Danganronpa 3

>hope arc
Could it be?

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Is the hope arc the one where we all decide to pretend this whole thing never happened?

It's probably the epilogue episode.

Use this thread. Other thread was started by a tumblrtard with her addiction to editions like the one piecefags.

yeah, that's clearly showing a hope arc in the timeslot after the finale of future.

Aa-are we being rused?

"It's all an Anime end" incoming. Always bet on Weedman.

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, Chisapals, and Juzoboys that this will have a happy ending!

>tfw I brought this to the previous thread's attention thinking you all knew about it already

Wait, the memers saying we'd get an hour long finale were right?

First they told us it was a cast talk. Now they're telling us it's the fabled Hope Arc. I'm betting it's both. It's all just an anime and the whole episode is the characters talking about their roles.

It's not after the future finale AT-X still has it airing in the regular despair timeslot on their site.

Where'd you find it, anyway?


>First they told us it was a cast talk
When did they said that?

>kept saying the Despair "special episode" was a Despair+Future episode.
>it's a Hope episode.
Close enough.

They never said it was a cast talk that was just speculation because the first "special program" before the anime aired was.

Mitarai turns out to be the SHSL REanimator and brings back everyone who died.


tfw it turns out to be a promo for V3 showing the cast all being captured and sent to prison school.

>Please buy V3 to find out what happens. Will hope prevail?

>Chisa foreshadowed this from episode 1
You faggots just didn't believe hard enough.

The real Usami.
Can't believe I ever thought it was Chisa.

Where the fuck is Weedman?

I did.

There wouldn't be any reason for Hagakure to not say that this all ends in hope. Even if he's supposedly only accurate a third of the time, they wouldn't have just put those scenes of him on the sidelines, they would have kept him completely out of the story like Togami relatively has. They know that they're rushing the story faster than they would like to, and they would take any frame they can to tell the story better.

Why have they dedicated so much time to his seemingly TOTALLY irrelavant story so far?

With an extra episode this might actually wind up being true, at least to kirigiri and chiakifags, i can fully see chiaki being revealed as the 16th student that got turned into some fucked up creation by tengan in order to create the ultimate hope, kirigiri revealing shes alive to catch tengan/mitarai off guard, and hinata+crew showing up to take chiaki back to the island with them with hinata finally saving her

remember when bandai said the strawberry seed strikes 3 times, he wasnt referring to junko, he was referring to chiaki

>hope arc
Hope will always win in the end!

Reminder that all 3 danganronpas always pull the darkest before the dawn "trope". This will actually have an uplifting hopeful ending mark my words.

And kirigiri isnt dead god damn it, having an extra episode makes me fully believe they have enough time to pull cure W next episode.

Ehh note, when i say all 3 danganronpas i included despair girls in it as one of the 3. i just worded that poorly

>Side: Hope

> brings back everyone who died.
If this is the plot, then it will be Chiaki, considering how heavily she is promoted in the OP and ED.

Hope always win, even if it takes 1000 komaedas

I hope he is dead.

>side: hope

>This will actually have an uplifting hopeful ending mark my words.
No shit, but the path to the hopeful end is built on the victims' corpses, if you remember.

Hagakure has literally never had a wrong prediction on-screen.

>first few seconds
>I see a Junko Enoshima.
>A character who's overfuckingrated.

How fucked am I?

>Jails them just to say danganronpa was the shit

This makes me realize we never got one of those 'every dangan ronpa thread' images on an old painting of philosophers arguing with each other.


If Chiaki smiles in the OP tomorrow I'm going to lose my shit. I'm expecting no OP like with Future.

Get your swirly eyes ready!

yeah it only said a special program. probably a placeholder before they decided on hope arc

We still have a few episodes to go!

It can happen!

is there no part 2? I watched the animation now I'm seeing 3?

Why is this picture so cute?
Monomi is of course ugly as fuck!

I wish we got to see the real Miaya. Hope she appears in Killer KIller at least. Or a surprise cameo in Despair 11 as the 78th class' homeroom teacher.


You're probably onto something. There won't be an OP. For the same meta teasing they did with keeping out the OP in Mirai, thus keeping out the counter. They want to leave us on the edge of our seats with regards to Chiaki.


WhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhOOOOOOOAfaaaaaaaaaaAAAAHHH REPEATING DIGITS!!!
Okay, I'm done. Continue with the thread.

Well duh, but DR1 and 2 had pretty touching hopeful endings even with the bittersweet undertones, especially 2. 3 will likley be in the same veign and frankly thats the perfect way to send this series off

just imagine a epilogue ed of all the characters moving on with their lives while this plays

I keep on saying this but there is just no way chiaki/kirigiri is fucking dead.

Haha yeah real funny but there were redditors who were actually confused about this.


Monomi drove me nuts. That fucking diaper, man. Usami was cute though, 10/10 would let be my homeroom teacher

No!!! Give up your hope and submit, commoner!

So where is part 2?





I believe you more now with one extra episode added, chiaki being turned into tengan's fucked up hope toy is probably a legit possibility and hinata will finally after 3 tries get to save her.

kirigiri also has enough time to show up now with 2 episodes left instead of 1.

watch my hopes get shot down next episode when chiaki isnt saved at all. but believe in our girl.

Her last real chance to show up is tomorrow possibly working on the neo world program with Chihiro and Yasuke

I just refuse to believe they'll leave her completely without character.

She will appear before this is over.

Hope > Future confirmed. RIP RoD

And kodaka said it himself. It feels cheap to kill off characters that survived previous trials so...


this will have a happy ending god damn it.

Alright, hand over those digits one at a time

He actually didnt say that, he said something far more definitive that he outright hates when stories kill off characters who survive previous entries. This has been the one niggling thing that kept some sort of hope that kirigiri was still alive.

