New Game

These are two working age Japanese adult females.

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What the hell happened to the last thread?

Hot pocket supply was running low

Season is over and people are already forgetting about the show.

Sexy middle schoolers

Mature adults

Reminder that New Game! was the New Game Plus to begin with.

It didn't die a natural death, it was "deleted or pruned" not archived.
A brilliant idea by whatever mod did it because now there are THREE New Game threads at the same time.

Mature adults indeed.

Reminder not to use loli in the thread.

This is a trained killer.

But they're lolis.

Yeah and mod doesn't like lolis. He deleted three threads in the past hour.

Given how there is a loli thread at 400+ posts right now, I wouldn't be surprised if some dumb mod thought that was a second loli thread. It's happened before.
Or maybe he just rightfully hates Michlan.

I want to _____ nenecchi!


He want's one thread at a time. The loli thread that's up right now is at image limit. When some one made a new one, it got deleted. Two other threads, including the last New Game got deleted because he's too retarded to look through the threads.


have a good friend like

have a nice conversation with

forget about

You never will.

bruh just be urself xddd


Marry and have 33 children with
All of them would be perfect clones of her who like talking at the same time. We'd visit Nenehaters in group.

The drunk segment at the end was legitimately funny. Why are nips so stingy with actual humor?

Kollateral damage from the writers strike.

Man, those store items looks fucking incredible, holy shit

I want to rape Yun!

whats the point of this show ? does it have any story or 'look at me im doing nothing while being cute'

It's look at me "im doing nothing while being a little shit"


What does Hazuki's hair smell like?

No user, that's your life.

This is me walking by.

Me, second from the left.

You look like you're up to no good.

Kiritsugu blowing up this skyscraper with no survivors

Are you gonna 9/11 that building sir

I try to walk by as close to Aoba to take in that sweet smell

I looked too long at Aoba's ear and now I can't unsee

>Being impressed by shelfs with items
Are you in Venezuela or something?

ask again next season

>tfw you're an anime studio and you just take a picture of some convenience store and put a random photoshop filter over it and call it a background

Well you need to spend the time animating the important bits like Aoba undressing.

Yun is responsible for this

This is getting a second season, right? Right?

could be worse

It's actually my fault
I didn't pull out fast enough

>These are two breeding age Japanese adult females.

Congratulations Yun and Hajime on your first child!

A definite maybe.

Dat perspective

Top 10 anime butts

it pisses me off to no end that she is wearing a fucking school uniform. Jesus fucking Christ you'd think that she would just get regular clothes or something FUCKING HOLY SHIT.

Aoba I still love you though.

That's stalin and mao right.

Who's the guy on the left?

It's a work suit you plen

Xi Jinping
Truly the greatest doujin of our time. Probably next to that Psy Bleach doujin.

I'm pretty sure that's a suit.

they're all sliteyes

based of school uniforms

are you retarded? she's not wearing a pleated skirt

What happens if you take away Hazuki's shawl?

They make 3d less pd

You unleash her full power.

It would be very painful

I want to take it away and give her a big hug from behind to replace it.

Please stop sexualizing my Aoba

You're retarded, congratulations.

Is it possible to get office job in USA after high school?

Yes, you can be a volunteer coffee fetcher.

She goes from lesbian sexual harasser to full on lesbian rapist.

why would you get an office job? unless you were just planning on having the most boring life that results in you killing yourself, if that's the case to each their own.

Office lady outfit
Hers is blue though fairly standard issue.

I want to see Aoba in those heels.


New Game had the best eyecatches this season. Prove me wrong.

I'm just curious. I'm from the country that it's possible (also coffee fetcher esque with minimum paid).

It looks like everyone in Cred Forums scream that it's impossible.

looks so much thinner compared to is that simply due to school uniforms coming in standard sizes?



Last time she tried wearing anything else she ended up cosplaying as Chino.


Too small, I want Hifumin to pound my boibussy with her 8 inch dong while our wife Aoba watches

Needs to be added to the smug collage.


Dubs confirms

make people stop posting this shit about

that's disgusting

japs have no fashion sense

Why is Nenecchi so shit? She ruined the whole release!



erase and take the hands of

Would they "hu hu hu" in sync?

be together forever with

It's a standard OL outfit found all over Asia


Hifumi's thick uncut futacock is reserved for SuccuAoba's private use only.

