You haven't seen the comfiest anime ever

You haven't seen the comfiest anime ever.

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I know user, I've been meaning to watch for so long.
I was going to watch it next, but I've been saying that a long time. I don't know if I'll ever get around to it.

Shit is hilariously off with its historical accuracy.

do it for ko-ko-ya's OST, user

Why is Claude so shit? He ruined the whole episode.

Reminder that Yune and Alice died on their way back to home.

But her tiny nippon teeth are too soft for a big manly European baguette.

But i have seem Wakako Zake

manga got axed hard.

Yune and claude eventually got married and had a boy and a girl.
The boy died in ww1, and the girl in the Spanish flu.

That was pretty terrible though.

Reminder that she' stuck in a shack until the end of times.

But I've watched Aiura.

I watched it when it aired.
Also, the singer of the OP died last year.

It was a comfy OP ;_;

I'll remember this as the series with an OST that can rival Aria's. And Yune a cute.

Fuck, it's actually true. It was one of the few OPs I like at that season too ;_;

The OST is pretty comfy for sure.

It was actually one of the very few series of the genre that kept me hooked. The setting made all the difference in keeping me entertained.

The episodes with Yune were hnnngh-tier.
The episodes without her were boring.

Yes I have. Everyone here who isn't underrage has.

>loli in cheeseland
Needs more porn.


How did she never get raped?

Because the French are impotent little shits.

~Uguu ?

She seems to like them just fine.

I never saw the extra episode.

But I did. It wasn't comfy.

loli haet fromage