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idioms.thefreedictionary.com/be in the limelight


Yuri on Ice more like Yaoi on Ice am I right?

Did you made that joke yourself? If so i present to you this award.

Why would you present me an award about knowledge if I made it myself?

Finally a manime for me.

Source? Who said this?

Parasyte MC got an ice skating spin-off?

Tumblr crying about being pandered, oh the irony.

The staff said that there was a lot of fanservice though.


>called yuri on ice
>no yuri
>100 % fujoshit

How can they get away with this?


Italy, Canada and Thailand a best.

Prescreening reactions when?

I don't know, maybe after the prescreening? No one here has a time machine.

>Czechia actually got mentioned
Probably the first time since Monster.

>not wanting fanservice

What kind of retard is that?

>Kenjirou Minami
That's clearly not a boy.

I'm really looking forward to when this show starts. Seeing a thread where everyone makes jokes about the title the whole time will be incredibly refreshing.

looks gay as fuck

im in

>Pic related: It's me and my bitches.
Victor's Russian intimidation technique is starting to get out of hand.

OP Song, "History Maker" by DEAN FUJIOKA.


Now I'm sad, I wanted it to be the best friend's hand.


Viktor only cares about nip Yuri.


Can a Canadian and a Kazakh find love in each other despite being from two different worlds?

>Yuri on Ice
>no yuri
>no girls
>ice is fake
What were they thinking?

Sunday. They're showing 3 episodes.

>Childhood friend
Choose one.

>dat Shota Yuuri

Please spare Hosoya already. Miyano won't let him off, maybe Hosoya can escape him for one show.


Good visuals, good audio, and good direction?

Sounds gay.

There's two whole Yuris though.

Alright guys, keep it up! Maybe if we make this joke enough times before the show airs, people won't endlessly shit up threads with it! Who am I kidding?

>already posting tumblr art

Thread doomed even before the show starts.

He already escaped into a Miyano-less show.

"""We were born to made history""" part is so damn good. Very progressive, I like it ;)

So Victor's receding hairline is intentional?

He has tons of shows without Miyano though.

Someone fill this in.

Tell it to , not me.

That's me too and I'm not talking about just being in the same show.

Picked up. No homo.

It just needs two spots, the yaoi on ice joke and a yurifag getting mad

>blatant nationalism
>Hosoya and Miyano skating together
>toepick joke
>all-pastels and sequins costume
>K-pop used for program music
>J-pop used for program music
>obscure figure skater references
>Olympic dream mention
>multiple ex-girlfriends
>grievous on-ice injury

If I think of any more, I'll let you know.

>Canadian's parents are ice dancers
The secret love baby is real and in gay anime.

>obscure figure skater references
I'm relying on Cred Forums to get these.

F-fuck you, Cred Forums

>rhyming history with history
>not a single rhyme anywhere else in the song
>"moment of chief"
And the saddest part is that the people behind this song probably thought it sounded great.
When will they learn their engrish is never okay?

Still better than Dangan Ron Paul opening season 1

>Dean Fujioka was born in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, and finished study at Seattle University in Seattle, Washington

At least he's still more educated than you.

>Thread doomed even before the show starts.

Please no, don't let it become like Mob threads, Cred Forums help us.

Please don't project, user. It's the worst thing you can do in a discussion.

Songs don't need to rhyme.

>thinks Cred Forums will be any helpful

Anyone is better than the outsiders already in here posting horrible things from a horrible place.

No they don't.
But there's usually something else about the song that makes it technically different or experimental that gives it the wiggle room to not rhyme. This OP is as normal a song as could be. And normally, songs in English rhyme.

I'm not even saying the song itself is bad. It's just that it would have been much better if they just sung it in Japanese.

Canada is the hottest.

all the other designs seem realistic but somehow the jap looks like a fucking /ss/ doujin protagonist.

Well, you need to give something to the straight males in the audience.

I think the sincere drive-by reactions from people disappointed it isn't a yuri show are really fucking funny and I won't mind if they persist all season. People doing it for meme reasons are boring though.

I already ship Canada and Kazakhstan.

