Someone please rape my waifu

Someone please rape my waifu.

New UGC translations never.

With what?

Fuck you, pay me.

please someone do it

Well, since you said "please".
*unzips dick*

She's too cute to rape, but I would do it in the gentlest way.

I'm sure he meant "rate".



Hibiki is my wife but she's kind enough to allow Haruka, Ai, and Miya to join in for sex

>title is 'please bang my wife'
>category: ntr
Huh? It isn't ntr if you're the one who let other people fuck your waifu.

Kimochi warui

>I'm sure he meant "rate".
The P and the T letters are extremely far apart.
He surely meant rape.

Sweden YES


...why is she still with you?

No one likes to use the word cuck in a japanese context.

I will do it, but not because you want me to.

Fucking busty little chink. The swimsuit makes them great for smacking.


Who is this slut and why is OP pouring his dark fetishes on her?

hey she's pretty good

Jesus she is just so perfect

I'd translate all of them if someone's willing to edit and typeset for me

what about for an eromanga? I've got a series I've been trying to translate on and off for a while but I don't speak enough japanese to do it. Editing/typesetting I can do easily though.

Nigger do I look like my time is free?


Well you literally just said you'd translate all of something so I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. Maybe series wasn't the right word, it's only like two ~15 page doujins. But nevermind.

Do you think translators just translate anything? There are thousands of untranslated galleries out there. Things that translators translate fall into two broad categories: things they like and things they're getting paid to translate.

No pink hair = not for me

Just for you. I'll wank to her.

how. why.


I'll pass, OP.