Monster Musume thread

Is Smith (not) working both sides of the street, as some have suggested?

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*tips hat*

Big Girls Best Girls

I'm going to marry Draco!


Top heh

Is 37 out yet?

Since 2015.


Meant 47.

We have to add to this that she manages the lifes of MON team (she's kinda like her homestay), so she doesn't even have time to get a boyfriend.
No wonder she takes any opportunity to laze as much as she can

47 doesn't come out until October.

Not until October, because there's no chapter this month.

Aw, alright thanks.

Fuck it, I'm gonna make a selfish request. Imperium-fag, could you draw Draco being made fun of for having a small chest? But in the image she's actually holding a tiny treasure chest with a paltry amount of gold in it?

Just making her even better than ever user.

>Cred Forums thread is filled with horsefagsand that Zombinafag that hates snakefags
I really hope that they're falseflaggers, because I actually like those girls

As much as Lala is my waifu, I feel like Smith and I are kindred spirits. We've definitely both hit an early "fuck it" phase in life.

I wonder how much of her work she manages to drop on doppel. I can't imagine she wouldn't try, or that she could get doppel to do much without it backfiring on her.

>Oh no some people who don't play videogames may or may not like the same girls I do

Grow up.

well, there's a thread on Cred Forums, about monster musume and video games (mostly monster musume)

I want another chapter where all the girls do random stuff together

>going to Cred Forums

Develop an internal filter guys.
See it, acknowledge stupidity, immediately forget it exists, move on.
It's wonderful.

All girls are best girl.

>Requesting someone to bully the newt

What a horrible person

>tfw I do that

>image has Lala to the side without her head falling off

But where am I suppose to channel my autism now?

The entire series could consist of that and I'd be happy.

Your personal accounting, balance your budget with the power of your autism, it's what your autism is meant for.

It's blatant falseflagging. It's the same shit that happens all of the time. They know they'll get a reaction by calling all of the other girls shit, they know Cerea isn't liked as much because of >horsepussy. They get a lot of replies on occasion, and it fuels them to do it even more.

It's really hard to separate the girl from the people posting about her sometimes. It's a pretty small group of mon musume that don't have obnoxious fans, dedicated hate mongers, or both posting every thread. Other than Yuuhi, I'm not sure that there are any, actually.

Non-toxic glue?



I'd like to dig into the backstory behind Draco's assburgers.

>you will never regain consciousness to that welcoming sight after the truck hits you.

That's because Yuuhi isn't 18, and can barely be considered a MonMusu. She lacks the zombieness of being one because she is fresh. Probably started circulatory fluid replacement the next day.

When I grow up I'm gonna marry Tio!

Actually, the bigger issue is it dragging Cred Forumsirgins over, who think that same posting style/opinion belongs in Cred Forums, and exacerbate the already vicious cycle we have.

It was rachnera's fault

I wonder if they can save her from becoming a fujoshi.

they couldn't use the other chibi version (it was similar to pic related) because they fucked up her colours

I'm still butt-blasted the .webm of this is not a scene here, but Tio sitting outside in her uniform.

>people are shitposting in my 24/7 general!

Truly, must be Cred Forums.

When will Rach face the consequences of her actions and stop being such a cunt?
How long will crab continue to let her do whatever she wants?

Never. We will keep being reminded of how perfect she is and we'll like it.

Right after Suu get's punished for being a rapist.

One could argue that Suu doesn't actually understand that you're not supposed to rape people. It's questionable exactly how much is really going on up in her squishy head.

Something's up with her past and Kiira's broker. I bet she was in Japan illegally before she came back through the exchange program.

When it stops being funny for Crabman, so never. It's the same reason we have all these stale running jokes in the manga.

Rach will continue to be a bully/cunt and will play the victim card about muh tragic past for the foreseeable future.

>Engage in a little playful Bondage
>Dangerous hornet spergs out
>Somehow the blame is the spider's.

Cerea is such a bitch. What kind of friend says it's okay to attack someone?

It probably goes like this

>I'm sorry to inform you, but as a zombie, you will never get pregnant
>I can't have kids ;_;
>I can have all the sex I want!
>Meh, I'm bored of the dickings
>You, boytoy A, kiss boytoy B
And so on.

Cerea being a no fun allowed cunt is nothing new.

Requesting Necron Draco, Polt and Lilith bullying the entire Imperium

Her only punishment is being drawn less because crab hates her legs.

Also Full House checked.

It's a pun of sorts. Fujoshi means rotten brain. Zombies have rotten brains.

Why is Cerea such a selfish cunt, shes basically sending someone to attack someone she lives with, I mean I get their competitors but god damn what a bitch

The kind of friend who got hurt as a consequence of your actions? It's similar to how if a loanshark comes harassing you because he saw you hanging out with a debtor. You get hurt, but you also get enough leverage to bargain with him, you tell him to go after the debtor.

> Fujoshi means rotten brain

This is nothing new. She's always been kind of a bitch. Remember her kicking Rach?