She's probably just skinnier. Looking at their legs they seem a little shorter. Some Jap girls get the shortstack genes.

Aoba can be quite handsy huh

Is this after her first child? Her boobs got huge.

shit show, right?

Wrong thread

Imagine Nene using her thumbstick skills on Umiko's clit

I watched the first 5 minutes, realized that she was literally right out of high school and got a well-paying job that needs both a University degree and experience to get, couldn't suspend my disbelief, and turned it off. I also don't like "cute girls doing yuri things".

She dies in episode 5.

S2 when?

Stick with rezero, bud

Thanks OP

Your thread title made me chuckle as I browsed the catalog


Need at least five more volumes

The left side of that back ground looks too real.

They only used two volumes this season and there are 4. 5 if you count the prequel.
I think the prequel would do better as a short. At 8 pages a chapter you could get a couple seasons as a 5-7 minute short.

That's entirely possible in real life. Nothing in the show ever said it was particularly well-paying, I mean she lives with her parents.

I was seriously expecting her to be carrying the stupid cat when she walked on stage

Hajime's been there for a year and can barely afford a bunch of toys on top of her rent on her salary.

Generals are fucking cancer

I didn't enjoy Re:Zero, though.

i know an artist who does this

And so now we have two of them!
Should of left it alone.
Enjoy Hifumi having sex with faceless men on the roof.

yun is underrated, but i still think she's a fat slut

You sure can't say she's underweighted.

Or maybe you could create threads without the circlejerk and cookie cutter conversations.

Hey no


After you, newfriend.

and this is a butt i want to grab

Can he make my wife Aoba real?

I was here when generals weren't tolerated, you should just stop you have no idea what you're talking about.

Do we prepare for Exterminatus, Commissar?

Ah the great general wars I remember them well.

I really really like this picture.

This. I don't even care if 80% of the puns go over my head.

Would you prefer Aoba dressed as Sophie servicing otaku at a convention?

Wait, did anyone notice any men at their release party? Is Eagle Jump 100% female? Did the hag just want to start a harem?

I want to be her husband.


Weren't you warned not to post such blasphemy again?


Pay more attention.


What is it with Pixiv and their collective desire to corrupt beautiful things?


Aoba needs to embrace her inner darkness.


>no doujins of aoba back raping her rapists


Says the Madokashitter

is this show any good or just moeshit

Any good.

No its really good.
Unless you have never had a job, then you wont understand.

Her boss is a thirsty and smug lesbian old hag who hires people based on their cuteness alone.

Try the internet.

Valid assessment.

i don't get it. an eagle jumping? someone explain

It represents the jump in quality when Neneshit joined the team.

That's clearly a falcon hopping.

You mean the raptor vaulting?

And still makes games that sell.
So she is a genius.

They only sell because everyone knows that Eagle Jump is full of cute girls.

did nene ruin the series like azusa ruined keion?

No, they ruined the series in very different ways.

No she saved the series.

They're saying mean things about me again...

The sell because of homobait between the MC and his rival.

Nene is actually the introspective one.

I want to lick those chocohands.

This is New Game's Azusa equivalent and she didn't show up this season.

New Game's Azusa equivalent is its main character.

Yes we know, but why'd you post a pic of Aoba instead of MC?

Hotaru is Aoba's boyfriend.

Aoba's girlfriend is Hifumi. What is Hotaru to Hifumi then?

>when you walk in on your office mom and dad fucking

What did she see Cred Forums?

Literally this

Guys. I think I know how New Game is going to end in 7 or 8 years.

Aoba and Nene are going to quit Eagle Jump and start their own studio with Hotaru, and they will take Hajime and Yun with them, possibly Hifumi as well.


I hope she is not as shitty as Azunyan

Then EA take over their studio along with Eagle Jump and lay off everyone.

No she saved it

>Azusa equivalent

How many french girls has she fucked by now?

Then everyone forms a new company and builds a best selling game on a shoestring.

More than one.

Becoming yuri cakes in the process

Oh! one of their most successful title is "No Girl Sea".

I dare you to name a character purer than Aoba in all of anime

A typical New Game thread, of course.

How depressed will Hifumi get if she meets Hotaru? Since that is who she will have to beat somehow to win the Aobabowl.

Nakano Azusa.

Nenecchi will be a permanent employee next season right?

The only person who'll make Hifumi jealous is Momiji once she starts to go dere for Aoba.

