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Would you marry a ship?

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I did around a year ago.

Yes, I love Kaga-san the most!

fuck off

I already have.

I did.

But now I want to commit adultery.

>marrying a Kuso Ichishit ship

>marrying a carrier that isn't a CVL, Graf, or Amagi

>marrying a dork

>marrying a ship with a dead artist

>not giving a ring to everyone who reaches level 99

>wasting money on 160+ rings when you could use it on screws

Yes, Kaga deserves the ring

I've married more than 20 ships by now though, mostly because I am statfagging at that.

>not having enough money for both rings and screws
Poorfag detected.

>Marrying one of your hoes.
That's not how pimping works, user. You suppose to get these ship girls out there working getting your resources and eliminating the other game on the block.

So no I would not marry a ship. But I would abuse multiple of them if they don't get my money. Now lets sing the Pimp's Prayer.

Unless you're like me, who has maxed out slot expansions and maxed out every gear, you really shouldn't be spending money on rings. Even fastsuck barrels are a better investment.

Not totally true. You should marry the hotels. the resource consumption savings on them is notable. I'd marry any ship you'd want to use for torpedo cut-in at that.

I did max out my slots and docks. I even bought a 10 slot expansion in preparation for next maint. What about it?

>marrying shitty hotels when they're barely use anymore

But is all your upgrade-able equipment at +10? Equipment matters more than levels and stats.

do you even do the final stage on hard? Only kiddies who don't have 300k all would not sortie the hotels.

If you need hotels to clear final maps on hard then you definitely need to upgrade your equipment.

If I upgraded any more than I already am I'd have to buy devmats. I'm running low now and I'm already spamming sparkled expedition 8.

>giving 51cm to Nagato who couldn't really guarantee reaching daytime cap if going in head-on engagement, nevermind in chuuha

Would you redeem a Wo?

>overcapping hotels
Literal retard.

>not overcapping hotels in anticipation for output in chuuha
o wow.

>actually expecting hotels to get chuuha'd and not taiha'd due to crit

This artist should just make her a mother.

You need 214 to guarantee 150 damage cap in head-on.
You need 187.5 to hit daytime cap in chuuha

ITT: people forgetting about x1.1 modifier in combined fleet

For most purposes 46cm works for any BB in single fleet.

It's 188.75 in hankousen and 215.7143 in chuuha.

>Marrying for stats

I marry so as not to waste exp.

Why not marry for love AND stats, user?

I don't want to marry Yuudachi. I want to as my sex slave.

The only person Kaga is marrying is her lesbian wife Akagi.

I make it a policy to not marry my boats because I need them to repair quickly for Orel and 4-2 sorties.

Ships don't apply.

Just look at that ̶d̶u̶c̶k̶ dork.

I wish he focused on Arashi more than Hagi.

Your loss. Level 155 subs are the best for 5-4 ranking.

>wanting Arashi more than Hagi


>Tokyo express runs
I am still not sure if I should set aside another set just for that.
Currently my rotation is with 3 of most subs at lvl99 cap. I have spares that aren't kai'd as well. I maintain 2 Maruyu kai and 2 Shioi.

I'm just teasing her. She doesn't know I'm going to propose to her soon.

Hagi is dull and generic. Arashi is a cute tomboy goddess with ZR.

Rude. She's ganbarimasu.

Between Tenryuu-kun and Shimakaze-kun, which one does Cred Forums like more?

I prefer those digits.

Shimakaze I guess Mr.Satan


so since I got quints, is that a free pass to post the full picture?

Shimakaze's favorite torpedoes.

>shimakaze quint
Only logical choice.

Away with you, degenerate.

>picking Hagi over Arashi


I want to NTRa the Bono!

That's right, and what are you going to do about it?

This thread requires a large serving of MEAT.

XXX with Bono in her yukata!

I want to a bono and make her a mother.

That's my kind of boat

When will they get rid of her shitty base CG?

all Tsun ships should be tamed and converted into motherships.


