Can someone remind me why anyone could prefer Brotherhood over this?

Can someone remind me why anyone could prefer Brotherhood over this?

Besides a few of the Homonculi and the people from Xing, this series is much better.

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Totally agree.

I haven't seen either, which should i

Totally disagree.

I like my anime faithful to my manga.

why is Cred Forums full of contrarians

go to bed jesuotaku

I'm honestly tore in half over it.

I like both, though with slight leanings towards Brotherhood.

The one in the OP for more developed characters, Brotherhood if you want a more faithful adaptation, like this user >if he doesn't like what I like, he's a contrarian


Brotherhood definitely has a better dub, and music

Agreed here, but the 2003 one also has its share.

.The ending half sucked hard. It started good but petered off into nonsense pretentious land with that Dante shit.

2003 is great in its own way. But I like that brotherhood actually follows the manga and has an actual coherent and satisfying ending.

The first anime could almost be considered a sienen anime(not counting the movie), while the second is way more a shonen(which is more faithful to the manga).

In a sense brotherhood is way more "Epic," the scale of the philosophers stone and what it was used for and the battles for it. But in that same vein FMA was way more down to earth. Yea, they had mind matter interface reassembly magic too, but the rules were much more set in stone in FMA and they impacted fights more. They both paid the same price in the end, but one faced true consequences for it and one didn't.

Also, Ed and Al's skill makes much more sense in the first as an inherited trait, rather then a fluke because the right books were around(which wouldn't make much sense in the second anyway).

Still, I rewatch Brotherhood more often because its more "fun," but I do like the first better. I still wish I could find FMA United (, though I will someday probably just give up and remake it myself. When I do watch Brotherhood I usually use pic related(right side is my default playlist).

The original just has a much better opening for the most part, except for maybe the actual synthesis by the boys.

It's not faithful to the manga, and when an anime is unfaithful it's like the manga is being NTR'd, and if you're watching NTR anime that makes you a cuck, and that's, like, the worst thing you can be.


Brotherhood's ending is satisfying and all, but something about 2003's ending appeals to me more, barring Conqueror of Shambala.

>that filename

No clue, everybody knows Bones puts out amazing first season/series adaptations/originals, but puts out second seasons/series that are genuinely offensive to the first or original.

They're dreamcrushers, man.

How was the stuff with Dante pretentious? She wants to make the philosopher's stone to stay immortal and steal other women's bodies. The stuff about the stone being created through Human sacrifice and keeping all but the most desperate people away from it makes sense. Are you talking about something else?

I'm cucking Brotherhood with an objectively better anime. It's not my fault it couldn't deliver the goods.

I agree Brotherhood is more rewatchable because it's basically like the Avengers movies. All the heroes are badass and kicking ass and explosions are happening and there's ultimately nothing at stake. It's like a power fantasy- you want to be Mustang BTFO'ing Envy for killing Hughes, you want to be Ed kicking Father's ass, etc. Everything in the 2003 series just makes you uncomfortable, but you feel like you've actually gained more than just an adrenaline rush after you've finished it.

Also, alchemy being powered by the souls of the dead coming from our world through the Gate was a great plot twist in FMA. So much better than just plate tectonics or whatever the case is in Brotherhood.

>and music

Offensive sounds like the wrong word to use in FMA's case.

Definitely a nice track. Overplayed too much, though, much like all the tracks in either series.

Here's a good one from compare

>Can someone remind me why anyone could prefer Brotherhood over this?

Because it was objectively better. The only thing 03 has over Brotherhood is the pacing of the beginning since Brotherhood flew past that. But as soon as it deviated from source material it went to shit. And that ending for the 03 version was fucking atrocious. Brotherhood beats it in every way possible.

Because 2003's ending was garbage.

It also developed some of the Homunculi more, Lust and Sloth being the most notable ones. Bradley was better in Brotherhood, so was Greed, Gluttony was useless in either series, Sloth in Brotherhood was too one-note, and Wrath in FMA was a more interesting one than Bradley, but Bradley was more entertaining.

I think Scar and Rose were handled better in FMA too, but Father is a better villain than Dante, and had more of a personal connection to Hohenheim that I liked.

What about Conqueror of Shambala's?

Still this user Also agree about Brotherhod's pacing in the first parts, but it got better as the plot expanded.


They jumped the shark with the parallel worlds shit to justify the rules of Alchemy, except it really didn't.

The suffering didn't pay off and all the side characters we loved were irrelevant at the end.

>2003's thematically perfect ending for both movie and t.v series to top off an excellent anime original plot


>lmao good guys win and bad guys lose fuck equivalent exchange garbage all that matters is friendship!!

Brotherhood had a shit start and a shit end, so it's shit. The manga still had a shit end, and what it did with it's story and characters was nowhere as good as 2003.

Brotherhood is garbage and 2003 is better then it and the manga in every way.

Right or left?

Right, I'm a perspective fag.

's thematically perfect ending for both movie and t.v series to top off an excellent anime original plot

>perfect ending
>for both anime and movie

That concept fell flat for me, but it was still a neat plot twist, not one I expected at least. I figured it'd be something dark after learning about all the stuff with Dante and Hohenheim. I could think of worse things, but it still managed to surprise me.

Agree with you about the side characters being irrelevant. Scar's "sacrifice" seemed too cheesy and pointless, Shou Tucker didn't get closure, Archer, Kimblee, and that one general guy who the mercenaries were gonna kill on the train episode were unnecessary, and I can't even remember what happened to Rose or Mustang's soldier friends or that nerdy girl who liked books a lot.

>Conqueror of Shambala
Not as bad, but it's not hard to improve on garbage

So everyone has just forgotten about the shit ton of filler in the 2003 series?


Explain how it wasn't perfect or atleast why Brotherhood's was better.
The filler before anime original at worst was just eh and at best was hilarious(like the episode where Havoc is being set-up with Armstrong's sister) or just really good(the Barry the Chopper episode.)

I know it was translated, so the accuracy is always kind of up in the air, depending on where you saw it, but I always felt that FMA was better written then Brotherhood. Overall, I have to say Brotherhood edges it out by just a bit.

I forgot to add before the original part in the second half.

It was mediocre at first, then the gate being powered by souls of sins in "the real world" dragged it down, but then they added nazi bullshit which just retroactively made everything stupid as fuck.

Who the fuck cares about endings. Are you all children that need 'closure' to know if they enjoyed something or not?

My biggest problem with Brotherhood is the shift in tone. The campy shit of good vs evil was so cliché it simply ended up being another run of the mill shonen, but a crappy one at that as the cast seemed to grow with little depth attached to the new characters. I just loathe any author that adds new characters as if they were ticking off tropes or stereotypes to give the impression they are masters at designing a wide cast of interesting individuals. No, they are simply filling the space because they don't know how to keep things interesting with a smaller cast. The better animation ended up being wasted.