Thats not what fujoshi means.

No user, that was for le comedy

Rotten girl close enough jeez.

It means rotten girl, you're the one with the rotten brain, baka.

I'm aware of the pun. I'm just giving a pseudo-scientific explanation of the process. They could also get bored because all the pleasure centres from getting dicked have rotted away.

In Cerea's defense, they both were thinking that their lives were at risk and they get a lot of trouble because of Rachne. And because she hates her a little bit.
And the fact that because of Rachnee, Kiira was catalogued as a dangerous species so she was banned from entering Japan (where Kiira wanted to go), all because she thought it was funny.
Don't hate me, I like some of Rachne's features but she never said sorry about it and that she says she's considered with others yet she forces them into bondage even if the other person hates it is a huge letdown (for me at least)

>everything is all cleared up now and there's no more misunderstandings or violence

>btw I think it's okay if you go seriously attack Rach, I won't stop you

Remove this shit horse. Cerea was a mistake.

I want to massage Ms Smith's feet after she's had a long day providing for us and demonstrate that I'm hers by offering my body/tongue to sate her, sexually.

Spider's tied with horse for my favorite girl but she deserves that for the mess she caused and because she clearly knows more than she's letting on.


Rachnee does not deserve to be attacked. She could always talk it out.
Kira wasn't fucking around and if Cerea is okay with her going after Rach after she's seen what she can do with her own eyes then she's in the wrong. She could be seriously hurt.

Cerea is shit.

Cerea is not only worst girl, she is the only bad one (with the furry).

I she gets too close to Rach, she'll just get webbed up, and then played with, lewdly.


You are taking a literal joke in a funny manga way too seriously.

>Rachnee does not deserve to be attacked.
Really? You think that she should be immune to reaping what she sows?

Whether Rach deserves to be attacked or not, we deserve to see the attack.

What's that girl? There's something in the shed you want me to see? Lead the way!

> Making the yandere who despises NTR go this out of character

Pretty much. Horse is garbage and a pretty awful "friend".

is going plop a lamia tradition

Holy shit Cerea is a piece of shit.
I guess her being worst girl is not just a meme afterall.

Literally the best pic anyone has drawn of mia.

>Polt opens the door to the shed
>It's just a home gym
>She just wants you to be healthy.

She was worst girl even before that comment.

>Out of character
Isn't she just some Tower Girls thing? Isn't that all just random OC cooked up by Cred Forums or something?

Actually, we're still not clear on the whole lamias plopping thing.

>We will never see Miia plopped on the couch along with a daughter plopped on top of her
Literally no point in living.

I want to marry this snake.

And Dog Princess is the yandere

No fuck off she's MINE

That face on A kills me every time.

She has a cloaca, so obviously B. A is physically impossible barring some astoundingly bad anatomy design.

I blame TTF for this. The "fair game" line sounds worse than it was. Cerea literally says "Rachnera ii kara" meaning "(going after)Rachnera is fine"(as opposed to going after Arujidono). But not surprised you antihorsefags will pick the worst possible interpretation because it fits your worldview.

>ywn be on your death bed surrounded by your loving family
>ywn be given a book by your mourning snake wife
>ywn see that it is a scrapbook filled with pictures of you and your family
>ywn die knowing how loved you are

It's a gag regardless, people are only taking it seriously to shit on the horse.

>ywn be on your death bed surrounded by your loving family
Ouch man

The meaning is still there. A literal translation would be the same thing.
You only see it as worse because that fits your worldview.

>you will never go to your eternal reward while thinking, "who the hell took all those pictures?"

TTF did say before that he's not too fond of her, but personally, I think the fair game line is a bit stronger sounding in English than when you say it in the Asian way.

I'll take your word for it. Last I really saw of those threads was literally them just pasting the same three images, and telling people to pick their favorite. I didn't realize they had invented characters for them or something.
She doesn't really read as yandere from the original bio.

TTF is a good translator. He translates based on the intent of the sentence. He also knows Cerea is a bitch so her intent is worse the the other girls.


>you will never die surrounded by your snek wife and the dozens of snek children you had with her because you could not take your dick out of the snek for one second

Mero, who was probably secretly getting off at the fact that she was NTR'ed.

>ywn see a mysterious being staring at you through your window
>ywn see the flash of light of a camera before you fade away

>He also knows Cerea is a bitch so her intent is worse the the other girls.
Pretty sure the other girls are also fine with violence being inflicted on their housemates as well. With the exception of Suu of course, but she inadvertently releases her own issues on the girls. Rachnera tends to mostly just do bondage too, though that's still abuse.

You get the yandere from the alternate costumes

What about Miia, who badmouths everyone at every opportunity? Or Rach who doesn't respect personal space and reads "no more bondage" as "please mistress, tighter"?

That still looks like it was made after I saw those threads. I already said I'd take your word on it though. Anyways, if they can randomly make her yandere, I don't really see an issue making her sex crazy.