Meme reasons are better than being so fucking clueless that they ACTUALLY think they're being clever and funny by saying such an obvious joke.

The woman skater was unexpected!

Full scans when?

>The woman skater was unexpected!

It isn't Suwabe with long hair?

>The woman skater
Who wants to tell him?

>The woman skater

That's Viktor brah.

>The woman skater was unexpected!

i hate them already

I love that they all have names that do sound like they come from their country. Too fucking rare in anime.

...I thought they looked similar, but I thought maybe they were related.

It's Italy that wants to fuck his sister.

And this is why you should learn hiragana and katakana.

I've honestly never been so embarrassed.
(In my defence, that looks like a skirt)

It's not your fault m8.

They're the ones who keep drawing girls and calling them boys.

>michele crispino
>he's quite good-looking so long as he keeps quiet
Now I'm intrigued.

Because he's a siscon.

Don't forget a maximum virgin.


I fucking hate swords.

>the only ones above it are the tourabu behemoth (with its massive existing fanbase) and a high profile adaptation
I like this

What am I looking at? Expectations?

Twitter followers.

Touken Ranbu complete dominates the chart but I am not very hyped about it. Maybe because I didn't like the game and dropped it pretty early on. But I am gonna give it a chance.


Thank you user.

Thailand is cute.

That swordsluts would win anything this season it was obvious, but usually twitter followers indicate a flop?

Aren't there three new skaters?

>burger is a spic

Murrikans, how do you feel about a spic representing your country?


He's probably illegal too.

Is "de la iglesia" even a legit surname?

I think it will be a pretty functional cute boy show, in other words exactly what it looks like.

Twitter followers indicates nothing, but it's fun to funpost about

It is imdb.com/name/nm0407067/

It doesn't seem that common but searching Wikipedia brings up a few people with that surname (although they're all Spaniards.)

>game is bad
I'm not surprised considering no one cared to translate it yet.

No amount of translated content can fix that shit gameplay.

I thought it was a VN.

It's a browser game, you can't simply translate and host it again. There's a wiki that translates everything though.

That's just the ranking for s1's, Touken Ranbu isn't even top of the season.

I forgot about Utapri, will probably sell around 50k. HQ!! has that many followers but I don't know if it can sell more than 15k, it's a 3rd season.

Oh I see. So that's why. Thank you user.
Too bad we won't be able to participate in the hype then.

their character profiles are up on the english website if you're curious yurionice.com/en/

It's not like you need to play it anyway, there's absolutely everything you need in said wiki and a bunch of other manga translated.
Plus, the anime can follow it's own thing, that's why there's going to be 2 shows.

Czech guy really looks... Czech, incredible. The Japanese shota on the other hand...

Possibly Nepela reference? Guy won several gold medals for Czechoslovakia. Except he was Slovak, not Czech.

I never knew that they were making a command and conquer anime. If only it wasn't so gay.

Is this yuri?

No, it's yaoi.

You'de better off using Rikaichan on the Japanese profiles. The translation is terrible.

At least it gave us the gift of Michele "Hard Virgin" Crispino.

The official English profiles are better than the fan ones.

But it's better and funnier too.

The height fits too (Czechs are tall as fuck). As for the name, Nekola is a real Czech surname. Not a very common one, but it does exist.

Holy shit

Korea a best.


Worst Corea confirmed homo


>CV. Tomoaki Maeno

Goddamn it how hard can it be to pay a moonspeaking weeb $10 to do some quality control of the blurbs.

>saw the sunlight at last during Victor's absence
ESL here, is this a figure of speech of QUALITY translation?

>sensitive whores who get pissed at the "yaoi on ice"
JFC, i bet you also whine about being called a fag.

Real best boy incoming.

nigga looks like a potato

Just poor writing
Translation makes sense, just needs to be cleaned up a bit to sound better

He's also a siscon in Saiki Kusuo. Might start to be a typecast for him.

I think they're trying to say he was finally in the limelight because Victor was absent.
idioms.thefreedictionary.com/be in the limelight

They should have said "spotlight" or "limelight", "sunlight" makes no sense.