Why the fuck are the nips drawing her so healthy? My dick can't take all these.

Cute sub

why is Kaga the best?

>Why the fuck are the nips drawing her so healthy?
Because she is?

Best Sub!

Her bare thighs and legs cover almost half the CG. She's the legs queen in Kancolle

my only issue they aren't drawing enough of her with her sister Iku.

>you will never be double teamed by Iku and Nimu.


But this is beyond what my dick can handle.

I want to be smothered in their breasts

>no sarashi to hide promise of big tits

Whats even the point?

So you get to see the parcel before you unwrap?

Why promise when you can have the real deal?

I want to rub my face on her legs


Because she is dull. All tits and no personality like Hamakaze

But she's ganbarimasu unless Hamkaze.


I would marry Kashima.


Why are the Junsen Type B subs so slutty?

Hotels are old and busted. Iowa is the new hotness.

Iowa had a good reception, but Warspite is the new hotness.


Closet slut.

Give 'em time. This is the first time we've had two subs from the same class.

>"new hotness"

Not really. She honestly just appeared out of nowhere.

>busty blonde beauty
>not new hotness

Her tits aren't that big, stop taking fanart as canon.

Busty doesnt mean titty monster

But she can't keep up with the rest of the fleet.

She also needs a toilet everywhere.


Yodo is going to shoot you for not finishing your dailies.

Sorry, but I only want to drink DD piss.

That artist really needs to work on his same-face.

Depends on what you mean by redeem, but probably yes.

What's going on behind that wall?


If she shoots me now there will be no one to do tomorrow's dailies

Then she's asking for a beating.


There's nothing wrong with sameface.



Hiei isn't actually the sharpest knife in the drawer isn't she

Of course, I married my own Prinz.

Now she's sitting there idling at 155 until the next level cap is implemented.

That's her charm point.

>make[s] it look like

>I ask of you, are you my Ad-my-ral?

What's the disciplinary room?

>anime remake featuring Kashima

She's retarded on top of being unattractive


A small chat at Mamiya's, over ice cream (admiral's treat).

>Not coffee



What a shitty knock-off.

I want to anal with Kamikaze.

I want to have a child with Kamikaze.

I want to kiss Kamikaze

Shimakaze has developed a crush on the Admiral.

What do?

Force her to cater to all of my fetishes.

>start covering herself up in front of the admiral after figuring out that she's in love with him


I wished the artist continued this, its really cute.


Something seems off about Shoukaku today.

I want to drink Kamikaze's green piss.

Oreo a cute

Reverse Day?

Looks cute as fuck.

She sees your ____


ring you're proposing with.


Ticket for a full meal, as a reward for all her work.

I want to tug on those ears.



I would breed with a poi.

The eternal funny talking rivalry.

Is Bono the one with the most temporary art? Drew's been doing a lot.


No lewd!

Thank you kind Stalker-san.

I wish I could find the origin of this image, but I've only been able to find the original one on Danbooru

I just want to believe somewhere the Hiei knows that the Admiral was lying about it not being a marriage proposal and that she feels like shit for breaking his heart. And all the other ship girls who were listening outside could only watch in sadness as the Admiral walked around the shipyard completely and totally devoid of any emotion. I was hoping that would lead to awkwardness because she's his secretary and they try to keep it professional.

Somewhere along the lines, I wanted to hope that she would slowly fall in love with the Admiral while her sisters try to push her to accept her feelings. But she tries to fight against it and says she doesn't love the Admiral because she loves her sister.

This leads to shitty performance by Hiei because she is emotionally conflicted. And then the Admiral dies out in the ocean, sunken when he tries to protect Hiei from a torpedo. Hiei blames herself and never gets over it. She keeps the ring on as a reminder of her own failure and how she had hurt those closest to her.

She actively searches out death on the battlefield for many years to come, serving many Admirals, finally meeting the death she looked for when she sacrifices herself to protect the rest of the fleet. And as she sinks, she sees a hand reach out to her.