Also, no OP from Brotherhood ever topped 2003's OPs.

>So everyone has just forgotten about the shit ton of filler in the 2003 series?
Trust me, I try to.
>that part when Al believes he's a fake soul created by Ed and runs away
Christ. That entire plot point was bad enough in the manga/Brotherhood, but at least it was resolved quickly with the brothers talking to each other. 2003 sure loved its melodrama.

I thought the melodrama worked though, events had more weight.

Do you mean character-wise or plot-wise? It is better in the former sense, but I think Brotherhood is better in the latter sense.

Brotherhood = more action
Vanilla = more story/atmosphere

I like both!

Its a real good thing that both have their own merits.

That's a good question, and I'd have to agree with you that FMA has better written characters, and I'd add a stronger atmosphere, but yes, plot wise it does fall off a bit.

I wouldn't have minded the melodrama if it wasn't done at the expense of characterization and coherence. Alphonse punching Edward and running away, leaving his brother bleeding and crying on the floor, is just out of character. Hell, Alphonse even listening to any of Barry's bullshit in 2003 is nonsense.

I like you!



pic/filename related

2003 series was what made me realise I was into shotacon.


Lust was my favorite character from from FMA and I didn't read the Manga so when I watched Brotherhood, boy was I disappointed. She went out with a bang though.

Ed looks older in right than left I just noticed

Why were Wrath and Envy traps in this series?

>The campy shit of good vs. evil

What the fuck are you talking about? The 2003 anime was easily the campiest and needlessly melodramatic anime I've ever watched. The plot was complete bullshit, the worldbuilding sucked, and most of the twists were incredibly forced and for empty shock value.

Brotherhood was actually cohesive and gave most of its characters resolution and well thought out motivations. The story never dwelled on one thing for too long and wasn't dragged down by angsty drama.

wrath was Izumi's dead kid that managed to escape the gate using edwards limbs to perform alchemy

he wasn't really a trap, just a wild kid

You repeat this thread quite a lot.

What about Envy?


Let's get one thing straight right now, the ending isn't why 2003 is bad. The entire anime was literally "babby's first fanfiction" and was filled with way too much brooding melodrama to hold itself up.

pic related is his real form in the 2003 version (he's Hohenheim and Dante's dead kid, technically Ed's brother)
so his usual form he chooses for himself
so, guess he's just a faggot


both are fine, but I prefer that you can't see Roy's expression at all in the left

2003 is gloified fanfiction, pic related is his true form.

>The 2003 anime was easily the campiest and needlessly melodramatic anime I've ever watched.
You can pretend the last 20-30 chapters in the manga were not campy, where teams around the world are formed to fight the evil threat, but I won't.

Also, If you think FMA 2003 is campier than, say, TTGL, then you need to watch more anime.

and this is his true true form

>Better characterization
>More cohesive plot
>less melodrama
>Infinitely better villains

FMA 03 did a few things better, like Hughes' death, and more Schieska, but Brotherhood was just the better experience overall.

Manga and Brotherhood was never over dramatic unlike 2003

meh, I still prefer the 2003 plot twist that he's Edwards brother to him being a green onahole

they're both good and well-written though

Damn, that looks so much better than Brotherhood's CGI monstrosity. Maybe I should check out the manga.

>reading comprehension
Did I ever imply melodrama was necessarily a bad thing? No, which is why I never said anything about it. If you think it works (or not) for 2003 is simply a matter of personal opinion.

He's adorable, in a disgusting sort of way.

I like how I'm supposed to suddenly feel bad for Envy just because he's small and crying, like I'm just gonna forget all the conflict he's caused by that point. Makes sense from a thematic view, I guess, but I just feel nothing watching Mustang threaten to step on him. Father's death hit me a lot harder than this for some reason, even though it's the exact same principle.

As a guy who's watched both, I fucking hated the original after Greed's death. It was so melodramatic and the plot held very little consistency. Brotherhood was more exciting and the plot was much more interesting.
The ending was absolutely perfect.

Not a single mention of the two bothers. Their relationship was better developed in 2003 and that is the sole reason why I like it better over Brotherhood. The rest of the cast can go fuck itself.

FMA is good
FMAB is great

Arakawa got the responses she wanted out of you.

Your argument is you being mad that the ending isn't sad or 'bittersweet' and that everyone wound up happy.
Fuck off.

You're not supposed to feel compassion for Envy at all. You're supposed to pity him.

t. edgy 13 year old

Is anyone at all excited for this movie? I read somewhere that Edward has been aged up to 20. I feel like that alone complicates some of the themes the series has provided in all of its incarnations. I also hear that unlike the RK flicks, this is just one movie.

What about in Father's case then?

They're making a movie? Since when?

How does that complicate the themes presented by the series?
Most people are still young and immature at 20 dude.

I'm curious about what they are going to do with Al. I read somewhere that they are going to make him full CGI, but his design is still one of the trickiest to translate into live action.
I also don't see the point in rehashing the same few initial story arcs we have seen a bazillion times. But on the other hand, Star of Milos' plot was garbage so it's probably for the best that they are sticking to canon material.

Its so stupid that they have characters who were clearly european equivalents have been casted as japanese in these movies. SnK/AoT did this too even though its stated in the source material the mikasa's the only asiatic

I think in Father's case its because he was closer to realizing as human and grasping his happiness than Envy ever could have been.

Are they adapting the manga?

Alright I'll bite...why is this a recurring thing? How many times must this happen until Cred Forums finally knows what's the general opinion of this?

The general opinion in and out of Cred Forums is that Brotherhood is better. A small number of people keep making this thread every week, though, and I guess that since no other FMA threads exist at the time, we end up feeding OP.

I really liked the backstory of the homunculi better in 03 than I did in Brotherhood, not gonna lie

Daddy issues Envy a best

I made this thread because I just wanted to discuss the two series. I recently finished FMA 2003 and wanted to compare it to Brotherhood. And since I've got no one to do that with except for you guys, here I am.

Why are you implying his argument is subjective and yours isn't? The very attribute of "campy" is up to personal opinion and nothing more.

Oh and 2003 is garbage.

>all that fillershit
>those garbage original characters
>that ow the edge ending

Brotherhood >>>>>>>>> 2003

is the movie any good?

Spoilers below

Conqueror of Shamballa is alright. I thought it was a lazy way of killing off Wrath, Envy, Gluttony, and Hohenheim, the villain wasn't interesting and her motivation was forced, the stuff with parallel world Rose and the gypsies started to annoy me after a while, and all the historical aspects seem tacked on, but it's entertaining enough.