>theatre Chisa's comments on the ending
>weedman's prophecy

What the HOPE is happening here?


oh so I can't watch this new season without playing the game? fuck that shit

Those digits, can anyone possibly underestimate hope after this.

Damn rabid republicans, another contribution to the French plans to destroy Europe

Drop it and nobody gets hurt


In the end, Danganronpa is all about hope. Now I can finally forgive SDR2's bullshit ending because it's the lesser Future. Naegi and Komaeda were right all along.

Fuck Dangan Ronpa, there's a fucking Sofia the First premiere

It's not like this is an alternate continuity or the numbered installments aren't linked. Only V3 is detached from the story.

the anime was terrible why would you of wanted another one, 2 is a great game and pretty cheap just go play it and enjoy things, DR3 has its ups and downs but its still a fun ride worth experiencing.


Link to the site?

You mean SHIFTing, right?

The games are worth it dude. It makes this anime enjoyable.

You dead cunt

>turned into some fucked up creation
Girl Izuru?

i hid them somewhere. and i'm leaving the planet now, so you'll never find out where

How is he feeling right about now?

The anime adaptation wasn't even that good. It rushes everything and doesn't give you enough time to care about all the deaths. You should of played the game instead

Some quiz Spike made.

Dr1 anime was garbage, DR2 is the best thing in the franchise and you should play it or at least watch a gameplay.

>hope arc
nah. I still believe kodaka will pull an asspull.

Why would you even want to watch this shit if you haven't played the games? I don't even want to watch this shit. I'm doing it out of some sick sense of obligation and HOPE

>built on the victims' corpses
Victims nobody cares about.

Danganronpa 1's anime was fucking terrible so I have no idea why you still like this series.

If DR1 was a well done steak, DR1's anime was a Big Mac, and DR2 is a medium rare Kobe beef steak seared to perfection.


Wasnt the falseflagger actually a big kirigirfag? hes probably happy


i'm actually the guy that first responded to the user that brought us the screenshot. i'm his hope disciple now

>The SHSL Physicist who disappeared over a decade ago reappears in the time machine he built
>Sees how fucked the future is and offers to take Naegi to the past so he can change one event
>After that the world line will change and they'll all find themselves living new lives with no memory of the past that was altered or the future it led to

What does he go back and change?

Does he go back at all?

Going to kill myself.

and despair girls was chipotle burrito slightly ripping spilling onto your shirt but ultimately being enjoyable

DR3 is a midnight snack

fuck you shitposters i like all the danganronopa


despairfags and futurefags btfo. we're finally getting the brainwashing hope anime we've been waiting for.

>What does he go back and change?

Naegi goes back 10 months into the past, hides in the FF basement, saves Kirigiri, then just stares blankly at everybody when they ask why he didn't try to do anything else.

Chisa is love.
Chisa is life.
Chisa is a miracle of the universe.
Chisa might've done some things wrong, but only out of brainwashing that even HOPElet couldn't resist.
Chisa is alive and undespaired, as confirmed by the theater scene.

I just picked stuff at random

I've been saying since the beginning that Chiaki turning around in the OP is her turning around at Hajime in some new timeline. It's happening, baby.

Remember how we saw that Izuru was able to conceal his presence for the entirety of the first killing game until the very last minute, using the SHSL Spy talent? Nobody there saw him until he decided to show himself. Junko brought him there in the first place in order to convince him of the unpredictability of despair.

Wouldn't it be hilarious if somebody else like him - say, a Izuru 2.0 - was doing the exact same thing in the Final Killing Game? Just watching everybody act like a moron, slaughtering one another with impunity, with anybody unwilling to do that either killed via NG codes or by suicide via brainwashing, and doing nothing to stop it themselves even when they have all the power in the world?

Could it be that the aim of the mastermind, whoever it was, was to prove a point to Izuru 2.0?

>mfw people are starting to latch onto the Chisa is Aoi theory


I'm actually the falseflag king, or at least i think i am you post this whenever im shitposting recently. I am super pleased with this outcome and am pretty optimistic that this will have a genuinly happy ending.

I'm a massive kirigirifag but im actually kind of ok if she dies just cause i think it was a good way to end he character, but im above looking at things from a critical standpoint im also a filthy shipper and naegiri has been a favorite of mine for years now so ill be damned if im not happy at her surviving.

>chisafags still think their waifu isn't a child killing piece of shit

Honestly, he shouldn't. The world before was already doomed because HPA were a bunch of godless bastards trying to make some of their own. If Junko hadn't ended that world, someone else would have.

why is her skin white what the fuck

>Weedman outlives Kirigiri
If I were a Kirigirifag I would be fucking salty but I can't help but laugh at the fact that a pseudo-stoner meme character survives over the main heroine

How do you explain all the bizarre inconsistencies like the disappearing (very heavy) cabinet in episode 02, Munakata walking into a closed room without opening any doors in episode 06 (double-checking episode 05, they showed multiple angles of the room and all doors were shut, and there were no hints of any sort that Koichi left one open for him), without a 16th mystery person who did all of this stuff?

Plus, there were those weird ceiling-shot camera angles that people originally theorized were of the killer. Now that we know for sure who the "killer" is, they might have actually been intended to obscure our vision of somebody else on the ground.

Tengan said in reference to the Kamukura project that he wanted to "protect it". His wording, while not being quite as ambiguous in the funisubs, implies that there was a second Izuru project in the works as well. Izuru 2.0 could do just about everything required to answer the remaining mysteries in the plot, as they have every single talent, including the ability to remain unnoticed.

At this point in the story, there are extremely few people we know of who could have had the opportunity to become Izuru 2.0. For somebody to be capable of becoming that, they would have to gain access to the Kamukura project facilities and be somebody who could be "disappeared", much like Hajime himself.

At this point, aside from random smurfs, the list of potential suspects narrow down to a single person. There can be nobody else but them, as everybody else who could possibly be a viable candidate is already doing something else in the future.


