ten-year-old girl who has spent her whole life being cared for in isolation, survive being dropped on the top of Mt. Enzou homeless and alone with nothing but her dress for at least a few weeks?

>that entire second half

I did not realize how much I would miss all the cheery cute SoL in Prisma. It feels so good watching the three girls be happy again. ;_;


Imasine is objectively superior.
Worst BD fix of all time.

Has she ever blushed like this before?

Rin is known for her shit attitude and her willingness to fuck old men.

Twintails looks like Sita.

Considering they are currently sharing information between group members, Shirou has just finished his story, Illya's will occur in the background since we've already seen it, and Tanaka doesn't know shit about hers, I'd say there's a decent chance of it.

>better anything

Calling it folks. Immediately next chapter we're going to get a mana transfer between Kuro and Illya.

Best ass, best curves, best breasts, best body, best hair, best girl. Best yandere, best route, etc.

Yeah, she's pretty up there.

No, I want to see Miyu try to protect her brother's purity from Kuro, like Illya did with her Shirou.
Even better if Kuro isn't actually trying to seduce him this time, just awkwardly trying to ask for him to train her.

>can't charge excalibur more than one time
They can and they do, it just takes time to recover because she's blasting it all away at once. The anime just skipped the Excalibur spam for time.

Yeah, I thought that too.

When I was reading the VN for the first time, I actually thought that Archer was that blacksmith.
Then I thought he was Shirou's real father.
I like both of my ideas better than what we got.

>Miyu thought Kuro was seducing him
It would be comedy gold.

The Ainsworths were paying for him because they're good guys.

When was this servant added? Haven't seen this art style nor the character before.

I just want the mana transfer to happen so that SL is compelled to insert a lewd loli kiss in the movie once everything is said done hopefully after the credits.

>Best ass, best curves, best breasts, best body, best hair, best girl
Miyu has her beat on all counts.

They wouldn't do that, right?
They're not crazy enough to animate lolis frenching and grinding on each other on the silver screens, right?


She wasn't, she only appeared briefly during the America story chapter.

That said, her artist has also done two OTHER Servants who both appear in the story chapters and are permanent parts of the gacha, Atalanta and Rama.

>This kaleidosticks also can't charge excalibur more than one time

Rate my OC my anonymous friends.


Luvia isn't an old man.

That was two Kaleidosticks.

When used together their GN particle output is squared.

Should've done this with gil fight too instead of Herz

So either one can do three at a time?

The Kaleidosticks don't have any limit as far as resources go, that's their entire point. Zelretch designed them to draw their energy from other dimensions, the only limit is what the user is capable of handling

How long will the movie be about 70 to 80 minutes in guessing?


Welp. I'm gonna have to wait for all of 3rei's BDs come out before I try to marathon all four seasons.

Then a manga marathon as well.
Shit's going to be fucking classy.

But wasn't Miyu's world almost out of mana? Wouldn't that make almost all alternate universes almost mana-less too?


matter is not created or destroyed, its just infinitely moved around.

Mana is pulled from one world-line to another by kaliedo sticks.

Not at all.

We've seen a ton of alternate universes. Every route and bad end of Tsukihime, FSN, Melty Blood, Fate/Extra and CCC are each a separate universe. KnK and FGO and Prototype and Apocrypha are their own universes as well. And there are countless other subtly shifted possibilities that we haven't been shown directly as well.

Out of all of those, we've seen Miyu's universe and the Extra universes as worlds where the mana is disappearing. If anything, that indicates that the worlds where the mana is fine greatly outnumber the worlds where they aren't.

Funnily enough,aren't the Kaleidosticks only a C Rank "infinite mana provider" in GO?

What's an A Rank like?The OG Jewel Sword?

Does sakura exist in illyas' world?

You what? She met Sapphire the same night. And she's not stupid by any means. Hell, what about Ryudou monks?

Yes. We've seen her before. She's sneaking Fluffy-Shirou away from Rin and Luvia while they fight/fuck each other.

Ilya's NP is A+ rank, Quintet Fire Zwei Form.