Also, Ed and Al choosing to stay in our world felt out of character for them. And the villain's death is anti-climactic, but the battle before it is fun.

It was to emulate the manga's losing his powers forever ending.

It's just the one page. He never looks that good again.

What is this dragon form of his supposed to be?

Top four right, bottom four left

I agree, except for Bradley. His backstory was better in Brotherhood because he actually had one. I don't think they ever talked about how he was made Amestris' leader. other than vaguely mentioning that Dante put him in charge. I don't remember Greed or Gluttony's backstories, but the others' were fine.

I liked Brotherhood better, but I'm tired of people saying it's bad because "IT HAS ANIME HITLER!".

I think the series in general started dipping in quality after Dante showed up.

They did seem closer/loyal to one another, almost to a fault. Whenever Ed had to leave, Al always wanted to go with him and seemed to have abandonment issues. If nothing else, it was touching. I liked how Ed always focused on getting Al's body back first and foremost, and the Homonculi were just a second thought.

>The first anime could almost be considered a sienen anime(not counting the movie), while the second is way more a shonen(which is more faithful to the manga).
What. The. Fuck.


Who ever said that?

Why was Ed crying over Greed's death in the 2003 series, that made no fucking sense at all.

Fair enough.
They skimped on Bradley and Gluttony's backstories.

Greed's was that he was an ex-lover of Dante and that he was still in love with her.

Sloth in 2003 was such cancer


I think it was because he had a no-killing Humans philosophy, and saw Greed as a Human by that point. So he cried because he realized he'd taken another Human life.

Did they ever even interact any more than when she made him cough all his stones up? Or did someone mention this?

>there's ultimately nothing at stake
Do you mean no more than literally every work of fiction where the heroes win, or are you ignoring the fact that Father was trying to turn Armetris(?) into another Philosopher's stone?

>early 2000's digipaint

I always assumed the picture of crying Mustang everyone uses was the one from 03, and not from Brotherhood. Maybe it's because the loss stung so much back then. Turns out I've been living a lie, who knew?

More of the former. I know the stakes were high in Brotherhood, but just like in those Avengers movies, all the buildup and tension leading up to Father absorbing the Amestris souls is completely negated five minutes after he loses them.

He got angry and turned into a dragon. It's a normal thing for someone to do.

He stayed that way because no magic bullshit in the other world.



I bet you didn't even read the manga to begin with.

Probably supposed to be the dragon the ouroboros is based off of.

My head cannon says its supposed to mean that instead of being a metaphor or whatever, the ouroboros is a description of how alchemy was first performed in that world. That they used the body mass(as a living philosophers stone), and the long shape in order to form a gate/wormhole/dimensional window.

Its probably what formed the link in the first place, and it probably only pulls energy one way because the place they connected to had alchemy, and they took control of it as soon as it was made and closed it.

Also, Envy is probably the first homunculus. I bet homunculi's forms are borrowed from the normal dimension's information, but I think Hohenheim may have opened the gate and pulled Envy over completely from the other side, but in doing so lost his humanity somewhere on the way.

It's probably what left an imprint on the gate to allow other homunculi to be formed by people without much knowhow, and opened the oneway path of life energy to the alchemists world.

Would explain why he didn't go into his body, it wasn't there. And why he is the ouroboros, because he has a deep connection to the gate and has all of the information on how to use it encoded on whats left of his soul.

>The first anime could almost be considered a sienen anime
Stopped reading there. Are you a fucking retard? How about you google the terms before you spout them.

Protip: They don't fucking apply to anime.

I liked it better too. Mainly because it had great visuals whereas Brotherhood looks disgusting.
The only problem is that the writing started to suck after it went full anime original.

2003 didn't have best girl

Are you a fucking retard? You act like you don't understand what I mean, and while shonen and sienen mean a very specific thing for weekly manga releases, in general they mean young n fun vs older and more thought provoking.

Its like this. Watchmen and the Avengers are both based off of comic books. The type of comic Watchmen is based off of is called a graphic novel, only because it's not really meant for people with a low maturity level(or those not legally allowed to view adult material yet). It's not that comic books can't deal with most of the topics or have on par story lines, but they are somewhat limited by the target audience.

TTGL, DBZ, Steins;Gate, Ronin Warrors, Bleach Naruto, One Piece, Kenchi The Mightiest Disciple

Technolyze, Berserk, Claymore, Hellsing, Jin-Roh, Shinsekai Yori, Elfin Lied, Black Lagoon, Wolf's Rain

Not serious enough to be Sienen but too adult to be shonen:
FLCL, Angel Beats, Kaiba, Katanagatari, Terra Formars, Ergo Proxy

It really fell apart in the last 12 or so episodes.

>in general they mean young n fun vs older and more thought provoking.
No they don't.

I just got them added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, they do now.

That's how words work, however they're used, is whatever they mean. Its not like words have any real intrinsic meaning.

They were negated because it was literally the reason Hohenheim left the Elrics in the first place.

Then what's the point of having so many specific words if you are only gonna use one for everything, you fucking idiot?

If you wanna make shit up and convince yourself it's real just because you think you know better feel fucking free

But don't be surprised people will follow into your bullshit.

>Ed looks older in right than left I just noticed
That's because they decided to make him younger at the beginning (12 IIRC) in 2003.

I thought it was because Envy was about to get fucked by the gate children on his way to Munich so he switched to GOTTAGOFAST mode.

You are inventing your own meanings, nobody else is going to use them because we aren't fucking morons. And you're inventing your own words too apparently, since you can't even spell 'seinen'.


03 is weird where I feel that the atmosphere was better but the plot was worse.

Like how they completely wrote themselves into a corner regarding Envy, to the point where they had to retcon how exactly he works TWICE to finally kill him.

Also the ending was just weird and really anti-climatic Bones is somewhat notorious for their anime-original content sucking so I'm not sure what I was expecting but still.

Brotherhood was a lot more focused and trimmed a lot of the fat. It had a lighter mood, but I don't think it that's as bad as some people seem to think it was. Animation was better too but I don't hold that for much, 03 is a pretty old series in comparison.

>It had a lighter mood, but I don't think it that's as bad as some people seem to think it was.
It's interesting that people complain about Brotherhood being too humorous. When it was airing, fans of the manga complained because it was too serious.

2003 series suffered because the writers were making things up as they went, I think, so there was never any clear goal or direction in mind.

Brotherhood obviously built up to the manga's already established ending, so there wasn't much Bones had to do as far as writing goes.

The stuff with Dante started feeling too heavy handed by then. That and Ed's death and Al's sacrifice to bring him back, then Ed somehow brought Al back but got sent to our world and Al lost his memory confused the hell out of me.