My best girl but

Speak for yourself, buddy.

It's just bright when you hover over it. Did the same thing to Juzo and I almost had a heart attack.

You're a vile fucking whore and I hate you

Whoa, hey buddy. Wanna be best bros?

Wait, is SHE the leader of the 13th division?

First result was Juzo.
Second result was Kouichi
Third was Tengan.
I'm not sure what to make of that.

Seriously? Show me, I want to feel some despair.

I won.

No, she's just a proxy sent for Naegi's trial.

Literally the only important and sad for real death character. Gozu too.

Kirigiri likely is alive at this point, especially if that hope episode thing winds up true.

also hagakure is based as fuck, anyone who reads ultra despair hagakure agrees

How dare you forget best girl.

Got Seiko, 2nd best girl.

>I'll kill myself
>that'll show the mastermind

Then why did no one ever comment on this? Tengan seemed surprised Mitarai showed up but nobody asked Asahina what SHE was doing there.

Though Kirigiri did express surprise she was sticking her neck out. Back in DR1 she probably wouldn't have.

Tengan again for the final try.
I win then.

There are oddities in Despair Arc like the camera re-focusing on Chiaki's body after Junko and Class 77 had left her to rot. We saw Izuru talking to her right then and there, so we know that he wasn't the one who did it. Somebody else did. Why have that kind of scene?

Finally, there's this part in Mirai episode 4 that might hint at the mastermind's full intentions. Monokuma said that there were twelve Future Foundation members remaining, but the counter said 13. That means that whoever the mystery person is, they are not a part of FF. This rules out Hagakure, Killer Killer, etc.

Is it all just a crash course for Izuru 2.0 to know the dangers of running the FF? Did Junko test out her SDR2 brain-remodeling idea on Izuru 2.0? Even now, the mysteries abound, but I am positive that despair 11 will clear up at least the big ones.

If I had to speculate on one reason she would be chosen despite being blatantly incompatible for Izuru 1.0, it's because Chiaki is one of the biggest success stories of HPA. She clearly ascended beyond her talent instead of relying on it to carry her through her life, playing games with others but also doing other things with them (as shown in Despair-arc's ED), improving herself and becoming a leader, which is something that her 'gamer' talent doesn't necessarily cover. She would have potential of a different sort compared to Hajime.

Anyway, this next episode should settle it.

Tengan sacrificed how many people's lives for his own goals, nigga your fucked unless your name is mitarai.

But does this mean I'll never amount to anything?

You know why

That would be for the best

>Anyway, this next episode should settle it.
of despair? I dont think so. Not seeing a body or a grave is enough though.

>Why have that kind of scene?
I'm afraid Junko is watching. Her analytical abilities may have known Izuru would go to see Chiaki. She might use Chiaki to plunge him further into despair. We don't really have time for that though.

Or I considered that it was Izuru. There's no telling if the camera focusing and Izuru walking up to her was at the same time. It could have been a few minutes apart.

It did, though. No one killed anyone after that point to where she had to fucking try to kill Naegi, and when that fucked up, repurpose Mukuro's corpse to try and frame 'giri. Oogami's death bolstered everyone's morale, and the headmaster's door she broke really pissed Junko off.

You still have anime

Hey man saving donut tits life and by extension hopelets is a pretty bitching success overall.

He forced himself to overcome his comic relief role in UDH.

You'll amount to loads.
You'll give a lunatic the means to throw the entire world into anarchy and whine like a little bitch about it.

do you know what a proxy is, user? they all knew and expected asahina to be there.

No i think next episode more or less needs to start with tengan showing up and fucking with izuru/chiaki for any of that theory to come true.

Hell the next despair really needs to develop tengan's whole deal alot or else getting that extra episode for both shows was for naught.

I miss her.

I hope it isnt Junko. She did say good bye and it'd be a letdown.


Also, the mastermind told her that her family would be killed unless she killed someone soon. So she killed herself. Her end of the bargain was fulfilled.

Reminder that tengan is the perfect character to pick for the mastermind and has been foreshadowed for years now, possibly already appearing outright in naegi's worst day ever. Any other mastermind would not only be dumb but a waste of a good antagonist.

No. I mean, if they really are going to have Chiakizuru, then this would be the time for the setup. Have her get shoved into a pod or something and then have lewd tubes filled with talent wrap themselves around her body and fill all of her holes up or something less erotic than that. You use Despair to actually set it up and explain it, like how it explained Chisa's descent into despair.

As said, this is Tengan and Mitarai's big moment. This is when we actually find out about them.

Is UD:Hagakure as good as you say it is? I didn't bother to unlock it because I never really liked Hagakure as a character but I fucking love the Weedman memeposting

If tengan is actually who they are hinting at him being, junko might actually just be some dumb bitch with a fetish for despair while tengan is the one who actually is largely responsible for the bigger picture. Junko might actually of just wandered off whuile tengan came in to turn things in his favor, ie make chiaki a new izuru.

I really don't think it'll be him.

No, Junko gets bored easily. She said goodbye to her and the screen went to static. It's not Izuru either, because the camera starts focusing as he talks to her.

>hope arc

What should we expect? epilogue episode or new season ?

Chisa's breasts are gigantic.
They seriously never seemed that huge to me in Future.

Go read it right now, its genuinly a great read and made people who outright hated hagakure at least like him, i hated that hagakure survived the original game but that story made me think he was based as fuck.

>new season

are you retarded, broseph?

You're in his branch, not him himself. Sakakura's branch seems to operate well on its own, not to mention he knows who his employees are individually. I'm sure Mitarai's the same way.

> Do you want to see the eradication of DESPAIR?
> Yes - with a pic of Monokuma above the button
> No - with a pic of Monomi above the button

>fuck you shitposters i like all the danganronopa
I like DR3 too, but admitting it's stupid and full of flaws is just common sense and part of the fun in these threads

Lucky son of a bitch

Well fuck me then.