I can already see people cropping and posting number 7 as a reply to every thread we ever make from now on.

Flaws are only flaws if they're on a girl I don't like.

Miia badmouths them directly, but does show concern and care.
Don't know about Rach.
All girls have their flaws

>Ywn die

>Miia badmouths them directly
Mia directly tried to attack some of them. She just sucks and got her ass beat.

3D is a prison and I want out.

When did she attack any of them outside of tackling Rachnee because she didn't want her to ruin Darling's name?

Only in the beginning of the series and before her moment with Mero. People like to call Miia violent and jealous, but they actively ignore her development over the series.

She tried to actually hurt Rachnera because she didn't like that everyone else was getting along with her, and got her ass beat.

When was that? I only remember both of them struggling for a bit before MON subdued them

She pretty much got her ass beat against everyone beyond Papi(don't think she actually fought Mero other than the swimming race). She would have fought Lala, but someone webbed her up first.

On the chapter Rachnera arrives to the house. She got mad she was calling Darling Honey and attacked.

>She would have fought Lala, but someone webbed her up first.
You say that like it wouldn't have been appropriate in that situation.

Remember when she tried to freeze out a girl in a wheelchair because she didn't like Darling helping her through her impediment around the house?

>you will never be breastfed by Cathyl

Good. Cathyl a shit.

That's general bitchiness, but if you count it as a fight, her record against the rest of the house is 0W/5L/2 no-contest due to outside interference(Papi fight interrupted by tree girl crisis)

I don't have the raws on me but she literally says "go after Rachnera" explicitly.
It's a gag you guys it's not that serious.

I worked that line for awhile actually because I didn't want it to come across as too harsh. It's hard to get tone to read from Japanese to English but Kiira's response of O...ok is the tip off that shes saying it pretty monotone.

For the record, I will NEVER use my own personal biases to color a characters dialogue. I know every girl has fans and I want to do right by them. I put a lot of time into Ceres's knightly dialogue this chapter because it was cute and I knew horse fans would like it.

That being said I also won't change what Crab writes just to appease fans of a particular girl. It was a one off gag and I don't think you guys should take it so seriously. I'm not playing favorites with Rach and Cerea that's how how the line was written.

I didn't really see the issue with the line anyways. Rachnera has already been shown to be more than capable of taking care of Kiira anyways.

Honestly, she seems to pretty much be the strongest girl discounting Suu. Not much seems to faze her at all outside of Kurusu.

> For the record, I will NEVER use my own personal biases to color a characters dialogue.
Wait until the next chapter with Polt


>Kiira's response

Her response could also be surprise at the Cerea "selling out" Rachnera so easily.

>Why is Polt randomly talking about having a human boyfriend from the gym?
>I-i-it was totally in the script
It's all making sense now.

>Rachnera has already been shown to be more than capable of taking care of Kiira anyways.
Didn't Kiira just eat the webs and fuck off?


I want to be sandwiched between Cathyl and Asterio

You did a good job with Cerea this chapter. This is coming from someome that considers her worst girl.

More like attack with commas.


obviously, i mean rachnee best girl after all

I want Cathyl to put her breasts on my face.

Both are me. I was being facetious about blaming you and implying bias, and I'll apologise for that. The line is just one of those cases where it's harsher in English. I'm not really sure how it could be toned closer to the original.

>"I'm just warning you, stop coming after my Master"
>off-hand remark of "if you want that woman, that's between you two"
>uh, okay?

Is that the general gist of that panel?

That's actually a pretty good Cathyl picture.
Sure, feesh.

Spinnerets are like tiny fingers. Maybe she had web incontinence from the anti-bug smoke.

That's a lewd fish.

imagining caressing Polt's soft fur is kinda
getting me hot and bothered
and like i mean personally I bet her ears are pretty soft too

but boy i tell you i bet that her absain't soft at all and lord id love to rest my head upon them.

That much milk might do a body more good than it can handle.

I probably should have gone for another color on the hearts. Still, nips and fish lips are covered.


There is literally nothing I can say that will stop you guys from Waifu warring and it really doesn't bother me. I would remind everyone that this is a COMEDY manga and bodily harm is dealt out with little regard for lasting consequences.

The only thing I'll jump in on is people saying my translations are colored against certain characters. This is not the case and never will be. Having worked as a professional translator before I have very very strong feelings on the subject of translation accuracy and honesty.


>bodily harm is dealt out with little regard for lasting consequences.
Just you wait and see. The last chapter will literally be Kurusu's funeral. The girls are all slowly depleting his maximum HP pool. He regenerates to full every time, but each time the pool gets a little smaller.

No unfortunately it really is her saying "go after her" explicitly. It's a monotone one off line. It's really not that serious, there's not going to be a big fall out chapter between Rach and Cerea or anything. It's just BANTZ.

perhaps best chance of avoiding pic related, but prob not

>From waifu warring

I said no such thing. I just said her confused "O..ok" reaction could stem from being incredibly surprised that Cerea would instantly tell her it's okay to go after someone she's lived with for however long now.

