Draw a boy

>Draw a boy
>Call it a girl
that doesn't even make sense

There's almost no difference between prepubertal boys and girls though. If girls didn't have long hair, pink clothes and frills, you wouldn't be able to distinguish them from boys. And vice versa.

I miss Carol.

>if it wasn't for all the diferences you wouldn't be able to distinguish boys from girls
who would have thought?

So if a boy has long hair, wears pink clothes and has frills they would look like a girl? Glad we're agreed.

if you would have given misuzu boy clothes and cut her hair you'd think she was a boy too.

>Draw a girl
>Call it a boy
>It's actually a girl

so you honestly wouldn't be able to tell? It's not that hard to tell apart boys from girls at plain sight as long as we're speaking of irl kids and not trap/reverse-trap cartoons

No, if a boy has long hair, wears pink clothes and has frills then they ARE a girl.

No, he'd look like a little boy in a dress.

>gender obfuscation is a fetish now

>simpletons and honest peoples like myself get BTFO with no survivors and zero hope in life.

whats the upside to this anyways? =/

the upside is faggots like you kill yourselves

Confused but happy boners are best boners m8

Is this gap moe?



Tomo chan wa onnanoko
It's a besto
Read that shit

considering how hard you just memed in that second line, hopefully things continue this way

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I wanna impregnate Lolisuzu.
She could give me a blowjob standing up.


Tomboys and reverse traps are great, don't know what your problem is.
Holy shit, another Kashimafag. Fucking phenomenal taste.