"Admiral, would it be okay if I accepted your proposal, to be your wife?"

Too bad no one will ever draw that out.

Shut up and get a better waifu already.

This? The artist is pixiv.net/member.php?id=15109

Division 17 is for love and lewd.

Urakaze was made to be lewded.

Most especially Urakaze

Kuroshio faked her kansai-ben tho.


Search your feelings, you know it to be true!

Yes, but lewding is wrong.

But it's a waste to not make good use of her sexy body.

But only after marriage!

Hiei is perfect though. She basically acts like a guy and is a total bro

I don't know anything about these ships except this girl is fucking rocking.
Why don't we see more of her?

Can't I sample the product first before making a purchase?

No. Dame desu.

>urashit spam
If it's not one thing it's another with you guys.

She's a boss.

Because she's one of the bosses and is an antagonist.

Nobody is posting Uranami.

What the fuck did you just say about Isonami-chan's younger sister you piece of shit DesDiv17 shitter?

Isonami is the only good Shitbuki.

Are they too lewd?

At least you have some semblance of taste.

She's the enemy, not your waifu.

dis bb

Those tits need to be punished severely.

>too lewd
That's like saying too much ass, no such thing.

Too fluffy, it would be dangerous to have so much fluffiness all the time.

lol look at her

what a cute rapist


Why would that be?

Poor Kaga-chan

Then who did you marry? Akatsuki?

Cute boy.

>best DD

Because she's the strongest,
Kaga is awesome!

That doujin was really lovely.

Bad Kaga-san

Black hair, red eyes and tits combo is second only to blonde hair, green/blue eyes and tits combo.

There can always be too much, but none of the girls in the game even come close to too much.
Eiken is too much

But that's what everybody else keeps telling me whenever I praise Warspite.

Ever see blonde hair, red eyes? I don't think there are any in the game, but damn.

Eeh? Not my waifu not my problem



Oh god, how did I manage to fuck up that hard?
I've only been fapping to her non-stop for the past 3 days.

>is now on [sale]


I guess it's time to switch sides, then.

Fuck, I desperately need to protect Houshou.


If you can't tell she's a hot piece, you don't deserve to marry her.

Big E is going to have blonde hair, red eyes and big american tits. Mark my words.

>the legs queen
That would be Ooyodo.

I know how.
I was on a To Love Rui thread before this, so my head was filled with Yami.


>Urappai bigger than Hamappai
That seems wrong.

Ooyodo is Choukai without the tits
Choukai is Ooyodo with tits

She's got big hands.

That's a dangerous combination.
Almost as dangerous a black/red.
I mean as it stands we've got this sexy little thing that half the thread including myself wish to have puppies with.


Make her switch sides.

>Seaport Hime
>Small tits

Those panties are rather -- bold. How should one feel about that?

>Kaga's reaction to anal.

Fuck off.

Also, acquire better sources for images. She deserves it, in your opinion.


Oooooyooodoo is for undressing,



Aroused is a good start.

Your next step, once you have a high enough power level, is Pixiv.

At least she doesn't try to look bigger than she really is, unlike a certain hotel.

This is her canon panties.


Hey, the pads came out this summer, and she was still impressive.


That's a push up bikini, it's meant to make tits look bigger than they are. There's bras that do the same.

>teasing Yamato
I was hoping we wouldn't. Must we?


She just exchanged her pads for silicon implants.


Well it's not like we ever see her swim to verify that.
Real ones float, fake ones sink.


What the fuck?What are kancolle meams doing in my eureka seven OP?

Is she wearing two bras?


Fuck off.

Please don't make a face like that, Kaga-san!

What is a Cryptid?

Would Hiei be a good mother?

Did we ever decide which are better, the light- or dark-haired Abyssals?

We decided that Abyssals are shit.

Please don't make a habit of asking this in every thread.

Both are great.


>Abyssals are the shit
Crudely put.

You do realize that's only going to make them do it more right

I can't decide, white hair+pale is pure sex but the same thing applies to black hair+ villainous look.

