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Takeuchi, like many artists, improved substantially

Limited Zero, Formalcraft, and Imaginary Around are supposed to be the Lv99 perfected versions of Shirou, Sakura, and Rin

Like if after HF they all made an agreement to keep training to their apex and become super swole and powerful for some reason

Evolved versions

give or take

Eroges started attracting females, and now the guys need to be attractive too.


Had sex
Gained height
Took a shower
Hit the weights
Got a clue

He started to work out.

Someone explain to me what the fuck is going on.

How many different fucking versions of Fate/Stay Night do there need to be?

He got laid.

Type-Moon doesn't make eroge anymore.

His hair got a bit more volume.

I wonder if he switched shampoos.

He was always /fit/. Early on in the VN it made note that he exercised to a near obsessive level as SnM training.

Wait, so the original VN character designer still does work on type moon stuff today and his art now looks like the right picture? Neato

It's an endless hell for him and they wont let him die.

But he was already working out (and not light baby shit either) and had been for years when F/SN takes place.

There aren't different versions of "Fate/Stay Night" there are different versions of Fate. Other fate stories aren't trying to be Fate/Stay Night over and over again, they are trying to be Fate.

Only F/SN is F/SN; the universe is built upon multiverse theory where any choice you make creates another parallel world, infinite choices create infinite earths.

F/SN is the beginning, but none of them are really alternate versions of F/SN just because they also happen to be grail wars. The grail war is a ritual that's repeated countless in different worlds and different ages. FGO revealed that the origin of grail wars wasn't the Fuyuki one either. After all Zelretch himself got the idea for the Fuyuki grail war from somewhere as well.

The versions of Shirou, Sakura, and Rin you see above are just craft essence in FGO. They're flavor text about a potential version of each of them that might have possibly existed if their trained to their apex in life.

He gave Shirou Shiki's cut.

Gave him some muscles.

Not to mention sameface

>Akiha not smiling
>Short hair Akiha smiling

Why does Rin look like a cheap whore, though?

It triggers me Sakura and Shirou have a Japanese motifs (including the background) while Rin doesn't.

She doesn't, she looks like perfected Rin I guess.

You know why.

This. Shirou is popular with female fans, unlike Shiki.

Why would Rin have a Japanese motif when it doesn't fit her? She's kinda western when you get down to it. Sakura and Shirou have traditional aspects, but Rin isn't the type so much.

Because she is.

Sakura demi-servant: Parvati, goddess of love, fertiliy and devotion as well as divine strenght and power

Rin demi-servant: Ishtar, slut goddess of love, war and sex.

FGO starts to get a bit deep into what the holy grail war really means, and how it all started.

>Andersen: Then, I’ll get right to the point so that Hr. Jekyll here can rest. What interested me was the relationship between “Heroic Spirits” and “Servants.” Heroic Spirits are the records and accomplishments of human history. Whether real or not, they will continue to exist as long as humanity exists. On the other hand, Servants are different. They’re treated as something that lets Heroic Spirits “exist” in reality… Regardless of whether they originally existed or not, they are given vessels called Classes, and made into “real” familiars. But Jekyll and Roman, is that achievable with the power of humans… of magi? Turning Heroic Spirits into familiars is a mighty feat indeed. It’s probably the greatest of summoning rituals. But it’s a ritual that human power alone cannot handle. To make it possible, you’d need…

>Dr. Roman: Something greater than humans. We call this Authority to create supernatural beings the World, or the gods. Is that what you’re trying to say?

>Andersen: Correct. Heroic Spirits cannot be summoned by human power alone. I hypothesized that some other reason… Some other driving force must be necessary.

>Mash: …Um, wouldn’t that be the Holy Grail?In fact, the Holy Grails we’ve encountered up until now have summoned many Servants.

Compare her with Sakura and Shirou who are full 2chuu japanese superheroes, she looks like someone straight out from Moulin Rouge.

>It triggers me Sakura and Shirou have a Japanese motifs (including the background) while Rin doesn't.

That's because Shirou and Sakura are made to match.

>Andersen:That’s right. You mentioned seven singularities. Seven Holy Grails causing turmoil across the ages.I asked Doctor Roman about these Holy Grails.What is this Holy Grail War that allows one to summon Heroic Spirits? What circumstances were involved in its creation?

>Dr. Roman:You did. We don’t have any detailed records about it, but it started in a Japanese city. Gudao, it was that city in flames you visited.

>Andersen:I learned that a vessel for the Holy Grail was built in that city, then Heroic Spirits were summoned with the power of the Grail and made to compete against each other Servants.That contrivance struck me as bizarre. The concept of Heroic Spirits fighting one another is itself flawed.There has to be some higher level, some background to it that we don’t know. And that’s the information I fished for at the Magic Association. The results were as expected.It appears that the Spirit Manifestation Ritual — Heroic Spirit Summoning — was originally intended to gather seven powers against a single great force.There is absolutely no way that the seven Heroic Spirits were meant to fight each other.Heroic Spirit Summoning and the Holy Grail War are rituals that use the same system, but they fall under different “genres,” so to speak.The Holy Grail War ritual was designed for the benefit of human magi.In contrast, its basis, Heroic Spirit Summoning, was originally intended to throw humanity’s seven greatest heroes against a single, titanic foe. This portion of it was distorted in the Holy Grail War of Fuyuki.