Most likely yes, judging by Rin's reaction during the flashback. We also know that Kirei, Tokiomi, Zouken and Acht are nowhere around and presumably dead.

Character Information
Illustrator: Hiroyama Hiroshi
CV: Kadowaki Mai (Illya) & Takano Naoko (Magical Ruby)

A rather ordinary girl who goes to the elementary branch of Homurabara Academy.
She may have silver hair, red eyes, an aristocratic sounding name, parents who are always away on mysterious business, two maids in her ordinary house, and a brother of no blood relation… but she’s a completely ordinary fifth grader.


Cheerful-Type Mystic Code: A
Born of Nature: B
Suspicious Drug: A
Magic Resistance: B
Infinite Mana Supply: C

Bond Level 1
Height: 133 cm
Weight: 29 kg
Source: Fate/kaleid liner PRISMAILLYA
Region: Fuyuki, Japan
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Female

She’s somewhat used to getting lost in other worlds. Totally normal.

I think he might have been referring to her passive Unlimited Mana Supply skill.

Bond Level 2
On an evening like any other, Illya was trying to relax in the bath, when a magical stick attacked her out of the night sky.
She was seduced by the squirming, chatty, maximally suspicious stick, leading to the explosive birth of Kaleid Liner PrismaIllya.
Of course, she keeps it a secret from her classmates!
…That night, she met her destiny.

Bond Level 3
Illya is surprisingly adaptable and sociable, taming a bizarre stick, opening a taciturn girl’s heart, and welcoming a murderous girl into her own family.
A critic would call her wishy-washy.
Her indecisiveness may have carried her all the way to Chaldea, but she’ll probably also do quite well for herself here.
She’ll surely be fine, with her magical stick, her desire to seek the future, and her adorable wit.

Bond Level 4
Multi-instrumental Saturation Bombardment — Quintett Feuer
Rank: A+
Type: Anti-personnel Noble Phantasm

By forcing the spell to recognize her muscular, nervous, vascular, and lymphatic tissue as false magic circuits, Illya can sacrifice her body to gain a momentary boost in firepower.
The tremendous torrent of magical energy, dancing through the five circuits running along her body, boasts destructive power rivaling the radiance of the planet.

Bond Level 5
Suspicious Drug: A
A mysterious drug that Ruby distills in the attic, night after night.
Indeed, Amber Herbs.
The raw materials are mainly (toxic) plants.
Rumors speak of the secretive Einzbern family growing suspicious flowers in their backyard, a veritable Psycho Garden that a trained eye would know to report to civil authorities.
The drug’s effects are so extraordinary as to be terrifying, though they mostly lead to terrible consequences. Use in moderation.

Unlock: ???

Is this where the budget went?

The final part of her profile should be unlocked now that the event is over. Kuro's too.

>event is over
>Miyu servant really did never happen


She'lll married to fluffy Shirou in all likelyhood once they come back.

Not kidding.

So why are the Ainsworths counterfeiters?

No, Miyu's world is just one alternate universe.

>applying physics to magic
Prana is constantly being created by souls.
Natural life produces Od, the principle fuel of magecraft.
The planet-soul, Gaia, produces Mana, significantly more resource-dense prana that usually only needs to be tapped into for large rituals.
For example, the Greater Grail is basically a mana "volcano" that the Einzberns used Justeaze to weaponize as a wish-granting device. Such a massive reserve of mana can be used to perform magecraft near the level of miracles, such as opening a path to the Root, or producing All Evils of the World to wipe out humanity.

In Miyu's world, something went terribly wrong and Gaia is dead or dying. Mana is no longer being produced, and where the mana has been spent, the dying planet is releasing Grain, which is basically the "dust" that the rotting "corpse" of the planet is decaying into. Something far more powerful than mana, but incompatible with life and magecraft as we know it.

Fake grail war, fake moon cell, fake grails?

Miyu is a pretty authentic wish granting device though. And it's not like the real holy grail war can be considered very authentic either.

So, what's Julius plan for when the types come to fuck up everyone?