It's just bad translation, the phrase in the JP bio is 日の目を見る (to come to light/be recognized) but if you break it down into the component words it's 日の目 (sunlight) and 見る (to see). Hence... 'he saw the sunlight'.

Does that make Yuri the most popular new IP of the season?

All of the translation on the EN site is endearingly bad. It's a little embarrassing that they presumably made it to advertise to gaijin fans but couldn't even get someone to edit that shit.

Yep. More than twice as many as the second show that isn't part of a preexisting franchise, Girlish Number, but this is a "mixed-media" thing. The next pure anime is Soushin Shoujo Matoi, which has about 5 times less.

For a preexisting franchise twitter numbers don't mean much, because people follow shit they know even if they aren't really interested (e.g. Battery had over 30.000, but it doesn't seem a lot of people even bothered trying it).
But for an original, they mean at least that many people are interested in the anime.
The ball is their's to drop.

since when does Cred Forums suddenly love fujoshit?

New or just never looked at the catalog?

Since Code Geass days.

>FukuJun wasted on this
I'm still mad

You want him to be the incestuous virgin or woman-hating gook?

He is handsome.

He doesn't sound that virginal to be either of those. But anything is better than this blockface.

Even him?

What is swords about anyway? Other than swords.

He looks like a cross between a bulldog and a potato.

Damn, this somehow managed to surpass Dick Suck

If it was just going off of the one drawing I would agree but it is clearly off-model, the shot of him face touching Yuuri makes him look a lot better.

He looks like a warm big brother type you can rely on. I like that.

Is his dick warm as well?

Are we gonna see fat Yuuri?

Warm enough to protect you from the coldest Russian winters.

Yuuri finishes dead last in his first Grand Prix finals and rumors start floating that he's going to retire. He also has no idea what he's going to do after graduating from university. Yuuri is desperate, but then something happens.

>Yuuri finishes dead last in his first Grand Prix finals
What a loser. But a moe one.


Can't wait.

Ok, which one is most likely gay?

He hates woman.

He's fucking adorable and I can't wait to see him fawn all over Yuuri.

I'll bet he's just shy.

>he does not like a woman

100% official

So he's /r9k/

I didn't notice it before, but these are two different scenes blended together to make it seem that Yuuri is reacting to Victor. Yuuri's is nighttime and it's snowing, Victor's is daytime and sunny.

Forging homolust for the PV, sasuga Mappa.

They should adopt him as their new mascot.

Worst Corea confirms his worstness once again.


They made him shit as they know the nips will hate him anyway.

Cred Forums don't. Desperate fags trying to latch on it to prove their relevancy.

in b4 he gets the most homo fanart

Meanwhile, Chink is cute and BFFs with Thai who is another cutie.

Picked the fuck up.

>leeks around
Did they mean leaks?
Leaks out?

The music on this fucking show. Why is it so good?

Chink/Thai OTP

>Based Yasumoto
>Based Miyano
>Based Onoken
I already know who'll be the best boys just from their voice actors.

I will be impressed if there's some femdom.

>bullied by female ice dancers
Kind of want.

All Teruteru wanted was to make his mom proud (while ogling some cute ladies in the meanwhile).

To be honest, you guys got spoiled with too many awesome FukuJun characters.

Fuck this translation, this sounds like China sends nudes to Thai.

>China sends nudes to Thai.

Shipping at the speed of now.

I can imagine them all skating around him in a circle and laughing at him. After practice they corner him in the locker room and have their way with him. During it he says "this is why I hate women" while blushing and having an erection.

>this could have been aots except it's about fags instead about girls

>says "this is why I hate women" while blushing and having an erection
Nips please don't let me down.

I kind of wanted it to be about competing pairs.
Maybe because I just wanted to see the death spiral in anime.

It has to be. Music is pretty important in figure skating.

Place your bets.
How many times on average will someone cry each episode?

Just want to know, are those of you who plan on watching this gay?

We'll put all our hopes and dreams on Keijo!!!!!!!! and Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume (obviously the next Ping Pong the Animation), then.

This isn't Free, Yuuri is the only one who will cry.

