Why are they so perfect together, Cred Forums?

Why are they so perfect together, Cred Forums?

OTP of the season by far.

Isn't the guy on the left gay?

>het OTP

Yes. Edna's a cow anyway.

Mikleo only has eyes for his husband, user.

Also isn't Edna and the buff black guy a pairing?


Alisha x Rose is better.

Which one do you think has the bigger dick?

That doesn't matter. Edna will set him straight.

Edna and Mikleo, Sorey and Alisha seem the most realistic couple choices

Make it happen Ufotable

That's not Zavid.

Why are these characters always gay

Having fujoshit tastes without actually being a fujo is suffering

Why are they so perfect together, Cred Forums?

OTP of the season by far.


Literally never ever.

Mikleo's packing. I'm betting even Zaveid's intimidated by his pants cannon. The only thing he struggles more with than squabbling with Sorey about who's topping that night is deciding if going commando grants a Murphy's Law opportunity to humiliate himself in public if he so much as contemplates getting an erection.

Does this show have the biggest /lgbt/ fanbase?

Yuri/yaoi fans are not /lgbt/.
They just like to see sexy things.

Meebo and Sorey have the best chemistry together, and so far, Rose feels like she's legitimately wooed by the pheromones emanating from Alisha's brass balls.

Every other relationship presented so far is boring except for the pure sibling love between Edna and Eizen.

>wanting same sex characters together and lash out to any sign of heterosexuality

They seem like humongous faggots to me

>humongous faggots
>on Cred Forums
That sounds like an unreasonably accurate statement.

Not anymore. They're going to turn hum het so they can pair everyone up in the anime.

>not gay

That sounds good. So it'll be

Sorey x Rose
Mikleo x Edna
Zaveid x Lailah
Sergei x Alisha

Zestiria het shippers will be another entry in the long line of BTFO'd shippers.

The fuck is wrong with you?

why the fuck you post literal tumblr faggotry quote?

Don't be surprised. That's where all fujoshits come from.

>Sorey x Rose
Have they said 10 lines between each other?

Some idiots who played the game and didn't watch till the end didn't realize that she died, that she died was asleep. Not that the characters were ever attracted to each other mind you.

>canon gay guy
>OTP with a girl
well she's flat enough to be a boy I guess

Don't worry. They'll be fine.

But Rose is dead user.

Why are these threads full of delusional shippers?

Blame the fujoshits.

Edna is cute enough to turn any gay man straight.

Not even if she bathed.

Why is this show so goddamn bland?

Because it's based on a videogame that has a shit story from a series that is known for shit stories.


Zestiria is one of the worst choice to animate among Tales games which say a lot since most Tales have mediocre plots
Barely anything happen and what happen is just the usual good vs evil done in a way blander than the first DQ

>watching ToZ anime for the plot
>watching any Tales anime for the plot
>watching any video game anime adaptation for the plot
user pls

I'm just here for the battlewaifus.

Pretty much. I've said it from the start too. This show is only good for Lailah.

Lailah is love.
Lailah is life.

How gud is the anime?

Watch a few episodes and find out.

How dare you give me a logical answer?