I can totally get that.

How did you get your start translating like how ya have been?

Also what other boards have you been on/do you frequent?
p.s. thanks for all of the work you've been doing lad, and for keeping a personal (i guess?) correspondence with us despite the memeing and bullying. you're a good man.


Would you be willing to be Blondie's live in seeing eye person?

>her confused "O..ok" reaction could stem from being incredibly surprised that Cerea would instantly tell her it's okay to go after someone she's lived with for however long now.
She has no clue how long Cerea has been living with Rachnera though.

Hell, we don't even have a solid idea on the timeframe of the manga.

Take it as more of a "your beef is with that guy, so leave me and my SO out of your personal quarrel", rather than "yeah, go kill him, I don't care".

Yeah my bad that wasn't really directed at you so much as the thread in general.

Not gonna blog here but I'll post some stuff on my Twitter if you want to read it. I appricate you guys support. I'll keep working to improve and do right by everyone's favorite girls.

> Posting glorious boypussy

>But I'm a girl!.jpg

ah yeah i forgot about the whole "no blog" thing. ill keep an eye on ye twitter considering i already follow it.

Not bloging, canonposting ;^)

Only if we're talking about 2D me, the obviously superior version of me.

I have a strong feeling we'll be doing just that when the Vol 11 omake drops

>Superior version of me
He even has better tastes than you!

>Miia tags along to apologise in person
>wrecks his spine permanently

Eyes on the (fluffy) prize B O Y Z

That's enough for me for now. I might post later with some examples of Kino's dialogue to see what you guys think of her verbal tick.

What if the girls couldn't speak the same language as humans?

She would still hiss at penis, so it's all fine.

they speak the language of dick
its universal

Then you really shouldn't be fucking them, user.

Keikaku doori

You teach them

I love these doodles.

They're great.

Doppel reminds me of that one hentai. The "big sister of a thousand young " or something like that? Wasn't it getting a SFW serialization?

Miia is watching you fap.

Wat do?

>maintain eye contact
>her natural Lamia lust for the D will take over

Hope that Rachnera catches her in the act, and ties her up appropriately as punishment for her wicked behavior.

Cum in her eyes

Yep! When we cross the street I will surprise her by holding her hand.

Look her right in the eyes and keep going

Sad mushroom soon?

Wish she was real and that I could have sex with her

Prepare myself for snek rape.

What exactly is that? Sounds interesting.

Cum on snek, duh

Looks more hangry than anything else. Waiting for dinner, with low energy levels.

Found it! Ane Naru Mono

Essentially, it's big sis Doppel

Hungry for a protein shot maybe.

How would sex with Tio be? Like how the fuck do you even fuck her and get her pregnant? If she doesn't kill you during sex, she will sure as shit kill you during her mood swings

Oh, yeah actually I know that one. She's a creepy girl but nonetheless attractive.

>big sis Doppel

I-Is there bullying?

Smol heart boner.
If only Doppel was like this, and I knew for certain she wasn't going to thing out on me. while doing stuff like in chapter 5.

Holy hell those fucking hips

How would you bully your waifu?

>inb4 I wouldn't
Yes you would faggot. Playful bullying is healthy.

What if I stuck my dick in Mero's gill?

Shove her head in the cupboard and ignore her body trying to get my attention

What if Mero orbits my dick?

You probably need to cut back on the ghee-fried lard.

Make her sniff cocaine by telling her it's powdered sugar.

>tell her there's a Little Mermaid movie and we'll watch it later
>see her get incredibly excited
>spend all day with her
>she's incredibly hyped to see it
>realize I may have made a mistake and start to feel like shit

I don't think I could do it. Maybe swap her wardrobe out with stuff that isn't gothic lolita maid shit.

>tfw Tio is too big wear your tshirt

>Tfw she tries anyway
>Tfw she looks guilty when you find your favorite shirt with a big horn hole in it

Tell her all the clothes she makes for me don't fit right even though they do. She would be mildly upset that her craftsmanship isn't holding up. Then she has to retake measurements to make sure and I get to feel the caress of her loving hands. I'd have to stand still while she weaves the new clothes around my frame. We'd make silly small talk, and would enjoy the warmth of being wrapped in fresh silk.
Afterwards when she is a little tired I'd treat her to a fancy meal to help replenish stores.

It hurts anons.

>Not bullying her by giving her a shirt that is too small.
>Doesn't cover all of her chest.
>Fake anger about stretching out shirt with boobs.
>When she gets upset, give hug burying face in under-boobs.
>Say she is forgiven.

Take her out on a date to theme park, but don't actually go in. We just sit in the parking lot watching everyone else go in.
Eventually tell her I have to go to the bathroom but really I go inside and have a good time.

say things like 2 in the pink, 1 in the spineret.
put a smiley face over the skull on her abdomen.
Continuously imply that she'll kill me postcoitus

>Tio tries on your shirt
>Horn rips hole in the chest
>tfw she will never keep wearing it to help with her apology

>Implying she hasn't seen literally every version of the movie
>And read every book adaptation she could get her webbed hands on too
She'll be disappointed in the end alright, but not for the reason you're thinking.