>I watched fma 2003 first so, it's better

>perfect ending

oh god, they really believe this.

Eatshitters dont even pretend these days

I think one thing FMA did better was having a lot more interaction between the Homunculi. All the stuff between Lust, Sloth, and Wrath was great. I was surprised to see Bradley interacting with another besides Greed or Pride, and it was neat seeing him bicker and fight Envy for a bit.

>if I assume stuff about OP that'll make me right

He did say thematically perfect, not objectively perfect. He's also right about Brotherhood's ending being too shonen-like, though it was more satisfying than FMA's.

Envy in 2003 was annoying.

>Kills Hughes and gets away with it.
>Is the strongest Homunculus because... reasons.
>Kills Ed and gets away with it.
>Kills Honhenheim and dies, but got what he wanted out of life anyway.

>like the episode where Havoc is being set-up with Armstrong's sister
That happened in the manga, though.

Thank you.

>2003 Wrath
>best thing


I think him being the strongest is supposed to be because he was the first one. The older a Homunculi is, the stronger they are. It's like how Pride is the strongest one in Brotherhood, after Father. And by strength, I don't necessarily mean raw strength, or else Brotherhood Sloth would obviously be the stongest Homunculi.

You're welcome.

Look a little closer, user.

The ending doesn't have to be emo
but Brotherhood was shouting "EQUIVALENT EXCHANGE" from day 1 and then for the finale completely ignored equivalent exchange and just let the good guys win.

You totally misread the end. The whole point of Ed losing his Alchemy is that he is now forced to rely on everyone else because he doesn't have alchemy to make things easy for him anymore. Remember, he was preaching how alchemists were like gods in Lior. The whole point was equivalent exchange isn't really bad if you give up your arrogance. Which Ed did. Giving up his crutch on Alchemy and allowing himself to rely on others.

I actually prefer this way of Ed being unable to use alchemy than in FMA's. Here, it feels like Ed's grown as a person. whereas in the other series, it's just more melodrama and emo stuff like the user you replied to mentioned.

That's not Dante, but she is the better Armstrong sister by a landslide

Meant Lyra, not Dante

Ed sacrificing his life to resurrect Alphonse was so infuriating. Yeah, it's sad and tragic and dramatic, but the entire point of their journey was to find a way to avoid doing that.

I liked bortherhood's later half more, but liked the way 2003 handled the first episodes better.

Also, 2003 developed the Humunculi a lot better, except for the Fhurer and Envy maybe.

But, I don't like how Brotherhood ended in a VERY happy note, losing alchemy power was a small price to pay, maybe if Ed also had his memory wiped it would've been more impactful, 2003 had a great ending, not so happy, yet, not so sad.

Yeah, but they found themselves in a situation where there was no other choice, and he didn't really die in that version.

>But, I don't like how Brotherhood ended in a VERY happy note

I did. It felt a lot more satisfying than what the 2003 version shat out. It was nice to see these characters get the ending they deserved. Especially Ed and Winry.

Mei and Al are totally fucking each other by the end of the series right?

Edward was planning to die though, getting spirited away to London was an unexpected side-effect.
It's mostly about the brothers understanding each other and respecting the other's feelings. At the end of Brotherhood, Edward gets Philosopher Stones tossed at him left and right to save Alphonse, but he refuses to use them because he understands Al wouldn't want to be brought back at the expense of someone else's life. And he doesn't offer his own life in exchange because he knows Alphonse wouldn't be able to live with the guilt. In 2003 he does that anyway, and Al predictably becomes obsessed with finding him.

It definitely did a ton of things perfectly. Such as an almost exclusive focus on the borthers, music, depth. The best part was that it followed the borther's quest all the way through, and despite the ending being questionable it at least kept the overall theme. Brotherhood ended up way too many characters and culminated in a rather generic "final boss" fight (it was still cool of course, but not quite what i expect from a story with FMA's premise)

The first one could have handled Hohenheim better. Also the primary antagonist. Other than the last two or so episodes i think it was god-tier tho

That was built up at the beginning of the series where he preached about alchemy being god and then was completely dropped since Lior.

Edward didn't use alchemy as a crutch for survival anymore then Alphonse, Mustang, Mei, or any other living alchemist in the show. That wasn't part of his character. It was just a skill he had and was good at. He was able to trade a skill he was good at for his brother(who is dead at that point technically). Is that equivalent exchange? No.

"get the ending they deserved"

Why do Brohoodfags keep forgetting that equivalent exchange was the rule of the series the entire series? The good guys got everything and hope for the future and the bad guys all died. Hell, what did Greed do to deserve to die? Be a homunculus?

Brotherhood wasn't equivalent at all, it forced a happy ending. They could have done a happy ending but still kept to their principles, but that's not what happened.
Dante was the second-worst antagonist in 2003 to Nazi Shamballa lady, but I don't think she was a bad antagonist(I don't even hate Shamballa lady I just found her boring), the other ones were just a lot better.

Hohenheim was handled pretty good imo, You can't expect a guy who left his kids to come back with flowers and apologies. He didn't just leave to stop Dante, he left because he couldn't personally handle being a father. Hohenheim wasn't a good person, but he wasn't a bad one either.

Why is that brown girl and that gay guy there, like they did absolutely anything in the story other than be quirky one-off characters.

I liked how Hohenheim was built up to more in FMA. He didn't show up until episode 43, and the show's only 51 episodes long. He was just boring though, and wasn't that entertaining either, unlike Brotherhood Hohenheim.

Father was also a better villain than Dante, even though he was ultimately a let down. I liked that even he, basically a god in a jar, couldn't escape the seven sins. His motivation for his goal was muddled, though, and the goal itself wasn't interesting.

Character development AND world building?