I'm a bit more into light colors but it's almost a tie.

>black hair+ villainous look.

Kongou looks way younger there.


All I know is that I wanna see more red haired girls, an abyssal with red hair could look pretty nice with the color schemes they usually have.


Needs to look paler.

Why did Shibafu's art go down way down? He especially lost a lot of detail.


A shit.




He is either incapable of doing it like he originally could, or he just stopped caring.

>tfw we will never get anything close to Ayanami's Kai 2 quality again
So sad.

That pink strap is part of a camisole.

Oh? A rare Kaga-san!





Dark hair is too pretty.

Funny, I was in the mood for some kombucha actually.
Thought it might help with some problems I've been having lately.


Kombucha ain't my thing personally.


>275 / 142 / 71 / 5

I don't know what happened here.

Why are you dumping this?

What else is there to do? No translation stuff or anything so far today. And its cute.

no, because all abyssal girls are great/

Haruna is such a good ship.

She likes it in the pooper.

what a cute comics there user.

is this the haruna thread?


I wish he focused on oyashio and ushio

Seems they should have been worries about Hibiki instead.



best lady.


It's already been dumped before. Multiple times in fact.

Kamikaze is 17!

S E V E N T E E N!

This is awful

>more Kamikazes
If we do, it'll be a hell of a lot of pink.

Yeah, she can't keep getting away with it.

>when was the last time you've been on a date admiral?

>maybe you could invite one of us on one with you?

>only one

As the saying goes, "a flower in each hand".

then lets go with the abyssal kamikaze

Let's not and say we didn't.

You might want to consider remaining monogamous.

Aren't you going to praise her and tell her she did a good job?

I'm sure they're both willing to share.

Someone stop her before she starts thinking she can wear a bodysuit with anything.

Destroyer baba is so cute it's criminal.


Someone's been feeding this duck

She's young!


I wanna make love to that porcelain doll.


The grannies will not trick me.

Perhaps she needs to prove it to you then, with her body.


I want to ______ Nimu!

This one's ready for the test, now the other granny needs to show me her body.


Forgot the pic.

brutally rape




>Dom Inazuma
Muh dick

How important is it to inspect their hulls? And how often?

the best kamikaze

I-19? More like Slut-19 amirite?

Would you like to make her feel young again?

She just doesn't know how lewd she is, is all.

She knows damn well how lewd she is.

Why is Hiei so dumb?


All the bongos are dumb, Kirishima has glasses though and that makes her a bit smarter.

Good one. Next thing you'll tell me that she sucked all those dicks "by accident".

Is fall the season when subs go into heat?

>ugly fat dude
What a shit doujin.

Hiei has glasses too

Yeah, all hetero is shit. Shipgirls are for yuri only.

You don't have to be so hard on yourself.

be hugged by

[citation needed]

Where did you get the background?


I'm going to cum inside this ship while whispering "I love you" into her ear!

You now remember how much this made you smile the first time you heard it.

Surprise debut in the anime? Do we want this?

These three harlots would get the D in this order:

Iso > Ura > Hama > Iso again to finish

People who want Warspite ruined will want her in the anime.

Ura > Hama > Iso > Tani

Search your feelings, you know it to be etc.

She has a really sweet and endearing voice. I hope she gets some good anime roles after this.


Garbage taste.

Iso > Ura > Tani > Hama

(Gorgeous > Hot > Cute > Tits)

You better believe it.

Given that she's a ship, aren't there hundreds more of her?

Kongou > Haruna > Hiei > Kirishima
Iso > Ura > Tani > Hama
Arashi > Nowaki > Mai > Hagi
Ikazuchi > Hibiki > Akatsuki > Inazuma

Is she ready for anal?

