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Enough is enough already.



Next Madoka movie after Kizu, right? They should just alternate between these two franchises and make all of the money







>megucas with nipples
do not


Do they sell madoka concept movie from the last exhibition?

Not with the Butcher is still dealing with Godzilla anime.

>that vofan illustration
Do want.

Does that include the concept move with the "Mami Impact" sequence.

The only time Homu gets to be happy is in promotional art.

What happened to sayaka's chest?

>Shinobu is front and center now
Nothing like a popularity poll to make Shaft come to its senses.


How are the card sleeves ?

>Shaft 40th anniversary
>madoka and bakemono is all we have
this is actually kind of sad

Man i love VOFAN

>no hidamari
>no Zetsubou
I mean I love Madoka and Monogatari but some other stuff would be nice too.


They have stuff from every series there. It's called MadoGatari because those are their most popular series. Feel free to visit the website or actually look at the pictures.

I want to buy like all of this though.

I want rip of this. But it is not gonna happen.

>Event to (supposedly) commemorate SHAFT's 40+ year history
>Nothing but Madoka and Monogatari

What happens when both of these series stop being milkable? Will they still call the event Madogatari?

> two most successful late night anime series of the 21 century
> why

If by they you mean Aniplex. Although Monogatari is not the cash cow it once was, the movies are flopping hard.

>I have no reading comprehension.

> he movies are flopping hard.
Only the second because of Shinkai

Yes because Shinkai's movie definitely targets to the same audience.

They have other stuff there but Madoka and Monogatari are their visit card.

Kizu II is PG12.

Basically all the screenshots are from nisemonogatari, I never really understood why people are so stupid that they rage on the fan service.

Why does Hanekawa have purple hair?
Thought that was a badly drawn Hitagi for a second.


Two mainstream bandwagon shitfests.

>40 years
>Only two anime that didn't flop
Shaft is dead.

I just want a fucking season 2.


Why Qbei must cover his genitalia?

To hide boner

At least in Rebellion it was always that small, Shaft's occasional inconsistency notwithstanding, and though it still was big enough to put her ahead of the other four flatties.

Admittedly, in comparison to the series hers did seem to shrink on Rebellion Meanwhile the mammies got bigger and everyone else more os less stayed the same.

>and everyone else more os less stayed the same

In the series Homu and Mado were roughly on the naked space hug and also elsewhere.

On Rebellion for most of the time they are depicted on the big screen simultaneously Homura looks noticeably bigger. On a few other scenes there's no difference to be seen.


Can you please show the cover of this?


Show height chart please.


He's already done writing that and he's already working on something else.

It's not something new.

Nah that one has all the minor characters.

I love cat's slutty body. Too bad it comes packaged with a stick in the mud.

hidamari season 5 fuckin when


Full art when?


Does it have pages with other girls like Kyouko or Nadeko or with Shaft works that aren't Madoka/Gatari?


> PG 12

Doesn't the second movie have Shinobu/Araragi digging into their own brains?

...Is her weapon a molotov?

Zaregoto footage when?

Yes it has. But it's stiil PG12.

Do you really want to see it? Disappointment will be so big.

very cool OP.

I just have to know.

Rip it?

Is this set before or after Nisekoimonogatari?

Thissz a nice dai fork killlszz somma otakuzz

>shaft does a good job with Fate/Extra
>replaces Ufo as Type-Moon's go to studio
>gets the deal for a Fate route redo

>shaft does a QUALITY job with Fate/Extra

Someone better do a high resolution scan of the Vofan illustration.

Maybe they'll manage to tell the story in an interesting way instead of pumping out the umpteenth shitty action series with Nasuverse bullshit then they'll have made the best Fate adaptation. I'm not saying they'll do it, but it's possible.

You have no awareness of what you actually just wrote or any idea what the source material is about. You should probably kill yourself.

Nasu's middle school level "themes" that make North Korean propaganda look subtle were included under "Nasuverse bullshit." The man himself admits how fucking horribly he butchered shit in F/SN. Like, the main story route for his most popular character doesn't even make sense in context of who she is. The only reason anyone cares is because it has one of the most accessible premises of all time. So yes. It is stupid action shit. You'll agree with me when you stop being an underage b&.

I want it just for that notice.

How much did everything cost?

I couldn't care less about Nasu's works and I wish Fate/Extra didn't have to be done by Shaft but you're just showing how clueless you are about everything and you're not even aware of it.

I don't want to say it, but somehow a "shounen eroge" is 2deep4u.