Aoba is devil

So is Rin's big lesbian crush completely one sided, or is Kou just as eager to munch on the box?

They would have to move stuff up. She only got a interview with Eagle Jump in the last month or so, so it will be in Vol 6 of the tankubon.

Aoba is the Harem Master type.

Kou is a workaholic. You would have to get her to not think about work first before her libido will activate. So its hard to tell.


>next season
I have bad news user

I made a thread and the mods banned me for posting about the show.

Like, what the fuck.


Reported for ban evading.



Why is it my fault? I was the one who made that other thread that got pruned.

It was an unjust ban if you ask me.

I'd be sympathetic if you weren't a namefag.

Probably Mod made the mistake

Were you ?

>working age
I think I should be thankful they at least look vaguely distinct from males.

Who the fuck even uses that word?

I even checked the archives and the word has only been used 100 times on Cred Forums since 2007, like what the fuck.

what is Aoba thinking?

thingken of villagers

She's being intimidating

She's thinking about the easiest way for her to bed Hifumi senpai

The pleasure of being cum inside

Her game idea where you kill cute sapient creatures and wear their skin to infiltrate their society.


How rude.

I want to read Aoba's GLF doujin!

I hope you saved the ban screen as material to use against dumb mods in the future. Those are always great.

Was Aoba or Akari the better protector of the playground?

Aoba couldn't transform, so Akarin triumphs in this case.

Aoba was the bully. After Nene ran home, she murdered and skinned the boys.

It was her inspiration for the skinwalkers game.

Aoba doesn't even have bun bazookas.

I just realized that she's not pushing a shopping cart but rather a hand basket.

Just how small are those isles? I'd be towering way above the entire thing at my average 190cm.

akari would show aoba who's the boss of this playground

Of course, only adults use the word, user.
This game is about adulthood, you know.

Hifumi looks so fertile
Why am I having a huge hardon just looking at this art

>Nene's Nenes
Since when is she that big?

Have you never been to a late night convenience store or service station before?


You forgot hu hu hu

i've been to a service station in kyoto with our japanese family friend. a really cute, boyish girl in overalls filled up the car. overalls was the uniform


My wife Yun is the cutest girl in the show.

This is what I've been waiting for my whole life

underrated girl, but fat slut


t. Someone with literally no aesthetic discernment to speak of

shut up, loser. it's how i show affection

I want Rin to dote over me while I suffer from a minor cold and at the end of the day when I feel better she can fully rejuvenate me with some tender love making.

Goddamn look at those spasms, Hifumi was built for sex. How sensitive is she?

filthy crossboarder.

You have to be Kou to do that.

fuck off unintelligent reptile poster

Wrong board. Those memes don't belong here.
Try s4s.

and this is why you should kill yourself


Since high school at least

She's short with big boobs, that's a bad combination.

I want to play with ehr fun bags while making tender love to her and getting drunk off of her Nene noises.

Imagine being room mates with Nene and having her make all those squeals/grunts/gasps 24/7.

Imagine her during sex

Japs already make weird noises during sex. I can't keep a boner while I laugh.

Imagine Umiko and Nene scissoring, Umiko's deeps sensuous moans combined with Nene's high pitched squeaking.

>you will never be Nene's roommate and hear her noises while she masturbates in the dead of night, thinking you're asleep

user please, I can only get so aroused

>umiko growls that if nene comes before she's satisfied that there will be punishment

user stop
My penis con only get so erect

>Nene comes on the spot and starts trembling, squeeking "GOMENASAI GOMENASAI" through gasps

1000 years later
And where's my updated Nenecchi sound compilation user, you promised you'd do it

I'm not him, user. I am merely a fellow Nene lover.

Reminder that these threads will last another week at best so enjoy the good times while you can.

Thanks for the reminder user ;_;


But I still see an Unhappy thread once every month or so. Surely enough the love for Aocchi won't disappear all of a sudden, right?

>what are manga updates

Umiko is an unsung hero for putting up with Nenecchi.

God bless.

Very frequent.
> Unhappy
Now it feels like a Forever Alone user enters a girls' school...

big tits.

Speaking of, Volume 4 when?

I love Yun. Criminal lack of screentime in later episodes though.

I want to suffocate Aoba with hugs and eat her corpse so we can be together forever.

Why is Nenecchi so shit? She spoiled the entire game.

I will pleasure myself with this assault rifle.

Is that an N16?


No. Yes.

