Why are black haired girls such semen demons?

Why are black haired girls such semen demons?

I used to like blondes. I think is about colors, black looks hotter than yellow.

Because natural jap color is black and you have yellow fever

Posting superior Nase.


/Black hair, pale skin and preferably with blue eyes/ MASTER RACE WW@?

This man knows the score, her younger sister was a pleb who read for plot.

Got you covered senpai. Kazusa is best girl

>that skeleton
top chuckle user

Do you prefer dark or light lipstick?

izumi second only to kuriyama tbqh

Why couldn't Kyoukai no Kanata be entirely about Cakes fighting demons and obtaining gems while the school stuff was secondary seen through the eyes of the Cake teacher.


Much better proportions.
Why can't SOL in general spend more time on casual outfits?


The fuck you on about?

I genuinely thought this was my post. I posted the same thing in another thread earlier today. Glad I'm not the only one.

This is Kuriyama

I want to hold her cheeks.

I know. Princess Leia just looks mad in that image.

Black is the new black.

Anyone who falls for Marai instead of is a fag.

Black hair with red eyes is my default image of a literal semen demon.

I'll keep both.

Not quite.

Hmmmm. Blonde is lewd semen demon and black hair is cold semen demon.

They're sexy, mature & intelligent

Truly the thinking man's girl

Black hair is obviously better once you gt past their hard exterior and learn they are just as lewd as blonde.

Black hair
Red eyes
Muh dik

Hail Saten!

Nice haiku!

Blonde will always be superior to trampy black haired bitches.

Because sometimes, they literally are.

>black hair and red eyes combo

Absolute trash that appeals to edgelords

Black hair is love, black hair is life.

Black>Purple>Red>Everything Else

Purple is tumblr tier except when the Major wears it

ravens a best
>semen demons
aren't most mostly at most times pure!


The best.


golden/yellow marmalade eyes best and < than red. a red color for her eyes is fine too

purple is on-par with black-hair if you ask me, i haven't quite made up my mind yet though however to be honest

Ako is a miracle of the universe.


Through her in the dungeon with the rest of the scum



Is she wearing a swimsuit over a swimsuit?

>what are accent colors?

The red looked like it's underneath it, I haven't seen the show.

>tfw an anime gives you a single scene of footserice and then nothing else

>edgelord huh?
That's a strange way to spell best girls.

> Swimsuits over swimsuits
Only the lewdest demons would do that

I think that's swimsuits over underwear.


this looks unbalanced

Red is just a boosted regular color but you don't really get people with pale purple or blue natural hair

I'm talking about those those itsnotaphasemom vibes that colors outside of red/blonde/black/brown give when they're on adults

If it's not a sci-fi/magic type of show it's a red flag

If this appeals to Edgelords then sign me up.


Purple is just stylized black you mongs.

Purple is my way life.



Gen 2 design is fine too


I don't even play pokememe.

is that a rare akame?

I want to have rough sex with her.


My nigga.

A man of superior taste right here.

I dunno. You tell me.

This. Blonde with blue eyes is the best.
Blonde/blue > Black/Red > Blonde/Green Black/Blue Black/Green > not relevant


>picture is not of KyoAni's best girl
OP is a faggot like always, Oreki a best.

lol what

Black Hair
Black Eyes
Pale Skin


Patrician taste

>Not mentioning white

>Blonde with blue eyes
>Not Green or brown eyes

That's a corpse m8.


>Blonde with brown eyes
Literally kill yourself.
Highly fuckable.


I remember fapping to sabrina's gameboy sprite when I was like 12 years old

Not a great moment

Might as well put Ueno there.

My negro

>I'm sexually frustrated, you know?
>I haven't had sex for years. YEARS!
>But now that you're here...


Why does black hair black eyes work so well? It shouldn't.