The Russian Fairy will cry eventually.

>watching shit for straight grills

I'm just glad it's sportshit that doesn't take place in high school

Yes. I think most of the viewers will be women, though.

White haired guy looks pretty chill.
So is the blonde one a boy or a girl?

It's a Russian fairy.

It's Russian fairy (male).

What is this Russian intimidation technique and what do I have to do to get him to intimidate me

I can't believe I'm gonna watch this.

Step 1: Know how to skate.

Do you guys know how to skate?

You must be Japanese.

Will watch for the Swiss and Thai.



Kill yourself


I liked Switzerland too, but please fuck off back to Tumblr.

The show hasn't even started and they're already here.
Rip in pieces threads.

Go back to Mob threads.

>200 (TWO HUNDRED) replies
This is more than the Hibikek season 2 hype threads get.

OP is literally tumblr and yet you get triggered by this.

What adorable stuffed animals will they hug in the post skate waiting for scores area?

This one might be actually good, Hibikek is just another generic cute girls doing cute things boring Kyoanishit.

OP was already fucked for posting tumblr art earlier. That retard better not make the same mistake again.

>2 characters named Yuri

How so?


This is such an obvious case of newfags trying hard to fit in.

Getting pissed is fun.

Scroll up

then what are you talking about, cause here i thought you were talking about miyano and hosoya being in a lot of show together or something

i personally think the show is even better when they're together

To make gaijin confused.

Wait for the show to air. It's going anti-yurifags VS yurishitters.

You can't win them all.
Still gotta tell you to fuck off unless you want these threads to become unbearable garbage. It's up to you, Cred Forums.

Nothing happened, you're overreacting.

Italy's profile points out that he's a virgin, does that mean that everyone else is not? Is Yuuri used goods?

To be fair they've had regular threads for a year. There isn't a lot to talk about after everything's been discussed to death. On the other hand we had a really fun thread last night where we argued about instruments and music.

>This one might be actually good

You're the one overeating and don't post tumblrshit again.

He might have gotten laid at least once in college.

Nope I talking more than that. Like Miyano's antics in the studio and so on.

Aren't all male figure skaters like 5'4 manlets?

>this much rage over a Hetalia gif

can we get back to talking about ice skating boys already

Make me. It's not against the rules.



Changing the filename won't make it stop being a shitty tumblr gif. Fuck off already, you have a whole site to post your shitty edited gifs.

If only this was set in the Olympics.
Then they would have to face the Olympic village orgy.

Yep, don't let these threads become like Mob 100 ones.

>the Olympic village orgy.

>The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to provide high-quality images and informative comments
Already breaking the rules by posting low-quality tumblr gifs.

You tell me.


It's a well known fact that the Olympic village is a den of sex.

> informative comments

>getting this triggered by file names

It is, they're telling the shitposter to fuck off.


This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't posted your shitty gif in the first place.
You're the one who's crying about not breaking the rules anyway.

This is your average Tumblrcunt


Friendly reminder to not welcome those retards here.

It's not the filename, it's what the filename represents. You already know this, I don't know why you're pretending to be retarded.

Don't post cancer and no one complains.

>it's what the filename represents
A quick google image search?

Who the fuck wants to protect an edgy 2d slut.

Not because of the source material but because it came from a site where people post over saturated shitty gifs, come here and make it worse than it already is.

People from there ruin threads.

Fuck off with this tumblr shit the gifs are bad enough.

So you know you're lazy and retarded.

Damn, that's bad.

Exactly. Yuri is for rape, abuse and faceless old men doujins, not for protection.

Tell that retard to stop defending those shitty gifs and art.

I don't understand why you keep trying to use this as an excuse when you know nobody ever buys it.
And even if it was true, it's not an excuse to post awful looking LQ gifs.
Maybe you aren't pretending and you really were retarded after all.

There's no need for shitty gifs because kind user(s) have been making webms from PVs

i'm a different user
I just want this thread to stop being off topic

Then you got to make sure no one post garbage from that place again.

Okay, every one post your favorite skating move.