Good pair right?

Ready right?

This is just as horrifying as the cowtea stitchup.

Why is Kou more alpha than 95% of all anime protags?

Love the smug and that possessive hug on Kou though. Usually it's her being embarrassed.


Get out cat.

>Rin getting the fuck away from Hazuki

Me on the right


She's typical male protag level dense.
>who let this old hag in the orgy.


Is she going to shoot up the office now her job's been outsourced?

Embarrassed Umiko is cute, CUTE.

>Hazuki's panties and navel
Am I really going to fap to granny porn now?



I love this a lot more than I should.

I'm the cat.


>Ko and Rin holding hands
>Aoba and Hifumi holding hands
>Hajime and Yun holding hands
What did they mean by this?

hello oficer

is aoba going to start drinking with them once she's old enough?

Of course, drab existence will force her.

Of course.


Wouldn't Nene be a bigger offender of work being outsourced? She was a part-timer with no debugging experience, she even on multiple occasions slowed down the process. Now professionals who specialize in debugging will be handling the process.

What do you think she will like? Something fruity?

Show about cute girls getting drunk when?

at first. But Hifumi prefers saki so that will probably be most of what Aoba drinks.

>This is distracting.
Tit rank: Hajime > Umiko > Hifumi

They are the OTPs

Some CGDCT have a drunk episode, I don't know if you could fill a whole show with that premise.

I think this needs updating though.

I loved Korean Desk Car.


And Umigon has to deal with a pervert granny instead of her Nenecchi



I want a scene where she goes drinking for the first time with hifumi and hifumi gets absolutely wasted and starts to tease and bully aoba

>He doesn't know

>make students wear conservative school uniforms to create a professional environment
>they get a job
>wear professional clothes
>complain they look like school uniforms
Sasuga Nihon.

i wish i got a job out of highschool.
reality is,
you'll probably stuck with flippin burgers.

Solution: be reborn as a cute Aoba

Do you really want your 18 year old self picking the company you will be married to for the rest of your life?

>The lightpole of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of cute drunks and meter maids.

Yeah, I'd rather spend at least four years of my life accumulating enough debt hoping that the company I spend my life with pays me enough to pay those debts

Well if it's full of kind and cute lesbians then sure.

Flipping burgers is a dream job if you're American.

What will it take for Aoba to drop the suit?
Will she just wear it forever?

After she gets married to Hifumi she'll need to dress more conservatively.

>Kou holding pudding
>Not Nenecchi

Nenecchi should be wearing a crowbar, the absolute thief.


Nene is a good girl, not a thief.

Nene is for dicks.

>Has the biggest tits-to-body ratio of the entire nyugemus
>Wearing baggy clothes all day everyday

This was the funniest part in the entire show.

Since Abao is an adult, wearing suit is normal.

She's wearing it wrong.

But she looks so cute in other outfits!

Can you imagine undressing Nenecchi for the first time after thinking she's just a cute small girl and seeing those ecchis in all their glory?

Meanwhile, in a parallel world...

You forgot
>Hazuki trying to grab Umiko's hand

>you will never play Fairies Story 3
>you will never own Fairies Story series merchandise
>the NEW GAMES will never be real

New jobs after FS3 fails hard.

>Fairies Story franchise
>Failing Hard

That just makes it better, user. Imagine getting those Nenes all to yourself.

My husband Kou is so handsome.

Why would Kou be holding Nenecchi?


I can't wait for the second season

end yourself

We're all gonna make it, anonymous.

too old, no longer pure

they are opure when they haven't even hit puberty

But I can bear-ly stand the wait!

Where's the collector's edition oppai pad

There doesn't seem to be much oppai.

First volume is out next week I think, then we'll have a better idea. There's a few things that could be adapted instead though at the moment so even if it did sell decently they might not bother with S2.

Why is Umiko so shit? She ruined the whole episode

So now that NG! has ended, what will be the new cute girl flavor of the month anime?

i'm really hoping for a season 2 even tho i know it wont happen...

Whatever it is you should post about it somewhere else.

You're probably the 2nd biggest faggot on this board if you don't like having fun with words on the internet

According to, the Fall season has Girlish Number, Stella no Mahou and www.Working as the standard slice of life moe shows.
There are other SoL, but they also have supernatural elements in them.


All I'm saying is there are many cancerous retards like you in these threads and you need to go back. These threads are far too soft on idiots.