Don't mind if i do

>Why do Brohoodfags keep forgetting that equivalent exchange was the rule of the series the entire series?
They worked their asses off for their happy ending, it felt way more equivalent than 2003's ending shitting on absolutely everyone.
>The good guys got everything and hope for the future and the bad guys all died. Hell, what did Greed do to deserve to die? Be a homunculus?
Dude, Greed is one of the good guys. Pride survived and got a second chance at life with a loving mother.
The ending feels happy because the characters are optimistic about it. But that's one of the lesson of the story, to value the good things you have. If you look at it coldly, a lot of them got the short end of the stick:
>Hohenheim dies the moment he wants to live the most
>May doesn't become Empress, her clan still has to depend on the charity of others
>Olivier and her men are blamed for the coup
>Roy doesn't become Fuhrer, nor does he get to marry Hawkeye
>Edward is still a cripple, and now an unemployed one
>Amestris as a whole is still at war with a bazillion countries who won't take "sorry, the homunculi did it" as an excuse to cease hostilities

This. The title "Brotherhood" is really ironic

>filler that's actually good and needed
>some garbage OCs, some great ones
>"le edgy meme!"
(Please dare to explain the latter, i'd like to see how you have interpreted the term "edgy")
The world without you>>>>>>>>>>>>The world as it is

>they worked their asses of
So did the villains but they got fucked
>felt more equivalent then 2003
Jesus christ it should have, the whole point of 2003 was that equivalent exchange is bullshit and life isn't fair.
>Greed is one of the good guys
Why did he die? Equivalence? He didn't do anything majorly wrong. He forgot himself, but he remembered and betrayed Father and actively worked to kill him. Greed died just to make you feel sad, equivalence was forgotten.
>pride survived
Pride didn't survive, his memory was completely erased. His mother won because she got a second chance with her son for real, even if her husband has died.
>hohenheim dies
Hohenheim was handled well in Brotherhood, I'll be fair with that.
>may doesn't become empress
May has Alphonse and she loves him. That future is there for her, even if she does stay loyal for her clan.
First of all though
>roy doesn't become fuhrer
Nigga it's directly implied he becomes fuhrer and gets his eye-sight back at the end. The marrying Hawkeye things is up for debate whether he changes that law or the don't marry.

And because of that
>oliver is blamed
She would not be.
>edward is an unemployed cripple
Edward doesn't care about the unemployment, he's going to travel the world. He doesn't care about being a cripple because fucking automail exists, he would rather have his leg be automail for the connection to Winry.
>amestris is at war with everyone
Amestris isn't a character and the war conflict was never hugely expanded on.


>no Kimblee
>no Olivier
Fuck off

They literally do

Why did Ed's arm equal Al's soul?

Kimblee's in this series, user

It was his masturbation hand

That's like saying Barry the Chopper is in 2003 anime

Souls are just another body part

But he is!

But that's the beauty of it. They are brothers and will always be willing to sacrifice themselves to let the other live on, no matter what. I'm pretty sure the guilt the one would feel knowing they didn't give their life for the other would be greater than what he would feel if he was the one brought back

death isn't a form of justice
asking what was in exchange for why Greed died is the same as asking why their mom died, or Winry's parents, and so on
there isn't a cost to die, there's a cost to bring something back

There is no true definition to "soul", you can easily use it for any plot device.

He did nothing at all tho.
He, a dude with supposed god-like alchemy powers, shows up to do nothing but talk for a bit, then get sent off like a bitch by the shitty villain


Yeah, Brotherhood Hohenheim was much better. He was actually determined to stop Father and atone for his mistake, whereas FMA Hohenheim was just a brooding edgelord.


The Shamballa woman had the most bare essentials of a character. She had a nonsensical goal that was tacked on and was evil just so the movie could have a plot.

>Hurr Germany needs to destroy Amestris/Shamballa with their weapons/alchemy because I'm afraid they're gonna go to war with us for some reason, even though they have no idea our world even exists, and vice versa

All the Nazi stuff was stupid too

I liked that Lust had a personal relationship to someone other than the Elrics. Her being Scar's brother's dead wife or girlfriend actually gave her a purpose in the story rather than having her just be a cliche evil woman with nothing more to her. Her ad Sloth struggling with their memories was also fun to see, though felt a little too sappy at times.

I literally picked up Brotherhood because of the evil shota.

>Why is that brown girl and that gay guy there
Maybe that picture was taken during a visit to the automail town.

I guess that makes sense. If not that, then it just feels like it's shoving those two back in so the audience doesn't forget them, despite them being pretty useless.

They had their own photo in the manga, the anime combined it with the Elric's new family photo for some reason.
They are there because that is Ed and Winry's photo wall and they are the people she lived with in Rush Valley.

Ah. thanks. Ed and Winry's family picture looks so much better without them.

I like how during Father and Truth's talk, when Father asks what's wrong with wanting knowledge, Truth just silently smiles at him.

>that dub
eugh no thanks here's the subbed version

>hating on on one of the best dubs out there

That being said, Father does sound better subbed. And I like how Truth has Father's voice too. Must really drives home the message, hearing all those things told to him through his own voice.

Truth is always supposed to sound like the person they are talking to. The dub is not bad, but they made a poor choice giving Truth 03!Wrath's voice.

Agree with you about Truth's voice. But is there a reason why it's supposed to sound the person's voice? For irony or something?

>I am one, I am all
>and I am you

More than irony, it's a reflection, just like how the engravings (or lack thereof) in the Gate reflect the person's mind. There is not a single Truth, everyone has their own.

>But that's the beauty of it

No, that's the cliched melodrama of it because Ed didn't understand his brother enough to know that he wouldn't want to be left alone. Not only was it pathetically out of character, but it also sacrifices the depth of their bond that Arakawa meant to portray in favor of cheap shock value.

Too bad he's just a generic edgy psychotic villain instead of the nuanced sociopath in mangahood.

03 Hohenheim did have a better dub, but Mangahood!Hohenheim was much better overall with an actually compelling backstory.

>Lyra never made a cameo in Brotherhood

Why Arakawa?

He's the same way in FMA too.

Both dub voices are good for their respective Hohenheims.

As its already been pointed out in the thread, they each have their strengths and are both top tier (something unheard of, I mean, what two adaptations of basically the same thing are highly rated?)

FMA 03 definitely had a better start (no fault of Brotherhood there, it needed a few more eps). I kinda liked its color saturation more, felt like it matched the tone it was going with. The Homunculi backstories (minus Bradley) were better, the characters (mostly) had somewhat better development, and the ending, minus Dante, was pretty gud. Also the soundtrack was a notch above Brotherhood.

However, Brotherhood just felt more complete, and just more fun overall. The plot didn't stall at any point, the resolution kept us happy and made a lot of sense, the supporting characters were great, and fights were better in general.

But he is, and he's better developed, kinda like 46


You're wrong.

Funnier too

Her death was badass in Brotherhood but yeah it really sucked how early she was killed off, she could have been so much more. One of the best if not the best homunculus character from 03.

It was supposed to be another piece of evidence as to why Conqueror of Shamballa was shit.

At least the 2003 anime didn't have those annoying chinese fucks

The only annoying thing about them was the ninjitsu stuff. It felt so out of place in the story, almost as bad as Father's shonen god powers toward the end.

Fuck you faggots, pic related is the REAL Barry the Chopper

>they each have their strengths and are both top tier

Do people honestly believe 2003 is top tier or are we just giving it a pass because it was the "original"?

I'm serious. Brotherhood was not just infinitely better than 2003, it actually made its already glaring flaws super obvious to those who didn't notice them before.