These guys triggered by any filename.
>if it's a tumblr filename, it's tumblr
>if it's a Facebook filename, it's normalfag
>if it's an Imgur filename, it's reddit
>if it's not a Cred Forums filename, it means you're a newfag that had to google an image
>if it's a Cred Forums filename >10, it's a newfag

>getting triggered by tumblr in a fujobait anime thread

Blame the retard for posting that shit first.

The Russian intimidation technique.

Just report all metashit.

>posting memeoiga cancer

Then you can start by driving the shitposters who cause derailment out instead of defending them, genius. This discussion only kept going because you tried to defend their actions instead of simply replying with "fuck off" and moving on.

Stay there since you like it so much.

I want to make Victor my househusband after he retires.

It's your fault too for defending those shitters.

When this airs I'm just gonna post all the tumblr gifs and there's nothing really you can do about it except get triggered.

You get banned for shitposting you know.

>admiting to being a shitposter

At least you know.

Yep, just report that retard whenever shit gets image dump.

Yuri!!! On Ice: Based on a true story

Just try me.

I don't see why you would want to shitpost instead of actually talking about anime, but okay.

Just report and complain in /feedback/ until they get banned. It works out in the end.


Because it works for the MP100 threads right?



>implying people there report
They've all left, obviously tumblrshits aren't going to report each other.

faggots on ice is going to flop so hard, mappa apologists on suicide watch.


Tumblrina sure is butthurt no one wants her around.

ITT fatlanwhale disgusting 3DPD roastie

>not using tumblr as easy gif source
your loss

Do start by reporting these, once the mods get the hang of it it'll become a habit and reaction will happen much faster.
It's just shitposting now.

Here's a fresh one.

They don't care. Hell, in the first few weeks they invited in fujos to "keep out the shitposters"

I think I'm going to love their friendship.

I bet they regret that decision.

I have run out of report for today.

>getting mad at tumblr in a fujoshi thread

I don't really like Canada's design but its Miyano so he must be the best boy.

Too cute.

I can already tell he'll be worst boy.

He's a filthy Quebecois!


>we should let tumblr shit all over Cred Forums!


If you actually lurk here for more than a week you'll get a collection of good quality gifs. And did you know? There's something even better called 'webms' where it's really good quality and can be minutes long. Highly recommended, friendo.


I hope he does Quebec swears.

Can someone here read squiggly?

>tumblr filename

Of course it's a E/u/pho faggot shitting up this thread.

tumblr gifs are inherently shit.

What if I told you you could like boys without being cancerous?

They ruin a lot of threads, I'm surprised Cred Forums has let them over run some.

>shitting up
I'm just trying to help. Ideally a person would just pick up on things on their own but sometimes you have to tell them.

Same character designer (Hiramatsu Tadashi).

>get banned for shitposting
>when 99.9% of this site consists of shitposting

Cred Forums even has a 24/7 shitpost general now.

They already ruined Mob threads.

Ha, I was actually about to go look that up and check. Makes sense.

Only Cred Forums can save us now.

Sure, but only of certain series like yurishit. So instead, I can just take whatever the tumblrinas post and gather a year's worth of gifs on one sitting.

Or Cred Forums for some country wars

>inviting Cred Forums ever
No please.

Let's appreciate dem beautiful eyelashes.

Make your own you useless fuck.

>implying you aren't a tumblerina yourself
Only they are so stupid to willingly save these atrocious gifs.
You can keep your shitty gifs to your tumblr blog.

Better than tumblr.

>tumblr: on ice
>not expecting tumblr
I mean what else was going to happen, same shit happened for Free

No seriously, you don't want Cred Forums shitting this up, they're just as bad.

I thought you all were having a healthy discussion since about 100 posts popped in less than a hour but it was just shitposting

Having Cred Forums educate me about real life skating and the athletes while comparing it to the anime is the best feeling ever.

They seem pretty thick for a guy.

Same shit happemed with Mob.

Nah they're better.

I don't want either of them desu.

It's all tumblr's fault.

No, seriously, Cred Forums is great. I can't wait for the leaf posting.