>She met Sapphire the same night
When is that ever stated?
You're saying Miyu and the Class Cards were brought to Illya's world, the Mages Association detected this in some insignificant corner of the world, eventually sent Bazett to collect them, Bazett located and defeated two Servants, Bazett was recalled to the Association after a power struggle, and Luvia and Rin were sent in her place — all in one night?

>she's not stupid by any means
It's not "stupid", it's "young girl lacking any practical experience surviving alone in the wilderness/city streets with absolute no supplies or preparation"

>what about the Ryudou monks?
If they took her in, why do Luvia and Sapphire find her homeless and hungry in a playground?

I hope we get a doujin about Illya x Kuro x Tanakahand.

>In Miyu's world, something went terribly wrong and Gaia is dead or dying. Mana is no longer being produced
Now that I think of it, maybe this explains why Tanaka doesn't have any memories. If all the the world's mana is screwed up, then maybe Alaya couldn't properly summon her as a counter guardian, so she ends up losing her memories like EMIYA did.

Rin talks about going back to her parents' house.

They're not dead.

They are all fakes, half the family consists of dolls, they produced both the actual class cards (which can be considered fakes/copies of heroic spirits) and made up completely new fake cards, they created a fake moon cell, and staged a fake grail war.
Everything about them is fake

Why did Luvia take in some random girl she encountered at a playgrond?

>it's not snow or a blizzard, it's just going to be animated as sand like usual

How much do you want a bet?

What else is Julian trying to save?

He lost to a bunch of little girls, so maybe his dignity?

I wonder if Miyu Shirou X Luvia is going to be endgame because of the little sister thing.

Probably Erika since he earlier said he would save his sister.

Except the snow was what makes it different from all the other UBWs.

Silver Link using the budget where it really matters as always.

>boy grows up believing his father's ideals
>his father adopts a loli and plans to sacrifice her to save the world
>but he dies before accomplishing this
>boy inherits his ideals but refuses to sacrifice his little sister and looks for another way instead
Julian is literally Nega-Shirou.

Do you need a reason to take in a random loli if you're rich?

Official super canon pairings
Luvia x Rin
Miyuverse Shirou x Sakura
Ilya x Miyu
Kuro x All the girls she can get her hands on, but never really settles down with anyone

What will Gil do now? Will he stay shota or will he turn back?

So if I become rich, I can just take as many lolis I find home with me as I want?

That is the idea, yes.


Didn't it compete with a charged Ea and beat it?
how the hell is it ranked the same as Excalibur?

>not sacrificing herself to save Illya while saying something about an older sister's duty to protect her little sister

It's implied in one of the later chapters that Luvia ran into Miyu the same night that Miyu got sent to that world. She was still wearing that dress that she's seen in when Miyuverse Shirou rescues her. She had another jacket on top of it, though.

I wonder if she has back problems.

Those heroic spirits confined in class cards are way weaker than the real deal.

Everything about them is fake.
Their magecraft is used for deception, misdirecting their opponents and creating illusions of both power and civility.
Julian poses as his father, Darius. Except his father's name was Zachary?
They create servants out of dolls that imitate the dead.
They gain their power by imitating Heroic Spirits.
Their Cup is a "pithos", only a container, that can never grant a wish like a Holy Grail.
Their actual Holy Grail is a natural-born miracle stolen away for their own selfish use.
More than anything else, Julian acts like he has the moral high ground when his ultimate motivation is all-but-stated to be just as selfish as Shirou's, willing to sacrifice everything else so long as he can "save" Erika.

They're all impostors to the core.

Strengthening Magic on her spine.

Is she bathing with Rin again?


That entire second half was more animated than some of the fights in this season. Perfect.

Why the fuck they cover her nipples with hair?

Can't they just use steam and later remove it on the BD ?

There is nothing that confirms this.

The Kaleidosticks may seem like good guys, but they only cooperate with Rin & Luvia when it's to save Illya or Miyu's lives. They are pieces of shit that won't let Rin touch them and don't actually care about anything other than harvesting the love from their hosts.

She was in Zwei Form when she managed to beat Enuma Elish.

what i want to know is how the fuck were they able to stop the mooncell, even a fake one, that things easily got enough power to pimpslap the entire counter guardian force and alaya.
the moon cell is literally type-moon with all the retardation that entails, and even a fake one would pimpslap around divine class shit let alone whatever the fuck tanaka is.