I was completely fine with the ninjas, and Lan Fan is second best girl
May Chang and her midget panda, on the other hand, were annoying fucks

I actually really liked that anime original Barry the Chopper episode.


>Do people honestly believe 2003 is top tier
I do. I think it's one of the best growing up stories in the last two decades of anime.
I don't like Brotherhood at all because it's about fight scenes that take too long and is otherwise about paying lip service to various themes explored in the first anime, but are just plastic fakes in the new one.

I watched them back to back in 2010 for the first time. My opinion hasn't changed since then and on rewatching, I found more love for the 2003 version every time. I don't even keep Brotherhood around. It's boring and dull.
But then again, I'd rather rewatch something like Galaxy Express 999 or Shinsekai Yori for the hundreth time than rewatch Jojo even once.

When people pretend 03 is good and the only positive thing they can muster about it is "well ummm Lust had good development", you know it sucked.

I hated them all at first but Ling turned out to be pretty bro tier by the end. The servants were just there for the most part but May was obnoxious. I feel like she was just there to be the Rin for Scar and possibly Alphonse's onahole.


Each of them except debatably Hohenheim were better in FMA than their Brotherhood counterparts. And alchemy being powered by souls crossing over from our world rather than plate tectonics was better too.

Ling was based, him and Greed bonding was especially compelling I think.

Ed saw alchemy as a solution to everything, more so than other characters. He compared alchemists to gods as already mentioned, and his complete inability to accept the inevitability of death led him to try to bring his mother back via alchemy. His entire journey started with him seeking the philosophers stone (the pinnacle of alchemical knowledge) to fix a problem that alchemy itself caused, a hypocrisy that he fails to realize until the latter half of the series.

It was a massive part of his character. Which is why him giving up his alchemy in the end was such a big deal. He used alchemy as a means for earthly gain in an attempt to elevate himself instead of accepting his humanity as it was and learning to love and appreciate the things he has without needing to change them. He later realizes this folly and no longer needs alchemy because of this. This is in stark contrast to Fathers character who refuses to accept the humanity within himself and pays the ultimate price because of it.

The scene with Truth and Father perfectly encapsulates why equivalent exchange was maintained for his character. Every single homunculus death is both ironic and symbolic at the same time, which in a way serves as a sort of "punishment" for the sin they embodied, in keeping with the theme of equivalent exchange.

I want to say your definition of equivalent exchange might be a lot stricter than what the creators implied or what i understood it as. You can't really break down the events in each characters' arcs numerically and then balance it perfectly like an equation at the end. There's give and take, but it's not as defined as we'd always like it to be, and the attempt to shove life events into "I did X there for I deserve exactly Y" is what ends up creating situations like Ed and Al losing their limbs in the first place. Exchange doesn't always mean suffering for happiness or vice versa, there's tons of bittersweet feels in between.

>better in FMA than their Brotherhood counterparts

You can't be fucking serious.

I like the episode where an alchemist falls in love with Lust and turns into stone and I like the episode where Ed is truly terrified of this butcher murderer. I don't think they were in the manga.

Alphonse in Brotherhood was a generic side kick. In FMA he was the innocent younger brother with a conscience who kept Edward from the abyss time and time again.

Ed in Brotherhood was... nothing really. A generic shounen portagonist. He was a fighter when fighting was needed and he hesitated when writer decided he musn't kill anyone. And in a few scenes he had generic I luv u brother dialogue that could be inserted in any other series and feel exactly the same.

In FMA, Edward started as a fedora kid clutching to science as way he'll do everything right. Throughout the series he learns his limitations and through despair and harsh situations, he passes the moral horizon and becomes a savage murderer kept in check from going full retard by his brother. By the time he deals with his sin, literal manifestation of his dead mother, he find forgiveness in his heart understanding other people just like him fell before the harsh world. This is why he spared Tucker and Nina after what is arguably the deepest dialogue written in the entire series including Brotherhood.
Afterwards his last beliefs in alchemy and equivalent exchange are shattered. Recognising this, but also the effort he put into making things right and some good results it produced, he postulates that the world is imperfect and always flawed. That we won't get what we want, but we have higher Transcendental laws we chose to believe in as they will eventually yield Justice.

FMA is basically a Christian deep work which can't be rivaled by anything in Brotherhood.
Ed's FMA 2003 story is the best 00s anime growing up tale.

What about FLCL

Couldn't stomach that crap. I know people love it, I dropped it after five minutes.

I watched brotherhood first and I really didn't like it. The first few episodes dealing with Ed and his little brother trying to use alchemy to revive his mother, and the one girl who was transmuted into a chimera by her father made me feel like the show was going to have great sacrifice.

Turns out it gets a nice happy ending with a bow on top and only 1-2 side characters who got introduced towards the end ended up dying. There was no sense of loss, it was pretty much 100% happy ending with no sacrifice. Oh no, ed lost his power! Not a big deal really, not a huge sacrifice.

It felt like a little kid's show towards the end, when the beginning made it feel more mature.

Should I watch the original? I've only seen brotherhood.

Definitely. Original anime follows the manga in greater detail and better (which even Brotherhood fags admit) until it uses up all source material half way through. Afterwards it's a spiral into despair, death and sacrifice. No happy ending either.

Some of the characters definitely have more depth in FMA, but it starts to get bogged down by overly dramatic plot points as it nears the climax and there's no real sense of closure for any of the characters at the end.

That is what I expected from Brotherhood. You don't start a show with so much potential for despair and heroic sacrifice only to give it this nice babby cute happy ending where no one truly suffers any loss and all the characters get a perfectly happy ending.

>no real sense of closure for any of the characters
Literally all of them except Envy and Wrath get wrapped up.

It's open ended, none of their plot lines close. They all have something they still need to do. The way it ended leaves room for a sequel.

I'm not faulting it for having an ending like that. I'm faulting it for everyone surviving except for 1-2 side characters who come in during the last arc, and for the ending being overwhelmingly happy with no sense of loss at all.

i never thought i would ended up liking brotherhood more, i know the original its better but i just dont care, im having a total blast with brotherhood everytime.

it uses its character more and with more dimensions than just a bad guy.
take brotherhood's kimbal for example, that guy is total nuts, its just fun to see, doing crazy shit and having a great time.

i just think its way more fun and interesting to watch, it just sucks that it didnt had a good director in charge.


>none of their plot lines close
Literally how. Most homunculus are dead. Roy achieves all he can with a coup, retires with his wife for a quieter life far away from where shit is happening. Al gets to have a normal life, as his whole story was about getting a body for a normal life. Ed grows up into an adult, which was the whole point as it's a psychological series centered around his growth. Winry had no arc, which is why she's kind of better in brotherhood but not really since she's too obnoxious there or her plotline goes in a wrong direction take your pick. Hoenheim gets to die a normal human, ridding himself of the curse. Evil destroys evil, Dante gets eaten and mindless evil is trapped under the city forever.