Yes. I'm sure that fanservice battle royale has managed to develop deep, rich themes and complex characters since F/SN and is worth my time.

watched it in there
Iria's mansion went full Shaft as usual
Like Araragi's school

> Iria's mansion went full Shaft as usual

Last year Madogatari

Full Shaft seems completely appropriate for the context.

Madoka concept movie rip when?

How long is this gonna be there?

3 days

Brb church

Keep your filthy hands off the lolis.

Anyone know if shaft lets you visit the studio like kyoani does?

How long was it?

Shaft makes the best Powerpoint presentations.

I- I thought it was gonna be a crossover.

Maybe one of Nisio's million side stories is a crossover, but not this.

They forget that Crab is the protagonist? i´m tired of loli fanservice

>Crab is the protagonist

become meguca

>マギアレコード 魔法少女まどかマギカ外伝 >2017年春 配信予定

Any confirmation on this?

>Crab is the protagonist

44 minutes

an OVA?

A smartphone game spinoff
Trailer showed madoka and other megucas appeared in ep12 like cleopatra

God fucking dammit please don't be true.

Next year most likely with the main story be Homura torturing everyone and Madoka and Mami leading them out of the darkness and killing Homura for good. Homura tries to corrupt Madoka but fails and Madoka who never loved her destroys her.

Was I late? Do you guys want me to post my photos? Of course I do not have the pics of the interior of the exhibition at al, though. Yeah, it was terrible rain this morning.

The two pics are from their official twitter but
what are those images?
Photography and video recording were prohibited in the exhibition. You are probably going to be sued by Shaft.

Okay. I found you are a rich person.



Fuck off you roleplaying, attention-whoring piece of human refuse. Every thread you post in turns to shit. Nobody wants your amateur photos of some nondescript office building.

Calm down. It's all from twitter.

Fuck off.

Don't tell a lie.


Look at the filenames fucking idiot.

Go take a bath with a toaster. You're the reason nobody wants to go to Madoka threads any more.

lol eops comes to tokyo and acts like Cred Forums needs to shit itself


Buy me this

Look at the filenames fucking idiot.

Where are you from?

Fucking excellent contribution friendo. Your witty comeback and picture of a sign that says MADOGATARI is some quality anime-related content as always.

Is there a Crab meguca?



Some people (including me) ignored Monogatari of Nishio. lel

There's already been a few of those, not really anything new.


A hammer?
Kinda disappointed she doesn't have a staple gun or some kind of joke on office supplies.
But I guess a straight-man comedy hammer works too.

Well, she's a pretty blunt person


____Mexico____. I know, shitty country.

Calm down there. This shitty picture of art that has been available online for months is too much anime content.

Cat has a molotov to reference her Tiger powers, Bat just has her swords, but I don't really get Creb's hammer
I hope there's one for each girl in that book, they're so cute as megucas.

Wow! I had lunch in Taco bell in Shibuya.

There we go. Blogging about your lunch is back in acceptable boundaries.



Translate this please


>"The Secret" Animation PV

I'm enjoying Lawnchair reposting everything I saw on my Twitter feed this morning. What a piece of shit.

Apple: "I'm glad I'm going on a date with you!"

I love you too.


I hope you realize that nobody wants you here. The only people who interact with you without telling you to fuck off and kill yourself are people so desperate for attention they'd suck a dick to have someone acknowledge their presence.






These are all just rapid-fire shitposts. Not a single image you've posted is of anything people care about or haven't already seen in higher quality. It's almost impressive that you managed to be this completely useless in 30 posts.



i pity those qucks wearing pants and jeans
at least short-kun is comfy


I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish here. Nobody cares about these terrible photos. Do you get off on people telling you that you're a useless waste of oxygen?

Yeah, my shoes got wet.

Are you ACK? Are you in Tokyo now?




>you will never come on tea with a pseudo Kyoko
why pretend to live

>These are all just rapid-fire shitposts.
So are Re zero threads and those usually have 4 up at a time

>people are yelling at me for shitposting every thread i enter
>must be ack
Christ you're stupid. I just want you out of the fucking thread. I'd also like you to leave Cred Forums forever and maybe put a bullet in your head. Though I get you live in a nanny state so I guess you'll just have to go with seppuku.

I'm still gonna tell him to fuck off for all I'm worth. I don't care about Reddit:Zero but I'd like to have some threads about series I give half a fuck about without one guy getting halfway to the bump limit by himself with vapid garbage like he always does.

You wish will come true. The tripfaggot is about to become the next pedo tranny on /cow/.

Either she proposed and Madoka accepted or Homura lost to the cock.

user why are you so tsundere. You act like noone cares but you're the one who cares the most.