Just because we post Shirou doesn't mean YOU NEED TO POST FATE GRAND ORDER.


What would Luvia demi Servant will be?


Nothing because she's not popular.

His canon wife, Sakura.

OP picture has Shirou in FGO CE.

Nigga, someone asked a fucking question and they answered.

Fucking relax goddamn.

Anime only here, is Heaven's Feel going to be the best route?

I think Sakura is the prettiest out of all the girls.

yeah, but he also turned into a same face lover

Animeonly fags and their shit taste happened, just like 90% of things that get ruined.

Sakura is the worst character in the Type-Moon universe, get over it wormfag.


She was raped by her brother and countless other magi to increase her magic.
She fucks Shirou 7 times a night.

Why not?

Sex when?

Generals are cancer and so are you so fuck off.

That's good. I have a fetish for saving damaged girls.

>goddess of love, fertiliy and devotion

I mean, its pretty much the hypest shit, but its also the most controversial route by far. Expect shitposting, rage, hypetrain, excitement, and love to reach critical mass. There are no soft opinions when it comes to that route.

Its either the best shit ever, or you shitpost it forever, there's not much middleground.

Because it's folded over a thousand times and can cut steel like butter..

But it's not canon

>Hellenized form is Astarte

Rin is the God Emperor of Mankind.

>tons of NP's to trace.
>chose Regend's katana instead.


I read a Servant stat sheet for Masamune the blacksmith summoned in Shirou's body, which is a pretty ingenious combination.

It is in heavens feel. But apparently everyone kind of hates that, sakura and basically everything to do with her in it.

And people feel like it's just a patchwork of interesting ideas wasted on a terrible overall story.

Ah well, at least it's not saber centric ano has too many sabers and apparently the ending is supposed to have a great fight. But it seems like talky bullshit ending with a loud fellation of fate zero and its so trite so deep do dahk characters.

Nanshe, goddess of social justice, prophecy, fertility and fishing.

The canon route is fate. People hate Sakura because she's a boring whore with no redeeming qualities.

>Like if after HF they all made an agreement to keep training to their apex and become super swole and powerful for some reason

>The canon route is fate. People hate Sakura because she's a boring whore with no redeeming qualities.
hahahaha sure it is, keep telling you that.

>. But apparently everyone kind of hates that, sakura and basically everything to do with her in it.

Vocal minority

I've taken polls before; ironically like in all parts of life, most people aren't really strongly for or against anything, but rather just passively don't care. So its like 20% of people both for and against something end up taking over most conversations. The people who strongly liked or hated her were both in the minority.

People end up thinking one way or the other is the voice of everyone, when really its just that its the ones who talk up the loudest and feel the strongest that take over. "Everyone" is hyperbole when it comes to the eighth most popular character in TM currently. She does have a fanbase, but she does have some haters as well here.

People will try to tell you that their opinion is absolute though here, everyone hates her, there was nothing to like, no redeeming features, and she's universally hated and it was all garbage. Is that entirely hyperbole? Yes.

But UBW is the one that is currently the most popular in the west.
The current little gay girls anime they have going isn't going to flay anywhere and a lot of Fate stuff would get is pushed firmly into the awful otaku/creepy anime geek territory everywhere. Including japan.

Heaven's Feel will either make or break Sakura's character for you.

Sakura is just Kohaku-lite. Deal with it wormfags.

Kohaku a best. BEST!

The first one statement is a ducking fact the second is opinion retard.

The VN broke it. Will the movies make it?

Kohaku is far more proactive than Sakura. I like that about her. She didn't take her shit lying down.

It's the route with the worst heroine and a weak first act before shit goes off the rails, but everything else is the best. It focuses the most on the history and meaning of the Grail War itself, Kotomine finally gets the spotlight, and somehow having his consciousness eroded by swords makes Shirou a more interesting character. He has to make hard choices instead of just stumbling ahead as an ally of justice. And the fights are all at UBW level of hype. The final act sets up every character to have a climax with Shirou slogging his way through three final bosses.

Rin pretty much side-romances Shirou and Sakura stops showing up unless it's time for sex or plot so it barely even matters that Sakura a shit. You go on more dates with Kotomine than with that wormslut.

I liked that she was the one who ultimately decided to get revenge and the one who decided to let go. It made her seem like someone who cared about herself.

>It's the route with the worst heroine and a weak first act before shit goes off the rails

Yet again, that's just your opinion.

I don't trust official online anything. Too easy to lie and sway peoples opinion with that shit.