Kirishima > Hiei > Kongou > Haruna
Iso > Hama > Tani ≈ Ura
Hagi > Mai ≈ Arashi > Nowaki
Hibiki > Akatsuki (can't carry daihatsu or tanks) > Ikazuchi > Inazuma

t. statfag

Haruna = Hiei = Kirishima > shit > another shit > Kongou
Hama = Iso = Ura > Tani
Hibiki > Inazuma > Ikazuchi > Akatsuki
Maya > Choukai > Takao = Atago
Hatsuzuki = Teruzuki > Akizuki

My taste > your taste


Soon what?

Larger ships, like carriers and battleships, were mostly unique. Very few per class, like 1-4, and generally they received special modernization and upgrades throughout their career. Cruisers a bit less so, and destroyers not at all, though they still numbered in the 10s to 20s unless they were American, in which case there were 100s. Still though, most ships had their own unique history which lends them a more personal identity. It's why they're probably better suited to mecha musume than tanks or planes or guns or whatever, which could easily number above the thousands and the majority of which were lost to time.

when will akigumo wear a kagerou uniform?

If she ever gets a K2.


Why is she dressed as a yuugumo in the first place?

Same artist. Probably thought to make her more interesting, they decided to make a joke out of her name and uniform even though she is a Kagerou class ship.

Kongou: K
Hiei: A
Kiririn: A
Haruna: K

Takao: A
Atago: K
Hyuuga: (tie)
Maya: K

Ashigara: (tie)
401: A

KanColle makes up for it with sheer numbers, I guess.


Because IJN naval documents had her as a Yuugumo class by mistake and I think she had some improvements over the normal Kagerous that were later used on Yuugumos. The main reason is because of her being inadvertently categorized as a Yuugumo.

Incest Yuri: the purest of all loves


According to the book "Glorious Destroyer Akigumo", even the crew thought of it as the first built of the Yuugumo class since Yuugumo was laid down first but completed after Akigumo. Some even thought of calling it the Akigumo class. There was confusion over this all the way until 1994.

Remember to walk your dog every day.

Which kanmusu need headpats the most?

Can I just fuck her instead?

I want to pat Zuihou's head the most.

This doggie wasn't made for lewding but can be used for it.

So you remodel her for lewding?

Post Taihou.

No, i just use ships that are better for it.

Taihou is banned from this thread.




the sexnasium

Who has the most romantic marriage line? I know everyone likes their own waifus the most, but they all say different things. My wife is kuma and I like how she says she has caught me. She's just playful in general.


Yuubari's is really sweet.

Damn, Kagafags are so obnoxious that I'm actually happy to see this.

The evolution of the beaver.

Is it time to bully Kaga?

I love me some Taihou

I have this one.

I would love to see Yukikaze in pantyhose.


I'd these two Phoenixes

>If it's okay, afterwards, together with Mikuma…. Kumarinko!

What did she mean by this?


Time to take a steamy bath with your abyssal wife and abyssal daughter.

It means rough bear sex.

You need to take proper care of your Taihou.


Maikaze, Noshiro, Sakawa and Kinugasas are pretty great.

This looks fun.

Kai nii when?


That's a fake, possibly an abyssal spy.

But that's how I help my ships recover from fatige.

But Sendai is always up for night battles.

They're so cute when they're in tears.


Who'd have thought

Funny and really adorable.


Admire al still makes me cringe


Is saying you want the dick romantic?

Just admit you would like Myoukou better if she had a better outfit.

>Iowa has shitty English: fans complain
>Warspite has good English but mispronounces ONE word: fans complain even harder.

But I like her the way she is, and I like the Myoukou class uniform, especially their Kai 2 one.

>Nakau sent crates of food as thanks for the promo

No, her outfit is great. She should lose the weird hairstyle instead.

That's nice.
Cute Akagi.

Not seeing the issue, all bob did was improve on the base and added little details to differentiate the four and they all look good.

Your thoughts on bun cake?

I want to have rough sex with that wolf, so rough, enough for her to make sounds like this


The uniform isn't the issue, her head is.

Wolf butt best butt.

she is a very tasty cake worth the price.


I forgot how most of these sound due to the fact I usually mute the game as it gets irritating hearing all the girls talk over each other.