It was genuine "ree get out" because I don't want him and his circle jerk crew to ruin anything that isn't strictly a Madoka thread. Sadly those are already a write-off.

I forgot to tell you guys.


I saw President Kubota in front of the theater room for the concept movie.

I just wanted to tell you guys this.


Shaft sounds like its run by a bunch of pricks. Kyoani is fine with anyone taking pictures inside their kyoanido fan events.

these look cool; too bad they're ant sized. do the other girls have them? no magic monkey/doll/snek?

Do they have to? They're a place of business, not an amusement park exhibit.

>allow people to take pictures of their in-progress storyboards

It's like they don't know about industrial espionage.

There's a difference between a fan event and a paid art exhibition though.

The first definitely flopped. Aniplex marketed it like crazy. The producer actually went on in a news interview saying they were competing with Madoka on the movie. Madoka made 2+Bil. These three movies won't even reach 1.5B combined. On the other hand Koe no Katachi is up to 540mil and the second weekend hasn't even started.
Shaft BTFO again.

>more shitposting about sales
Please don't.

Ignore them. They've been forcing threads about it every day.

Homugahara when?

The zaregoto footage wont be posted for another couple of days will it?

Is this true?

that homura looks too happy

It's not shitposting. It's just facts. Just like the fact that Shaft is letting Shinbou go after 3Gatsu's inevitable flop and going back to doing tweens.

It's also a fact that you're a fucking faggot but constantly pointing it out would be shitposting as well.

>Letting shinbo go
>when he is already confirmed for the next madoka project
Are you retarded?

>implying the next Madoka project isn't scrapped after Aniplex knew that Shaft can't get them oney anymore
I mean even the Kizu movie only got 40k sales. That's recap BD tier.

You will live to see Shaft get their life support finally cut.

Maybe Godani has a janitor or catering position open for Shinburton.

Please. They're betting the farm on Evergarden like they do everything. Kyoukai proved they can't do grimderp. They'll be White Fox's background division by this time next year.

>studio making events about franchises from 2009 and 2011 because it's their only crap that sells
kinda sad 2bh

>scrapping a project that has been in the works since mid 2012
>scrapping a madoka project, one of their main cashcow
Yeah, you are retarded. I'm seeing them not doing another film for monogatari though
>Implying KyoAni isnt in a worst position having flop after flop, even their popular IP Free! became shit after fucking up the film

Koe no Katachi more than likely made more money for KyoAni than any other anime made this year barring KnNw. It's already at 500+ Mil without going into its second weekend and KyoAni is on the top of their comitiee.
KyoAni made huge bucks on this and would live and prosper for the coming 30 years while Shinbou would go on job hunting by this time nex year.

>flop after flop
in your head maybe

>Free makes 700Mil in the box office( more than Kizu) and gets a confirmed S3
>Hibike sells 15k average
>Have only one flop in 10+ years
KyoAni is doomed you hear me DOOMED

>Have only one flop in 10+ years
I don't think you can count.

Only Phantom World flopped. Every thing else made decent to spectacular sales.
Compare that to SHAFT's inaptitude to make anything not named Madoka or Gatari to sell.
They even managed to kill Kagerou Project.

Nichijou flopped.

It averaged 7k+ after all and got syndicated 5 times since 2012. It didn't flop. On the other hand Mekaku City flopped so hard it killed the sales of the entire Kagerou Project. The media franchise went from being a top 2 franchise back before the anime to failing to chart in Oricon.

It did flop user, why do you think it didnt have another season?
Yeah Kagerou Project flopped hard but that doesnt excuse how Kyoani handled Nichijoi and made ti flop

>Clueless retards still think studios shoulder the anime's failure


It didn't have another season because KyoAni moved on from being a slave to being the top dog it is nowadays. I mean being able to create 20k+ originals without big names attached is something only KyoAni and Sunrise seem to be able to do nowadays.
Meanwhile Shaft even made Nisekoi drop in sales after the 2nd season aired.
Aniplex is the only one providing SHAFT with projects and if they keep flopping their projects as they are doing since 2012 they'll get the life support pulled off.

Can you retards stop taking the bait, or is this just one guy responding to himself?


>top dog
>using shitty light novels written by nobodies
>still using the shitty K-on! art style, even if the original LN doesnt use that atrocious thing
Kyoanifags are so funny

This thread has really taken a nice turn hasn't it?

MCA broke 14k and sold 2nd place in the most recent LN that came out, not to mention the one before it came in 1st. Last time I checked it's the the fourth most popular LN averaging at 400k.