Shirou is going to be Shiva the destroyer.

Husband of Parvati.

Yeah she's actually a well developed character.

Shirou was always ripped.

>Shirou was always ripped.
He always ripped to. Like her hymen. Shirou ripped Rins hymen.

Thats HUEG for a nip too

What about when he's not around? Who rips Rin's hymen then?

he rips across dimensions

I want the shed scene animated so bad I can't stand it.
Thank god one of the important lines was confirmed in the first PV of HF shown.


hope they add this song when sakura gets rekt

Kill yourself wormfag

I'm getting exactly what I want.
Nothing you can say can hurt me.

Heaven's Feel is the route for people who have a heavy hero complex, since Shirou abandons everything else for broken worm lady.


>Rin demi-servant: Ishtar, slut goddess of love, war and sex.
Wait. Ishtar, noted for being yandere for Gilgamesh?

I don't even like those kinds of characters, but Kohaku was endearing. Definitely better.

I hope the adaptation is shit

Are you implying that saving your waifu at all costs is the wrong thing to do?

If your waifu was stronger like saber and rin, you wouldn't need to throw everything away to save them. Just choose better waifus man, no one is forcing you to go with Sakura.

>Heaven's Feel is the route for people who have a heavy hero complex
Not really

HF pushes that you are willing to give up so much for the people you love. Nothing about being a hero, just doing it because he desires it.
-Shirou with Sakura
-Shirou unleashing the shroud
-Shirou giving up his memories and bringing down the sword on Saber.

HF Shirou is greedy as fuck and that is one of the good things about him.

>All of the fujoshit with Shirou
Honestly pretty surprising. I think he's one of the few harem leads with genuine gay stuff instead of the "girly harem lead ends up a trap" like Kirito has.

Whatever makes you feel good user.


Funny to consider how Sakura's clones turned out more agreeable than the original.

After about a week your testosterone levels level out anyway.

Sudou is a Sakurafag.

OF COURSE he can't do anything about the fact that Aniplex gave him only 3 movies for the longest route of the VN, but i'm sure he'll try his best.


BB is several orders of magnitude better, if that was vanilla Sakura there would be a lot less shitting on her.

There can be only one other.


She is yandere for his money.

He gets to draw his waifu over and over again, I doubt that's a hell for him.

This. We need more of this.


I'm sorry to tell you this, but we'll never get more of this.

The actual joke is that the Sakura clones aren't actually that different from the original, some of them are just more extreme versions of her already existing traits if anything

People just latched onto the Sakura clones; and they are good, but normal Sakura is also good. its just that they represent a non-tained version of Sakura that can't be shitposted and called a whore, because they were entirely proven to be chaste.

Its just that CCC is a less muddled story where Sakura isn't mainly out of commission for it, instead she takes a central role and shows a lot of personality. After all, the Egos all represent part of Sakura's heart, each of them exists to show part of her soul. Sakura is a main helper from the start, and BB has some damn fine moments and dialogue.

The only difference between Sakura and the clones is the difference of having a decent showing within the scenerio.

Actually, it peaks in seven days but goes back down.
However it stays permanently elevated above your previous test levels by a significant enough to be measured amount. Some few percents I believe.

It also increases your sensitivity too and expression of testosterone while lowering estrogen production and sensitivity to estrogen.

It also makes you into a violent rapey weaping mess that makes you sob on the shoulders of some complete and utter geek of a blonde chick that I ended up fucking all night.
It works but if you do it, learn how to control yoruself, deal with your strong emotions an focus your energies on good positive things.


I'm super happy Heavens Feel is getting those movies, and that fate/Extra is also getting an anime, but, i just want a proper Fate route anime remake, with proper changes to accomodate the expanded fate route centric stuff thats in Hollow Ataraxia, like the bits on how Gilgamesh fucks fake assassin up and medea, with proper changes to the route itself, like a proper Archer vs Berserker fight, lancer vs gil fight, less bullshit from saber caliburn vs berserker, a proper adaptation of the basement scene, expanded shit on sabers past, no CG dragon crap, the most romantic scene in the entire VN which is a replacement of the second eroge scene in RN fate route

>Shirou calling Saber, Arturia...
>Sword rests in her sheet
>talking separated by the sliding door
>kissing under the moonlight
>sleeping together in the same futon and handholding under the covers

and of course as epilogue, Last Episode

Even more this thread shows you can't mention, or even allude to Sakura in the slightest without people crawling out of the woodworks to shitpost her or say how much they hate her as though their lives depended on it.

For as much as some people are fervent on liking her, some people are adamant on hating. Happens every time, even if the thread was about something else.

No. Fate is best route.

I absolutely hated all of the replacement scenes in Realta Nua other than that one. God tier taste brother.

>Yet again, that's just your opinion.
Not even that guy but why do people even mention this? No fucking shit it's his opinion. That's why he's posting it. People add nothing to discussion to when they say this.