>his father adopts a loli and plans to sacrifice her to save the world
>but he dies before accomplishing this
>boy inherits his ideals but refuses to sacrifice his little sister and looks for another way instead
1. Erica's not adopted.
2. Julian fucked up the previous War (probably by wishing for something Kirei-style), killing Darius/Zachary, Matous and destroying a third of Miyama in the process. or at least that's heavily implied
>refuses to sacrifice his little sister
3. And does it in the end anyway. I mean, whatever happened to Erica can't be good by any means.

She must have tiny nipples considering her hair can cover them that easily.

Gotta love Zelretch. Even the mystic codes he makes troll everyone.

The 2nd OVA says otherwise.

well no shit, they are the personal items of zelretch, whos an immortal vampire mage who can dick around with serious time and space magic as well as wielding one of the true magicks freely. there is probably no person in the entirety of the type-moon franchise that gives less fucks then him.

>She was still wearing that dress that she's seen in when Miyuverse Shirou rescues her.
That doesn't really mean anything. She was pretty much sent to Ilya's world with nothing but the clothes on her back. She could have been there for weeks, still wearing the same clothes.

Silverlink does nipples?

Does the mooncell even exist outside of Fate/Extra's universe?

Never seen any myself.

>how the fuck were they able to stop the mooncell
It's not a Moon Cell. It's probably Pandora's Box Anyway, since it works on mana, Tanaka's Knight Arm made of Grain cut the flow of mana and caused those cracks, interrupting the ritual.

Luvia doesn't meet her until after Sapphire finds her. Luvia takes her in because she is a good and charitable person, unlike Tohsaka Rin, a woman without any natural human kindness.
We're not given any exact timeframe between Miyu and the Cards showing up and Rin and Luvia arriving in Japan, but there's simply no plausible way it's been any less than a few days, likely at least two weeks.

There is some theories that Tanaka is Type-Mars.

They are rods of infinite power designed by Zelretch. He doesn't create shit like that and make it easy to use. He creates a balance to it that makes it so no sane magus would use it freely. Otherwise you have asshole magus with infinite mana running around.

What's the balance? It has a mind of its own and destroys your dignity entirely upon using it. For a magus, dignity and pride is everything, therefore this is an item that cannot be abused.

Its foolproof, the only people who can use it freely are innocent types like kids.

You know the one. Literally that one stitch of Luvia in the bath with her nips barely obscured by the water.

Literally the only semblance of nipples in the entirety of Prisma. And it went to Luvia.

Practically. See

Tanaka is Atilla the Hun?

I feel like I have seen it before but I was feigning ignorance in the hopes that someone would post it.

well it clearly exists in prismaverse if nowhere else, so i'm taking the rules that normally apply to it and adding it there, realistically julian should have shitstomped everyone and their mother with it.
not only that but something that powerful is probably whats setting off the Fate/Notes scenario going on that planet, and i'm legit surprised none of the types have gotten off their collective asses to slap his and his families shit.

Where do all the Types show up anyway? Is it only supplementary materials?

Pretty sure Rin has been a big sister figure to Illya ever since she took her on as her servant, and legitimately cares for Illya and her wellbeing.

this would actually explain an absolute fuckton actually.
doesn't explain why tanaka is perpetually retarded tho.

You learn about them in Tsukihime mostly.

>well it clearly exists in prismaverse if nowhere else
Can you explain? I haven't played Extra.

That's just spots of colour. Not nipples at all.

Then think how can Illya easily maintain Zwei form in FGO then? Or that her unlimited mana rank is only C? It's not something to be taken seriously, not to mention, there are actually many factors that affected that fight.

When? I played through Tsukihime and don't remember anything about Types.

Pretty retarded one, if I may add.
>what's Notes

Angel Notes features a few of them very prominently. Arc is essentially one of the last vestiges of the Type Moon as well as being a bootleg Type Earth. There is speculation that a Servant that appears in FGO and Extella might be Type Mars. Type Mercury is referenced directly in Hollow Ataraxia and Strange Fake.