What happened to him?

>new season
Fuck are you on?

But seriously, I'm HOPEing it's gonna be the direct follow up to DR2 and have follow the surviving cast getting off the island finally.

He isn't hoping, he isn't despairing, he isn't looking toward the future. We have finally found the fourth element. Void.

Despair because he hates Despair

I don't want this ride to end

Apathy, like his imouto.

Do they have any reason to leave the island?

This makes me hopeful.

So are the Towas all a bunch of NEETs?

His dad was the ghost Komaru saw, if I'm remembering correctly, right? I saw people speculating that his beta design might have been a young Tengan last thread.

Danganronpa as a whole always has its flaws we all acknowledge, its the things it does right that made me a fan of them, i have issues with both games but the good coutneracts that and fuck it DR3 is the weakest one but i havent had such a good ongoing experience watching anime in my life and thats not just cause of these threads. I love the chaos of DR3 and the fact that it made me genuinly care about alot of the new cast even though i started off really pessimistic about them. Juzo's death might honestly be one of the best parts of the series for me not only cause the death itself was so good, but that it was the conclusion to a character arc that gneuinly caught me off guard with how attached i was, really wouldnt expect this to also have one of the most tastful and least pandering gay characters in anime, take notes tumblrtards this is how you make a character like this without it being full of agenda

ive loved seiko's character and found her death one of the saddest parts of the series so far

ive cracked up at the DR2 cast's SOL in despair, i adored the 1st killing game scene, the anime confirmed both the games main ships even if both are potentially dead, and so on

I have my issues with this part in particular, but god damn am i enjoying the shit out of this.

To take their futures back with their own hands

Oh you would want this to keep going huh, you child killer!?

I want to see a DR where all of the characters are so detached from one another that immediately after someone's death everyone just shit talks them and moves on. Like a group of Saionjis or a less trigger-happy FF.

That's the risk of giving companies hereditary succession.

>In the original plotline for Danganronpa Another Episode, Haiji was to assume the role of a secondary protagonist very much like Toko, with Kanon Nakajima being the main lead. He was also planned to be able to enter an "offence mode" like how Toko is capable of calling forth Genocide Jack - not by using a taser but by breaking off his cast.

Much better than what we got.



To beat up their former teacher and/or class rep and throw them into the NWP.

I love how the second we found out the final episode was called hope arc this thread got signifigantly more optimsitic

dont doubt based hope

VOID game when?

>you will never be able to destroy armies of monokuma as the bastard child of Munakata and Juzo

Togami papa had the right idea making his kids fight and kill each other for the succession.

It kind of needs to be him, we need to adress who one hopes peak academy was the one that let junko into the school and get away with so much shit, tengan is pretty much the perfect villain to wrap this series up.

The only way to end the despair is to end everything.

The name hope is just enough to start the snowball of hope we all deserve

Not to go full SJW, but yeah, Juzo's character arc is legit how you do a fucking gay guy right. Legitimately had reasons for his love, was a fucking man about it the whole way trough, and sacrificed everything on it in a last blaze of glory.
Juzo was our boy.

Junko was a mistake

NDRV3 = New Danganronpa Void 3

Gosh user when you put it that way it's quite depressing.

>bastard child of Munakata and Juzo
Holy shit, you're right.
Munakata's leader-like personality as the Towa heir and beat them all like Juzo.

From Hope's Peak Academy, two Izurus were born.

Every single person who watched the monitor was crying as they committed suicide but not Naegi.

The only other person in this story that did not cry while committing suicide was Junko.

Is Naegi really Junko's soulmate after all?

Both of them share too many similar traits when it comes to the significant actions they perform.

>Munakata + Juzo = Alpha Haiji

it makes too much sense, stop that

Even the Ultimate Hope can fall into Despair.

What character do you identify with the most?

For me its AE Toko, her way of thinking was so similar to mine it was downright scary


So the next despair episode is actually going to be the last? Makes sense, they almost cought up with dr0.
Still, I'm wondering why they didn't do anything with jabberwock island before the final two episodes.


Can't decide whether he's the SHSL Lucky or Unlucky, can't decide whether he's the SHSL Hope or Despair. He used to be a completely generic anime MC, but he's got it a little tougher now that his waifu's dead.

He has cried a lot, especially for his ded waifu, lately. No more tear to cry, just induced despair.

I think there was something also to why juzo genuinly was one of the best depictions of a gay character in fiction ive seen, it wasnt shoved in your fucking face the whole series. Like they made him being gay a big part of his character but they didnt make it the only defining part of his character like alot of them do especially in the really tumblr pandering stuff.

Man if you told me 2 months ago that id be praising juzo's character id call you a fucking liar, but i genuinly think hes one of the best in the series.

Haiji's design is my favorite in franchise.
I wish they would have use him more.

So what are the odds of hope arc having a new opening

fuck you talented people for sucking up my parent's money!

That's a pretty cool coat.

I'm sure junko or junko-related despair people won't attempt something extreme by the end of the series, right?

Are you ready?


I doubt they'd make a new opening for one episode, I would prefer more time for plot anyways.

How hard is he gonna fuck up Mitarai next episode?

>gathered students
>had a traitor
>two talents
>the ff wanted them dead
>mukuro cares only about those two
>their sisters were main characters
>know how to get people on their side
>etc etc


No. I need him to live.

Look at that stare. Naegi growing balls is the best thing to happen to DR. Mitarai had better prove himself before he gets fucked.

There's definitely stuff like that.

Reminder something shocking is gonna happen to Chisa again.


I have now come to the conclusion, hoeposting is significantly more enjoyable than false flagging live i have been. This will have a happy ending! I have hope now

She murders the kids in the elementary branch; the only survivors being the Warriors of Hope.

How the fuck did kodaka make me love this guy, this alone redeems alot of the issues i had with DR3, not in terms of making them go away, but rather that juzo was genuinly one of the most worthwhile parts of danganronpa for me.