>tumblr on ice

We don't need people here that get uncomfortable with everything. Especially over 2D where they confuse reality with fiction

I'll take Cred Forums over tumblr.

>A FUCKING LEAF gets posted everytime JJ is on screen

But Free was actually terrible and had no redeeming features besides homo pandering, so it didn't matter.
This is different, Mob was different. You can actually have a discussion that doesn't revolve around homo shipping, don't throw that away. I actually want to be able to discuss the show.

Yeah, better than tumblr.

>i have to make my own because reeee tumblr in filename
I get that it's fun to shit on sjw sources like tumblr but they're just fucking gifs.

>Kouki Uchiyama voicing the edgelord again


>inviting crossboarders
Seriously? Just focus on eradicating your tumblr problem.

You're useless.

>caring about quality of images on an image board
Fuck us, right?

Invite Cred Forums too for optimal bantz.


Okay, then keep your shitty gifs to yourself. No need to post this low quality garbage in here when nobody even likes it.

I don't want either. They can all fuck off.

Then make your own

Osomatsu was pretty tame and even triggered tumblerinas a bunch of times but they still managed to come here and create the most terrible threads that season. No show is safe.

But Yuri threads with Cred Forums are amazing.

They're really, really shitty gifs.

>Watching Free! on ice unironically


Yeah but if I had to choose, I'll go with Cred Forums any day.

It's better to always assume it's shitposting than to hope it's discussion and end up dissapointed.

there's so few images on this thread because of all the shitposting it barely even matters anyway.

post more images (or the two webms that exist for this show)

I skipped out on mob threads, was it that tumblr?

Not him but oh yeah it was.

Go to the current thread and see for yourself.

I only watched a few episodes before getting bored. Was it like Osomatsu where they just seemed to like that guys interacted with each other?

It's been twitter shitposting for the past few days.

Holy shit, it's terrible. Everyone posting there needs to be banned.

You mean funposting.

There's nothing 'fun' about cancer.

Go back to that shit threads.

Just wait, you'll all get a taste of it here soon.

I wouldn't wish something that horrible on anybody.

Ignore the shitposter. Not even a reply.

Yes because you will be here.

Please don't let this happen to Yuri threads.

Please I just want to discuss the show with Cred Forums.

Will this be gayer than Battery?

So many manlets

We'll never have peace thanks to shitposters.

To accomplish that, they would have to show Yuri sucking dick onscreen.


Ignore him and he'll get bored eventually.

Don't worry, once the show starts we'll actually have something to talk about instead of being bored and going after each other.

All under 172 cm are ukes
All over it are semes
There's no other point to this chart but to show that.


>not knowing the preferred pronouns


>nip Yuri

how to increase good posts
> ignore shitposters, share good images, post discussion

how to increase shitposts
> repeatedly respond to shitposters thus provoking them to shitpost even more

He's 172cm + 2cm from hair, so he's uke

Cred Forums doesn't know how to do this.

God, it's worse than Osomatsu threads.

I bet she's a landwhale.

did this thread get cross-linked somewhere?

Cute but the Mexican should have a darker skin tone.

Some of the shitters from the Mob threads must be here now.


If you completely ignore them it's just going to turn into every Seraph, Zesty, Osomatsu, or Mob thread. Ignoring didn't work in any of these, it won't work here either.

Just don't engage in discussion. Post "fuck off" and hit the report button.

>the fucking head on the smallest of manlets

Oh god maybe tumblr will go to these threads instead of sword threads.

Ignoring the problem only make the actual newfags think they are welcome here.

Just watch them infest both.

yuri sandwich

I told you these were the tumblr magnets, not swords. In all the sword threads I've seen we haven't had this problem yet.

Swordsluts have the luck from Boatsluts and Ufofags backing them up, but tumblr will pop up with time as well.



I want to bully him.


>it's turning into an image dump now
Might as well go like MP100 threads.
Just let it die.

Will the show introduce female characters? I hope some of the characters have girlfriends.


Well, Italy's girlfriend is his twin sister and he's saving himself for her.

Remember to add :orig at the end of twitter filenames to always get the full size.