Takeuchi peaked with MB:AACC, everything after has been downhill

>that right hand

Miyu happened

>still no mouth

Correct. Although I'd say for a single picture he peaked with this illustration of Arc.
>tfw the old Arc is never coming back
It hurts so bad. The redesign is awful, on top of his new art being shit.

Shirou's popularity with females is merely an extension of Archer's popularity with them.

To girls, Shirou is merely "that kid that will end up growing into that cool, badass hunk."

Nearly every vanilla Rin doujin drawn by a girl pairs her up with Archer rather than Shirou.

Then again a lot of dudes seem to hold a similar opinion of "hurr fuck Shirou he's a dumb motherfucker Archer is so much more badass".

That being said if Type-Moon ever gets around to designing Lancer Lily/Setanta I bet him and Shirou will become a big BL pairing.


Only girl who's never been paired with Archer, but exclusively Shirou, is Sakura. She's not into older "cool" version, she's into senpai.

Sakura's VA also stated that she prefers younger Shirou to Archer. She's the only VA that believed such a thing though. Other VA's all chose Archer or Gilgamesh oddly.

Saber is mostly with Shirou, but I've seen her paired with Archer a few times as well. Rin is 95% with Archer.

I think it's more 90% with Archer, 5% with Shirou, and 5% with whatever girl is currently big, be it Saber or Luvia.

>Sakura does traditional archery and traditional cooking.
>Shirou lives in a tradition Japanese house.
>Rin lives in a western style house and does jack shit.

This. Young Shirou was never popular with the girls and never will be. They all prefer Archer or Gilgamesh.

Fuck me, it seems i'm the only one that prefers Shiro with Rin. Well fuck.

I'm with you

Isn't formalcraft pretty much "pleb magic" in mage parlance? Why is Rin's ultimate form named "shitty Chinese bootleg mage"?

Is it because she's a shitty Chinese bootleg Luvia?

Noriko has said that she prefers Shirou.

Rin and Saber's VA prefer Gilgamesh.

Archer will never get over Saber anyways.
All recent material indicates as such.

>Saber's VA prefers Gilgamesh

They're clearly shallow sluts. Meanwhile Noriko-chan cried in the HF event

Didn't Kawasumi also prefer Tokiomi to Kerrytugu? She likes the bad boys.

>more of a bad boy than Kerry
Tokiomi is a fucking nerd.

>She likes the bad boys.
>Tokiomi to Kerrytugu

More like the rich boys because both Gilgamesh and Tokiomi are pathetic.

Don't bully Tokiomi, he dindu nuffin.

You can fuck off. The Grand Order general is shit and you can't talk about the lore there seriously half the time. Like it or not, Grand Order has important pieces of lore in it and it is just as valid as any other Fate work.

Like anons said Tokiomi looks and feels like a snob nerd. Gilgamesh is literally a chunni though, I wouldn't call him a bad boy.

I would've liked HF a hell of a lot more if Shirou had been white-knighting an actually likeable character. Sakura was insufferably annoying and a complete cunt. Luckily Illya had more screentime so Sakura didn't completely ruin the route.

Seriously, the only good scene involving Sakura is when Shirou frees her with RB. And that was pretty much entirely because of the CG of Shirou's face.

Tokiomi, a bad boy?

He's basically the only F/Z character who was earnest and stood true to his principles throughout the Grail War.

I bet you're one of those cunts that jack yourself off to Miyu Shirou.

Don't you get bored of posting the same bait every thread for years? You even have your bait pics numbered. Cancer.

Dark Sakura a best

>"Damn, people are liking something I hate. Gotta shit harder on it all and say how its objectively terrible, and no one can like her and its bad! Also gotta post caps out of context to mislead even though they don't mean what I think!"

He's earnest in being a piece of shit, that is for certain. Sells one of his daughters off to some shitbird rival magus family, and I'm pretty sure in the F/Z novels it's hinted that he is very aware, or at least suspects, Sakura is getting wormed. Tokiomi can eat all the dicks, I'm glad that nigger got killed by gay priest. Rin is shit too for respecting him.

>Replying to bait
Kill yourself.

And you're probably samefagging, knowing how you always operate. So kill yourself twice

The materials say that he didn't know but he wouldn't care if he had known if that led to Sakura being a better magus.

Yes, that means exactly what it looks like it means. Sakurafags just love to whine
>B-But it's an unreliable narrator!

Here's an undebatable fact about Sakura that you can only oppose if your argument is that you know better than the writer and omnipotent narrator.

She tries to murder everyone that cares about her, and have spent the last 2 weeks doing everything they can to save her. Because she wants to. Because she wants to make them suffer. And then she lies and pretends that she's suffering from a split personality, which she is not. Sakura flat-out lies and makes excuses for herself because she can't acknowledge her own faults. And she never shows any remorse whatsoever for anything she ever does wrong. And in the True End there's zero indication whatsoever that anything about her has changed, and zero indication that she even cares about the things she did.