What new mechanics and story elements do you guys hope they add in V3? Scrum debate sounds interesting, but I'm almost worried that at some point you'll be teamed up with all the class morons. The other things is the lying mechanic, it would sure suck if you somehow got a bad end that you didn't realized you unlocked until the end of the game.

HOPE >>>>> FUTURE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> DESPAIR


Dr3 really made me realize how much i genuinely like naegi as a protagonist. hes actually pretty awesome.

I think it'd be really cool if you actually have branching paths in the trials that affect your affinity with certain characters, like depending on whose theory you chose to shoot down you might give them a more negative look at you.

>Nagito's junkohand will never be relevant


Hinanami happy ending!

>That teeth clench that Naegi does after Mitarai was yelling at him after Kirigiri's death
Anyone else just expected Naegi to turn around and punch him in the face?

Can't wait.

Why is the turboslut crying?


Serious answer: what worries me is that some of the mechanics veer a bit close to VLR-style, which would clash with the general feel of DR unless they're implemented well. DR has always been very linear in its storytelling so anything that could have branches or variations just seems like it'd be difficult to get on board with.

Nothing. You saw nothing.

Because she always fucking is.

Tears of joy probably.

Genuinely curious what thread you meant to reply to

Do you have two mothers?

>The name hope is just enough to start the snowball of hope we all deserve

Seriously though. The possibility of a happy ending has people changing their tune. Hope wins again.

Fuck you, Fuyuhiko is pure.

You know what's crazy? I remember looking at his design before the first episode aired and thinking "I can't believe they'd use Suwabe for such a throwaway character." Couldn't even remember his name for a while and just called him boxer.

I hope the love hotel dorms play a role in one of the class trials.

>How did you see the attacker trying to sneak up on you when you were laying in bed?

>There's a mirror above my bed. And I used the leather whip that was already here as a weapon to fend them off.

I always used nicknames before adjusting to the characters. Boxer-kun, Animator-kun, Fedoraman, Candyslut, Vash the Stampede, etc. I don't think I cared enough to refer to the DR2 cast by name until chapter 3, and even then I kept calling Fuyuhiko Gangstalicious.

No i'm just an anxiety ridden loser who's always trying to push forwards no matter what and who hates creating excuses

>Munakata loses his waifu both physically and mentally
>Loses his friend and comrade which idolised him
>Loses most of the Future Foundation leadership by mistrust and the killing game itself
>His boss may possibly be the cause of the killing game
>Recovers from the insanity of despair just to see how the foundation suffers, the remaining leadership is children and losing his eye
>Can't fuck the said left over leadership to make things better/rebuild society and the world

Fuck, better need a miracle for this man, or hopeman himself


Whats wrong with her hand

She'll have a hot seducing masturbation scene to something despairful she created, and years from now people will refer it to THAT scene the way they do with Monogatari's toothbrush scene.

>love hotel dorms
I hope everyone partners off and that Kaede gets stuck with Twintails for the night.

Juzo dying was his fault, though.

Is this good or bad?

Probably one of the best you could hope for, he was pretty based.

I'm amazed how few comments I've seen about the dorms. I'm guessing people just overlooked it, or didn't realize what the buildings were meant to be.

Suwabe is heaven. I remember the transcript from when he came to the states back in July, he thanked everyone for enjoying anime in Japanese, for watching the characters as they were voiced by him.

Tengan isn't despair, but he started the whole Future Foundation killing game. Why?

>his VA is sick
Feels bad man.

for my thoughts on that

Grand-Dad? It's me, Nagito

For the first time in his life, he probably wanted to do that. Mitarai is such a shit that he managed to piss off Naegi, a guy who tried to talk Junko Enoshima out of killing himself.

the presence of another person is all but confirmed, I don't buy that shit that they are counting Yasuhiro since he doesen't even have a bracelet

Because the FF was clearly incompetent and run by a bunch of idiotic manchildren, grandpa tengan wanted none of that shit and knew that he had to purge the corruption if there was ever a chance of getting FF, and thus the world, back on track.

But Munakata is still alive so he clearly failed.

>who tried to talk Junko Enoshima out of killing himself.
user, I think you're sleepy.

Don't worry too much about it, Ogata also confirmed Asahina and Juzo's deaths. It was already disproven to be Hagakure back in episode 04 since the extra person isn't a part of Future Foundation.

You can't prove that Junko isn't a trap.

So he couldn't just fire them and hire new people?

What does her drool taste like

Yeah, I meant herself. Was a slip.

Mikan took a womb from her corpse and not a penis, user.

If the job was offered to allow her to spit in your mouth constantly, would you take the job?

Real Chiaki was that one kid who ate glue in kindergarten, and AI Chiaki inherited a bit of that.

Mukuro is so cute!

Was it ever explicitly said that she did though? Like I said, you can't prove Junko isn't a trap.

Would i get paid?

What we're watching is Mitarai's anime, which Tengan asked for to improve cohesion in the Foundation.

Being paid in spit boi

>he doesen't do it for free

pls happen now

Still better than my current job

Still doing mole man-like things

Towa is a bitch for killing her and shouldn't be forgiven.

Why did he allow it to be run by manchildren?

It's Dangan Ronpa, that would be too easy.

>Simulation meant to stimulate cohesion and teamwork
>All the members know Munakata is insane and Ruruka is a bitch
>They also keep ogling Asahina and Ruruka, since they shed most layers
>Seiko and Juzo embarrassed as sin because her death revealed all of her insecurities and weaknesses and his revealed his love for Munakata
>Every single person in that room now thinks Tengan is an asshole, including Tengan himself
>Everyone keeps looking at Ryouta with pity
>They all stop fighting out of pure awkwardness

kyoko knew the monitors were causing the murders and yet turning the power off was never under consideration before she allowed herself to die

Setting: DR1
Cast: DR2
Music: DR1
Gameplay: DR2
Story: DR1

What about you guys?


