When Did pictures likes this become popular

Just been wondering /a


anime kino is dead

>typing like a retard

When Footkikes took over Cred Forums.
Speaking as a footfag here.

Keep wondering

They were always popular, a significant percentage of mankind is attracted to feet.

Apparently 33% of all men are attracted to feet.

I am not a footfag but this picture is very aesthetically appealing.

When did mouths like that become popular? Bugs the shit out of me. Almost as bad as when the mouth is just a tiny dot.

If you factor in those who are gay or otherwise not into women, that percentage becomes even larger.

Footfags are with scatfags as the worst of humanity, which still makes them human and hence above NTR and furries, but still in need or purging.

I'm not really a footfag, but I do like legs and thighs, so I'm not complaining

Hate to say it but I've been seeing more and more posting like this, especially for OPs. Can't tell if they're ESL or just shitposters but unfortunately you're in the minority now.

Your crusade gets funnier and funnier with every post you make.

>accidentally step in dog shit barefoot
>realize im living some anons fetish

That particular pose/shot shows feet, legs and ass in some cases. What's not to like?

gonna need a sauce on that


>Satan asking for sauce.
Sniff this my lord.

It looks really good tho and I fucking hate re dogshit

Dunno, but it's about time cause I just got this in the mail

Since the beginning

>be a dog
>has a female owner who likes to walk around barefoot
>outside takin a shit
>owner steps in the shit of that asshole Pomeranian next door
>I secretly enjoyed it


People sure do love feet