ITT: Unintentionally hilarious scenes

ITT: Unintentionally hilarious scenes.

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my life



I always lose my shit when watching Akira with people and Tetsuo's arm falls down as a mass of fucked up flesh
The sound cuts out for like 5 seconds and cuts to close ups of the other characters' reactions and it's so fucking funny



I wonder if this ever is going to stop being fun.

Bottom right panel.

>but FIRST i'll kill the four kages lalala
>naruto saw this coming
>sage isnt surprised either
>kakashi dares him to say that again
>only sakura is still in denial
That page encapsulated all of Sasuke's role through the series



Also, the entirety of Another.

Is it time?




Devilman was full of them. I enjoyed it though.


Never fails to make me chuckle

Okay, I chuckled.



this looks like something straight out of tgt

And the ensuing edits.


I'm not a dubsfag but I need to watch EoE in English for multiple reasons on occasion.

Arent Naruto threads banned here?


Stop trying to start shit you fucking asshat

Okamoto Lynn is the king of unintentional humor.

Devilman Lady is also full of shit like this. In fact, everything Go Nagai that I've read that is not straight up comedy is full of those situations where things are supposed to be serious but you can tell he was having fun drawing/writing it.

Haven't been for a long time already.



this shit didnt get cancelled yet ?

The entirety of MoMH

Jokes on you, you have to live with yourself

Not since Jojo threads were allowed.

How does he do it

Got a good laugh out of another and "muh genuine" from yahari.All the pie and genuine memes after still give me a good chuckle.
Nah fuck you, best girl didn't deserve that.

I'm dying

The bunny.

Holy shit

l had completely forgotten that fucking bird

I can't believe it took me near the end of that shitfest to realize that Kishimoto usually pulls that kind of shit in almost every Sasuke scene.

I personally believe he does give a shit about his daughter, he's just simply a very shitty parent. And Sakura doesn't help.

It's good though.



Also, fucking Ryo. You just remind me I have to read Devilman Lady. Thanks to the dump last week they got me hooked.

Besides maybe his mom, it's not like he's had a good reference on how to be a good parent.

>You just remind me I have to read Devilman Lady.
Prepare for rape.

>that hawk




His dad might have been a hard ass, but he was still able to acknowledge sauce's effort, and didn't run out on his family at every fucking opportunity.


only oldfags will get this


hes basically like jotaro from jjba, I think kishi actually just copied jotaro parent "skills" for sasuke.


What the fuck was kishi thinking when he drew that, that hawk ruins the scene in a hilarious way.



>I think kishi actually just copied jotaro parent "skills" for sasuke.

That...That actually makes sense.

The entire One Piece manga



That meme is almost literally Kubo in a nutshell. With "The Heart" being ironic. Since the last arc was heartless as fuck.

I miss it and KoG.

I tried reading his other works but everything I read has fucking Akira Fudou or the fujobait blondie.

I just wanted to read about a butler fucking a rich girl, last chapter AKIRA FUDOU AND THE FUCKING FUJOBAIT out of nowhere.

Jesus Go Nagai ticks me off, i'm afraid to read his mech manga because i'll probably find devilman garbage there too.

Reading a lot of Jojo... there's a lot of scenes like that one with being awkward in a funny or weird ass way, It's kind of Araki's signature. It's totally intentional. Like Kira ranting about weight lifters playing with their dicks and touching barbells to Koichi.


I read Devilman Lady thinking that it would be it's own story of sex and violence. Nope, Akira fucks the main girl.

Go Nagai is in love with Akira.

A lot of Lynn's stuff is intentional humor though. He just has a really fucked up sense of humor.


I hate when this happens.

>"God, I'm so fucking tired, I could really use a hiatus."

did she died

Is she gonna be alright?

Entire first episode of Elfen lied.

Well shit.

That "I love you" scene on Your Name its so fucking funny i cry.

my fucking sides have left orbit

pretty much every episode of this

Considering how many shit they can go through before dying, you can't really blame him for asking.

Holy shit that was really fun

>This world is nothing but bullshit

You can say that again

one piece isnt that funny.

>jojofags unironically think that everything is a jojo reference

Oh this? It's laced with drugs.