Maybe she figured it was better to give her final words to Naegi and didn't know where the power room was. The people who would know either wanted her dead or were dead themselves.
Not the first time she refuses to investigate something Monokuma dubbed "totally real evidence, not a ruse at all! No siree!"

>Music: DR1



That was....short

user... why...?

Same except I'd split gameplay 50/50 between the two. Memes aside I really did not enjoy improved hangman's gambit, panic talk action, and I struggled with the sword game for the first two chapters or so. Everything else was improved in DR2, though, and I loved logic dive.

Not bad. But if we can also take Monaca as a villian over Junko, then I'd be even happier.

I like jazzy tunes more than....tropical?

that fucking sword minigame can go fuck itself. i hope they remove it from the next game

Setting: DR1
Cast: DR2
Music: DR2
Gameplay: DR2
Story: DR1

You know why.

I'm not going to post it. You're not getting it this time.

Absolutely not.

It's the perfect plan

It wasn't so bad once I got used to it, but damn did it take a lot of frustrating failures to get used to it.

Is this the best toloveru opening spoof?


I literally prefer DR2 in everything.

I think they just dont explain the mechanics too well so you are bound to fuck up on the first time

Huh? It was fucking easy.

I'd take rebuttal showdown over Hangman's Gambit any day

I wouldn't mind if they removed every minigame but non stop debate, closing argument and logic drive if they sped that one up. Swords can fuck off, the text moves to fast to actually read or take it in so you just spam, gambit can fuck off it's slow and for me kills the trials tempo and panic talk action can super fuck off, it's awkward as shit having repeating lines play over and over while a 2D image floats around.

Same except my favorite track is an official remix of MTB from DR1 and PTA from DR2.

>being this bad
The only annoying part is the PTA.

It was but like said it was kinda explained badly and I remember fucking up a lot during the first two trials. After that I had no issues, and when I went back for the achievement of taking no damage in a trial I breezed through it to where I wondered why I had such a hard time in the first place.

Improved Hangman's Gambit on the other hand...there's a special place in Hell for whoever came up with that.

Meant for

Did some drawing requests in /drg/. Tell me your thoughts on this one.

>"And so, the Future Foundation triumphed over despair, with their awkwardness and little else"
>Shows shots of people staying far the fuck away from Munakata, him and Juzo not looking at each other in the eye, Aoi and Ruruka covering their breasts because of lechereous stares, Ryouta getting extra pudding from the cafeteria, people doing suspicious stares at Tengan, etc.
>Literally the only ones who get out of all this better than they entered are Great Gozu, Kizakura and Naegi

Reading the text was the biggest problem. I absolutely will not play dubs of Japanese games that give me the option, so if I'm not able to read along quickly enough I don't even know what I'm supposed to be slicing until it's too late.


I never said I couldn't do Hangman's Gambit I just hate it.
The only PTA I didn't have trouble with was Gundham's.

PS Vita emulators when? I don't want to buy one to play Ultra Despair Girls.

I don't think it's the games fault you can't read.

>official remix
I didn't know that was a thing.

>Miaya didn't make it to the meeting and is shown lying in bed

No, it is.


You can watch a silent playthrough on YouTube.
There is a whole remix album.

Gameplay's nothing to get excited about, but the stories decent which you can watch on youtube.

>that way of hanging the shirt and coat
HOLY SHIT how did noone see this?
When seen from the front it's Monokumas color scheme, with Weedman symbolically in the middle of Hope and Despair

Everything makes sense now. the "first" killing game had another purpose altogether
Weedman is Izuru 2.0!

You aren't funny, Reddit.

I'm going to impregnate and have Seiko bear my children! before she dies. Japan please make doujins of this.

HOLY shit

>Juzofags wanking Juzo yet again by writing overly exaggerated paragraphs about him

I haven't seen this much digusting wanking since Seraph threads.

Is it that hard to accept that alot of people genuinly think juzo wound up being a great character

Yeah, it's terrible that something actually went well with this show and people enjoyed it. I hate that.

>alot of people

The same 7 people posting about Juzo doesn't count as a lot


I'll have you suck my cock on monday.

Just because a character is gay means that the show went well for you? That is pretty shallow.

You even go so far as to claim Juzo as the greatest gay character you ever seen.

I didn't post any of those, I just think you're getting anally pained about nothing. They weren't even saying they liked him because he was gay. They liked him because his character arc was well-executed. And it was, especially compared to the rest of the series so far.

Will Hope-1 have a double wedding?

If you can marry a corpse then yeah.

It really isnt, people genuinly really liked juzo after episode 11, reception to his death was super positive.


>being this butthurt that people like a character taht you don't like

It's spelled "genuinely."



nice pixels lad


babaabba baba baba
ababbbab ba ba ba
babab ba ba ba

Maya de zuummmaa maza de bababababa

If everything was an anime, which "real" characters watching wound be juzoboys





I want just Hajime to be happy, is that too much to ask?

>I want just
I meant "just want", I'm retarded



Yes. The only hope is in knowing that DRV3 is its own thing.

>Can build hordes of horrible robots, murder machines, and death traps
>Controls a whole damn Yakuza clan
>Well trained assassin
>Can murder and torture very well. Only good for despair on a per-person basis, but that's not too bad
>Commands animal hordes
>Can recruit and train terrorist militias
>Produces music that sends people into spiraling depression or bloodthirsty rage, whichever's more useful
>Can poison people maybe?
>Charismatic diplomat. Can easily win hearts to the side of despair
>He just has to go anywhere and bad shit happens to anyone who isn't him
>Japanese Traditional Dancer?
>Impersonates various officials, sneaks into classified areas, and performs acts of sabotage

There's a couple I don't see the use.

>Hope plus Despair equals Future in DR2
>Future plus Despair equals Hope in DR3
What is this shit?

