What did she mean by this?

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>She'll never call your name

She wants the D.

She meant:
Lesbo piiiiiig

I don't know, I couldn't find anything on it.


She was calling to her platonic best friend.

She wants to tell her friend that she is now officially engaged to Taki.

Why is Kumiko so gay?

Maybe you should ask her boyfriend, he might know.

Vagina semen

Is a lesbian mating call.

But she has none

She does.


I hope you're not talking about that pathetic wienerman.


>secondaries calling other people secondaries

Shut up you third

The word is tertiary, actually.

Hold me, friends.

Help me.

How do I prepare my body for this

Open up your septic tank.
Now jump inside of it and swim around, because that's what the threads are gonna be like.

The threads on episode day will be just fine. It's during the week that the quality will go down.

Besides who really cares about the threads. The show is the important thing.

Won't bother me as I will be avoiding the threads until the show is over. And then maybe a little longer afterwards.

>The threads on episode day will be just fine.
No they won't.

No. No, they won't.

There will be discussion among the shitposting. It's okay, a few other anons and I are definitely going to be talking about the actual show.

Who wouldn't want to get Kumiko's attention?

I want to lick her leg.

It's a reference to the final scene on Tamako Love Story.


kumiko a lesbian

A lesbian with a boyfriend?

She just hasn't realised it yet.

I want to see the ephoriums in tight lingerie.

Just finished it, it was pretty great.
Why do people shitpost about this show anyway?
Drama? Lesbians?

Kumiko and her boyfriend on a date

/u/ is mad that Reina likes Taki and that Kumiko gets with Shuuichi in the source material.

Oh, really?
I like Shuuichi, so it's alrght.
Still gonna join the shitposting though

I love Kumiko so much.

Why did the anime deviate so far and make Kumiko and Reina lovers?

hes a beard

I wanna cum on kumiko's feet


What's so good about this anime aside from girls blowing horns?

The drama seems believable, for one. At least, to me.

anime isn't suitable for drama

Put it this way: It's well-written.


>aside from girls blowing
Are girls blowing things not good enough for you?
Spoiled brat.

Those lips were meant to suck the fluff.

>Ruining the fluff by sucking on it.
Kumiko's fluff is for sniffing.

When does the first episode air? I'm stuck at the hospital and I hope I'll go home before that.

October 5th I believe. Get well, user.

H-How many Kumikos do you have?

Dunno, but my hibike folder has over 1500 files.

>I love Taki senseeeei
There you go.

A true patrician

What did she mean by that?


She wants to fuck

which episode was this from? or is it from previews of new season?

Second season PV1

From PV.

thank you

Many gay people maryr a person of the opposite sex because they don't want to disappoint their family. The person is just a token worthless "i'm not a homo" partner.
Homosexuality isn't right after all.




Cum miko

Nothing, it's pretty boring.
Watch it if you like typical KyoAni melodrama snorefests.

Did someone called a Miko?

Perhaps they wanted a kuma miko.

I see.
Good, not feeling like dealing with yokais today anyway.

The demonic lake of hellfire that you get to tour in every new thread.

What is the new season even about?

more gays and brass



Will there be more declaration of love

Only adolescence.

Teenagers get crushes on their senseis all the time. Kumiko will win the Reinab Owl.

She won it already

Good point.

Wrong thread.

Fuck, disregard that I suck cocks and all that.

Oh god she's so cute

It's ok.
Ko best girl.


rare, but also very unflattering

>Reina explicitly states its love
>b-but its a crush

S2 is already introducing Reina's rival, a new adviser that Taki-sensei dotes on. She will figuratlively and literally flip a table when she finds out

Will Cred Forums ever be ready for such a moment?

She explicitly stated her love to 2 peoples, yes.

She confessed to Kumiko as well.

the confession of love line isn't a confession of love, it just meant I like you the way you are and I dont want you to change.

It's a line straight from the novel so don't tell me that Reina is in love with Kumiko in the books too


Because it's better that way

>the confession of love line isn't a confession of love
just like rabu doesn't mean rabu

>the confession of love line isn't a confession of love

Yeah ok.

so you're saying that novel Kumiko is in romantic love with Reina then

Why are characters with black hair always worst girl?

Kumiko's "confession of love" line isn't in the novel.

But I think what they're really doing is pointing out that your contradicting statement is very greentext-able.

No, what's wrong with you

>Asuka isn't best girl
>Reina isn't absolutely adorable


Friendly reminder.

No, it's not romantic, it's deeper than that and even if Reina go and fugg her sensei they'll still be together.

wth kumiko is best girl pls get a grip

It's your typical melodrama horseshit but the MC was very cute and relatable so it was okay.

Band nostalgia.


2ch is even more autistic than we are?

She sleepy.

>fuck off quaternary

something is wrong with her eyes

Is Kumiko mean or just honest?


the only mean part is dismissing shuuichi, and i'd call it just

kumiko's onee-san is being way meaner than kumiko there too

sleep tight kumi

>You like Shuiichi
>I don't like him
>You like him but don't know yet

sniff the bush

>You like him but don't know yet
that line made me so mad

Kumiko is brutally honest. To be honest this kind of makes me want to rewatch it yet again. Kumiko is so much fun to watch and incredibly refreshing, even when rewatching the series.

