Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou

Big Master Fry Mix

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This show is great but only you and me watched it.

Very underrated short-form anime

I'm sure there were more of us, but yeah it is one of those anime.

I liked it.

Didn't finish it though.

At least the phat beats are in FLAC


The soundtrack was surprisingly disappointing considering how great the CHECK IT OUT PARTY PEEPS pv was.

S2 when?

Why? It's 5 mins per episode including ed.

Press F to pay respects


I want to grab Agetarou's ass.


Yeah, but every time you mention this show, someone will pick it up.
Like someone mentioned Turning girls, another shot about christmas cakes, on Luluco thread and then there were short wave of discussions.

It happens a lot, I'm a disgustingly lazy person. Generally if a show doesn't keep momentum up I tend to just not bother with keeping up. It happens with a good 70% of shows I watch seasonally, and always seems to happen around episode 6-7.

>drama free
>good times bros and best gals all around
>groovy beats
>dat animation
My heart skipped a beat when they had the live action ED and I thought it was the final episode.
Why was it so good bros?

Because it had likable characters who were enjoying what they were doing.

This shit was my jam. The threads were funny too

I need to finish this, stopped around episode 8.

I loved this but honestly the pacing killed it.
if it was a movie that ended at rainy lenny it would have been pretty great.
They make the speed of it work, though, so its not too bad.

But then we wouldn't have learned about the power of friendship.

This was best anime in spring

>close door
>disco lights on
>dj agetarou mix
Same director

Same. I think I was at episode 5 when I stopped watching.

You should finish it.


I probably will, I just need to find it on site where people actually seed after 1 week