>he wasn't here for the day moot trolled us

holy fucking shit


>also, spiked arms
it's hard to tell how seriously arachnid takes itself desu

I still can't tell if Mayoiga was supposed to be funny. If not, essentially the whole series fits this thread.

This one sticks out.

>that scene where Sarada gets all depressed about her family issues and tells Naruto she's going to run from her home
>naruto PULLS her like he REALLY doesn't want to go through that shit all over again

That bird is saying something.

Bleach is full of those.




Blacks don't have souls. Have you ever seen a black ghost in Soul Society?




I know he was shit, but did you forget about him already?


I'm not one to audibly laugh at anime, but this was so fucking silly I lost it for a solid minute.

Rolo constantly interrupting Lelouch as he tries to stop Rolo from dying.

Actually, Code Geass is filled with that shit. Or maybe I just couldn't take it seriously.

pic related

>bird is ruining the scene
>not the ridiculous emo haircuts everywhere and that gay bi boy with the retarded uguu tooth sticking out in a wannabe serious story

It truly is Cred Forums.

This whole show

>ridiculous emo haircuts everywhere

How are you able to watch anime?

Everything about this manga makes me laugh, but i'm still not convinced it isn't intentional.

I don't.

Basically only read Berserk and One Piece both which are completely free of this disgusting faggot shit except for some stupid joke character, maybe.

I haven't read this, but maybe it's supposed to show how ridiculous it looks when you have really well drawn characters and then a panel with an item that looks like shit.

Don't know if completely unintentional, though.

Also this.

fuck off

Even better


>Uso murders them all in cold blood because he literally can't believe this shit is real
I shouldn't have enjoyed Victory Gundam as much as I actually did.


>that oblivious smile she has before the rock smashes the pavement with a perfectly circular hole

Every fucking time.

>no one posted LACED WITH DRUGS and "That's right, I'm crazy"


A special mention for the entirety of Diabolik Lovers.

Are ya winnin son?

Most of Obito scenes were unintentionally hilarious.



the fuck is this?
why is she in a cage lol?

>he doesn't keep his little sister in a cage
Don't be shocked when she turns into a whore.

This was surprisingly fun while airing.

Amnesia is a fucking joke.

No one posted the one about the vampires bullying the protagonist yet.

What anime is that anyway?

Bolivic lovers or something like that

Oh, my bad. There is one at least.

>It's raining


Fucking Toei

You might as well list the entirety of Valvrave.

If I had to pick one scene

>complaining about emo haircuts
>reads berserk and one piece
Is this bait? Both manga literally have a main character with an emo hair.


What the fuck, man? Guts just has short hair, and Luffy has uncombed middle length. If that's emo hair to you, anything is.

I remember losing my sides when I saw the wine in that scene.

Ichibei's powers were never explained, like how could he summon some giant hands and feet? Was it some sort of kido? Surely not part of his zanpakto abilities.

>who is serpico
>who is sanji

>A comparison is a meme reference


There is no fucking way i don't remember this part

Everything that Junji Ito writes


The scene in Pluto where they reveal the president to take orders from a teddy bear on a stool in a dark room.

It's actually a very serious scene because it shows how far machines have extended their power, but it's so out if place.

The thread had so many puns, was glorious.


This was absolutely bananas.




That was intentional

Wait, this wasn't an edit?

The very end of the battle too.

>Jotaro throws a regular Star Platinum punch to block The World's kick
>suddenly, The World splits in half and explodes while Dio screams at the top of his lungs
Can't get much more anticlimactic than that.

I have never laughed at anything harder in this series.

Hell I probably haven't laughed at anything harder in any shonen I've ever read.

It's like you could just hear Number 1 playing and then come to record scratch stop.

This shit was hyped for a good 3 or 4 years only for it to be destroyed in 1 page.

You said copied, idiot. Not everything comes from jojo.

You say every character in One Piece is a joke character?

The image is iconic and infamous for not just only for what you stated, but the fact to show how lazy of a mangaka Kubo actually was/

He dedicated entire pages of him basically copy/pasting the same image. I never seen so much bullfuckery while reading manga.