I hope this is one of those trick rooms.

How cool of a bar would that be?

>tfw you're writing a manga and you just use photographs put through photoshop as backgrounds

aoba fucking normie

There's that SOL manga about MILF and cakes getting drunk (and gout).



Aoba is a closet slut and also very annoying. AND ugly.

Does nenecchi's VA have a role for this season?

The only thing I don't like are the heels, they are too big in my opinion

Mods, please stop trying to unjustly ban me for ban evasion that originated from a thread discussing New Game. I just wanted to talk about the show.


Calm down Rin.

After finishing the final Episode I think there was some Yuri going on

>no more NOW LOADING

So when we getting season 2?
I know it's not much but the STALKER ratings have it under Love Live which is pretty damn impressive.

Name one(1) Eagle Jump worker who is 100% straight.

Remember how everyone loved Mashiro but her seiyuu barely got any more roles since Mikakunin? I bet the same will happen to Nene's seiyuu, sadly enough.
At least I can still listen to her kyururururu all day.


I can't

>rin and kou
>hazuki and umiko


>kou holding hands with TWO PEOPLE

what a depraved slut

What series of events led you to that conclusion?


>tfw no kou x rin drunken makeout session doujins

What about Yun's seiyuu?

they are not 20 years old yet, so they are not adult by Japanese standards.




>hide vagina template in image for uncensoring
Is this the Toloveru artist?

>they go to a toy store with Hajime
>Kou wanders into the ADULT ONRY backroom and finds dragon dildo strap-ons
>Kou buys it as a gag
>ironic joke is misread by Rin, who takes it and uses it to fuck the utter shit out of Kou

Can you translate it please?

Its because the naked version came first. It just cant be posted on Cred Forums

This please. There is an user on /u/ who has offered to typeset if someone translates.

That's why I asked too.

what kind of -zuri is that? Sliding your penis between your girls belly folds??

Hey mister, are you ok? Your staring

Will you marry me?

>Kou can't walk the next day
>Rin volunteers to "take care of her" and calls in sick
>cuddles and oral sex all day until they pass out from exhaustion

Uh, you see, I have this weird medical condition that I need a cute lesbian game developer to rub her sweaty asshole on my face or I faint.

>Nenechi got rape and on the brink of death when SWA agent found her.
>She got surgery to transform in to cyborg.
>Work with SWA as cold blood killer

I think that Hazuki and Umiko, and Hazuki and Christine are events that have happened in the past and that Umiko and Christine have walked away from. Long ago in Christine's case. Because Hazuki cant keep herself from wandering.


New game was actually very good as a cute girls doing cute things, not my favourite but still better than average


These covers man.


Aoba-chan, time for your evaluation!


I want Nene to give me a paizuri.


Fufufu~ sexy girls like you must be punished!


I'm going to punish my dick for the next three hours to this.



she wants to change...

What the hell? Why did they fully draw her mouth?

How does she get herself in these situations?
How did she fall, in public, wearing such an odd combination of clothing?


Rin was never pure, even as a teenager.

Pretty sure that's a chink in the picture.

This guy's art looks just like the anime designs, or he's very good at copying.

I want this Aoba to punish me by using my mouth as her toilet.

I want this game.

I have a feeling he/she is one of the staff.

Can you get it on her forehead? The food I mean. Yeah, the food.

How does Rin show her workaholic husband Kou that she wants some alone bonding time with her?

Show up wearing a mask and coughing.

Who is the naked man in this Rifyu?

Is that Kou's semen?

Of course.

It's too salty.

Girls can't produce semen

I tried to translate it but I got stuck on the bottom panels of Image 2. . . 保? can't identify the other kanji.

Rin is a lewd wife. She probably milks and drinks Kou's semen every morning before going to work instead of drinking Mr. Froggy.

>Potatoes and meat are some of the food that makes semen taste better
>Rin is jealous that Kou likes Hifumin's meat and potatoes more than hers

They can if they have a penis.




-marry the supervisor of-

>Mahiru as profile image

I like it

Episode 13 when?

After the sixth anime disc volume has been released. So, around 6 months from now on.

Let me tell you why Nenecchi is the best newgiemu

1. She has the cutest voice
2. She has the best smug face
3. She's by far the most pure (Aoba a slut)
4. Kyururururu
5. Nenecchi!