That is all fact. Get over it, your waifu's incredibly selfish and naturally cruel. And then she likes to pretend she's a split personality. Unless you know better than the writer, of course.

What about that doesn't mean what it says it means? Neither of them say anything after this that counteracts it.

So what if Sakura is getting wormed? That's much better than not being a mage, and it's not like his own training was a walk in the park.

Also note that the Fourth War was full of rampaging edgelords while Tokiomi's only fault is that he's naive as fuck. Poor guy was too good for this sinful earth.

So how are they even going to make the first two movies exciting? The very beginning, a short bit in the middle, and the very end are the only times important shit actually happens. HF has debatably the worst pacing of the 3. (While less exciting, Fate is more consistent)

Where will they start and end them? How will they be paced?

Only person with legitimately good intentions in that war was Kariya, which because Godking of the Edge Urobuchi wrote it, meant he had to suffer the most.


>Eroge male
>example picture isn't even from a fucking eroge

Oreimo should have been an eroge.

So Shirou x Saber is the thematic OTP right?

Sakurafags, what do you like about her? I personally can't see the appeal of a desperate
>Senpai notice me
house slave. She's the kind of girl you could beat every day and she'd still be telling her friends you really love her and they just don't understand. What's to love?

Is it really what you call a waifu when they're all different characters with the same design

The thematic OTP of one route of three, with three different themes.

Based Shirou working the manlets

That's what I like about her.


Anyone have the image of Proto Gil, Cu, and Saber all around Ayaka?

>. She's the kind of girl you could beat every day and she'd still be telling her friends you really love her and they just don't understand.

What's not to love?

Shirou WILL end up as a badass hunk, but they love his domestic side. In fact, they love EMIYA's domestic side too (that's why he's always portrayed as Rin's butler), more than anything they want a broken husbando who will cook and clean for them.

I self insert as Shinji.

>we're going to have to watch best boy die in the HF and Prisma movie
It's not fair.

>Sakura's actions after spending two weeks simmering in a pot with All the World's Evils are reflective of her true character


That's actually not true. The White Day Shirou pictures are young Shirou acting fairly fluffy and house husbando like. And the commentaries are about how he's the ideal guy who will take care of them.

EMIYA has more fans, right and part of them will like Shirou because he IS a future of Shirou, but the girls who prefer Shirou like him because of his character and because they see him as attractive.

Unlike Shiki who has zero actual appeal, in design or personality traits.

His deaths always hit me hard. Prisma was actually really sad.

So do these have mangas?

i have only watched fate zero then fate stay night unlimited blade works.

pls halp, anything else i should know?

>wormfags once again try to deflect all the blame to something that never even had the chance to be born

because 体は剣で出来ている

He was already long dead at that point. That's just a doll that thinks it's Shinji.

It's not about the thing gestating in the Grail, it's about the curse that gave it form.

>not liking best Shiki
What are you, gay?
That just makes it even more sad.

Kariya was a idiotic man who got in over his head to be the big hero and get some waifu pussy. (comparable to Subaru if you want a current popular allegory). Any potential his Servant might have had is ruined when when he's a terrible strategist and thought just sending him in to hit things really hard would make him the victor. My favorite line in Zero was when Tokiomi's wife said Kariya never loved anyone, because it was actually true. He's /r9k/ as written by Butcher.


Not that I dislike any of them.

Even shinji has at least one good timeline

>Shinji route never

Was kariya a cuck?

Oh fug that's some good fanart.

Sakura IS the wife tho.

Go to google and type in "define cuckold" and see for yourself.

All Matous have a family tendency to get crazy obsessed about irrelevant shit while ignoring their original goals.

Zouken started the Grail ritual with much better intentions but completely forgot what he used to be in his quest to see it to completion, Kariya went from "must save Sakura" to "must kill Tokiomi" at the drop of a hat, and Shinji spent all his time fostering his inferiority complex rather than becoming a good magus (if he channeled his frustration to actually training, he'd at least have a shot at becoming a one-trick pony like Shirou, he does have some inert magic circuits).



Shirou went to /fit/

help please

Ready for secondaries to lose their shit at the powerlevels of the war being turned on its head thanks to our based nigga Hassan here. Also Gil jobbing like none have jobbed before.

You stupid fucking idiot. Play the VN's. How dare you ask this? You should kneel to me now and I will spare you the night of the 28th



Her route is the best one.

It would've been if Emiya and her died and Illya won.

how about you stop being a huge faggot and give me some god damn information.

Oh man, I can't wait till the 28th. I'm gonna make you my girlfriend.

How about you do what he tells you and read the source material?

Haven't you noticed that Rin has a cross on her outfit? She's actually a Christian and uses Western magic because her family is descended from Western magicians. Makes sense she doesn't have Japanese motifs.