How tragic

Holy shit, why did it take me this long to realise that Ms.Smith is in fact best girl? How can monster girls even compete.

Tell me, if someone with no art experience what so ever is considering paint some line art for fun, and started by monmusu art, how would you react to his shitty painting?

>Not wearing one of her shirts
>Not surrounding yourself in a faint warmth and a slight, sweet lilac smell

People either like it or you get aggressively sent to /ic/

Hostility, followed by saving it for future perpetuation of shitposting. Unless it's mine, in which case nobody besides myself ever reposts my OC, though they repost my edits and redraws.

Reminder that Centaurs are for loving and taking on tender datesand killing yourself when you get NTR'd by a stallion

>encourage these type of hugs
>make her feel bad about hurting me

Too ez

You failed the first time boyo. You're a disgrace. You should've waited for next thread to try again.

Nothing will stop me from posting the greatest NTR doujin to grace the pages of hentai

I still can't get over how that pussy kills himself at the end just because he watches a video of her getting fucked at her wedding

A grown man wearing a tshirt and only a tshirt is the unsexiest thing.

A grown woman who is attractive wearing just a tshirt is the most adorable sexiest thing you can find at waking up.

Real enjoyable, right? Because it's easy assfuck for you to self-insert.

Depends on the person in both situations. A woman would probably like a trim dude in just a shirt. Consequently, not many people would want to see a fat chick in just a tshirt. Not talking 'THICCCC' either, but an actual chubbo.

As the horse right?

I'm fucking my brother's girlfriend literally every weekend and the guy doesn't even know about it

What consequences? Not like she ever did anything wrong.

Kiira's face in this panel is great

The bottom right(bottom left from our pov) of her lip bugs me. Is that supposed to be a fang or just bad shading?

Looks like one of those fangs they give girls as at common trope.

Trust me, no matter who it is, any guy in a tshirt only is not pretty.

Nearly any MonMusu girl is amazing in a tshirt only.

Fang a best.


>The Oatmeal
I didn't realize this guy was still doing shit.

I still dispute your argument. I will agree that it is something that would be rarely liked, but I was already thinking that even when I posted before.


If you're /fit/ you can pull of the just a shirt thing. Just a wife beater or tanktop or something.

He's pretty plain now but he's still a better webcomic writer and artist than Owlturd

>Hating on Owlturd
What, you don't like having pretty much the exact same two or three comics repeated back to you an infinite number of times with slightly different visuals?

The joke every time is literally mental illness and it's SO trite.

Always on my fucking Tumblr dash because of people reblogging it, so fucking annoying.

If you're balding and bearded like the picture, sure. Granted, even the most jacked-up guy would have trouble looking attractive in a frilly pink shirt with floral pattern.

Hahahaha I'm happy and having fun!
Oh no! Real life is hard!
How to adult???? Lol!

Yeah he's tumblr as fuck.

I agree, I unfollow people for shit like that. I just want lewds of my best girl damn it. If you want to reblog your shit comics, make another account.

More girls, less bitching.

Her expression has always confused me when she looks away.

Nah hes just lazy as fuck and takes advantage of people who are Tumblr as fuck for easy exposure

It's just a statue, they're just confused why it's in the middle of the walkway.

Time for this thread's dose of fuzz.

>Reminder Ms. Smith is Best Girl.

What would it feel like to get hit by Pickles Rocket punch?

Why is the majority of monster girls scary monsters? Can't we get more cute girls, like the spider?

Like getting slapped by five limp dicks at once.

Name a single scary girl.

It's weird that you're always green texting that. It sounds like you're implying it without any real conviction, like you don't actually think it's true.


Oh shit you're right

With a name like Shianus she should really have an Irish accent.

Poke her boobs, buy her clothes that are too small for her and tease her that somebody can't see her feet because she is getting fat.

>strangler snake
>slime rapist
>headless death incarnate
>zombie falling apart
>eldritch horror
Your sanity wouldn't last in a monstergirl infested world.

Now I'm thinking of Cerea as Irish. She'd probably be pretty good at Irish Step Dancing, right?

Buy her pants.

>fish isn't scary

He probably just forgot about fish. Which is weird since he remembered a literally who in her place.

Is there any art at all of long leg spooder?

Why doesn't Miia wear pants?

>inb4 whores don't wear pants

Darling wouldn't be able to resist her, if she had legs.

What's that have to do with her wearing pants?

You can't wear pants when you don't have legs, silly.

Some were posted last month.

Lala is cute tho.
she's a strong drinker but she pisses like a race horse

But she could wear special snake pants, they would be like regular pants but with just one hole

>swn hose you down while marking you as hers
So a pencil skirt?

are for cooking then eating.

More like a tail-sock.

