What's with KyoAni and tanning?

What's with KyoAni and tanning?

They know what the superior skin color is.

Only best girls get tanned in KyoAni. That's the truth.

They like dark skin but are scared of actually including black characters

There has been quite a few brown characters in their shows. Phantom World has at least two.

Kyoani knows what's up. I wanna take an ice cube inbetween my lips and run it all over that sunkissed skin

>actually including black characters


that's a native brit though


Tanning is something KyoAni always does right.

>Hibike 2
>takes place during the summer
>yfw tan Kumiko

Kumiko doesn't seem like a girl that gets tanned easily.

Kumiko seems like she'd get sunburnt to fuck, not tanned.


God Kumin is adorable.

But Kumin isn't tan...

Choi is a sand nigger like EMIYA.

They aren't black.

This character is
[ ] Black
[ ] Brown


A nigger, Steve

I don't like it!

Do brown guys have brown cum? Do brown girls have brown milk?

There's only that tanned Azusa and those two chuuni girls
Not significant enough

Indian, and the white twin's Chinese. Probably to keep up with the martial arts theme

I want to headpat Choi.

post ruru


What was the point of Rururaruri?

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the girls are cute, and the butts are great