Sakura is a bootleg grail. Final fight is Shirou vs Kirei. Rider is Sakura's Servant. Illya saves Shirou at the end with true magic. Archer's arm is transplanted onto Shirou. That enough info?

Shirou dies in the normal end at least.

Read the VN you fucking newfag.

I like the fact that she's actually mentally strong despite being passive. And the fact that she's very kind.

>she's actually mentally strong

She's just a dumb slut who cares about herself. She didn't give a fuck when Kariya died and the only reason why she's nice to shirou is because she wants his cock.


I give Shirou bad ends on purpose because he's a faggot.

cant wait for Zerofag tears due to their golden boy be made a worm's bitch

Sakura is able to resist all the abuse heaped upon her for years. That requires quite a bit of mental strength.

wouldn't it be interesting if everyone posted more shirtless shirou

But she didn't resist. She never tried to help herself.

We all know the true Fate OTP.

Sakura was a 5 year-old traumatized by constant abuse. Of course her reaction to Kariya's death wasn't normal.



HF is my favorite route, but I can definitely see why people would hate it if they read Tsukihime first at least.

Illya best girl, Kotomine best boy, and Gil btfo before it even begins, that was a fun read.

A true patrician


Still doesn't change the fact that she's a broken whore who only cares about herself.

How would she help herself? She had Zouken's worm in her heart. Sakura literally couldn't even breathe without his permission. He could inflict excruciating pain on her whenever he felt like it and since he was a sadistic monster he did it a lot. At any moment Zouken could torture her or if he got tired of her sent his worms to eat her brain and take over her body.

Even as skilled an exorcist as Kotomine couldn't remove Zouken from her body and he even spent around 10 command spells trying to remove him. Sakura had no way of resisting or escaping Zouken. What did you want her to do?

>She never tried to resist
>11 years of torture still wasn't enough to break her

She seemed pretty broken to me in HF.

This but unironically.

Zouken himself said that she had still resisted him at the start of HF. And in the end of HF she actually turned on him and killed him, which was something that Zouken did not expect since he thought he had broken her by that point.

She's not Christian.

Are you saying Dark Sakura wasn't a broken girl?

Her family was, but they gave that up in exchange for magic.

>his right hand

Rin's entire family is Christian. Did you miss the fact Tokiomi had a Christian funeral or that Rin wears a cross?

Well Shirou and Sakura are endgame and Rin is not part of the equation, so.

Takeuchi finally got good and learned how to draw Best Boy properly.

All the stuff she went through did make her snap, but she never fully submitted to Zouken. The moment she had a chance to she killed him, which actually caught him completely by surprise.

She could have killed herself. She said she was fine with dying if it was Shirou who did it, because she was never strong enough to do it herself.

And in HA she admits that for her it's just for show.

And you think that suicide isn't a way of giving up?

>She could have killed herself.
>She said she was fine with dying if it was Shirou who did it, because she was never strong enough to do it herself.

You just posted two conflicting statements. Sakura was afraid of killing herself to the point where she couldn't do it, which is completely normal and human.

Dark Sakura=/=Sakura

That's good. No true Christian would try and fuck King Arthur.

What does this have to do with giving up? She wanted to die but was too weak to do it herself.

She could have killed herself if she was mentally stronger. At least try to follow the conversation.


Dark Sakura is a corrupted Sakura, but Sakura nonetheless. Like Saber and Saber Alter.

The shadow is not Sakura.

Staying alive in the face of such torture is an indication of mental strength.

>She could have killed herself if she was mentally stronger.

Are you conflating suicide with mental fortitude? It's the opposite. Suicide is rash and impulsive, not the product of a strong mind.

>>The shadow is not Sakura.
True, but Sakura controls the shadow.

>Unlike Shiki who has zero actual appeal, in design or personality traits.
>what is Nanaya
>what is pseudo-incestuous homoerotic rivalry with Capslock-kun

She only controls the shadow once she becomes Dark Sakura. Before that, she has no control over it.

Jesus fucking christ, shitposter posted his bait

>Retards go and reply to him

I'm really tired of these infinite Sakura shitposting threads, I guess i'll just filter Fate, Saber, Shirou and stuff that someone would put in a Fate OP because the threads have been impossible since the 2014 anime.

You're acting like she didn't kill herself because she didn't want to die. She wanted to do it. She wanted to die, but was too weak to do it.

Mentally strong: Not wanting to die>>>wanting to die and going through it>>>>wanting to die but not being strong enough to do it :Mentally weak.

>HF stresses over and over again that Sakura has phenomenal strength of mind
>we still have these arguments

He hit the gym
Took a shower
Had sex
And got a clue

Not really. Zouken told that to Shirou, but he's a liar who was trying to make him try to kill Sakura because he hoped that this would cause her to fall.

>You should keep things simple. Like how that shadow isn't Sakura's subconscious. That's what Zouken said, but the shadow is attacking people because that's its nature. Sakura… It's not something she wished for.