Brohood is literally pleddit: the animation, the 10 last episodes were pure cancer. Worst anime I've ever watched to the final.

I loved it when Kimblee and Scar fought on that train and Scar through a pipe through Kimblee's stomach. Felt so satisfying to see.

You're being too harsh, user. The final episodes weren't the best story-wise, but they were great action wise, especially Scar and Wrath's fight.

>Elric Brothers

Debatable, at least as far as Ed was concerned, but Al was way too angsty for angst's sake.


I'll give you this one.


Felt like fangirl pandering in retrospect. Envy was a little bitch, and his sob story involving Hohenheim was laughable. Only good thing about him was his parallel with Ed.


Don't really count this since they are completely different characters in both versions.


Don't really remember much about
03 Scar


Ah yes, the Rose bullying the '03 writers had a hard on for. Sorry, but putting a character through that kind of shit doesn't make them anymore compelling. Also, she looks better with light skin


Better VA, yes.


100% agreed

>Besides a few of the Homonculi

lust was so much better in '03 that it completely overshadows whatever parts of the homunculi brotherhood did better. i also prefer the backstory of the homunculi in '03, the whole "failed human transmutation" thing was way more interesting than just being made by the big bad

also the jap characters in brotherhood felt completely out of place to me and i can't believe it when i hear people refer to them as if they added anything positive at all.

the only thing brotherhood did better was slicker action scenes, the quality of animation/character detail was worse overall but they did seem to improve how things looked in motion

>the cliched melodrama
>cheap shock value.
So damn opinionated, lol.

>Ed didn't understand his brother enough to know that he wouldn't want to be left alone
You do realize some life decisions can't always satisfy every party involved right? (i.e., life isn't always fair). I prefer the bittersweet ending of 2003 because it's a more mature approach and I'm personally not a children, I don't need closure, I don't care if the author caters to my taste or my wishes.
If you'd rather have the author pulls some twist to keep Ed and Al living together, then that's like your taste. You like that kind of shonen manga. But imo it hides the whole problem with Brotherhood: a happy ending sought so hardly amidst a tragic setting. It feels childish and somehow differs from the tone at the beginning of the manga and some bits of the latter part.

>Arakawa meant to portray
It's 2016. If you'd leave Cred Forums and get yourself an education you'd realize authors intentions are anecdotal, they don't really matter anymore. Critics (and by this I mean any person capable or willing to interpret any work of art) have started their little rebellion since Barthes, and I'm thankful for that. The best fiction is the one that enables the reader to invent his own fictions.

I gave up once Sloth turned into a fucking boat.

I have watched the original anime and then read the manga.

I like both.

Both are fantastic.

Best shounen series by far.

Better a boat than a more boring version of gluttony.

Scar was Lust's lover I think

>Original anime follows the manga in greater detail and better

For the first few arcs sure. But as soon as it deviates from source material it turns into utter garbage.

>Afterwards it's a spiral into despair, death and sacrifice. No happy ending either

Why is this a plus? People who liked the 03 version always seem to cite this. Every series doesn't need to be some edgy bittersweet ending. 03's original story and ending came off as forced and melodramatic. Brotherhood's and the original manga ending was miles better in every aspect.

Just looked it up, and she was actually Scar's brother's lover. My mistake.

Did you like one more than the other? Or think one did something better than the other

>If you'd rather have the author pulls some twist to keep Ed and Al living together

You mean like they did in the movie?

It's a typical Bones production; they're great until they deviate too much from the source material, at which point they go full retard.

Pic very much related.

I didn't mind most of the deviations actually. Robo Archer, Nazi Germany, and Sloth were the only things I disliked.

I liked that Archer wanted to be hailed a hero like Mustang was, but his automail antics, while entertaining, just got out of hand. He also died like a bitch, just a few gunshots from behind. How anticlimactic.

Plus, his robot parts look lie they'd be really awkward to lug around.

I've been seeing this thread creep up far too recently in 2016.

Is this a meme? Brotherhood is a mostly great adaptation. The only thing 2003 has over it is the music in most cases.

Spot the newfag.

A really bad fan-fiction from 2003 or the faithful to the manga Brotherhood?

On top of being faithful the scenes in 2003 don't come close to scenes like this.

You quoted the wrong post buddy.

I didn't. Just concerned if people unironically prefer 2003. Only ham beasts and anime onlys liked it years ago.

Guess it still rings true now.

I wasn't calling you a newfag because you prefer one or the other, friendo.

The sentiment and variation of the OP is a common occurance this year. I'm sure it's a joke that might be longer than this but I've never noticed it as much as this.

Or was it that I deleted my original post because the English is fucked up?


All I can tell you is this op. The first one used drama soooo well you couldn't stop watching. The ending however was awful.
Brother hood couldn't use the same things in the same way since it was already seen. So the gloss over the best moments because you've seen it. Now if you could just chop up the first and move it into brother hood you would have a really good show.
However I did like how the first anime made the philosopher stone so taboo. Where as brotherhood they were tossed around Willie nillie.

Father looks like a frog here

Well that's some low quality bait and so many people fell for it.
Sasuga Cred Forums.

pepe the frog

2003 is nothing more than a shitty fanfiction, which never can come even close to original, because original is long planned, polished gem that creator made carefully, and other one is halfassed fanfiction that is nothing more then someone else fantasy("that's how I see it" crap, made it just to fill the space.


Be neat to see someone edit that image with pepe in his place

I agree for the most part, but wouldn't exactly call Brotherhood or the manga polished. More like washed and left to dry on its own.

It'd be great if FMA's first ha;f and Brothehood's second half were combined. That'd probably make a near perfect series, with some changes here and there.

>So damn opinionated

Welcome to the thread, if you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen.

>You do realize some life decisions can't always satisfy every party involved right? (i.e., life isn't always fair).

That's my entire point, really - you don't care about the cohesiveness of the characters at all as long as you get your forced drama in the end. It's not just about closure, Edward's maturity and indeed his entire character was completely thrown to the wayside the moment he couldn't show himself to be capable of recognizing Al's happiness, and Alphonse was likewise handled poorly on several occasions, particularly whenever he overreacted. The writers, much like yourself, were more willing to go with angst and played up melodrama at the expense of making the brothers utterly incoherent.

>If you'd rather have the author pulls some twist to keep Ed and Al living together, then that's like your taste. You like that kind of shonen manga.

What are you talking about? There wasn't any "twist", the author didn't need to do that to keep Ed and Al living together because it just flowed naturally from the desires and overall direction of the brothers. Why would they stay separated? What could even cause that to happen?