Yes and no

Imagine if god was a giant computer in the sky, sorta. An alien computer within the Moon that has watched humanity since before human history. Basically all powerful, but entirely neutral, its only job is to observe shit.

The core of the Mooncell is a giant cube

I've played Tsukihime, and nowhere was there mention of Types. Arc was just a Vampire and considered herself as such.

Aside from Type-Moon aka Arcuid, the loading screens in Kagetsu-Tohya tell you a few of them.

It feels more boss and employee with Rin and Illya minus the paycheck.

considering one of the masters straight up wants to use the grail to shit ORT onto earth and send everything to hell, yeah thats a pretty direct reference to type mercury in Strange Fake.

Anyone has a link to the previous thread?

But why does the Mooncell have to exist in the Prismaverse? From what I understand, it's not in the regular Fate universe, so what makes Prisma different?

Because it's most probably a fake of the moon cell.

Remember that big black cube? That's the mooncell.

Maybe at first, but get deeper into Prisma and Rin's mood and attitude changes considerably.

Oh shit, ok. Now I see.

Remember that giant cube in the last couple episodes?
That's EXACTLY what the Mooncell looks like.

1. Why the fuck would the Moon Cell be on the Earth?
2. Why the fuck the Ainsworths create the whole system with cards if the have the real Moon Cell?
3. Why the fuck Julian's cube and yes, I refuse to call it a black Moon Cell because it's not one can only summon heroes that were unable to obtain the Holy Grail?

Mooncell can basically reshape the face of the Earth if it felt like it, it has admin rights over the planet.

However it doesn't feel like it, its neutral. However if someone manages to win the Mooncell grail war, which the Mooncell puts on occasionally in order to observe humans up close, they're able to reach the Mooncell core and make a wish. Mooncell then reshapes earth to fit their ideals or something.

You say "Not a regular Fate universe", that's when you go off into bullshit. In the infinite multiverse, Extra is about the same distance away from Fate route, as UBW is to HF, or Apocrypha is to UBW. They're all infinitely close yet not touching. No it isn't that this one fake universe is singled off from the others, they're all the same shit.

it could be types and the mooncell exist in every universe and julian or his father being retarded somehow highjacked the mooncell, thus leading to the cataclysmic fuckup that is the miyuverse, its really the most plausible theory anyways provided thats not actually pandora's box, which is extremely retarded because it makes no sense being tied to the throne of heroes or dumping grail mud everywhere.

Did you even watch the beginning of the latest episode? Rin clearly cares for her now.

It does seem really obvious that the end of the world was orchestrated by the Ainsworths just so they could "save it" dramatically, like a play.

because like everything else the ainsworths have its clearly a fake or they can't access it correctly so it malfunctions hard.
my guess with the pithos thing is they want a container to properly dump all the mooncell energy into so they can actually use it towards whatever retarded goal they have.

We don't KNOW that it's the Mooncell Core, it just looks pretty similar and the Mooncell is one of the only things we know can handle operating a Grail War. It also fits with both settings having the dying planet.
At the same time we have no fucking clue how some uppity Magi could manipulate it and make it fucking pocket-sized or spew Grail mud.
We just don't know what it is, all we have is guesses based on the evidence. Like with Tanaka.

>You say "Not a regular Fate universe", that's when you go off into bullshit. In the infinite multiverse, Extra is about the same distance away from Fate route, as UBW is to HF, or Apocrypha is to UBW. They're all infinitely close yet not touching. No it isn't that this one fake universe is singled off from the others, they're all the same shit.
Don't be pedantic, user. You know what I meant.

I guess I should finally get around to playing Fate/Extra.

I could see this happening. It would definitely fit in with their theme.

>Literally the only semblance of nipples in the entirety of Prisma
The manga does nipples all the time, just not in full detail; either silhouetted or under tight clothes.
Even if you're just talking about the anime, Illya and Kuro have full-blown symmetrical docking with fully drawn and colored nipples in the 2wei OVA.