That sounds pretty erotic.



They look so lovely in more casual clothing.


> makes fun of Suzuya because Suzuya sells herself for money
> hard times
> can't get job
> eventually sells herself for money

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

>No it's... not that I have something to do, it's just… You are one tough Admiral, you know that? Could... Could I lean on your shoulder, just for a moment…? Phew… This feels nice… Thank you...
What a sweet ducky.

It's a rather dull, drab thing. Compare it to Takao and Atago's for instance.

>You again? What is it? Could it be that you're lonely? You're an adult, aren't you? Well, whatever, I'll protect you... until the end.
She is quite something.

Akebono-chan is cute as tits.


Yet she has none.


I like my starters slutty.

Which ships would enjoy being kabe don?

Why are sister ships so gay?

The idea of Kaga doing marketing for song is endlessly hilarious to me.

Bismarck and Graf are good for _____.

Punch the Kaga!

Asashimo a cute

Post more cute shark.

The comfiest Abyssal.

Very fluffy.

Why is Ayanami such a bitch?

Potatoes a shit.

What happens if you cut off her horn?


She'll feel depressed for sometime until the horn grows back again.

Fucking cute as tits.

Who's cuter, Asashimo or Kiyoshimo.



Nastiest fart in history.

By the narrowest of margins

I need her to sit on my face badly.


beautiful Kaga-san!




Is that really her?


Iowa defeated Kaga-san again!

The shimos are equally adorable for different reasons.




Kek willed it.
So it must be true.
That fiery explosion
Is now your waifu.

I want to impregnate sharky.

Don't know...maybe? She was blown apart 6 1/2 hours after a torpedo hit because, being Japanese, she had shit damage control, but the description I found indicated that it was just her sides that got blown out and the admiral on board was evacuated after the explosion.

No, it's HMS Braham.


I don't mind her base CG. She looks more loli-ish compared to her seasonnal ones.

>Warspite's imouto

No wonder she hates the Germans so much.

What if you chisel them?

Everyone hate American

Nah. Everyone just says they hate American, but they really hate Germans still. Honestly we should have stripped all industry from them.

>We're sister ships! Let's fuck!
>We were once in the same fleet! Let's fuck!
>I rammed into you! Let's fuck!
>I shot at you! Let's fuck!
>I sank you! Let's fuck!
>We met once! Let's fuck!
>Our shipgirl forms look similar! Let's fuck!
>We both speak the same language. Let's fuck!
>Hi! Let's fuck!

When the actual shipgirl histories are so vague and sparse it's no surprise that the connections that come straight out of the doujin and fanart have become true.

Any translator in here? Need help on the Noshiro doujin.


Mou sugoi Kaga-san!
My waifu is the cutest

>When I see the "A" I just think that this is it!

I fucked up. Meant for

Thanks, my translator is doing this from Chinese and nothing has made sense to him or me. The entire doujin is weird. But we got most of it.

>Kek willed it.
Fuck off

It's time to sleep

I refuse

Sleep with me,

It's late.


It doesn't help the Imperial army and navy destroyed their documents.

We've slept too much

Sleep with me,

Sleep forever

Hello sleep, my old friend

I like more normal, plain looking clothes. Although there's almost no outfit in KanCol that could be called plain.

Kaga a shit!

Miss Iowa is so awesome!

Monkey sleep, monkey do

Kill yourself, retard


>Kagafag throws another autistic fit of rage after not getting bump limit
Never gets old

Kaga is love, Kaga is life

I think there might be something wrong with my arm, it works normally but if I bend it a certain way it hurts and it's not being bend in a weird way. I don't wanna go to a doctor though but it might fuck me over later in life

Is it your fapping arm?

No my non dominant left arm

Marry me, Kaga-san!

I forbid you guys from reaching image limit before bump limit again

You can't stop Kaga.

>Posting in dead thread
Kill yourself

I love you the most, Kaga-san!

Ironic coming from you.

Kaga Last