Is she the cutest bug of all time?

Is she the cutest bug of all time?

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That's not Gokicha.

Is she gonna go yandere?

She's gross though.


Thats not Kumoko.

She was about to kill his mom

Not even best girl in her own series, pic related is.

>No updates since December
I actually imported Volume 4.
She makes a human "friend", a scientist woman who is confused by how intelligent she is as a cockroach and thus wont kill her and does harmless experiments on her. I need to work on my Japanese a lot more to fully understand it though.

Fucking noob, not being part of the polyglot master race


Don't do it girl, he's a fucking psychopath.

She is safe because he doesn't even care about her.

Does he care about anything?
He's a sociopath as far as translations go.

I don't know, but wanting to find out what the hell is going on with him is equally as interesting as the alien bug mystery.

>Does he care about anything?
Flipping through the web version, he cares about his filthy pet bug.

I don't know if that makes me happy or not.

How are they going to make babies?


>implying Ogeha isn't going to kill her and the mom

>he's a fucking psychopath.
He's almost too stupid to be a psychopath. He's callous enough, but he seems borderline retarded.
Psychos are usually portrayed as clever.


You can be a stupid psychopath, too. Psychopaths just don't have the ability to empathize, feel no remorse, and are egoistic. You can be all those things and stupider than Lennie in Of Mice and Men.

only 3 volumes
already completed
why japan

Ogeha is moe.

My heart can't handle this manga.
Too many conflicting emotions.

>Psychos are usually portrayed as clever.
It's not a requirement.
Also he's in middleschool and has clearly never kept a pet before. If he's not naturally bonkers, you could probably assume his parents didn't raise him normally.

I want to bully that bug.

>that flying sceen

That'll be his next question to sensei.

How do I fuck butterflies?

So I just checked and this is a Shojo manga. Wut?

Do women like this?

I'm seeing josei in the mu tags.

And who doesn't love a good monster girl x sociopath romance?

Any cute bugs in Terra Formars? Obviously besides the nigroaches.

Of course they do.

Real men read Shojo

Bug women.

Do they like abusive sociopaths who lock up and treat girls like pets? Does a bear shit in the woods?

Depends user, bears can do a lot of things.

Because unique yet weird things don't sell well.

You get people sperging over how awful the MC is and how much they hate the manga in general.

It ended?

That's really a shame.

That's because they want to self.insert in the girl but are afraid of doing it.

>I tried acting it out myself.

Ogeha-chan is disgusting! Disgusting!



>Because unique yet weird things don't sell well.
Please. They don't sell Oricon-chart-tier, but plenty of unusual things do well enough to not get cancelled.



Brace for rushed/inconclusive ending?

Go see for yourself.

How do you fuck it?


user no, that's what they want




Bug is vague, appraisal kumo is pretty cute


no, this is becoming cute.

I don't want this to be cute.

did she kill all the humans?

Reminder that the MC stopped a malicious alien from fully developing and eating all the humans. He is a HERO


Truly a savior of the human race.

What's the thing on her cheek?

Looks kind of like a ladybug

It is to heighten her cuteness

Birth defect. She's completely malformed.

>We will never know her final form

puck is cuter

>fairies =/= bugs

>if I tumble down there then

>doki doki

fucking Junko wrote this manga

This actually is how it ends. The caterpillar things try to kill him so in retaliation she kills them and destroys their hive/cocoon, stopping their plans.

Mouth pussy tattoo


Shame it ended so quickly. I just read it and I have to wonder if it was axed because the ending was pretty poor.

I just started this and it ended already? Anything else similar? Too many manga end so quick

I wanted a kiss at least but nothing


So she killed her parents?

oh no oh no

Yes. By the end Kiji cares about her and is willing to risk his life for her. That wins her over and she saves him. After she flies to his rescue, the bugs attack him. Ogeha kills them in one hit. Then happy end.

She's still a malformed alien fetus, though.


Good lord, I still remember the first time I read this one, the ending destroyed me.

Someone has an image of that one creepy moth demon from that one doujin? Shit gave me the weirdest boner of all time.

Here you go, fampai.

Was she raped by the caterpillars or is that just something she does.

>Raped by caterpillars
That's not something you see often at this day and age

>mfw reading that
You wouldn't fuck a bug