>But imo it hides the whole problem with Brotherhood: a happy ending sought so hardly amidst a tragic setting. It feels childish and somehow differs from the tone at the beginning of the manga and some bits of the latter part.

I don't know why you think a "tragic setting" necessitates an over-dramatic ending. Your whole critique for what makes a good ending in this series is shallow because you're specifically pining for something that is "bittersweet" or "tragic" for the sheer sake of it, which is what 03 so often DOES - there's no point to any of the events that unfold at the end because they shatter the self-consistency, depth, and development of the main protagonists for the sake of pointless drama.

>But as soon as it deviated from source material it went to shit.

Nah. Source material ended up as shit as so did Brotherhood.

1. Ultimately it turned out to be simply a powerlevel fighting series, where good guys beat up bad guys and nobody important on the good guy side dies or loses something irretrievably. Can you even name those extras from the heroes' side who bought it in Brotherhood's engame without googling?

2. That powerlevel fighting series was shitty. None of Homunculuses besides Fuhrer were interesting opponents, and neither was Father. They largely ended up as pinatas, entirely relying on their regeneration/forcefield. Fights, unlike 2003, did not involve much of actual alchemy, it was all blasting, platforms and ground spikes.

3. Father was a massively shittier Big Bad than Dante. Just try to say with a straight face that he's anything but your stereotypical God-complex JRPG villain. I dare you. Dante, by comparison had an understandable, if scummy, motivation.

4. 2003 series actually followed the themes set up at the beginning to the end. Manga and Brotherhood ditched them in favor of "we can make everything OK forever by beating the Big Bad".

5. Character development was simply better in 2003. People, good or bad, were much more likely to react to situations as... people, not animu cliches. No serial killers as funny sidekicks there.

I like that both Father and Dante have goals similar to actual alchemists. Dante wanted to become immortal and Father wanted to become a perfect being.

Real world alchemists sought the philosopher's stone because, in addition to turning base materials like lead into gold, it could make the user live forever and also make them a physical part of God. This process of becoming a god in a Human body was called the Magnum Opus, the Great Work.

I wish the manga or the animes had referenced the MO at some point. Would've been a nice touch on Arakawa's part.

Actually, I guess it kind of did with Father, though very subtly.

>Claymore in seinen category
Bait or just retard?

Avoids the multiverse thing at the end and finishes off with Father and the Homunculi being defeated with peace being restored to Amestris

You didn't have to watch the Brotherhood movie whereas Conqueror of Shambala...

Star of Milos is shit, and so is CoS. Avoid both movies.

Is he tall now?

At least Milos is so irrelevant that you can at least watch it for pretty visuals and/or more of Ed and Roy.

Shambala just shits even more all over FMA's ending.

>nobody important on the good guy side dies or loses something irretrievably

Doesn't Ed lose his alchemy powers completely

Milos is bad, user.

Let it go.

Better ending better pacing better antagonists better Hohenheim origin story better openings. Hell pretty much everything in Brotherhood is better and this is a well known fact. Why is it that every time there are a few faggots on Cred Forums who can't hold back questioning the obvious?

Oh I'm not saying it isn't, don't get me wrong.

It's like one of those "play in the background while you do some other shit" movies.

I agree with 2 and 4.

I was really disappointed with the source of Alchemy in the manga.

The Sanguine Star or whatever that movie revolves around is just a poor man's philosopher's stone, and the Milos people are just whiter Ishvalans. The story is an utter waster of time and creativity.

Yes he did.

What was the manga's source of alchemy? Didn't Father make it somehow?

First half of original has better direction and pacing than any you can find in Brotherhood, but turns to absolute shit the moment it turns into a bones original series.

So overall Brotherhood is better, but this has already been argued and proven many times over.

Milos is harmlessly bad: it's an animated bad fanfic, complete with screentime-stealing Mary Sue character and shoehorned callbacks for the sake of callbacks ("hey, remember that cool scene from the manga? We do too!"), but it's autoconclusive and doesn't affect Brotherhood's plot.
Shamballa is bad-bad because it's shit AND also the series' finale, you can't ignore it. Well, you can, but you are dropping the anime before it ends.
Both movies are worth a watch just for the beautiful visuals, though, if you are a fan of animation. Shamballa has some awful 2004 CGI on display, but it's forgivable.

This. I can shut my brain off and enjoy the action in SoM without feeling bad because it's an irrelevant film plot-wise. CoS on the other hand is completely fucked because I'm forced to sit through the complete disaster of a plot it has if I want to see the conclusion to 03.

03 really was a mistake on all fronts the moment it departed from the manga. I don't think any of BONES's exclusive endings have been good.

Both movies had some good action in them, but I hated the villain in SoM. I also hated how easily the Thule society defeated and captured Envy in CoS.

>I don't think any of BONES's exclusive endings have been good

They tend to have a reputation for that. Think E7:AO and Darker than Black S2. Though I will admit I liked the Soul Eater anime better than it's manga counterpart. Especially the ending.


Sheska's tits shrank?

It was the price to pay for Winry's increased rack. A textbook example of Equivalent Exchange.

I bet you like moe stuff.


2003 is just as shonen as Brotherhood, the only difference is that it's angsty shonen.

>What was the manga's source of alchemy? Didn't Father make it somehow?
If I remember correctly, alchemists redirect the energy that flows through the Earth to power their transmutations. Xing alchemists use the flow of energy on the surface, while Amestrian alchemists use the one that goes from the planet's tectonic plates to the surface. What Father did was use his Philosopher Stone to put a "cushion" or barrier between the planet's core and the surface, so he controls exactly how much energy Amestrian alchemists have at their disposal. That's why he can disable Edward's alchemy (by thickening the barrier until nothing can pass through it) but not May's, she is using an energy source that is created above the barrier.
It's kind of a bullshitty explanation, but the source of alchemy wasn't mean to be some big shocking reveal in the manga, it just explains why Father has so much control over them. It also fits more with the overall portrayal of alchemy as a completely neutral science that can be used for good and bad things, while alchemy in 2003 is a bit more perverse.

The one thing I like more about 2003 is the source of alchemy. The whole
>muh potential and kinetic energy
thing felt kind of lame at best, pointless pseudo-science at worst.

2003's presentation of it was more sinister, but also in keeping with the mystical nature of alchemy. At its core it's still magic with souls and what not, but it still fit in with the themes of equivalent exchange: a human life for the successful application of magic ie. a miracle. It's a pretty big wham moment because up to that point everyone kind of took the 'energy' needed to perform alchemy for granted as unexplained magic.

If only they stopped there though and didn't go into the whole nazi germany arc.

Not canon.