Why bother with Rem or Emilia when you can have a Ferris?

I don't want to take the litter out.

I might need a few more images to be convinced, user.

But what if I want to have children?

Because not everybody is a faggot like you.


Just impregnate her boipucci.

Beako > all

Sorry, but I already chose Ram

Anyone know where I can read Light novel and web novel English translations?


A cat is fine too.

Emilia can't give you children since she is a hybrid. The chromosomes on a hybrid wouldn't line up correctly causing their sex cells to not function correctly and wouldn't be able to reproduce. That's why you go with Rem.

Magic, son.

Because Ferris would never realistically win the waifu games.

Ah fuck! Ya got me! Science is wack anyways.

Overrated nonsense.

One cat is fine, but three is better.

uh...u guys know that's a guy right?

u guys gay or something? lol


Fucking furries

Crusch-sama is the best


Another example why 2d>3d. Offline in the real world, Ferris would look absolutely disgusting and not in the least as feminine.

But I still don't fuck with furries nor guys acting like girls. Fuck that gay shit being pushed on here.

This is a trap dressed as Ferri.

Because Ferri looks just like a girl, real life Ferri would look just like a girl too

How/where dat tail is attached?

I don't know~

Bois are best girl cosplayers.

Are you sure this is a he?

This is This is not

>Implying you could reproduce with demons.

>Dat flat chest
>not boi

Okay, actually I'm not sure

There's enough photoshop it could be a mannequin

Some boi cosplayer have (fake) boobs.

Why bother with Rem or Emilia or Ferris when you can have a Felt?

>women can't be flat
>men can't be padded


Better signs
>adam's apple
>shoulder structure
>jawline shape
>the fat/muscle distribution on legs

99% of the time, just looking at the face is enough though

mii kun is cute!

because that's illegal

because that's gay and i lke this qt


you know how old felt is right

In our world maybe.

anime years old

stop trying to justify your perversion

>Implying this isn't the best waifu

stop being gay

I never said I wouldn't, it's just that you're a pervert.

Why bother with only Ferris if you could also get the double trap package?

i just like cute anime girls and want to pat their head and cuddle them

Mimi is not a trap


They're cute and feminine so it's not really gay

you mean you like cute little girls and want to hold hands with them

There is nothing wrong with a purest love between a husbando, his waifu (male) and daughter.


Well you can. Rem mentions being able to have half demon children. And judging by her tone and excitement, it seems pretty common with little difficulties.

She is so sexy in mini dress.


In the pic it's a she

More cosplay?




>Ferris with boobs

Implying it isn't better this way.

Mr Satan is not a pleb tho

But it's a man.

No boobs

Next you'll say you want a pussy too


Why bother eith Ferris when you can have Faris?

Her nekomimi are vomiting hair.

>not like man with boobs.