HE WILL, believe in hope, 3rd times the charm he will save his girlfriend finally.

Wait, is the last future episode this Monday?

When's the hope special?

It's weird that you want everyone else to be unhappy but I'm not here to judge you.

Well, the 'muh 20 minutes' guy is blown right the fuck out.

The Thursday after that. Tomorrow is the last Despair episode.

He goes back and stabs Junko. He ends up in an even more fucked world, the world of DRV3.

A gymnast can get around easier, chase targets and capture them in creative ways, etc. Not to mention Akane likes fighting to begin with. Teruteru can cook people, serve them as dishes, etc. Mahiru can spread propoganda, take photos of the mutilated and send them to terrorize families, etc. Hiyoko can hypnotize people like Ibuki and Sonia can. Come on man, use your imagination.

Besides, they don't HAVE to use their talents. They could just torture people.

>>Can recruit and train terrorist militias
They're both top tier fighters.
>>Can poison people maybe?
He can control people with food, just like Ruruka.
I have no idea.
>>Japanese Traditional Dancer?
Her dances can control people.

There's nothing better than hope. Fuck future, fuck despair.

I mostly did.

That Mahiru one is actually pretty damn good. Wish I had thought of that.


What is this KNIFE IN THE ANIMATOR thing?

>Chiaki died twice



Did you play DR2? If not, stay the fuck outta these threads

Why did Juzo not turn off all the power and shit when he first found the room? It fucking cut the bracelets.


I did play it.

He's great because of the setting. His optimistic attitude in contrast to all the despair around him makes for great moments.

The whole reason I want Kirigiri to live is because Naegi is a cool guy who deserves something good in his life.


Oooooooh. I remember now.

can someone link that webm where nagito just shoots junko and it ends

I hope he actually fucks the guy up a bit. Nothing too serious, but at least drawing a little blood.



> nagito himself singing the ending

fucking lol

Did you download the same image 112 times?

the gun would jam.

He couldn't have known at that time.
Turning the power off idea was actually inspired by seeing hopelet watching mind hack video.

Wiki filename.

what was mitarais code? seems kinda sus we didnt see his

has to be around a girl at all times

also, we know why jozu and chisa didnt say anything but why didnt ryouta say anything about junko?

Because he's ashamed of himself for being a little shit.

Tengan being the mastermind can't be the reveal right? What twist will there be?

really want some Junko feet on my dick

In case you missed it, Munakata plunged a katana through his throat, so no, he's not the mastermind.

he'd have to explain how he knows it's her, that she's using his methods and stuff

tengan was controlling junko

The shocking thing that Chisa is going to do better not have anything to do with Chiaki.

I mean of the whole thing. Could have set some shit up before he croaked but that'd be really dull.

She's gonna fuck Chiaki's corpse.

Yes, he's obviously involved in some shit, but he's not the final boss.

In case you missed it, Monokuma plunged a few dozen spears through her whole body, so no, Junko's not the mastermind.

I wouldn't blame him. That is one cute smug detective.

That was Mukuro and the body double twist was already used.

Does anyone have the following things to give me?

1.Juzo winning that hunger games thing screencaps
2.Munakata running to dying Juzo webm



Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.


Understandable. Bleeding, crying and getting punched while yelling about how much you loved a girl is pretty manly.

i only have the winning photo, but i'm sure if you ask during the aftermath of tomorrow's episode someone'll have the other screenshots



Yeah I'm looking for the one with the whole debacle and the reactions and what not




She actually might just do it the crazy lesbian.

Cause he considers himself being implicated in any way worse than millions of people dying.


the first time i've ever heard a dub make a character seem more developed

so what was reanimator anyway?

The semen of the SHSL Reanimator.

Here you go. Coincidentally I'm the person who did the HG in that thread if you need anything else.

monacafag's weird grudge against juzoboys stems from all the way back then huh. what a great night that was.

That's the one.

Do you have 16hour kun too?

I don't understand why this was so difficult - the game even gave you the correct order before the party

Nice. (You) should use transparent head.

That was actually my post, not the Monacafag who hates Juzo.

I made the mistake of hearing the dub

just hide me from everyone forever


I want to marry Sonia!
>You saw Juzoboys mememagic not only work during threads, but actually transcend into the anime itself

What a time to be alive.


im fucking dying.

You know, it's a good thing that they have an extra episode to work with, but don't count on the show magically being less terrible as a result. It's still down to them to make it not suck.

>you want the truth huh? In that case hold onto your ass
He was trying to tell us all along!


The anime is mediocre(Memes, Junko and these threads save it), but that right there is going to be one of my favorite moments in Japanese animation forever.

>saving the anime

I liked Junko's Californian accent. I'm still watching it, I miss out on too much while reading subs. I do acknowledge that it's shit though.


My folder with more than 100 Junko reactions disagrees with you

I don't care about your shit taste.

Junko and Junkofags are fucking cancer. If you actually like her you should honestly just off yourself

Junko in Despair was a big disappointment.

>Hurr durr my subjective taste is better than your subjective taste

Kill myself? But I'm bringing you so much despair by just posting.

It was. Her "personality" is still 10/10

Junko is always a big disappointment.



*teleports behind you*

And this only what I have on my laptop.

*folders you in half*

Nothing personal, despairfriend.

That was actually a guess. My folder isn't organized so I can't count the exact number.

tsc noting personnel, kid.

Kirigiri coming back as a despair and needing to be killed by Naegi when?



Man, my boss is a real cold hearted bitch

Please don't tell her I said that

Those are 2k images from Junko, not 2k images just from the anime.

this thread's full of spoilers

fuck you

Oh good. You're the favorable Monacafag.

Words that have been used in the dub
>Yas queen
>Basic Bitch
>Scrub (Izuru calls himself)
Its a meme abridged dub

Are you ready for a whole episode about my COMPLEX motives, Cred Forums?

