Meanwhile on Bizarro Cred Forums

Meanwhile on Bizarro Cred Forums

Cred Forums is good and the mods are doing an amazing job on this board.

Are you guys hyped for the Index III announcement in two weeks?

People need to stop making random threads and keep shit in their generals already

I hate moot and i hope her never come back, especially in Christmas, i would hate to see that manly man in that shitty holiday

Kimi No Flop Wa vs the masterpiece that was Koe No Katachu, which one wins for ya?

Wanna hear about my 3d boyfriend?

OP is not a faggot

I haven't fapped for the whole day.

I'm not a cute girl.

Your waifu is very nice and beautiful.

Have you guys seen new best girl?

I exist

*cricket noises*

>old worst boy

We are all big men in Cred Forums, dont you know?

Honestly, Trigun is a great anime and I won't let anyone tell me otherwise.

I'm glad all anime is made using 3d animation now. It looks so fluid and natural!

Boy do I love videogames

took me a while

shaft is a good studio and is still creative without milking series

i want to pile drive wrath

Guys, I want to develop a healthy non-sexual relationship with my older brother. Any tips?

ReZero definitely set the bar for anime from here on out. What a masterpiece.

I am not from the bizzaro Earth that is shaped like a deformed potato.

tsukihime VN when

Where my handfags at?

Why are palms so sexual?

I love anime so much I hope it never dies

>>Cred Forums

Rei is best girl

Why are handfags such nice people?

I enjoy anime and Im looking forward to next season so much.

Boy I sure am glad this is a place where people don't hate things just for being different and shit up threads complaining about shows you don't like for completely trivial reasons that can be easily ignored.

Madoka loves Homura.


Really? I fucking hate it.
There's way too much Magical Girl garbage.

>ITT: We spoon feed

Anime is great!

Check out these singles


I think Shounen is the pinnacle of the animated medium.

this just made me sad

Cred Forums has never been better this season.

See this? This is worst girl.

This is a bizarro Cred Forums thread, you're supposed to say she's best girl.

Fate Stay/Night remake when? I'm sick and tired of the Tsukihime milking.

And don't make Saber into yet another Arc-clone either.

I fucking love how KyoAni is constantly churning out interesting and unique content every season, I'm glad all that talent isn't going to waste.

So much this and can we all just talk about how great that ending was

prolong my life

A bit, though I don't think it'll match the shitstorm of S&W season 3.

I really like watching the Jojo anime, DB Super and RE:Zero. They might be some of the best animes of all time.

We don't have autism.

Cred Forums is a great place.

Can we also talk about how Emilia blew out every waifu in existence despite only being in half the show? Such a fucking powerhouse. No other girl can touch her.

If you like masculine vaginas, you are literally a procreating straight fag

Yuru Yuri is good

Guys, why do anime nerds love anime girls? 3D women are far superior. We even have a saying here, 2DPD! Why do those stupid idiots love Japan? It's literally a hellhole with no hope for the future. I can't wait to move out of here and marry a real life American woman!

I love anime!


I love you all!

Wow, it's incredible how Miura managed to release a Berserk's chapter every month from the beginning. We are already in the end of the manga. And there's a new anime with great animation and sound.

Posting weak smart girl that always win fights with her brains

we're all fully responsible and functional adult in the public society.

I can't believe Nichijou is finally ending.

Generals are a boon to this board.

I'm glad I'm alive to share this moment with you.

Agreed. Anti-generalfags are a cancerous bunch.

well said frogfriend

(spolers) you seem like a pretty cool guy, whats your reddit account name? )/spinners)

I've come up with some new rules, what do you think?

1. Generals are to be encouraged.
2. LNs and VNs are banned on Cred Forums. Only manwha should be allowed.
3. Underage Bait like lol, kys, cuck and so on will result in a concession of a Cred Forums pass.
4. Board based shitposters have to be introduced.
5. Removal of sage
6. Cred Forums will merge with /vp/, /an/, /o/ and /ck/

i love how the manga isn't going to be put on hiatus again!

also joseph worst jojo.

Your waifus are great! GREEEEEEEEEEEEAT!

I'll add another clause: all posters will be given a Cred Forums pass if they post about anything regarding The Big 3

Man Cred Forums is such a good board.

Really sad ReZero ended, was loving to discuss the anime with my fellow buddies in the generals.

Just finished Gurren Lagann. My god, what a painful experience. Everybody said it was going to be shit, and it absolutely was. Terrible writing, terrible animation, terrible characters.

Dunno why that made me laugh so hard

I love the "Funposting, Deregulations and Anti-Moderation for Cred Forums" threads. Why are they only up for thirty minutes a day and get to two hundred posts before peacefully falling off the board? They sure do get a lot done.

I really love those threads as well, I hope they give everyone who posts in them more than once a Cred Forums pass.

I want to live