Mob is AOTS

Mob is AOTS.
Prove me fucking wrong, that is if you can.


Shit meme

Maybe a shit but not a meme


>dickwaving about AOTY
>not being comfortable in this just being raw fact and instead posting #redrawreigen in the general
Stop this nonsense and come back home, user.

Not even OP, but nope.

This is true.

Outside of the animation of #8 and characterisation in #5 and #11, the rest is pretty bad writing. Overall it's an average show : 67%.


Stop making the same fucking thread every day.

Yes but AOTY is Sakamoto


There's really no competition

>1) MP100, 2) Luluco, 3) Sakamoto
Same rankings for OP

>Stop making the same fucking thread every day.
Welcome to every board on Cred Forums.

Stop making the same reply every day

No, but reigen is COTS

Cunt of the season?

Anybody have the official guide to 2016 AOTS's?

What is up with the show and falseflagging?

Re zero falseflagging getting dull so they migrate to the next popular series

>Berserk 2016
>Quality Code
Pick one.


nothing this year is butt

mob is for sakuga whores

I can't.

At least wait for the last episode, kid. they might fuck up the non-conclusion.

I've been enjoying it.

Scuba dykes is AOTS

I hate all that moe faces...

New Game is better.

An undeniable truth.

Mob is a moe as hell too, faggot.

Denialfags are the worst.

Mob is moe on accident, it's natural. Its better moe than cute girl show #13214

Mob Is Fujoshit and faggots' AOTS.
New Game is real men's AOTS.
This is undeniable truth.

i stopped watching at ep 8 . that shit was boring the girls . the girls aren't even cute

I would if i could. But i don't. So i won't.

I enjoyed New Game more. Mob is also good.

This season is so shitty that people seriously suggest a moe anime is AOTS, thus mob is AOTS.

Don't mind me, just checking something.

Should have known, this shitposting thread is cursed.