He would personally drag her into the NWP if that was the case.

The fuck did you expect with only 3 episodes left?


i'm not ready



Lay down the complex hope you are formulating grandpa

I've had enough of you and your memes

This gets me everytime holy shit

with no context it's even funnier
the badly drawn face
the fire
all of it is perfection

Do what you must, I have already hope'd


What do the characters say in the game?

OH MAI DA/RA!!! ohaiyo goizamas.
What does Naegi say when he selects the right answer?
Sakura says , Asahina chan...
Celes just giggles
Kirigiri says Naegi kun...
Togami says hmph...

What does Junko and the other say in their little voice bits?

When did they say basic bitch. Also you forgot when chisa with her granny voice called chiaki a precious cinnamon roll

I bet we'll be disappointed and it'll barely have any Tengan and just Junko yucking it up.


When did this come up?

Are you implying I played the filthy Jap dub?

Final trial of DR2



>munakata and friends are all autistic dickheads
>wouldd rather kill people than try and rehabilitate them
>learn theyre planning a coup and say, enough of this shit

without knowing really anything about him thats as far as I could guess

>OH MAI DA/RA!!! ohaiyo goizamas.

I did


What was Kinko's obsession with saying YOU GUYS in all caps?

Was that ever expanded upon?


Thanks for confirming only landwhales like Juzo

Is Ian Sinclair the only good part of the dub, gunning for a piece, hold on to your ass, go get 'em big guy, and all?




*Junko, and Monokuma

I guess my answers were COMPLEX

There's no "taking over Chiaki's body" statement in that
I need my "old man taking over a young teenage girl's mind" fix!

I'm a fit male and I like him for being a pretty cool guy.

Does anyone have a link to this week's DR Radio?

No they didn't expand on that, but I'm guessing it was to fit Junko's Californian accent or something.

I can understand people thinking kirigiri actually being alive, what with the hints/red herrings dropped that theres a chance. But chiakis super dead, at least the the real chiaki is.

We've only seen one Chiaki die so far. We don't know what happened to the rest of them.



wait, theres more than two chiakis?

Maybe. The visuals do work in that favor, since the left side of her face wasn't completely blue unlike the other victims. It looked more like shading than poisoning. Then again, it was probably done that way so the waifufags wouldn't be triggered by the sight of their waifu's destroyed face.

Why wouldn't you clone Hope Gamer Waifu to culminate Ultimate Hope 2.0?

Fuck off, gramps

>Chihiro Fujisaki, Chiaki and Ryota are all nerds
>they all look alike
Explain this Cred Forums

If thats true then theres still hope for the superior AI waifu to be alive

They're the same person.

>But chiakis super dead,

>Akane, Aoi and Sakura are athletes
>They're all dark skinned

The Ultimate Gamer won't run out of lives that easily.

This looks shooped

pixels etc

Can anyone confirm it's real?

Is it wrong if I enjoyed Chiaki's death scene?

wheres her bikini pantsu?

Japanese people tan hard

No, both were boner inducing.

Ba ba ba ba she ba ba oh


*shakes dreads and starts dancing*

Where are my Junkofriends at?

Junko survived the first game?!?!

It says "Kamukura" in the first fucking second of the fucking video

Get your fucking names right you CUNT


I hate it.

No, it's not an extended sound. Ka-mu-ku-ra.

So, what's gonna be the shocking thing with Chisa this episode? No doubt it's gonna relate to this

>inb4 the Chisa is Junko from DR1 is true

What's being said? I can barely read Japanese.

I REALLY want a Kodahack to happen. I don't want the old guy to be behind this.

Worst case scenarios:

>Tengan really was behind it all
>The mastermind was already dead before the game even happened


>Chisa is Aoi ends up being true

>Hope Arc
Did they announce the airing hour?

>there's an entire sequence of a half dozen mask-tears where it turns out Chisa is Aoi, but Kirigiri is Chisa pretending to be Aoi, but Enoshima is Kirigiri pretending to be Chisa pretending to be Aoi, but Tengan is... and so on

>you can't actually get hopemanlet

Holy fuck. My brain melted trying to read that.

>Chisa is Junko in DR1 ends up being true.
>Chisa is Aoi also ends up being true.
Junko playing the long con to get that Naegi dick.


I'm pretty excited for the episode because I have no idea what scenes they're going to show. The mass suicide? Bits of DR0? More Mitarai? The creation of NWP? Tengan, Chisa, Kamukura? Some unexpected plot twist that ends up cliffhanger for the Future side?

if I finished season 1 whats the correct way to watch the last 2 seasons

It's in the same timeslot as Zetsubou-hen, but it's showing up as "special programming" on people's DVRs right now despite what the printed TV guide allegedly says.

Kill yourself, Naegi

In the end, it was Kodaka.

is that a hentai

Short story about if Juzo survived. Souda builds Juzo a mechanical left arm so he can still fight for Munakata. Juzo is unsure how to feel about relying on an ex-member of Despair, but is ultimately fine with it since he can be useful to Munakata again. Munakata reminds Juzo to make sure to keep up with its maintenance.
Munakata asks Juzo if he's really okay with still doing this, even though he hasn't been able to do anything for Juzo in return. He apologizes for being unable to think of what he should do. Juzo says of course, in fact he couldn't wish for anything better, and says he will never lie ever again. Munakata apologizes again, and then calls Juzo by his first name. Juzo is shocked and Munakata thinks he doesn't like it at first, saying he thought it could bring them closer together and mentions how Chisa did it too. Juzo stammers out that he likes it and asks if he can call Munakata "Kyosuke" as well. To which Munakata says yes.
In the omake, Juzo has to use the special move button because he's cornered, and it's an attack named after Sonia, which pisses him off and he clobbers Souda until he changes it. It gets changes to the hand turning into Munakata's katana and his voice comes out of it.