Why is she so perfect?

Why is she so perfect?

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>sugi's going to be working with her
hope he's happy
wonder if her being around naka so much annoys him

Because she's always eating, but never gets fat. Also, she likes having things in her mouth, which is always a plus.

My seasonal waifu.

someone post the happy family picture of hayamin and nakamura pls



I want to marry this witch

Her eyes

Boku no Bible Black.

>Megane Kotori

She's just a grown up, less autistic Kirie-chan

because she's always hungry

For cocks

Kotori pure

Now I must stroke my erection until ejaculation!

When will we get the doujins that I can listen to this while fapping?


Mamiko Noto wannabe.

Some say Saori Hayami? She's the best!

She's a growing girl.

She can fit all of it in her mouth.

I want my sausage in her mouth.