She was controlling it subconsciously when it blew off Shirou's arm.

> Suicide = mental stength


Suicidal ideation before the fact doesn't make going through with suicide any less of an easy way out. Living is way harder than dying.

It seems you think Sakura didn't want to die. She did, she wanted the easy way out.

See: If Sakura was weak, she would have been broken the moment the torture stated. Instead she endured it for 11 years. In the bad end where Rin is absorbed by Sakura's shadow, she breaks down within hours after being subjected to the torture Sakura went through.

What does Rin being weaker mentally than Sakura have to do with this?

The problem with your whole argument is that you're claiming she can't possibly have mental fortitude if she won't kill herself, which is ridiculous. If dying by her own hand is the one singular fear she has while dying by any other means is fine, that doesn't make her weak in the least. It's like saying Shirou must not have very strong muscles because he can't lift an elephant.

She'd have mental fortitude if she didn't want to die at all.

Right, because your arbitrary standard is the sole reference point by which everyone must measure themselves.

Right, because your arbitrary standard is the sole reference point by which everyone must measure themselves.

You realize that Sakura was physically and mentally abused for 11 years right?

You're right in that suicide is the easy way out, but who wouldn't be looking for an easy way out after being alive at the whim of Zouken for over a decade?

People have killed themselves for much, much less and you think that Sakura is weak after staying alive after all she's been through.

My arbitrary standard is endorsed by canon, since HF makes a point of it to mention that Sakura's mental fortitude is much stronger than the average person's.


Read the VN, it'll clarify a lot of things for you.

I'll re-read it once you read it or the first time.

but UBL is the timeloop where archer comes from, right? it's not "cannon" or "non-cannon"

what if they're all alternate realities anyway?

still, HF true is probably cannon. Even though Fate is best route.

She really isn't that much different from most Christians nowadays, especially in America.

>controlling it subconsciously
Then Sakura doesn't control it, Sakura's subconscious does.

Since she can control the five elements, if she manage to max out her potential then she can become insanely powerful.
Also it might be pleb tier, but it's also incredibly practical. Most mages in Nasuverse can't cast powerful spells fast without some kind of catalyst (the big blob of mercury, gems, black keys, places, objects), so it's pretty much an obligatory step for a mage that fights unless they somehow managed Medea-tier fast spell casting.

>unless they somehow managed Medea-tier fast spell casting.
I'm pretty sure High-Speed Incantation is still something that modern magi can do. It's not as fast as Divine Words, but it's still fast.

Yeah but it would probably still limit them in the scope of their spell. If you think about it, Rin's way is actually much more convenient : you spend most of your time not fighting anyway so just stock up all of that excess mana and then you just have to throw gems with years of magic inside of them to do all the crazy shit older Rin can do after reaching her peak in one instant.

That's Aoko right?

He's the CEO

Yeah, jewel magic is going to be way more effective unless you're a freak of nature with fast circuits and simple magecraft like Aoko.

Hey, since I've found a fate thread, can anyone help me out real quick?

I swear when I read F/SN 5 or 6 years ago I had a single .exe and which route you ended up in was dictated by certain choices, but all I can seem to find now though is this new vita shit with three .exe's and cordoned off routes.

Does anywhere know where I can find a download of the original VN /w Mirror Moon + voices? All I can seem to find on nyaa and elsewhere is fuwanovel and I've always heard that you should stay away from fuwanovel for whatever reason.

Thanks boys.

I hope he fights with bow and arrows, not enough protags use them. All archers are girls nowadays for some reason.

And that's not Sakura

>All archers are girls nowadays for some reason.
How do you figure? The last two main chapters of FGO introduced three new male Archers (Billy the Kid, Tristan, and Tawara Touta), Fragments' Archer was male (Arash), and one of Apocrypha's two Archers was male as well (Chiron). Even if we remove the Archers that don't use bows that only gets rid of Billy.

Scans when?

No, I'm referring to anime in general, not FGO. As in, I hope Shirou trains his archery skill and utilizes it when he becomes a hero of justice or whatever.

Mashu really rocks the Rin look. She's got Rin's legs and Sakura's massive plump titties.

I'd say Mashu is the Navel-and-Armpit heroine of Type-Moon. Her having nice T&A is just a bonus.

Too bad most Archers in FGO kinda suck unless they're Gilgamesh. Why couldn't they make any of those cards stronger?

I doubt that's Mashu in uniform. Looks like Jeanne Alter.

Kuro is really good and the Archer Arturia that came out in the Swimsuit event is flat-out overpowered.

both are horrible sluts that had it coming desu

Post Shirou and Sakura love please

Are there any updates on the voice patch for HA?

The VN literally says it's not her subconscious:

Kohaku is second type-moon girl. Only ORT-tan is cuter!

would you let shirou use unlimited cooking works to make dinner for you?

Robin, Euryale, Billy and David are great and they're 3*s.

squatz and oats

Finished this some days ago
Best route, best ending

Is HA any good?