Making 7m long 'pants' for lamias would be quite labor intensive, and thus quite expensive.

She's so lovely.

No, one leg snake pants, skirts are for sluts

What's a meter in American? Like 12 inches right? That shouldn't take that long

7m = 276 inches.

This type of series is for degenerates, get a better fetish.

>implying there are "better" and "worse" fetishes
Repressing your desires is unhealthy either way. Find a cute girl or boy and whatever floats your boat, act your kinks with them.

Why deleted?

I didn't mean to save it in black and white.

A slight tinge difference was worth deleting the image?

>willing to help Miia make a sweater for Darling
>helping the competition

Rach is a good person.

It's also a 1.2mb difference.

what type of monster is she, a titty monster?

A sloth girl.

literally me

Υοu are not the only one my friend.

actual sloth girl in the show when

Fish is built for lewd. Just like how Suu is built to be a rapist.


you wish

You wish you were actually a girl.

but I am a girl silly

Traps are not girls.

They're close enough to make it not gay.

Why would anyone wish to be an ordinary girl, if they could be a monster girl?

You're right


>They don't know i ccw.

Jokes on them.


That's right, user. Rapists should definitely be shot on sight. Shot full of spunk.

The world needs more hot female rapists.

Doppel is the Superior Girl

She is pretty swell.

I wouldn't kill them just threaten them with it while i got away. Maybe put a hole in there dashboard to make a point.

That's some pretty powerful spunk you got there if it's leaving a hole.

>There are people who would rather BE a monstergirl than HAVE a monstergirl

Come on, guys. Don't do that.

How do I let a monster girl down easy without dieing?

Are there any more?

Lie back and think of England.

>he doesn't want to make anons happy
Don't be selfish and share your monster body with other anons.

Squeeze and play with her boobies while kissing her, until she's heaving with lust. Then, quietly tell her, "I'm not into horse pussy" then go jack yourself off.

But I'm a burger, and i know horses have tempers.

Spooder is best girl

Best girl

absolutely spooky

>can't even stick to one spelling of her name in the same page

Are you into rape-play? Because that's how you get raped. Literally asking for it.

Also she weighs 1000 pounds and can run 30 mph.

That's Seven Seas for you.


>MFW her anatomy prevents her from forcing my penis into her horsepussy.

Her arms just aren't long enough. She can't even masturbate to relieve all the lust built up in her. The best she can do grind her rump against me in frustration.

At least it's not "Monocle"

Real horses will back into you, pin you to the point of smothering, and rub their moist genitals all over you if horny enough. You will not walk out feeling clean either way.

I think that's just Papi being Papi.
If rumours can be believed, she'll be able to unzip you hands-free.

You'll be lucky to walk, they're heavy as shit and might accidentally broke your ribs.

>No beefy hexa-arms gf to cuddle with

I had a wasp in my pants today. It'd did sting me and in return I didn't kill it either.

I wonder if this means that I'll get lucky tonight and have an unexpected visitor.

>If rumours can be believed ...
Two words, user:

>Is it of sexual maturity for its species
Fuck that pic O'd fuck a loli spider given the chance

What right does that spider have to be so smug?

Whose to say that she isn't sexually mature?


I want to indulge Lalas chuuni delusions

papi is almost voting age

I dunno, I think the ones in front are more prehensile, given their ability to make the flehman face (that and being formed from five separate pieces of flesh stitched together)

Doppel is the Superior Meme alongside with her Best Friend Zombina


What would Lala be for halloween? Extra chuuni or would she actually dress up?

Smith best girl, post more Smith please

I'd turn on the ac so that Miia gets cold and then cuddle with her to warm her up

Jack-O lantern


Her head would stay at home, spooking trick-or-treaters that come by.
Centorea will take Lala's body and terrorize the town.

>Cerea wearing one of those rubber horse masks with Lala riding on her back

Tio would make the perfect wife.

Rember that her body is kinda clumsy, so she might fall off.
Also, didn't Cerea only lets to be ridden by her master?

Social anxiety.

But if you sweet talk her enough she'll do a couple cosplay with you.

Just give her a whiff of that mushroom and she'll be fine.

Why are there holes in her wings?

Because you touch yourself at night

Because she attempted to flee.

MON Brutality
Draco dindu nuffin.

>ywn do sweet talk to her to calm down her chuuni


People seem to like the stuff i paint of Miia and i have no idea what I'm doing

I'll be honest I wouldn't want to calm down her chuuni

> Attempted to flea

Alright here's some of Kino's dialogue with her verbal tick inplace. I tried to make the sentences sort of "roll" into the "ngo" so it wouldn't be as jarring

I'm a Matango. My name is Kino ngo~...

I'm really sorry for causing problems for everyone ngo...

I just don't know how I can make it up to you ngo...

This is all un-proofed so it may not be exactly the same in the final version.

Thoughts? She doesn't use it at the end of all of her sentences, really just more of the "gloomy" or unsure ones.