So they could be reveled as heros that saved the world?

i'm still convinced they somehow made a copy that is rampant and useless in its current state and they need a container to hold the prana of it so the prana is actually controllable to use or its the real one and isn't cooperating but the ainsworth caused some true magic level fuckery to it.

wait first people were saying that tanaka was ado edem, now she's supposed to be type mars?

It seems their end goal is to get inside the throne of heroes.

I still think she's probably a counter guardian.

Luvia x Rin
Miyuverse Shirou x Miyu
Fluffy Shirou x Illya
EMIYA x Kuro

>they want a container to properly dump all the mooncell energy
Jesus H. Christ. THEY WANT THE GRAIL. Even 2 now. Why would they fix a Grail with a Grail?
They are the heroes of "the play". That's it. They think they're protagonists. Remember Zepia/Dust of Osiris who're in the same fucking situation? They talk in the same fashion.


i legit think shes something higher on the totem pole then a mere counter guardian though, otherwise she wouldn't be able to do shit against something like the mooncell.
hell even a grand servant would be able to do fuck all in that situation.

Miyu's world has been dying for a long time. The Ainsworth's Holy Grail War was developed with the specific purpose of saving humanity. Assuming it had previously been following a similar schedule to the Ainsworth's one in main Fate, the planet could have been killed centuries ago.
It's possible that the Ainsworths were at least involved in whatever incident fucked the planet, but it's very unlikely that Julian and his cronies specifically were the Ainsworths involved at the time.

Well remember, it's not the real mooncell, it's the Ainsworths' fake.

It just mean one isn't enough to power the fake moon cell. Julian need two to have enough.


1. Why the fuck it can't go to earth?
2. Can F/E servants control every function of the Moon Cell? Even in Virtual world they can't, they still need to follow procedure to activate the functions of mooncell.
3. Mindless Servants are easier to control and produce, duh

So if this is the 6th one, how have the previous 5 failed? Did they just not have a good enough cup?

Remember Kotomine and Tanaka's words

>That's not something humans should posses
>I don't know how they got it
>Foolish, if he brings that thing out he's sure to be caught

They stole something beyond human control, but they can't entirely control it yet, which is why Julian keeps asking if she can open it yet.

They can only pull heroes from it in a very surface level sense so far, seems what they're really after is deeper inside.

it could be the ainsworths rightly got either their shit slapped every time or it goes horribly horribly wrong.
my guess is grail war 1 done fucked up and caused the mess cause the ainsworth of that time was exceptionally retarded, and ever since then ainsworths like petty cartoon villains kept at it and kept getting foiled, while everything slowly goes to hell.

She's not Ado Edem, she's just a Knight Liner.
>Type Venus lacked the concepts of the beings of Earth. It showed slightly more care in its attack than the others, which simply started destroying everything that came into contact with them. After being placed into eternal sleep, it ingested the concepts of the Liners and created a humanoid body for itself.
>ingested the concepts of the Liners
If Tanaka's also a Counter Guardian, that explains her time travel. Why would a Type travel back in the time? Or why would it only destroy a particular family (even with the exception of Angelica) and not the whole mankind?

Confirmed for not reading the manga

How would they get it in the first place if it's that powerful? I think those quotes could still easily apply to a counterfeit too.

Honestly the biggest argument for it actually being a (fake) mooncell is that something as small as a grail or two wouldn't be able to save the world anymore. They simply don't have the necessary prana for it. What they could do however is act as an access point to try and control the (fake) mooncell, that's something that's a lot more

It's Illya's ultimate dream though. She wants the Shirou D.

I did read the manga though. If it was explained then I forgot.

different user but i wonder how in the hell they were able to make a perfect replica then, thats some straight up denial of nothingness or the equivalent of, even shirou can't do that even if he had infinite prana and a body that could sustain it, I.E. counter guardian emiya couldn't do something like what we are talking about here user.

According to Gilgamesh, they've always needed at least a second Lesser Grail for whatever they're actually trying to do, so they were doomed to fail from the start.
According to Kotomine, the first three wars were failures for whatever reason. Probably, like the first three Einzbern wars, everyone just killed each other. At the end of the Fourth war, something went horribly wrong and a huge chunk of the city was wiped out. The Fifth war was won by Shirou, who used the Grail to save Miyu.