Not much of a happy ending for Rin though.

I somewhat feel conflicted about the final route. What story was there I enjoyed, and hell, even the romance part with Sakura too.

>the fights are all at UBW level of hype

On that I'd disagree. For some reason the fight between Shiro and Berserker is still the most I like, perhaps just how the whole scene is setup.

But from what I've heard she's with Shirou in F/HA?

Rin recreates the Second Sorcery and is acknowledged as a great magician by Zelretch himself. It's a great ending for her.

She's doomed to pine for Shirou forever after though, and becomes a slut to try and get over him, failing all the while.

Have u ever heard of Shirou Emiya?
And I'm not talking about Shirou Emiya. No, I'm not talking about Servant Archer EMIYA. Hell, I'm not talking about Counter Guardian EMIYA either.

I'm talking about Counter Guardian EMIYA with infinite Prana (which is capable of Unlimited Blade Works with Excalibur, Avalon and EA), his two original Kansho and Bakuya (which grant him magic resistance, STR, AGI, MGI and Monster slayer buffs) and infinite swords from his back (capable of using Caladbolg, Hrunting, Rho Aias, Gae bolg, Caliburn, Nine lives and even the whole Gate of Babyloni(capable of using ea and Enuma Elish) and a Arodnight because he is a master in fucking swords, a perfect Excalibur (that can use Avalon), control of both Saber and Rin , with Dark Sakura Matou shadow and face implanted on his chest, his four Clones from all routes guarding him and Berserker with Nine Lives floating behind him AFTER he absorbed 7 servants from the First Holy grail, entered Archetype Earth Mode, call the Types from the stars on everybody and used Unlimited Blade works: infinite creation of swords so he can use their weapons while they are under even more swords. and I’m not talking about human Fate-route Shirou Emiya. No, I’m not talking about Archer's Arm Nine Lives Blade Works Shirou Emiya. Hell, I’m not talking about Ultimate Master Chef High Jump Jackhammer Emiya either. I’m talking about Post-Grail-War Maximum Power Throne of Heroes-Contracted Counter Guardian Shirou Emiya with the Unlimited Blade Works (which is capable of Rho Aias, Avalon, Caliburn and Three Wing Crane), his two original chinese broadswords (along with Excalibur, Caladbolg, Durandal, Gram, Ea, Ig-Alima, Berserker's Sword, Azoth Sword, Hrunting, Caladbolg II, Tawrich, and Zarich) and a third Archer's Arm on his forehead, capable of cooking Udon, Katsudon, Chikaraudon, Curryudon, Yakiudon, Kakeudon, Kitsuneudon, Zaruudon, Tempura Udon and even Ramen noodles.

>capable of cooking Udon, Katsudon, Chikaraudon, Curryudon, Yakiudon, Kakeudon, Kitsuneudon, Zaruudon, Tempura Udon and even Ramen noodles.

Fucking self insert Mary Sue

Even her tits evolved

Except that HF's normal end shows that Rin is able to get over Shirou and start her own family. Rin's life isn't over just because she failed to get Shirou's dick; overall she's in a much better situation in HF true end than any of the three routes. The only girl that can't get over Shirou is Sakura.

No mapo tofu.

>capable of EA

You fucked up.

If Illya were to get a F/SN route, would it be called "Dress of Heaven"?

Would a route in which Shirou does not chose a female Heroine be called "Faker"

Stick with the Vita version

>There are people in this thread RIGHT NOW who don't want to protect this smile
Explain yourselves

When will FGO die?

Would The Emperor be much more powerful than Gil due to the fact that the first predates the latter?

If Gil dies, does the entire Human Race instantly explode into Daemons?

If so, he's stronger than the Emperor.

Last gacha with Illya was bringing them around 2M $ a day.

because they have the unending need to defend their waifu from people in the internet.

Right is not even his official art.

looks like a fan art.

Why did his eyes shrink?


Mastery of all 5 elements is fucking OP, user.

The same reason why he grew a whole head taller in his 20's.


It's from FGO


Man I miss FS/N and F/Z. Those were epic stories.

Nowadays all we get are shitty Magical Gurl Ilya spinoffs and retarded mobile games.

>better situation in HF True end that any of the three routes

This is what wormfags all believe.

Can't take the fact that Sakura is unimportant and irrelevant until the story forces her in through bullshit.

Meant for you

The design is what makes it bad. Not the art, he definitely improved on the latter.

Hey what's your beef with Sakura?

Leave her alone. She suffered enough.

Wait for this movie.

What's that? Is that a female Gilgamesh?

Why does she look like a trained prostitute?

Because that's her true form.

How else is she going to afford all those magic gem bullets?

Sakura is the only trained prostiture here


One night with Luvia should sort that out.

>he hasn't read the best route
Just read the Shiro arc of 3rei

Both done by Takeuchi.

Fucking idiots. Right is official art.