Does Smith actually want Darling to ravage the girls?

It's not in every dialogue, right? If not, it's OK. To have more effect I'd say to not useit in almost every thing she says

It's not everything, maybe 1/2 to 2/3rds of her dialogue.

I wouldn't.

I'd be a stay at home husband for these legs

but what about noass?

>ywn be placed on top of the cupboard by your large breed homestay

I want to work for Smith.

Draco attempted to rape Miia and ran when she got caught. Zombina likely shot her down.

Ah, it's ok I guess

Stop posting disgusting shit.

Probably would sound more natural if you put a comma before ngo~

Make's sense. I'll see how it flows. Me and commas don't get along so well but I'm trying to get better.

>Me and commas don't get along so well,,,,,,,,,, but I'm trying to get better




Horse stomachs don't work like that,


Monster girl.

A best

Maybe she's dead

Don't start shitposting in this way.

>posting girls you like is shitposting


I hope it sells well.

Miia is love.

I wan(t) it to succeed.




Because gym chapter.

I want to do so many lewd things to her body.

like hand holding?

Because 2nd season and my favourite girl

Yes, and very tightly at that.

>Rach in this shot
It's like having Cerea's tits but without all the "dude wardrobe malfunction lmao" and also without the horse pussy.

Sure. I would also stuff a cold beer can up her asshole.

Posting heresy again, Anons?


Yeah but it won't help her at all. She needs a full body wet suit.

What time is it?



I had this coming didn't I?
I'm sorry, I just wanted to post my fuzzy bug

Guys do I have to change a setting somewhere to get monster girls on Tinder?

Go into the setting and turn on "Allow matches from parallel universes."
It only works if you were gifted with a Deus Ex Machina though

Thats on my Christmas wishlist but I might end up with a PS4 instead

Always hated her for raping Luka.
user, it's okay to accept the fact that Tara will never be real and you have spiders in your house to kill as a way of distract.

Fuck you purgefag, spooders are Innocent.

Is it just me or does Rach's shirt change from 1st to 2nd panel?

>He doesn't know that rachnea wears a reality altering T-shirt that changes styles on each panel

Pickles is always best girl.

You're not my real dad

I always self inserted as her when she raped luka

How much would tumblr flip it's shit if MonMusu was about a bunch of horny monster boys trying to get with their human female homestay?

Sounds very Twilight-ish. And I suppose it would depend on how attractive the monsters are.

Remember, it's wrong for an ugly guy to want a hot girl, but it's okay if the genders are reversed.

Who cares?

Everyone knows horse pussy is bad.
>I always self inserted as her when she raped luka
Yaoi fetish?
To the point they will protest at the convention Crabman goes to and calling him a misogynist. But I could be wrong, since he's a minority and tumblr would let it slide.

Cred Forums would flip their shit more. And we would still have Total Flat

Slut deserved it. He nearly got himself killed before she gave him Angel Halo. You don't give something out like that for free.


Which Pope Innocent was a spider? Or were they all spiders?

All Italians are spiders

>Elves are quick to recognize lewdness.
Does that apply to Orcs?

Why is she so best, Cred Forums?

Didn't someone do colour versions of those???


Rachnee make-a you the primo spaghetti bene enough to knock-a the shoes off a Mario brother

Damn right!


It's because wyverns are the best kind of dragons.

Reminder that the bite of a Brazilian wandering waifu will give you a painful erection that lasts for four hours.

It will also melt your tissues and make you shit your own innards

But the boner tho.

>being this resistant to fuzz

Zombina is the Superior Girl

not worth it

Are you impotent?

no i just like boners

Come around my house tomorrow. I'll give you mine.

Buzz off anonymous. I saw him first!

Do you find hairy spider so hieous you need chemical aid to get it up?

I love miss smith!

>Purple hair
>Not black

Does she give the best spankings?

>ywn play Dead Island co-op with Zombina while she sits on your lap

What if she thinks zombie vidya is an oversaturated genre?

She gives the best everythings.

Pretty sure she'd still have a blast with most of them. Specially Dead Rising.

fuzzjobs are lewder than handholding
pass it on

>implying anything is lewder and more romantic than futile attempts to hold her enormous hand

They'd actually like it more, I bet, while triggering Cred Forums.

I bet her hand fuzz is like down feathers

Resistance, my unfuzzy friend. The softness of a large breed's hand is gift earned through sacrifice.


this kills the crabman


>implying he isn't just getting into position to combine with her body

>ywn punch Lala's head into the next city and go to town on her exposed and unattended neck


You people are dumb. The hair is like tiny needles and it's evolved precisely to be as painful and unconfortable as possible to whatever it touches. You'd have better results if you tried to develop resistance to inhaling and roubbing your eyes with glass fiber

How does a whip made of webbing even work? Doesn't seem like it'd do a good job.

It's hard, but we do it for Tara.
>Not accepting your waifu's body

The stickiness might actually be good for a 'real' cat-o'-nine-tails because it would pull and rip skin. For sexy time, though that would be horrible.