What the fuck is this hot garbage.

IIRC Yuri's girlfriend breaks up with him and that's part of the reason he's crying.

The future of these threads.

RIP in piss, yaoi on ice threads.

I'm pretty sure he's crying because he's a fucking jobber.

The Mob shitposters have invaded.

Tumblr is awful.

Or install a script, it's easier.

More Seunggil for you, user

He has such dead-looking eyes. It's cute.

Reactionary faggots getting triggered, nothing new.

I really wish posting tumblrshit was an automatic permaban.

Why does the shitty gook have to be the cutest one?

Mods will never be good again.

Ice skating is probably the only thing that makes him happy. If anyone's getting an injury it's him.

Why the fuck are you cunts not reporting, are our mods dead now thanks to that shitty rule general or what?


Too bad.

mods are too busy rolling dubs in it to care

Fujoshi pandering.

The mods are always dead and useless.


This is the only show where I'll forgive the male characters for their ambiguous sexuality, lack thereof, and/or fullblown faggotry, since from the little I've seen of real figure skating that's exactly how they act.

>Why the fuck are you cunts not reporting
But I am, user.


>The Mob shitposters have invaded.

Yep, the previous YoI threads didn't have tumblr shiposting.

Do you not know what a jobber is?


Calm down, he is probably an irrelevant side character.

You can't make me.

You're irrelevant.

Why isn't the cast all female instead of male? Fuck this gay shit.

Because MAPPA wants to file for early bankruptcy.

Oh good that means he's free for the homo.

Mob threads are only that bad because they have 24/7 generals. As long as YOI threads don't turn into 24/7 generals, we can mitigate the shitposts.


I most certainly hope the threads don't go the Osomatsu route.

I don't like this. Can we just call them Yuri threads or Yuuri? Or even Yuri!!!?

No, Mob threads are just plain bad. The generals only enhance the shittiness, not cause it.

Look at this last half of this thread and compare them to the ones we had before. It's going to be shit.

They will. I don't want them to, but they will.

y/u/ri threads

Well apparently generals are getting purged again no?

It already has thanks to that tumblrina.

Was it just one? I thought there were a couple of them?

But generals are cesspools of cancer.

>implying the mods will ever actually do anything

Sure they are.

One or few. If it's that bad with just a few. It will get worse once the show airs.

Do you want your cute and pure waifus to have boyfriends who fucks them every night? Me neither.

>generals are getting purged again no?


I was saying that they would be bad even if they weren't generals, not that they aren't shit.

That's one lewd wink.

Lewd naked opening like Fujiko's or onsen scene.

I've heard a lot of hopes about this despite seeming to be yaoishit. It's directed by Sayo Yamomoto. She was the director of Mitchiko to Hatchin, mentored by Shinichiro Watanabe and worked with Satoshi Kon on Millenium Actress, among a lot of other notable achievements. Lately she's been obsessed with ice skating and this is apparently the result.

I'll give it 3 episodes to wow me. Hopefully it's not just her being a fujoshi.

Why did you guys even expect that Mob threads would be any good? Even if you ignore the hambeasts there are Cred Forums crossboaders and MALfags as well. MOB is the new OPM, of course shitposters were going to latch on it.

this is true, what the hell happened

Are there also some normal anons in those threads, or just crossboarders?

Mob is ending and some of their shitposters have chosen this show.


The shitposters came here. They're bored of their meh-tier shounen, so they feel the need to shitpost. I guess they just happened to pick this thread.

Some inbred moron posted a shitty gif and a dozen retarded monkeys reacted by flinging shit in all directions.

Mostly newfags and crossboaders, it's the same shit as the OPM threads.

Mob cancer. This was just a test run. Prepare for a full wave after it ends next week.

The tumblrshits from the Mob thread invited themselves here.

Is it the Osomatsu crowd, or shounenfags, or both?

this is the most accurate answer

While that is technically true, the Mobcancer invasion was the real problem.

were mob threads always like this or was this just some end of the season shitposting?

Mob threads got really shitty once the anime started.