>cutest voice
>best smug
>most pure
maybe among goblins.

tfw if New Game was real, it'd be like this.

thank you this is the best thing i've seen in my life
literally dying right now

delete this now

Why are they randomly naked towards the end?


Why was Aoba and Kou's hit flowing during her lesbian babble?

Also hair down pajama Aoba is cutest to grace this earth

Why wouldn't they be?

I don't know.

The only one being naked that made sense was Mozuku. Unless it was just totally random to try and be more amusing.

Who's bigger, Kou or Umiko?

In what way? Penis size? Definitely Ahagon.

>japan hated it

season 2 never, i suppose.

One in the mouth, one in the butt, one in the baby-maker.

Aoba takes vag because she deserves to be loved tenderly
Ahagon in butt because that's what you're supposed to do to brown girls
Nene in mouth so I can hear more cute noises except it will be her cutely choking on my dick

It's okay. I think Kou-chan's is big too.

For a second I thought you meant them on you. Forgot I don't have a baby maker.

Nene mouth
Umiko butt
Aoba baby maker

guys I want to fuck hifumi doggystyle while I finger her asshole and slap her ass

>wanting to fuck a literal autistic girl


>japan hated it
Sure thing user
>***,*26位/***,*26位 (**3,959 pt) [*,*28予約] 2016/09/28 NEW GAME! Lv.1( イベントチケット優先販売申込券付 ) [Blu-ray]
>***,981位/***,970位 (***,910 pt) [*,*10予約] 2016/09/28 【限定】 NEW GAME! Lv.1( 全巻購入特典:「アニメ描き下ろしイラスト使用タペストリー」引換シリアルコード付 )( イベントチケット優先販売申込券付 ) [Blu-ray]

Nene mouth
Ahagon vagoo for beautiful caramel babies

I want to talk about programming with Ahagon.

Can I trade one of them for Hifumi?




Brat's tats?

When is Rin gonna man up and claim that ass as her own?

all that's left to do is to replace the flowers with lilies.

i wish i was nenecchi so that i could get bullied by ahagon
why must the world be so cruel

>no new episode to look forward to on Monday
Season 2 announcement when?

Picture hopefully not related.

Rin may claim the ass but Aoba already claimed the heart.

>Hajime looks the same

Which part of Yun's body do you find most attractive?

Someone hasn't read the ski resort chapters.

That's literally a boy.

Dandy, dandy.

A person can be pure and into torture play at the same time. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.


Here, what do I win?

>A person can be pure and into torture play at the same time.
Literally me.


I said Hifumi, not aoba



This is a bad post.

You can't be pure while taking pleasure in causing suffering to others.

That exclamation point makes Rin seem too excited.

Why are all these girls so fucking gay?

Himufin best girl

Delete this

But what if the person whose suffering you're causing takes pleasure in said suffering?

It's supposed to be Kou's speech bubble in that like in the original. People have been making fun of this page for a long while but yeah, that speech bubble should have an inward indent.

Newfags get out.

Do you think the snowman was taking pleasure in being dissolved in the bath?

How can someone be this worstgirl?
Doesn't help that her voice is like a cheesegrater against the ears.


No, this is.

H-he could have been...
If "dissolved" was replaced with "stepped on" and "the snowman" was replaced with "me".

No bully.


This is a Nene post.

>No bully.
I bet you'd get off on it, fag.

>Wow user, did you get a boner from being stepped on? How pathetic can you get?

That depends. Are you a cute girl?

Nenecchi is alright. She is still worst girl but I don't hate her anymore.

Only in my dreams.

Kou is too boyish to be considered cute!


Whore mouths like yours are made to be shut.

High heels

Find a flaw.

Which Stella would you like to Stella?

This isn't a photo from my wedding.

What the hell is Yun doing back in high school?

Yun on the left.

That's because you haven't proposed yet, Rin.


>find a flaw
She's only in that form for like 1% of the time. If I were a girl and had a pretty face and beautiful hair like hers, I wouldn't waste it.

>implying every other Kou form is a waste

For some reason you reminded me of this.

>that pic
Cuteness overload.

I don't know which of the crew is responsible for these kinds of shots but I approve of it.

But he is right.

>they clearly day ecchi

Bullying boyish girls who don't think they're cute by saying they're cute warms my heart.

>not smiling for the camera

She currently isn't making sweet tender love to Rin



Is she actually the most bullyable newgeimu?

Hajime will always be the easiest to bully

Fat chance you meant Yun.