Crab himself stated that you'd grow immune to it after prolonged exposure.

At least my waifu has a body that can be hugged without embedding thousands of needle-like hairs into my skin.

This picture is really versatile

A cute


Alice is a girl

>It's hard, but I'll learn to breathe underwater for Mero.
You never see merofags saying that, they just ambrace the tragic reality

Hey, we never compared her to any other girls. We may love Tara but we respect other choices.

>Dem legs

Don't lie. I've seen plenty of shit thrown at Merino for whatever reason by you guys.

>not wanting your waifu inside you

Shut the fuck up, crab doesn't know shit. Besides, I bet he just said that so that TTF would go away.


Remember it's Crab's world not ours, then look up.



yes please

>having shit taste

Nah that's just me telling Welshfags to not be a stereotype.

>Developing resistance to microscopic needles puncturing the thinnest and most sensitive áreas of skin

Don't forget to vote for our /d/ banner, guys.

Should have been a crop of one of the futa images

We didn't make this up user, Crab did. Anyway, were you expecting him to be realistic?

I've held tarantulas though. Didn't feel bad at all. Plus I'm assuming her body is adapted to be convenient for courtship. I mean if the venom is weak enough to just knock you out it seems the hair is similarly toned down in that regard. Plus it almost has to be that way. It's sort of like giving a cat tongue to a catgirl. Scaled up that thing would not feel good on human skin but at the same time the typical catgirl has a lot of exposed human-like skin so the tongue would need to be a more convenient and toned down version just so she could function without self injury or discomfort.

He never did explicitly say they urticate, he only said they were itchy

Microscopic wouldn't be the right word something larger than a human. They would be about the size of a bone marrow needle

>Flower pistil

Oh so that's what that means.

I was hoping if a monster girl banner was going to go up for /d/ it would have been a mgq one
Monster musume seems a bit vanilla for /d/
But yeah ill vote for it

I would have liked to see this one in a banner somehow. Or a futa centaur one in general.

So they're like porcuine quills? here's how they look under a microscope

>plenty of shit thrown at Merino
Just anons mad their waifu isn't a literal symbol of purity

> Let some random guy shear her
Just a shy Cathyl

>ywn sheer Merino day after day to fill a wool swimming pool
>ywn fuck the sheep in the wool swimming pool

Hey now, no girl is shit enough to be compared to Cathyl.

kinky, and soft



Any other girls with a confirmed bush?

>ywn sleep in until 11 on Sunday morning with Zombina by your side
>ywn make brunch for both of you while she does her morning stretching
>ywn spend the rest of the day playing zombie games with her
>ywn experience Zombina grinding her hips into your lap when she gets excited from winning

Zombina, for one

Polt and Kobolds, any shapeshifter


Crabs only drawn her with one, unless you count Kii's fig leaf.


>Zombina, for one
Which chapter was that in?

Frayed not.

What's going on in here?

It's chapter 40... or 41, I'm not sure

The one where she goes on a date with Kimihito


Damn shame

Yeah, but they were shit

Thanks for being our fuzz expert. Would you watch scary films with Tara so she can hold you when you're scared?
Or perhaps vice/versa?

Still waiting on Anasheya to do a version where she bends her master over too.

M8 that's a BLUSH

39. I just reread it,. There's no bush any where, just this.

I think she would take up most of the couch so I'd end up the little spoon cuddled up to her for room either way. Just how I'd like it desu.

Huh, I thought the picture I posted was a blush

I'd go through the individual chapter to look for it, but I'm about to head out for my welding class, so I'm a bit short on time

I'll be gone for a while, so I'll catch you next thread and post what I find there

It's not all the hair that's urticating just the one on the abdomen, besides, you need to geet it in your eyes and nose to feel it

Bush and blush are different things, user.

Nigga, we talking about bush, no blush

Centorea realistically, but not 'bush' per say.
>Inb4 you know what.
though not confirmed, following Merino's body style, Cathyl and the twins have a very high chance.

Fuck, I'm an idiot

Carry on

Maybe you'd be given an enormous house and bigger versions of everyday items to accommodate for the spood.
>tfw no small room sized bed to share with your large breed

No worries, mate. I got to look at this again.

Cute boys don't have bushes

Stale maymay is stale.

Post a Tio to end the thread




My favorite Tio, as she's with my waifu.

Makes me want to see Tio resting against a super sized Doppel.

Want to impregnate this Minotaur

A Doppel that size would basically be a balloon. Having Tio pop her with her horn that way isn't the way that most of us want that scene to go.

Oh damn that would be great.

She could do it as a prank though, become giant Doppel mostly filled with air, or packing foam or something, and wait for Tio to lean back, then shapeshift and act as though Tio popped her with her horn.

>Milk cute minotaur
>In return she milks you

I'd rather see Doopel at her usual size just standing on Tio's shoulders and slowly riding up and down on Tio's horn, myself.

My prostate?