>200 posts NOT about Yuri on Ice

well theres nothing really to talk about besides which boy is you're husbando

mobfags and their threads are cancer, Im glad Cred Forums will be free of them soon. Also their tumblr generals will be like scorched earth once the anime ends and they realize S2 wont happen.

wow, and I thought the Re:Zero threads were bad enough, I guess I dodged a bullet by avoiding the Mob threads

>well there's nothing to talk about so I'll just metapost like a retard
We have a designated shitpost general just for you, check the catalog.

>All this imaginary boogeyman shitflinging on mobfag
>more than 300 replies is not even about yoi but other unrelated anime.
Phew now rezero is finally ended they decide to target other anime sasuga falseflagger.

This isn't going to catch on. Just call it Yuri.

Japs on 2ch and twitter were trying to figure out what kind of jump Viktor was doing from from the way he was jumping and landing, and figure out the timeline of his career based on his age and titles, and comparing the characters to real life skaters.
There's things to talk about, it's just that it requires knowing stuff.

This thread was doomed from the beggining since OP posted that tumblr pic, but because everyone was dying to shitpost, here we are.

Mob threads are shit.

What a shitty excuse to shitpost.

Does anyone here actually know anything about skating?

It's that tumblrina's fault for dumping tumblr gifs.

I casually watch it.

Dont care enough i just came here because some of you came to mob thread crying wolf and i want to see what the fuss about and its fucking nothing.

>Read the title
>Hyped as fuck for ice skating lesbians
>See Picture

Certainly not as bad as this and the anime doesnt even fucking started yet.

Fuck back to your garbage threads.

>mobfags jumping ship to this

My condolences yaoi on ice fans

Blame that tumblrina for shitting up the thread with shit from that place.

you know if they just made it couples ice skating the threads would be goat

How do they all talk to each other? They all speak different languages. Are they just going to ignore that and have everyone speak Japanese aside from of few foreign phrases here and there?

English coaches.
They speak in broken English.

>implying mobfag want anything to do with full pandering fujoshit.
They have better taste than that.

They post tumblrshit so they do not have any taste at all.

>full pandering fujos anime
>not expecting tumblrinas
Is this your first time on fujo thread?

>saves and post tumblr art
>good taste

>m-muh boogeyman

Tumblr should stay in tumblr

Go to any Mob thread and you will see tumblr art being posted.

>somebody shitposted so now I'm obligated to shitpost along with them

The ones who keep bringing up tumblr are the ones most triggered by it

>Yep, the previous YoI threads
You mean all 2 of them?

There were more than two.

Not many.

And none of them had any large amount of replies.

Only one retard was posting those tumblr gifs.

>And none of them had any large amount of replies.

And no tumblr shitposting too.

Jesus christ fuck off already. How long have you been going at it?

You could say it was mob mentality.

Its a fuckin filename and they always get told to fuck off it just people there not persistent enough to the point derailing their own like you fuck doing right now.

Tell that to

It's their favorite word.

No. Fuck off.

Don't post cancer and no one complains.

>defending cancer

That's tumblr for you.

>derailing a thread for 3 straight hours because muh filenames

>still defending cancer after 3hrs

You're in fujoshit pandering anime its already fuckin cancer by itself.

Don't post cancer and no one complains.

It doesn't mean tumblrshits should be allowed.

I like how you can report all the derailment and it doesn't get deleted.

Since the mods won't do shit the only way is to tell those cancerous shits to fuck off.

Tumblrshit is good for providing good fanart and shit stop right there as long as they can fit in concealed themselved nobody give a shit.

>Tumblrshit is good

>still defending cancer

>Still insist to have this Cred Forums mentality

>still trying to defend cancer

Cred Forums is shit and so is tumblr.

>Everyone replying to bait from anti-Tumblr OP

He already did the same for all the threads with cute male characters. When will you learn?

So when is this set and will there be an olympics?

kek it's like clockwork

Everyone on Cred Forums should be anti-tumblr

All samefags. They are talking to themselves.

No olympics, it's a Grand Prix.


That's how it should be.

>mfw the thread will die soon

And posting pics from Tumblr accusing them to shit post here? WTF?