Well, you can have mistakes, that's forgivable.
But to be specific, we do know what happened to the 4th and 5th Grail war, and not are in the flashback, just to jog your memory.

Fucking typo

Why is Tanaka such a baka though?

Mooncell is powerful as fuck, but its entirely neutral. It wasn't even going to do shit when it was going to be blown up at one point.

Mooncell can't allow itself to have independent thought or a brain, it must remain neutral. So it just creates Advanced level AI's in order to protect it and do personal thinking for it at times. If the Mooncell was ever stolen, it wouldn't do shit, but maybe an AI would be trying to find it.

AI's that the Mooncell creates can be called entirely human, to the point that they can't really be called fakes anymore. The similarity is too uncanny, they're compared to Enkidu.

These videos should help you understand.

Oh, that's right. I didn't forget about the city's destruction or Shirou's wish, but I did forget they were results of the holy grail war. Thanks, maybe I should reread the flashback arc.

who knows.
i still like the thought shes type mars that somehow forgot everything and thinks its people.

>counter guardian Emiya
We never seen Emiya's capabilities as a counter guardian, user. Ever series he had was him as a Servant, the strongest incarnation from CCC obviously.

A side effect of her body heat is that she fried all of her brain cells.

Illya, Kuro, and Miyu all canonically want the Shirou.

Even summoned by Gaia, EMIYA wouldn't be able to comprehend the Mooncell. Aside from the fact that it's clearly way outside his purview of "sword", it's something beyond the planet entirely.

i'm just saying i can't imagine EG Emiya being able to replicate the mooncell, because i doubt Alaya itself has enough power to do that.
i think other then whatever fuckery thats required to make something like that i prefer occam's razor of he somehow stole it via space transference bullshittery and tanaka is one of the Mooncell AI's going out to slap their collective shit.

>and Miyu

Maybe Illya and Kuro, although Illya's clearly also very interested in Miyu. Miyu has never shown any real interest in her brother that way though, she's completely illyasexual.

Why is she so hot?

Erica's talk about how Tanaka's arm is something that punishes counterfeiters sounds a lot more Counter Guardiany to me than one of the Mooncell's AIs.

No it just means it's a not a fucking Moon Cell in the first place.
>Why the fuck it can't go to earth?
Because even in EXTRA the Harweys (and the Ainsworths are nowhere near them as far as influence goes) didn't do that to fully control it. They didn't try to secure it in the space either.
>they still need to follow procedure to activate the functions of mooncell
I don't remember Julian sending people into the cube.
>Mindless Servants are easier to control and produce
Or maybe because it simply can't produce anything more serious. Julian did everything he could to win this fight.

>completely illyasexual
Who isn't though?

I definitely want to fuck Miyu at least as much as Illya

people in thread did say it could be a fake, and what else could it conceivably be, i legitimately doubt its pandora's box since theres some serious issues that need to be ironed out if thats the case.

the thing that gets me is she acts alot more like enkidu then an a Counter Guardian since the CG are actually people who made a contract rather then seemingly made of foreign stuff and not actually acting like a person like tanaka does.

>>and Miyu

>CG are actually people who made a contract
>Liners are simply humans with the ability to live in an environment that is abundant with Grain
Fuck's sake mate.

>>>and Miyu

>the thing that gets me is she acts alot more like enkidu then an a Counter Guardian since the CG are actually people who made a contract rather then seemingly made of foreign stuff and not actually acting like a person like tanaka does.
I think said this earlier, but if Tanaka is a Counter Guardian, then her personality and memory loss could be explained by Alaya not having enough mana to properly summon her.

I love how elaborate recent fate/Bait has got.

>>>>and Miyu

point i'm trying to make is i refuse to believe tanaka is human, i'd rather believe erika is human and julian actually threw his sister into a giant pile of grail juju then tanaka being human.

the problem is the way she acts and her abilities are way too different then something a human does in the type moon universe.

Counter Guardians aren't human anyway.

