How the fuck do you feel about this one, Cred Forums?

How the fuck do you feel about this one, Cred Forums?

Why? Something fishy about it, you think?

>Mating season

Didn't like it. Looked pretty, but the romantic drama was just unbearable.

When Manaka wasn't the focus it was pretty damn great. When Manaka was the focus it was rather mediocre.

Worth watching if you like love triangle drama mixed with apocalyptic racism.


>watch 6 episodes
>Okada tears every fucking 5 minutes
No, thank you.

I miss the early episode threads ;-;

A1 always has such great style. I wish the form was as good.

>Nagi no Asukara

>great style


Chisaki a best.

Isn't this a distant sequel to Shin Sekai?

Is it? The tween romance seemed reminiscent of pre-timeskip SSY to me but I thought that was just me.


First half is fantastic.
Second half had a good start but it quickly became apparent they weren't going to continue developing hikari's character and just sort of fucked about with the less interesting characters.

but we already had a Miuna thread this week?

too much melodrama for me to say it was really good, but it was certainly decent. miuna a cute

Should have more bittersweet ending instead of deus-ex-machina happy end. That said I grew to love all characters except Manaka, who would make this a perfect series if she just sleep in the ocean abyss for eternity.

first half was mediocre, second half was shit

I remember getting all hyped as fuck a year before it got released. The fucking PV sold me onto it. Then the anime came.

this served as my NTR vaccine making me immune to it

I was mad at the ending when it aired but this is Okada's best work for me.

The story was pretty good along with that PERFECT OST.

Kaname was a fucking weirdo though.

One of Okada's more bearable works

Pretty show to boot