MCA wasn't that great, but it didn't kill of the series.

>nichijo avereged 7k

no, it didn't

>Aniplex is the only one providing SHAFT with projects and if they keep flopping their projects as they are doing since 2012 they'll get the life support pulled off.

If Aniplex projects flop is because of Aniplex, their producers get a slap on the wrist. You know what happened to Madoka and Bake's producer? He's now the CEO of Jewplex.

Check the chart the user in the last SHAFT thread made about Kagerou Daze franchise sales before and after the anime. The nose dive the chart made was funny.
>Nichijou 2011 Spring 3,024 3,996 7,020 ¥290.1 Kyoto Animation manga
Maybe he should've stayed producer because nowadays everything not Fate related Aniplex makes is flopping left and right. You remember them saying A-1 and Okada are going to surpass Ghibli with Anthem of the Heart and how that shit failed to make as much as a Hosoda not to mention a Ghibli?

>Maybe he should've stayed producer because nowadays everything not Fate related Aniplex makes is flopping left and right. You remember them saying A-1 and Okada are going to surpass Ghibli with Anthem of the Heart and how that shit failed to make as much as a Hosoda not to mention a Ghibli?

He also produced F/Z and Kara no kyoukai. Without him Fate, Ufotable and Urobuchi wouldn't be as popular as they are now. He's god tier as far as producers go. If he didn't jump ship with A.Z, it could have turned into a big hit too.

Don't believe Aniplex guy's lies, with Anthem they weren't shooting for Ghibli tier performance, otherwise, it would have been screened in at least 300 theaters. I hate Okadashit with a passion but the movie did very well.

That's what I'm saying. The guy knew how to produce a hit. The current Aniplex handlers don't seem too successful with that. They failed Nisekoi, Charlotte, Battery, Kizumonogatari, QUALITY Code, Rewrite, HaiFuri, Kiznaiver, Kaberni, Asterisk, Doukyuusei,Durarara!!x2, Boku Dake,Subete ga F ni Naru and Anthem of the Heart. And this is only mentioning stuff from the last year.

No wonder with HaiFuri and Kabaneri, after all those are ripoffs of sucessful titles

You mentioned those with the highest sales from the list I cited. The nips still love rehashes.

Not everything they produce will turn to gold, I think they made a fair amount of money from the lineup you just listed. It's just that it's been a while since they had a mega-hit, something that makes the 1000 flops worth it.

I think the only new IP they got that makes a decent amount of money is Saenai.

Yep. The only one that stuck is Saenai. And you can see that by the speed they announced S2 with. They are desperate for heavy hitters now that FATE is nearly over(the canon stories anyway, the spinoffs aren't nearly as big as the main ones) and Monogatari is in its death bed.

With Fate it doesn't matter how "big" they are, as long as the content has an audience. Fate/Zero was literally a doujin. It didn't even have a publisher before the anime.

The new trigger original with Imaishi will probably do well just like klk. So there is that.

yeah fuck KyoAni for butchering the artstyle with designs that don't fit

They don't butcher artstyles but all previous KyoAni work from K-On til Koe no Katachi clearly uses a fairly homogeneous in house art style. It's similar to how SHAFT has an in house directorial style. They've just been relying on Watanabe Akio too much for designs lately.

Koe No Kotachi's artyle and Kyoani's actually fit perfectly for once.

I finally found the twitter. The pics are from the official twitter of Sports Hochi. Yeah, they published the newspaper. Probably, they were granted photography.

Yeah, they are going to make a new game: "Magica Record" for smart phones. I saw the animation in the exhibition.


>"Magica Record"
* "Magia Record"

I am not interested in the game at all, though.


i forget how short nips are,
i use to think that karen was tall af, and kiss shot was like some inhuman 2m or something
but shes actually still shorter than the average male here.

It doesn't have lewd lolis (even SHAFT doesn't do it anymore) so it's all good.

Oh shit this is in Shibuya.

I'm going to this.

What's the name of the video of Nadeko's school breakdown set to
I just remembered it but I can't find it and it's driving me nuts

>a game

Well, without Butcher an anime continuation would probably go the way of PP2.

And yeah, I think Shaft should focus on new material. It's a shame they didn't strike while the iron was hot after Rebellion, seeing that begs a continuation much more than Monog.

>Implying Psycho Pass: the Movie was good.
>Implying Shaft isn't doing this for a quick buck so it can fund other projects

The new Madoka project is going to be a mess, but yurifags will love it because it will give them what they want. Shaft is putting out the concept material because they literally don't give a fuck and know people will show up even if they gave away the whole movie.