But who knows yourself better than other people!

I really don't know if that line makes sense

It does. Sometimes other people are able to point out qualities in yourself that you may have overlooked.

It cant be helped Kyoani needs to nerf all of Kumiko - Shuichi's for yuri bait.



Green is adorable

I like how this is the only time Shuichi is with Asuka and he can somehow see through her already. Fucking plot device.


Will she make a reappearance?

It's the only piece of media I've seen that accurately portrays the feelings of being in high school band.

Also it's written a bit more subtle than most high school drama anime + KyoAni's god-tier production.


is that a flugelhorn?

I'd make Kumiko feel so good, if you get my meaning.

Who's these?

>2020 - 4
>still confusing 2ch with 2chan

She have a boyfriend, but really dont care about this guy, there arenĀ“t scenes holding hands or just kissing.

This is really weird

Go be a stupid somewhere else, ESL-fag.

It's the non-fun Keoin. And, some watch it for the visuals.

I liked the story, it's a decent drama filled with the usual KyoAni fare.

>Mizore's love for her friend
>Asuka drama
>Reina envy for Taki's new friend who she assume is his girlfriend
>Kumiko playing Oreki aka being a detective

Serious question: if KyoAni decides to go for the Kumiko x Reina pairing (which, let's face it, is the most popular one among fans) despite the source material, how's the fanbase going to react? Will it hurt the sales? Is there anything concrete and rational that prevents them from going full yuri, except being faithful to the books? (Whose plot was already changed in S1 with the yuribait)

Kumiko x Reina has two routes from what people are expecting
>yuribait, best freinds
>full /u/ they are fucking girlfriends by the end
and I'm not sure what you think Kumiko x Reina is supposed to be but I'm going to assume the 2nd, because if it isn't then its just yuribait and it doesnt matter

The interviews by Yamada firmly state that this show is not Yuri, hence it is option A. The interviews further state that Reina's relationship with Taki sensei is going to happen whether or not people want it to. Reina and Taki sensei is integral to the actual plot, its not even the romance that is important, its fundamentally plot related. The anime in no way has diluted this, and infact its much more severe in the anime than the novels. And in S2 we already have Reina's rival in love appearing.

What about Natsuki and Ribbons? I've seen them referenced as a couple a few times, is it canon?

Natsuki and Ribbon is GAY AS FUCK in the novel and I say this as a person who doesnt really like yuri

Seriously, this is the /u/ power couple that everyone ignores for some reason

Natsuki and Yuuko are a subtext couple

The only canon lesbian is Mizore really

>how's the fanbase going to react?
You just said that it's clearly the fan favorite pairing.
>Will it hurt the sales?
The sales of what? The anime? Not likely, given above.
The novel? That wouldn't even have sales if it weren't for KyoAni.
Admittedly, I've seen a few moonmen say that the yuribait in episode 11 was a but of a turnoff, but I've seen other people say that they found the novel disappointing after watching the anime as well. So if anything, the biggest thing KyoAni did to hurt the sales of the source material was going so KyoAni all over it.
>Is there anything concrete and rational that prevents them from going full yuri, except being faithful to the books?
Yamada calls yuri adolescence, and probably thinks actual lesbians are make believe.

But Yamada is the actual lesbians.

She is way too gorgeous to be gay.


>The interviews by Yamada firmly state that this show is not Yuri
If I can add a minor correction, in the original Japanese, Yamada specifically says she wasn't trying to depict gachi yuri, which is the "but we're both girls!" kind of yuri. Japan's definition of yuri ranges from just friends to "just" friends, so if you wanted to be pedantic, you could claim that Kumiko/Reina's relationship is still ambiguous. Hell, you could say that girls forming romantic relationships only to get boyfriends is a part of adolescence (basically Class-S).

Silly overthinking aside, I don't think the question is really going to get an answer as it's more profitable to keep the ambiguity.

Not sure what point you're trying to make with the first part of your post, but I suppose we can agree that they'll probably keep things ambiguous for yurifag bux.

The point I was trying to make is that the interview isn't as yuri-killing as it's made out to be for the anime.

>yurifag bux
I don't think it's only for the yurifag audience. From another interview, KyoAni also dismissed Shuichi as Kumiko's love interest. Some purityfags would get upset if Kumiko or Reina had anything more than a comedic crush on someone. So keeping it ambiguous appeals to both audiences.

I also suspect that some purityfags (like mentioned) were against Kumiko/Reina's intense relationship which is why they actually brought it up in the interview in the first place.

Okay, but I don't think I was implying that it was yuri-killing. Well, maybe was.
But asked what could be preventing them from "going full yuri", and I gave my best reply. Albeit a little tongue-in-cheeky. Regardless, I still doubt it'll go beyond subtext.

>keeping it ambiguous appeals to both audiences.
I forgot about purityfags. Fair enough, then.

But yuri is the purest form of love.

But that forbidden love!

She wants the Kumimanko

>>Kumikooooooooooooo you are a gay!!!

>But that's ok because, so am I!

Is she autistic?
She seems to know nothing of social norms or tact.

she knows, you can see her realise she's said something that could be considered rude or whatever, she just doesn't care enough and/or says shit without thinking it through

She's just rude all over, and an asshole on the inside

It means that she is gay.

Kumiko is the boyfriend!