The one where shinji watches Misato being a colossal slut with Kaji, his face is priceless.

Wish i had the pic

>threads about a very popular anime/manga
>banned on the anime/manga board
you one of them ree-tards son?


Choose any panel from the last 10 chapters of Nisekoi. They're all comedy gold.

>The wooden bridge doesn't splinter it's just cut perfectly circle
It almost makes me feel like picking it up.


Why are you so sensitive?


>implying this was unintentional

The staff room was full of dudes who like to fool around and make in-jokes about the show, its characters and so on. They were way more chill about it than you'd think.


>one post
>two asspained jojofags
>i am the sensitive one

>no one has talked about this yet

Almost any time attack on titan tried to do something shocking I found it funny.

Almost all of the drama in BRS TV Series.

>you're already pregnant


Personaman is a walking meme, user. He's on a different level.

>posting this page without posting the literal hundreds of redraws of it
Feels so weird


Is there any shonen where the MC gets more BTFO than bleach? He jobs in every arch...

>fucking Akira Fudou or the fujobait blondie
>last chapter AKIRA FUDOU AND THE FUCKING FUJOBAIT out of nowhere

This is Go Nagai in a nutshell

Devilman events basically happen because Satan is trying to redo time to save his long lost love Akira

Not sure if unintentional though

Isn't that spoiler text from the non-canon Amon manga?

At first I thought it was the same page loaded twice but I laughed my ass off when I checked. Kubo's the king of laziness

There are like three layers of humor to this gif.

I know all Otomeshit is basically the same but the cage one is Amnesia.

This is late as fuck but I could have sworn that had to do with the weak side of his body.

That's one of the few things about Saber's backstory that's taken straight from the actual legend of King Arthur.

New to Cred Forums. What's up with this guy?

Oh dear.

I kek'd

Why do people get mad at this, again?
I thought it was hilarious.

Sasuga, "mature people just like myself"-chan.

Still doesn't make any sense for a punch to the leg to split an entire body in half.

>admitting new
lurk more

THAT was obviously intentional. It's Kotomine and Gilgamesh being Grade-A Jackasses.

How was that lazy? That was actually pretty clever. It's like how One Punch Man came up with those bunches of two page spreads that were like an animated fight sequence.

How were any of this considered funny, intentional or unintentional? Juha Bach's speech was very good at the end. Plus that is a translation error as he was talking about the "Black" being the "Blackened" or criminal.

Another is the worst anime I've ever seen.


qualidea code

it might be intentional, have you seen the one he did about his cats?

Can someone post the laced with drugs one?

Looks like I haven't saved the original, but it says something when parodies are circulating more widely than the shit they're based on.

Oh, I do have this one by the original artist.

>This shit was hyped for a good 3 or 4 years only for it to be destroyed in 1 page.

I think this fact is what broke me.
I couldn't even get mad, shit was just a Kuboing on such a scale I couldn't stop laughing. I still to this day can't believe he even did that.

Could you imagine Yusuke getting BTFO by Toguro in one punch during the dark tournament Arc after all the hype and training behind him? Or Goku getting instantly shot in the heart by Freeza the moment he went Super Saiyan and did his "I am a Super Saiyan" speech?

That is what Kubo did, and it was glorious.


>Juha Bach's speech was very good at the end

Que? That nigga's speech made him inconsistent as fuck

>So i wanted to make this world where nobody has to fear of death
>You niggas going again me and i will use my power to find your happiest moment to fuck your shit up so remember this fear of death

Gantz panels are pretty good




Geez, that sums up my time on Cred Forums to a fucking T.

Is this that stupid assassin manga

no it's magus bride

Dude, Juha Bach wanted natural chaos (as seen in the Quincy Lore about their powers and what they did).

The Soul Reapers stood for preventing the Natural Chaos. Of course he didn't want good things to happen to them.

this and the next few pages legitimately made me laugh though

Killing a waifu for greater power is strictly forbidden.

Yhwach's laughing was the icing on the cake


Fuck I was thinking back to Ito's stuff a few days ago and I surmised that Hellstar Remina is probably the only one that wouldn't make one laugh but I have to retract that.

This one is funny because of those retarded eyes.