Is it worth finishing, Cred Forums?

Is it worth finishing, Cred Forums?

It was kinda hard to watch the MC be a piece of trash for five episodes. I like the art style and the premise, I just feel too empathetic to the MC's shame and embarrassment to easilly watch it. Is it worth it?

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Dont like it, dont watch it nigger.

>I like the art style
Kill yourself.

I just wanted to clarify that the visual presentation was not what made the anime difficult to watch

i read the manga a long time ago, and i think it's definitely worth sticking with through to the end

Anime only fags are a fucking plague.

Just read the manga.

>implying you would've even read the manga if the art style wasn't so atrocious

Why do all the characters look older in the anime? I thought the nips were fine with sexualizing kids.

That's one of the most intriguing anime you'll ever see. The story's something like a 1/3 of manga, so pick it up too.

I used to read a fair amount of manga at my last job, due to the frequent small amounts of free time. I don't read as much now that I don't have that built into my schedule for free.

>implying the manga wasn't already popular on Cred Forums before the anime aired.

Do you really think that we would of had a shitstiorm like we did if it was some no name manga getting adapted into this art style? Plenty of anime come out that look horrible but no one cares about their source material so you won't see Cred Forums blow up with them like Aku no hana.

i think it would take longer to watch the anime than to read the manga, at least iirc i marathon'd the manga in one night

The story keeps getting better but the MC doesn't, he's shit until the end.
Also, there isn't a conclusion, you need to read the manga to keep up with the story (not even sure if it's finished yet)

It is finished also how far did you get in the manga? because the mc actually changes after the timeskip.

I actually haven't read the manga yet, just finished the anime the other day. Good to know it's finished and that the MC changes.

Incredible episodes are still to come. Keep watching.

Though it's not gonna stop being difficult.

You definitely should, the anime didn't even make it to the end of the first arc before the timeskip. Also the manga is much more fast paced so if you liked the try hard atmospheric shit in the anime you might not like the mangas pacing.

It's not really that I think the manga will take more time to read, it's just that I had a specific and scheduled time when I read manga which I can't replicate with my current occupation. Anime is more of a "after a long day of work" thing for me, whereas manga and pleasure reading fall into a more "I might as well fill this free time with something kinda stimulating." It's something that I enjoy more when I'm at 100%. In addition, there were far fewer other options for entertainment during those small times, making reading and manga a much more attractive option. I still read the occasional bit of fiction or manga, but it's not like anime where I'm always looking for the next series after I finish the one I'm on.

Just what I wanted to know. Thanks, anons.

Maybe after this I can conquer the 2real4me watamote watching experience

Keep watching is one of the best anime ever

Episode 7 + 8 are a must