Emiya is a Beast of Alaya, the collective will of humanity's will to prevent extinction.
And making it look like that moon cell is above Gaia and Ultimate ones is just your head canon, Arcueid bullshits her way through mooncell, and we know that Alaya and Gaia is nearly equal as an entity.
Remember that Alaya does the same as Gaia, to make it's beast always +1 above the threat it fights. We don't even know how they can fare with each other so everything you've said was still your own speculations.

yes but counter guardians were human at one point, i legit doubt tanaka ever was one, especially since her abilities are stupidly similar to enkidu's.

Man, just check the links from this post. I've spent like 8 hours on it..

How so? She acts like a baka who doesn't have any memories besides a vague idea that she has to stop the Ainsworths. That sounds like a imperfect Counter Guardian summon to me.

How are they similar to Enkidu's?

Counter guardians don't usually have any personality anyway.

I don't have an EMIYA smug enough.

But they do. And unlike servants, they even keep their memories between summons.

interesting theory, the question still remains where the fuck did tanaka come from?

Your Implying that Harways knew everything about Moon cell, which was obviously not true. And underestimating Ainsworth's capabilities is the same as treating their magecraft as useless, basically, you being one of the ignorant humans.
They don't need to go inside the "mooncell" to facilitate the Grail wars(One of the Procedures), did they? And it ties on the first question since you're assuming there's only one way to make things done, which is another theme that the Fate series tackles as wrong and closed minded(E.G Emiya)
They actually easily overwhelmed Illya and company, before Tanaka arm bullshit destroyed that certain victory.

I like this theory, but the one problem I have with it is that it doesn't explain why Tanaka is going after the Ainsworths in the first place. Or maybe it does and I just need to read Notes.

Just wait, as every ongoing series make it's Readers does.

Why has it been 2 months since the last chapter?

Just theories anyways, we still head to wait for canon to reveal what the fuck she is.

F/GO event.

Break, because of F/GO and Prillya 3rei collaboration event, whose storyline was personals written by Hiroyama himself.

the other major question is how the hell does she know the thing the ainsworths have, the thing everyone is currently presuming is the mooncell, between her drawings and the info we have in series, thats probably what it is, and if her being a liner is correct, she legit has no reason to know about it or why its a terrible thing thats why the ainsworths need to be destroyed.
thats sort of why i'm still holding onto the shes a mooncell AI disconnected to the thing until we see whats actually the deal here.
good theory though.

From the future. Duh. If she's also a CG, Alaya summoned her. If she's not, something or someone sent her. Pay attention to her line for Illya before she took a Mjolnir hit. Silver Link didn't show what exactly she said in the anime. She remembers Illya. She feels that she doesn't need to eliminate Angelica (unlike Beatrice). Maybe she's even in a time loop.
>why Tanaka is going after the Ainsworths in the first place
Probably because they're doing it wrong and humanity needs to learn how to live on the new Earth without their interference.

I burned 400 quartz and didn't roll her.
The movie gives me hope for a new collab.

Time loop Tanaka could make sense. Stuck repeating the same thing over and over because she keeps failing and Alaya keeps summoning her again.

>she legit has no reason to know about it or why its a terrible thing thats why the ainsworths need to be destroyed.
She's on a mission. Someone or something briefed her. The black cube is clearly the Ainsworths' trump card. So destroying it and interrupting whatever they're doing with it makes sense, no?

Well seems like the story's mystery had done it's homework well for many of us to discuss it.

Miyu as SSR caster
Miyu Shirou's a SSR Archer with more awesome animation and kit than Kuro and Emiya while having a better UBW NP too

Meanwhile...(As in NR's skill)

No update to EMIYA Archer.

considering miyu shirou can create imitation divine weapons no problem provided hes not beaten to hell and can UBW stuff, its reasonable to believe if he was at peak condition he could probably go toe to toe with archer, probably take him down in the swordnami.

Just update his kit and animations! Goddamnit DW! Don't go defending your bullying of Garcher!

They updated animations for a ton of release 5*. He's probably next.

Garcher a chump compared to Miyuverse Shirou since Garcher never had to deal directly with mooncell bullshit except in CCC and was peripheral comparatively.